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Variant covers by IVAN REIS & OCLAIR ALBERT

Size: 32 pages
Price: 2.99

This title is dropped.

I don’t care about these characters and the pacing is just too much to bare. What happened to Martian Manhunter? Why was he dropped this week and bring back Hawk & Dove and then introduce a lame new Aqualad? Oh he’s afraid of water? Geez I wonder how that storyline will end. *rolls eyes*

Not even the art can keep me going with this series. I know a lot of people like the Hawk people, Hawk & Dove, Aquaman, and Firestorm. (Speaking of the latter, more false advertising with the cover. Yes he ‘kinda’ appeared but still very little to speak of here) I was hoping I was going to get reintroduced to these characters and start caring for them. Or in the case of Aquaman, love him all over again. Sadly, this book isn’t bringing it for me and it also doesn’t feel very important. When this series ends just someone bring me up to speed for each character. At the pace this is going, I have a feeling I won’t miss much.

Story: 1 - Poor
Art: 4 - Very Good


  1. If you don’t like the characters in this, then yeah, I totally get why you wouldn’t want to read this, since that’s all about personal preference. I don’t think, however, the pacing is as bad as you describe. It’s all about the release schedule, which is the complete opposite of what SHIELD is going through. It took 4 or 5 issues to set up the stories, but that’s ok since they are coming out in a rapid fire pace.

  2. @comicbookchris: I think the pacing is pretty bad. We’re moving way too slow and characters are now appearing/disappearing for no reason. Why did Hawk & Dove suddenly came back into this series? I thought they were just going to be in Birds of Prey. In general I could care less about resurrecting the old Dove but again that’s just personal preference.

    I’m sorry but I wanna read about Aquaman and Martian Manhunter and once again we get very little (or in this issue’s case) none at all. 

  3. Remember: Slow pacing isn’t always synonimus with bad pacing. Just look at Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. As for the many characters, they aren’t disappearing, it’s just that it’s literally impossible for every character to appear in a meaningful manner in every issue. Just like how there were some issues of 52 that didn’t feature Booster Gold, Black Adam, Question and the other main characters. It’s not like that MST3K episode of Mitchell, where John Saxon mysteriously vanishes for the rest of the movie during the zenith of his plot line.

  4. @TNC…..i totally agree with you and thats why i dropped this series as well. the way i see it, a single issue is already a short enough read for the price. When you subdivide it down a couple of times…its just not enough story movement to keep me from getting frustrated. And like you i only care about a few characters (aquaman, deadman). I’m not a fan of all the empty cliffhangers and bait and switch covers. 

    i’ll wait on the sidelines and pick up all the trades if it turns into something good. I have a suspicion this thing will read better that way.

  5. @TNC: I think this would have been better if they made this a 12 issue maxi-series or 6-8 mini-series.  The fact that this is a 26 issue bi-weekly is what is drawing this out.  If this was just about Aquaman, Firestorm, and Deadman I’d be happy. The reason I think Martian Manhunter’s wasn’t in this issue is becasue the Hawkman/girl stuff at the beginning was longer. I can’t say I’m really enjoying this yet. I’m willing to keep on for now to see if it picks up soon.

  6. Unfortanetly I have to agree with you. I’m still keeping the title, I don’t buy many books and since I already started, why not complete it. I really hope it will get better though, it’s so incredibly slow.

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