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The biggest event in comics continues as BRIGHTEST DAY burns back the BLACKEST NIGHT from the writing team behind GREEN LANTERN and GREEN LANTERN CORPS – Geoff Johns and Peter J. Tomasi! And don’t miss the exciting DC Comics debut of red hot cover artist David Finch (New Avengers, Ultimatum)! The effects that the already classic BLACKEST NIGHT will have on the DC Universe will be felt for years to come and this issue not only sets the stage for the new ongoing biweekly DC Universe book BRIGHTEST DAY, but also the next exciting era of the DC Universe!

Written by Geoff Johns and Peter J. Tomasi
Art by Fernando Pasarin
Cover by David Finch
Variant cover by Ivan Reis

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 3.0%


Jeff Reid05/04/10YesRead Review
AmirCat04/16/10NoRead Review
daccampo04/15/10YesRead Review
AlecB04/14/10YesRead Review
glwarm7604/14/10YesRead Review
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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. I hope this washes the bad thought about #8 from my mind.

    Considering this series is going to be about Aquaman, Martian Manunter, Hawk and Dove, and a few others….I think that’ll be accomplished.

  2. Anyone else hear the rumor that Jeff Lemire will be working on the main book?  He posted an article about the rumor on Twitter, so needless to say, I’m getting pretty excited.

  3. After reading #8 I can’t imagine any bad thoughts you could have.   Can’t wait for this thing.

  4. Fuck this.

  5. Undecided. A twelve issue book about a bunch of characters I’m not particularly interested in… Might try #1.

  6. I’m going to see how this goes.  Not real excited, but it could be good

  7. @JumpingJupiter 

    26 issues, actually. 27 if you count #0. 

  8. @JJ-Considering Blackest Night made me care about Mera, The Atom, Atrocitus, etc., I’m optomistic that this book will make me care about the ressurected characters.


  9. For the first time ever, I can’t wait to see how someboby dies and all is well.

    Go Deadman!

  10. Is that the real cover?

  11. @Slockhart: That’s only if you read all of the tie-ins, which you don’t have to.

    @Andrew: No.

  12. Okay, here’s something that might be stupid fun. I want anyone who is getting this to convince why I should get it and anyyone who isn’t getting it to convince me not to get it.

    Then I’ll be even more confused and that’ll be amusing.

  13. I’m getting number 1, we’ll see after than.  Oh, who am I kidding BN blew me away, especially the ending.  I can’t wait to see what happens next!

  14. @conor: I could have sworn that this was a biweekly series. Is that not true? That would clock the series in at 26, no?

  15. @CaseyJustice: Yeah, you’re right – I was thinking of the other books that tie in and run in the alternate weeks.

  16. Can’t wait!!! I’m so excited for the DCU right now

  17. Wow 56 pages!!! Is that all content or back story too?

  18. Very cool. Looking forward to this. 

  19. they’ve been resurrected for a reason – to sell comics!


    I really don’t want to buy a new bi-weekly title. However, I feel like you think that if it’s good the experience of a bi-weekly comic could be fantastic.

    very tough pill to swallow

  20. Ok…I’ll give it a shot.  I really want Aquaman to succeed.

  21. Im really excited about this issue and series but Im concerned that this issue will be a lot of filler like most #0 issues are. How many of these pages will be an encyclopedia or filler?

  22. AQUAMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Not super excited about this but I just for once wanna be on the bandwagon with what everyone else is talking about in the biz so I pulled…

  24. I am super excited about this book.  The "real" Hawkgirl is back, I’ve always loved Hawkman and Aquaman.  I was probably the only one buying the 2nd volume of Hawk and Dove in the early 90’s so I’m so excited to see Hawk back, and last but not least FIRESTORM 🙂  As the immortal Ric Flair would say: "WHOOOOOOOO"  I’ve always had a weak spot for Ronnie Raymond’s Firestorm because that was the main reason I got into the DCU when he was introduced into the Super Friends.  I feel like I did when I was 6 or 7 watching this show…and that’s a good feeling.  Ahhhh, all is right with the world 🙂

  25. The only reason I am willing to continue this story is the creative team.

    Johns and Tomasi is a great team together. So even if John’s ideas dont mesh well, Tomasi can balance it out and vice versa. Plus the art team for each issue (so far) looks stellar. Even if I hated issue #8 of BN, this should be a lot of fun.

  26. Well, I’m definitely gonna give this a shot because I like the various characters being used. I just hope this is a solid story and not another push to a new status quo, etc. I’m really curious about Deadman’s story in particular.

  27. Uh, didn’t read Blackest Night, should/could I read this?

  28. @Onic


  29. Does the ring come with this or with #1?

  30. Another Ring?!   SWEET

  31. @Onic I can’t see why not.  Blackest Night wrapped up quite well all you need to know is these guys came back to life at the end of it.   I REALLY can’t wait for this thing…. these are ALL characters I LOVE!!!

  32. I can’t figure out what’s making David Finch’s art more paletable to me lately… new inker? Magic?

  33. See that part where it says: "Written by Geoff Johns and Peter J. Tomasi"? That sends a signal directly to my brain that can’t let me NOT read this, even though I was majorly burnt out by Blackest Night by the end.

    Also I’m VERY happy to see FInch drawing DCU characters. Anyone know if he will be doing any interiors? 


  34. Finch doesn’t turn my crank. Too baroque and his females are just weird looking.

  35. @captbastard  Same here, I think he’s just getting better.

  36. Finch’s covers kind of leave me cold, but I really liked what he did recently in Second Coming (was that the last of his Marvel work?). Johns and Tomasi have been given the keys to the DC universe, so despite the # of issues I am in for now.

  37. Not a fan of the Finch, but the interiors look tasty

  38. Is there any chance we can get the Big 2 to take the summer off and stop with the big multi crossover events . I just want to read nice imple well written stories that are’nt earthshaking universe ending melodramas . Just 3 or 4 months of simple stories that you can enjoy without having to run out and pick up every crossover .

  39. @captbastard: everything about the art, except his pencils, improved it,

  40. @KRYPTOTIM-LOL i hear what your saying. Some good, well written un-apocalyptic, character developing stories would be a welcome change of pace.

  41. I’m really excited about where Johns goes with the now living Deadman.

  42. Cool, I only picked this up to try and have Johns sign it this weekend, and I got a free GL ring!!!

  43. This literally bored me to tears. I’m sorry, I really tried to get into this but halfway I knew it was gonna happen.

    I just don’t see the point of these characters existing right now. Johns/Tomasi isn’t going to feed us any answered with this issue, I get that. But I need something to care about. Manhunter irrigating Mars, Osiris trying to revive Adam/Isis, Deadman being a Ghost ala Christmas Carol…..isn’t going to do it for me. The art was also very blah and nothing worth to talk about.

    I’m giving this about another issue or two. Like Punisher MAX, if they can’t hook me in then I’m just gonna skip the rest of this. It sucks too because any comic that has Johns, Tomasi, Gleason. Syaf, and Reis should be a must read book for me. 

  44. This was great! I don’t think I’ve been this excited for what’s to come after an event since 52. Best moments and what I’m looking forward to is Osiris, Firestorm & Star City.

  45. Hmm, pretty good. I’m kind of hoping once the series starts in earnest (issue 1) things improve a little bit. I didn’t really care for Boston Brand as the narrator, and I’m not too interested in Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Hawk, and Osiris. I’ll give it at least a few more issues to turn around.

  46. I enjoyed this enough to continue with the series, but it didn’t really excite me.

  47. I was hoping to be blown away but I’ll settle for being entertained by a good comic.  The problem for me is I’m only into about half of the characters and events.  But if this seires is any good it will get me to care about the rest.  I’m on board – for now.

  48. I didn’t realize this before I read it, but just Pasarin did pencils on this…I was wondering why Gleason and Reis didn’t pop out to me

  49. Very good. It wasn’t great, no, and it moved a little slowly, but then it was an ad-less 50 page comic for $4. That’s a pretty good deal. Great set-ups and anyone complaining that threads leftover from Blackest Night were missing wasn’t paying close enough attention. I think this is going to be a solid bi-weekly book. I look forward to where Johns and Tomasi take us. I’m particularly excited for the Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Firestorm & Hawk stories. 5/5 for me.

  50. @PraxJarvin – I’m also very excited for Manhunter.  On the "HELP THEM" page is that J’onn’s skin in the top left.  Do we have a doppelganger situation happening here (or is that something completely different)?

  51. @stuclach Yes I think so. Not quite sure what to make of it, though. A lot of cool things on that page, too. Including the Zoom(s) panel. (Which I think picks up on the Reverse-Flash(Thawne)/Zoom(Hunter Zolomon) panel in Blackest Night Flash #3.

  52. @Prax – Good to know I’m not crazy.  That was the most exciting page of the issue, in my opinion.

  53. I loved it.

  54. The "Help Them" page was what is motivating me to continue this. The Manhunter pic was cool but i really liked the Rogues with Boomerang and the new Blue Beetle with Max Lord. 

    Overall, i did feel kind of lost but i think that was mostly because A) i dont have a lot of knowledge about most of these characters and B) this book was huge and packed from cover to cover. Both of which shouldnt take away from what was pretty good set up on all the stories to at least keep me interested. One or two re reads should help me understand more.

    And while i missed Reis and Gleason… Give it up for Pasarin. i dont know how long he worked on this book but the art was consistent and 50+ pages is a lot of work for anyone not named Bagely.  

  55. This was damn good. It got me excited for all the stories except for Hawk. I don’t care for the character, so hopefully Brightest Day changes my mind. Not entirely sure what Maxwell Lord was doing, but it looked crazy. And agreed, that "HELP THEM" page was a great teaser for what’s to come.

    Also, Mera looks hot. I’d hit that. 

  56. @drakedangerz, others: If I may make a wild stab in the dark…. The ad at the back of book for Justice League Generation Lost #1 has a banner on top of it that says "No One Remembers Max Lord… Except Them!" I’m pretty sure that’s what Max Lord was doing. Just like how the Green Arrow ad hints that the forest that Deadman made is not so cheery. 

  57. @Prax-Hmm, interesting theory. That sounds like it could be it. And once I saw the cover for Green Arrow it finally made sense as to why he was in a forest as opposed to Star City. If he ends up living and hiding inside the forest, living like a crazed hermit…well then I have no choice but to buy the book.

  58. very…"zero issue-ish". a 4*

  59. @drakedangerz: Like a crazed hermit… or like Robin Hood.

  60. Love the panel in the Firestorm story at the welcome back ronnie party where a girl is getting doused by a keg of beer.  Also i don’t understand the max lord thing but other than that it was mighty interesting.

  61. @Prax/Drake: I thought in general people forgot who Lord was, cause the ending of BN #8 showcased that. At least I think….Johns didn’t really make that all clear. Nor did he clear anything with Lord’s short appearance in this. Lost Generation will explain it further I’m sure.

    Still I don’t see how making your eyes bleed and laying on a pool of ice makes the entire DCU forget about you. 

  62. @Conor-Robin Hood would be OK, but I would prefer him in ragged clothing, long salt & peppered beard, and a crazy eye.

    @TNC-From what I know about Maxwell Lord: 1) He only made Guy Gardner forget at the end of BN #8 2) because of his EXTREME (as this book stated) mind control power, its possible he pushed that power to the limit and forced the world to forget who he is. That doesn’t seem like too much of a stretch at all.

  63. So much great stuff in this. Really awesome set-up stuff for a bunch of stories & at the same time a good Deadman (he might wanna change that name) story going on.

    The first page really cracked me up though, it was pure comedy (totally by accident) & the other funny part was how after Blackest Night, death was meant to be "permanent" in the DCU (lol) & in this a whole city comes back to life … & a baby bird did too. Man, nothing can stay dead in the DCU.

  64. Did anyone else catch the “Love” panel on the hawks intimate page? Are we still going to be seeing the emotions in all Johns comics?

  65. For all of those saying they don’t care about all the characters, not all of the characters will be dealt with in the main Brightest Day series.  Only Aquaman, the Hawks, Firestorm, Martian Manhunter and Deadman will be in the main book.  The other characters will be followed in Generation Lost, Birds of Prey, Justice League, Flash, Titans, Green Arrow, GL and GL Corps.  So you can follow whichever characters you’re interested in.  I’m sure they’ll all come back together by the end of the main series, though.

  66. This was pretty great for $4. Lot of content and I have a feeling this can be as good as 52. Definitely worth another issue.

  67. I tried Iron Man: Legacy and really didn’t like it so I went in today and figured I’d get this and I liked it. I’ll try a few more issues to see if it grabs me. Seems like I’m becoming more and more A DC fan. What with this, Green Lantern, Flash Blackest Night and possibly WW and Fantastic Four leaving me with a luukewarm feeling. The only thing at marvel I’m interested in is Iron Man andpossibly that new S.H.I.E.L.D series…

  68. I don’t want to buy this. I am sick of stuff like this. But Aquaman, Martian Manhunter, Hawkman and Hawkgirl along with Deadman, yeah there is a hook for me there. I love most of the characters featured and like the rest. Issue 0 sets up enough to make me buy it.

    But I am not buying anymore event driven……Jurgens? Time Masters?……….Damn

  69. is nekron truly a villian? and yes i ask this as a serious question after much i thought and a lot of consideration i ask everyone else this… and since im late on asking my question i will explain my reasoning for this with the arrival the next brightest day issue

  70. Well, it would seem Nekron is amoral.

  71. If you wanted to, you could ask that question about any villain in comic books.

  72. @RLPRime To echo JJ, Nekron is not evil, no. He’s amoral because he’s entropy incarnate. He wants everything to die, regardless of who or what it is, there’s no "Well, except for Mr. Teddy!" In that sense, he’s only the "bad guy" of the story in that our heroes don’t want to die.

  73. Was pretty disappointed with this one. Nice thick book with nothing interesting to see. I know it is a 0 issue, but then again you charged 4 dollars for it DC. weak

  74. Holy crap, this was poorly written.

  75. Now I finished my stack this was my POTW.

    Note to Blackest Night: this comics shows you can have epicness & even build whatever you wanna do in your universe & still have a STORY.

  76. I’m feeling like this could be similar to 52’s success.  They definitely have a great team on the book and there’s definitely characters involved that will keep this interesting. My only concern, if this does sell well, I think DC will start adding more and more titles to the event – similar to how Marvel went crazy with Dark Reign.

  77. I’m a newcomer to DC comics. I jumped on midway through Blackest Night. So I went to the effort to buy all Green Lantern TPBs post Rebirth just so I can get a sense of the story. I also went out of my way to buy all Blackest Night related books.

    I loved Blackest Night. So after I read Blackest Night #8, I could’t wait to read Brightest Day. Not only because it was the next chapter, but because I’m a ‘n00b’ to DC Comics , I’m incredibly excited to read stories from a universe/heroes I pretty much have no knowledge on.

    This was my POTW because I believed it was a great introduction for me into some of DC’s iconic heroes. I was left incredibly satisfied and now I just can’t wait to see what this book has to offer me, as a new reader to DC. 

  78. @richardbrady I’m coming at this from pretty much the same perspective–I started reading DC comics right at the beginning of Blackest Night, and while I enjoyed it for the most part, I am really looking forward to Brightest Day in the hopes that this story will not be nearly as reliant on knowledge of past DC comics history in order to really enjoy what’s going on.  I’m not sure if that’s what I got in this issue, however.  I really like the concept of unDeadman, and I liked the J’onn J’onnz bit.  I learned a little bit more about the Hawkpeople. The rest of the stories didn’t do a lot for me–it was too anthology-like, it felt like a series of adds for the other books coming out in Brightest Day (though perhaps that is to be expected for a #0 issue?  I’m not sure what the rules are on that).  Also, for whatever reason, I feel a deep-seeded loathing for Firestorm.  Anyway, as a relative n00b, I really hope this series relies far less on knowledge of the DCU and is much more about providing an introduction to the readers.  

  79. For all the long time DC readers, did you notice the Martian Manhunter is now wearing pants?  What up with that?

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