A reclusive vampire clan and a deadly mist create one of the most disastrous missions our heroes have ever faced!

* The most horrific B.P.R.D. in years!

“The world has taken a turn for the apocalyptic—which makes the series title Hell on Earth an apt one.” —USA Today

Writer: Mike Mignola & Scott Allie
Artist: Jason Latour
Colorist: Dave Stewart
Cover Artist: Becky Cloonan

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  1. WHY DOESN’T IFANBOY GIVE MORE LOVE TO MIGNOLA BOOKS? sure, hellboy gets a lil’ love. but, i would love to see an ifanstaff even comment in an mignolaverse book thread, much more choose it as POTW. is it because Dark Horse doesn’t pay any of the bills? it’s all DC, Marvel,Creator owned Image stuff.
    do you guys hate star wars books, too?

    • Well, there’s plenty of reasons to hate Star Wars books….but, seriously, Josh gives plenty of love, Lobster Johnson is one of his Favourite things this year.

    • @sitarra119 – can’t speak to the Star Wars books or who pays iFanboy’s bills, but I’ve enjoyed the Mignola titles since I started reading them last year (Hell on Earth:Russia).

      FYI…Baltimore:Plague of Ships may have been the last Mignola-related title to get POTW (2010). Not sure with Conor or Ron, but I’m pretty sure Josh is a regular reader of Mignola titles.

    • i went a bit overboard here…didn’t mean to lash out. i’m just pouting.
      i just wish there was more buzz around the aforementioned books thus creating more conversation.

  2. mignola stuff.. bprd and hellboy is so consistently good…. that quite frankly if they started giving it the props it deserves then they wouldnt have any time left to give props to anything else. Besides theryre too busy praising dark hawk (which i loved as a child but i recently reread).. all i can say is vomit. or maybe im confusing dark hawk and sleepwalker.. if you reread sleep walker.. youll definitely rate it close to vomit worthy.

  3. Man, Cloonan can draw some cool-ass mushrooms. I’m gonna have to re-read the first issue, I remember a family of vampires, but I forget the details.

    I agree that the Mignolaverse doesn’t always get the attention it deserves, but it’s also hard to keep coming up with ways to say awesome. I don’t think there is a story in any of these books I haven’t thoroughly enjoyed. The up and down nature of quality on most mainstream titles creates more chances for debate amongst fans. That’s just me guessing, but it makes sense.

  4. Maybe we should do more user reviews of these books, then there’d be a chance of it being featured on the podcast. I’ll do one this week, anyone else is free to do the same, just an idea.

    • ya know, you’re right.
      if i want more buzz surrounding these books, then i need to get off my ass(or rather on it) and start creating some instead of just bitching about it. far more constructive and positive way to spend my time.
      i also will write a review for this. it’s time to raise awareness instead of eyebrows.

    • @TurdSandwich – probably the best sounding thing that could come from something called TurdSandwich!

      I’ll join in this Review Revolution!

  5. New to the Mignolaverse and loving it so far. Any suggestions on what are the “have to read” books or story lines for a newbie like myself?

    • Consistency is one of the things thats special about Mignola’s books. Maybe because he does such good quality control and talent scouting. He’s like the Steven Spielburg of comics circa 1990. Because of that consistency .. i would just try to read everything BPRD and Hellboy in its original release order. The Sopranos had one bad season. BPRD never did. Nuff said.

  6. After reading both issues it wasn’t clear at all what this was about. The art was a bit hard to follow throughout as well. Unfortunately, this adds to a long list of BPRD “side plots” that really don’t feel necessary or worth reading in addition to the main story.

  7. This was one of the most boring BPRD books I’ve read in a long time.

    And I constantly pimp them.

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