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  1. Calimah! Calimah!

  2. He’s got a lot to say to his parents…. "why the fuck did you name me Dick? Do you have any idea of the shit I have gotten?"

  3. Saw the preview for this issue. Why would Black Lantern Boston Brand (on cover) go after Batman? I know Boston and Dick both performed at the same circus, but they didn’t know each other at that time.

  4. Zombie circus carnies could be really scary

  5. I saw the preview too and it was really good. Of course it’s only five pages so I can’t judge a whole thing by that.

    If I did then this would be the best comic of the week.

  6. Tomasi on Batman. Yes! @SuperTrackMonkey "There are no secrets in the Circus World."

  7. Might be enjoyable, but I don’t feel like getting into any other tie-ins for the series, even if it’s a Tomasi Batman.

    And don’t try to change my mind Prax.  You’re forked tongue won’t work this time!

  8. Somehow I missed that Tomasi was doing this.  My expectations have been raised from "Blackest Night AND Batman? How could I lose!!" to "Wait, this might -actually- be good"

  9. Solicit makes this book my most anticipated this week.

  10. It’s everything Blackest night for me. This better be good.

  11. Bruce coming back in this? Thought? Theories? No spoilers please 😛

  12. @WadeWilson – I seriously hope not. I don’t want anything to derail Batman & Robin.  I want Morrison to completely handle his return in the pages of that book.  I don’t trust it to anyone else. Not even Tomasi, who has clearly shown an affinity for the Batfamily, but just doesn’t feel like the best choice for that tale (to me).

  13. Pete Tomasi on a Batman Mini.  Sign me up

  14. Tomasi. Batman. Blackest Night.

    Sounds good from here!

  15. @WadeWilson most likely not. I’m predicting Bruce Wayne will return for Batman #699 or #700.

  16. Tomasi sold me on this book.  I hope it’s good.

  17. It’s supposed to be the Flying Graysons and Jack Drake back as BL’s. I’m interested if this will be an exploration into Damien and his relationship with death, killing, etc. Though I imagine that’s something that will be explored in Batman & Robin.

  18. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Major potential here. Can’t wait!

  19. Good call, Joe! My money is on issue #700. So, that means a whole year without Batman 🙁

  20. @WadeWilson: I hope so.  I think that Marvel is jumping the gun bringing Steve Rogers back so soon and I hope DC doesn’t follow.  Don’t worry though It may be a year without Bruce but not Batman.  Even if it is just a year DC will probably have plenty of stories to tell with Dick as Batman.  One reason for this is that Bats has several titles.  Bucky has been Cap for 2 yrs but with one title and Secret Invasion he didn’t get to do much.

  21. @WadeWilson what do you mean a whole year without Batman? The bat comics right now are kicking ass. If you’re not reading any you really should.

  22. I’m not reading the Blackest Night series but I picked this up. What’s the essential info I need as to what has happened in BN that leads to this issue?

  23. @ HailScott:

    If you’re not reading Blackest Night, you really should go pick up issues #1 and #2. 

    The basic answer to your question though. The dead (both powered and non-powered, human and alien alike) are rising from the graves as Black Lanterns. And their goal is for the Universe to have peace by killing all living things. Oh, and they also retain their memories and powers (if they had superpowers.) 

  24. @HailScott – Supertrackmonkey covered most of it, but it might be worth noting that in BN#1 Bruce Wayne’s skull is what is used to dispense black lantern rings.  I’m assuming that will come up in this issue.

  25. I can’t wait till the next issue when Tim Drake Wayne comes back to Gotham. Tim is already pissed, now he is going to be furious. 

    Will Tim use the dead rising and Bruce not among them to help people see that Bruce is alive? What secret is Dick hiding from Tim? Tune in next month, same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel.  

  26. I was on the fence on this, and i’m really glad I picked it up.  Great issue.




    What does it say about the Black Lanterns that Deadman was reanimated without the ring/body actually needing Boston Brand to do it?!?  I need more Tomasi in the Bat-verse.

  27. Awesome first issue, strong contender for POW.

  28. i second that. not done with my stack yet though.

  29. @supertrackmonkey and stuchlach: Thanks!

  30. Thirded. Also not done with the stack.  All I’ve got left is Red Robin, Corps, and Blackest Night, so this will have some tough competition.

  31. I never have read a story with Deadman. Sweet.

  32. OMG jumping the gun but probably my POTW!!!

  33. Batman, Deadman, and zompie parents. what more could you ask for. also, I would really like to see Deadman title. that with an ongoing Wildcat Title and life would be perfect.

  34. The Ventriloquist with a Scarface Black Lantern construct? Oh yeah, early PoW contender here.

  35. This was awesome.  Finally seeing a "softer" side to Damian.  Kept Batman in line with his other books.  Definitely PotW contender.

  36. @SteenAR- I’m reading ALL the Bat-books, dude. Always do. To me, Bruce Wayne *IS* Batman, so a year with anyone else wearing his costume (even though I love Dick [heh]) is still a year without Batman.

    This issue was pretty decent, even though it was mostly set-up it was a good read & the art was pretty damn tasty. I was a little disturbed by Deadman saying that he needed someone he trusted, someone has been in before, & he meant Bruce … it seemed a little … wrong.

  37. This issue was creepy and wrong and I loved it

  38. @magnum240
    Wasn’t Deadman on top of his own grave? I thought the ring went to the body that was buried there.

  39. @capbastard  I’m just surprised that Deadman’s body can become a Black Lantern without Deadman’s soul.  I had kind of assumed the souls, thouroughly twisted by the black ring’s, were part of the deal when someone became a Black Lantern.

  40. Wow,This was just awesome. The best Blackest Night book this week and a serious contender for pick of the week.

  41. This book was much better than most of my POWs of the last few weeks.  It’s just a shame it was up against Blackest Night, and even then this almost won.

  42. This was really good stuff.

    I give big credit to the art team for making Damien look like a kid and for not making Grayson look like Wayne.

  43. SPOILERS ON!!!! Did anyone NOT notice the sneak peeks into the coming issues and crossovers as Boston is laying on his grave? JSA under attack, E2 Supes with a shovel? POTW by FAR!

  44. I like the info it gives for Blackest Night & the final page was creepy. Wasn’t feeling the Damien/Dick interaction. I think I’ve been spolied by Grant Morrison. But some of Dick’s lines were very Batman-esque which is nice they’re finally making him actual act like Batman. Dug the artwork.

  45. the waynes have been dead for 20 something years yet their burial clothes are still in mint condition. damn i want that taylor.

  46. The art in this was GREAT!!!

  47. I have now read more Deadman in the past month then I have in the past 10 years. 

  48. I think it’s pretty amazing how good the quality of these supplemental issues are. I mean Tales of the Corps was pretty top notch too. But even that didn’t stand a chance against Blackest Night. I felt like this issue almost upstaged Blackest Night – it was certainly much more fun to read. And it had Deadman, which is always a plus.

    It is a good week for deadman. I mean he had some of the best pages in Blackest Night #2 (especially that hopeless cry, "I don’t want to come back.") and he’s a huge feature of this. For some reason I’m reminded of the Nightwing: Year One set that came out a couple of years ago.

  49. This was really really strong.

  50. This was far better than I imagined. A lot of fun, and… a tie-in that feels if not important, but necessary. And it’s nice to see more intimate, incharacter reactions to the events of BN. Whereas in the main book you might get a quick panel of the JLA going "NO! Lois!" NO! Robin!" etc. 5/5 for me.

    @magnum I believe some magic mumbo-gumbo gives him the ability to leap into anyone’s body but his own. So I think that’s the caveat we’re operating under to get his body a Black ring but not his soul.

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