When Waynetech’s launch of Interworld is plagued by a series of “virtual murders,” Batman teams up with Oracle to hunt down the culprit in a simulated environment that’s slowly collapsing into post-apocalyptic zombie-haunted chaos. A computer-generated Batman adventure that brings Dark Knight justice to a wild new frontier, to face a new and virulent menace. In a world of numbers, does everything have a price?

Variant cover by SCOTT CLARK

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  1. Well at first this series was solicited at least to issue #10 before the reboot. But I guess this is the final issue of the series until next year. Batman going into the Internet is a pretty damn good way to finish a volume though.

  2. The art looks terrible. Who thought this was a good idea?

  3. Yeah, the one-shot bundling 9 & 10 is supposed to be out sometime “this fall”. It wasn’t in November’s solicits, though.

    I’m beyond displeased with the Bat-office and all their late projects.

    This issue looks cool as hell and I’m glad to have it, but I could care less about following the release dates for Morrison’s Bat-stuff in the future. Mike Marts can never seem to coordinate the artists. All of the missed deadlines have wore me out.

  4. There’s Trouble in Internet 3.0 !
    Holy Gigahertz Batman!

    Sounds lame.

  5. I think this series has been pretty decent, good enough for me to keep picking it up. However I think it’s far from Morrison’s best work. Also as far is this issue goes batman tron has me scared of shark jumping.

  6. The early issues were a bit blah for me, but I have loved the last couple. As I have said before, just keep up the quality and I don’t care how slow this stuff comes out. Its not like its closely tied into important DC continuity (cough… Manapaul’s The Flash… cough). Fewer but better comics suits me just fine.

  7. I’ve been looking forward to this one!

  8. Psyched about this.

  9. I think all future letter columns in a Morrison comic should be tossed in favor of more batshit crazy ramblings by Morrison himself. That Q&A from RS is fanstastic entertainment.

  10. i don’t really mind the lateness of this series. DC is treating this series like Marvel treated Whedon’s Astonishing: off on its own island and unaffected by everything else going on in the DCU.

    as for this issue, love the concept, hate the art i’ve seen from the previews.

  11. Avatar photo JeffR (@JeffRReid) says:

    Looks like DC posted some pages from this book earlier today. This does not look like it’s for me. Reminds me a lot of the look of Batman: Digital Justice, which was stiff and weird. This seems like a less than ideal way to close out this volume.

    • wow that preview is weird. I see the Digital Justice connection. Definitely a pass.

      We have enough technology where you don’t have to make the art look like that to convey that same idea.

      I lost interest in this series a while ago, but this is def a strange way to end it.

  12. Preview does look a bit weird. On one hand some of the pages looks really good, other times I feel like I’m going blind from the coloring. We’ll see how it goes tomorrow.

  13. Hmmm… I kinda like the preview. I may pick this up.

  14. Another great issue –


    a certain super model turned super villain seems to have survived Talia’s Manbat attack. I can’t wait for this series to continue!

  15. 1st issue of this series I didn’t like, just a lot of cliche virtual reality, hacking stuff. I hate how they always depict villains bothering to make avatars and talk to the people in virtual reality instead of just taking the network down and then doing what ever they want.

  16. The art isn’t my favorite style and the story didn’t do much for me.

  17. Didn’t like the art all. Don’t really care about the whole tron batman thing, as a system administrator I cringed about 3 different times about the “hacking”. I really like Morrison but this was quite disappointing.

  18. I’ve been buying this series and enjoying it, but I flipped through this and decided to pass. It just looked so ugly and silly. For those who did read it, did it move things forward in any critical way aside from the character who appears to be returning from the grave?

  19. You know… Somehow I highly doubt Batman and Batgirl will enter the school of night this fall.

  20. Whoah this looks like Reboot the 3D cartoon lol I hated it at first but it actually kind of grew on me.

  21. Gee Whiz…..if this is the future of comics (I.E. going to digital art fully) then count me out. This was shit.


  22. story was this was decent if not really rushed (which is a problem with this series overall to begin with) but the art was downright fucking awful. i understand what the were going for but it just looked like shit. i can’t imagine that coming across an editors desk and them going “yes perfect this is exact the kind of hard to follow early 90s 3-d look we want!”

  23. Uhhh just finished reading….what the hell was that?? I can’t even comprehend how bad that was. I love this series and grant morrison…but that was just awful. I wouldnt even call that artwork.

  24. That’s got to be some of the worst art I’ve seen in a book all year. Yuck.

  25. I loved it. I can see the art not being your thing, but you “wouldn’t even call that artwork?” What a ridiculous statement.

  26. I can understand someone not liking it, but for me this issue was fantastic. Loved the story, LOVED the art. reminded me of reboot a little.

  27. I can’t actually finish reading this book, it’s giving me a headache

  28. Stupid.

  29. I had a blast with this. Fun change of pace.

  30. Yeah, I had a really hard time following the action. It was hard to see characters and what they were doing.

  31. I think this was actually really fun..
    Can’t see why people hate this so much, the art was cool, really different than what we’re used to though.

  32. I enjoyed this quite a bit.

    Stories that take place in the digital realm can be quite difficult to pull off, because it’s so easy to fall into the trap of having the plot and environment come off like Fat Guy Stuck In The Internet (intentionally funny) or Johnny Mneumonic (VERY unintentionally funny). I thought this was pretty good on both fronts, as Morrison scripted a threat that cleverly resembles a mutating Trojan Horse virus that pretty much everyone in the world with a computer had to deal with at one time or another. The art also displayed the digital realm quite well, as it pulled off that “kinda realistic, yet obviously fake” 3D effect that you’d expect from a land full of living computer avatars.

  33. Finally got around to looking at this issue and I can see why it’s so divisive. Put me in the can’t-handle-the-art-style camp. I honestly don’t know if I’ll actually be able to read this comic. Several of the panels have uncanny valley faces. Some are so busy I can’t focus on the action (page 2, panel 2 for instance). I can appreciate them trying something different but if they do this again I sure as hell ain’t buying it.

    On the plus side, Burnham’s cover is sweet and he’s supposed to be the artist when Batman Inc. returns.

  34. I liked the art and the story, i thought this was on par with the last few Incs, that have come our way, the art is a little intense and intimidating at first, but once you actually looked at the amount of detial around all those dark and light patches, i think its quite well done, better than the Frazer Irving stuff at the end of his run on Batman&Robin. Just hope its not to long before this arc concludes and then the final twelve hopefully at the start near the start of 2012 not the end!!

  35. I loved this. I thought the art and story were great. 5/5, so suck it, haters! 😉

  36. I went to read this again and managed to get through it. The art style was still an assault on my eyes but I enjoyed the story a lot.

  37. While a fan of much of Morrison’s work, I’ve been very mixed on his recent Batman stuff, this issue included. Neither the story nor the art worked for me. I thought that they were both simply a bunch of tired cliches rushed out to meet the pre-Flashpoint #5 deadline. I’m not holding my breath for that one-shot this fall, especially if someone in editorial is attempting to get those Action Comics scripts in on time . . . Sigh. Now, if only Morrison would write that last Seaguy book we’ve been promised — that would be something that I could get excited about . . .

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