• Everything Grant Morrison has been planning since the start of BATMAN, INCORPORATED leads to this stunning issue!

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Written by Grant Morrison
Art by Chris Burnham & Jason Masters
Colors by Nathan Fairbairn
Letters by Taylor Esposito
Cover by Chris Burnham & Nathan Fairbairn
Variant Cover by Chris Burnham & Nathan Fairbairn

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  1. Beside myself waiting to read this!!!

  2. Damian…(que the orchestra playing the Jaws theme song)

  3. Cue* rather

  4. Wow I guess this the real “Death of The Family”. Top of the pull list aswell, nothing brings the comic community closer then a good ol’ fashioned death.

  5. Oh my gods guys have you heard 🙂

  6. I wonder what’s going to happen in this issue? The suspense is killing me…….

  7. I’m really not looking forward to this issue. I am hopeful that by the end of Morrison’s run the cliche isn’t waisted.

  8. Such bullshit! Losing out on some good stories once this kid dies. Suppose they’ll have to throw him in grandpa’s pit some day. Lame! Lol…oh well. RIP Damian..for now.

  9. I’m hoping for a metaphorical end to a pre-existing character arc. The cover suggests as much by invoking Batman R.I.P. I’m not actually looking forward to this if the spoilers are true, it’ll be a step over the line for me. Well, we’ll see what happens I guess.

  10. It is weird that Damian may or may not die and how the timing of it comes right after Snyder’s Joker arc….I’m going to assume Damian is just going to give up being Robin at the end of Morrison’s story rather than dying.

    Then again i refuse to read the spoilers for this issue whether it be here or anywhere else. So I’m sure I am horribly wrong on what my thoughts are.

  11. …Yep, now that’s a cover worth holding back on. And thank God there’s no Arrow banner at the top!

    So excited to read this! I haven’t liked Vol. 2 of Inc quite as much as Vol. 1, but I reread most of it this past weekend, and the last 3-4 issues flow a lot better when reading them all in one sitting. I don’t think Morrison’s Bat-saga has ever read so… linearly as it has for the last few months. If it’s all the run-up to a big moment right here in issue #8, then it’s probably worth it.

  12. Is this the regular cover? Very cool! well the cover is cool… not the fact they are killing off one of my favorite DC characters.

  13. Lets hope that Damian is headed to that big batcave in the sky….there are too many Robins or former Robins running around in the DCU!!!

  14. I love how Snyder’s DotF can be commended for not killing/maiming anyone in the run and shying away from the usual violent conclusion while Morrison’s run is commended for doing the exact opposite. It kind of shows the contrast between Batman readers and how a lot of those readers intersect when it comes to character plot.

    Anyway, it’s obvious what is going to happen but I’m in it for the journey. The timeline is ridiculous, but when was it ever not ridiculous.

  15. Conor finally gets his wish.

  16. Damien is the best character created in comics in recent memory. Sad to see him go, but at least its Morrison who gets to do it-that way its guaranteed to be sadly poetic.

  17. I don’t get it. I would think that the logical place to off Damian would be in Batman and Robin or just Batman, but why Batman Inc?

    • Because he has been a heavy focus in that book. Also, Grant Morrison is writing it and he created the character. I’m pretty sure he has first dibs on killing his own character.

  18. Can’t wait for this. Thank God DC have got rid of the awful Arrow banner – so many good covers have been ruined by it in recent months!

    Will be gutted to see the end of Damian. The most interesting new character for a while, even if only a few writers have managed to nail the voice. The big question is what do we do now for a Robin? Tim Drake could return, but I would like to see something new. Guess we’ll find out in the wash when we learn Damian’s actual fate, etc.

  19. So, how many issues until he’s back?

    • I’d actually be shocked if they brought him back any time soon. I know with the market the way it is nowadays we’ve become jaded to this sort of thing but, I’ve read interviews with Tomasi and Morrison that this has been part of this plans for a long time. Damian is kind of Grant’s character and this death is a big part of the end of his run.

    • DC already has a new Robin picked out, so I don’t see Damian coming back any time in the near future.

    • Really? I haven’t heard this. Who is it going to be?

    • We don’t know who it is, but I’ve heard that there is a choice out there.
      The person most people think it’s going to be is Harper Row.

  20. This was a really good action packed issue. Great character beats between Nightwing and Robin. If he is going to die I hope (against all hope) that DC have the balls to leave him dead and give Morrison’s arc significance . I have to say I have been back and forth with Grant’s Bat-epic over the years but this is finishing really strong . Damien may be a little shit but he has really won me over as I have got to know him.

    • I agree, the interaction between Robin and Nightwing this issue was great. Definitely paid respects to the pre-New 52 Batman & Robin book, which was fantastic under Morrison. I am a pro-Damian and Dick Grayson team.

  21. This is an excellent issue, regardless of the shocker. Very solid art. Lots of fun. Fantastic.

  22. I have to say I was very disappointed that DC shouted out the spoiler for this issue everywhere. Maybe they thought they would avoid the ASM #698 & #700 leak problem by spoiling it themselves first but I hated that I couldn’t even view a comic website without this issue’s ending being hinted at or even given away on some (DC’s website). I know I could have avoided the internet but I didn’t know the ending would be plastered everywhere, I originally stumbled upon it by accident a few days ago.
    Regardless, I read the issue first today out of my pile and was definitely the most excited about this one in my pull list. Damian has been great in the New 52 and I’m very glad that Batman readers are graced with his presence in so many of our issues. I think Morrison did handle the writing of this issue well and I do feel the death had an impact. Even though it was spoiled I couldn’t wait for the page reveal and the actual outcome.

  23. Wow despite the spoiled ending it didn’t take any of the power away from the death. Really heartbreaking seeing Damian in a pure state of hopelessness, stripped down to what he truly is, a very young boy still seeking his parents love and approval.

    I know Morrison is a writer great variety for a number of reasons but his approach to this was kind of unexpected. Great issue.

  24. One of the big problems with superhero comics is that they don’t need know when to enough is enough. Character arcs, stories, etc go on too long.

    Spoilers (as if you don’t already know)

    But, I don’t think that’s the case here. I’m actually really disappointed Morrison decided to kill off Damian here. He’s the one that created this character so I guess he can do what he wants with Damian, but I don’t think Damian’s story was done yet.

    There was so much about the story of Batman having a son that hadn’t been told yet. It almost seems selfish of him to say that because he’s out of stories to tell with the character that there are no more stories to be told.

    There are four issues of Morrison’s run left so I’ll save full judgement until then but this death is obviously not sitting well with me right now. I think this was a premature move and a mistake, but I guess that’s still to be determined until the story is over.

    • Whoa let’s try that first sentence again. Superhero comics don’t know when enough is enough is what I meant to say.

    • Do you not think that’s kind of the point though? Nobody dies at the neat end of a character arc. Sometimes it’s premature and unfair and there was so much more to be said. Which is what makes it work as a story. The disappointment you feel isn’t at the creators for bungling a character, it’s a result of the story hitting you in the right way.

      I’m really interested to see how Morrison ends this story, he’s usually one for a happy ending, or at least a positively bittersweet one. It’s a theme of his, taking characters through the absolute depths of despair before bringing everything back twice as good. I can’t see that happening here though, it’s so bleak? It’s going to take some skill not to just break the character of Batman with grimdark brooding and grief, which is very much the opposite of the feel of this run.

    • Youre right, I do absolutely think that’s the point, which is why it works so far, but I need to see the end result to see if it was worth it.

      In other words, if this death comes because it’s necessary for the story, that’s fine. But the story better be worth it. Because if this doesn’t wind up being a top 10 all-time Batman story, then this one story wasn’t worth eliminating the dozens of other good stories that could have been told had this great character not died.

      I have faith in Grant that it will be great, his has been one of my favorite extended Bat runs so far, but Damian has been my favorite character ever since he was introduced and I’m not sure that this (great) story is worth eliminating all the future potential stories.

    • Yeah I feel the same, Damian has been my favourite character since his creation. Him yelling at Batman for a laptop and Bruce going all super Bat “You will respect your sensei!”, so awesome.

      I really consider the whole of Morrison’s run to be a single story and as such it’s absolutely my favourite Batman story. I don’t think it can ever be topped, the scope is just incredible. It’s been wild and abstract and thrilling and surprisingly emotional all the way through.

      The whole thing has been about family from the outset. Subtly repositioning Dick as not son or ward but as Bruce’s brother, bringing in Damian as a cold assassin and having him end up as a soppy vegetarian kid with a bat-cow, constantly looking for affection and reassurance under his haughty veneer. It’s just been wonderful. And that’s why having Damian die in the same story makes sense and works so well. In years to come, continuity be damned, people will pick up the (I wish, listen to me here DC) trio of omnibuses containing each act and read the story about Batman’s son who becomes Robin, and what happened to him.

      Man I just hyped myself something fierce, I can’t wait to see how this ends. It’s gonna be emotional!

  25. This is a tragedy because while Damian was a kick ass fighter, in the end he was still a 10 year old boy. In the final scenes of this issue, I really didn’t see him as Robin but rather as a 10 year old boy abused by two crazy adults.

    • yeah there was one specific panel where Damian had been thrown across the room at the end and I thought to myself ‘crap, that is just a ten year old kid, this is horrible,’ which is exactly the response the creators intended to illicit. It was really well done, the tonal shift was just brutal.

    • I haven’t read 8 yet, but I re read 6 and 7 this morning, knowing what was coming, and now I’m really sad. Watching him play with his cat, the little boy was so evident. It was odd telling my coworker that the 10yr old Bit Wonder was getting killed today. I feel really bad about his situation, thrilled with his bravery. My wife is going to think I’m really weird when I cry later after reading this. And poor Bruce too, Damian is his only blood family. Bravo Morrison, you got me good.

    • My response to Bruce was more like “this guy should be arrested for child abuse and negligence causing death”.

    • Bruce didn’t raise him to kill and he didn’t put him in this situation. If either parent is to be blamed its Talia. Plus Bruce told him to stay home and out of it. Alfred gave him the suit, and Damian mimicked Bruces voice to leave. Situation might be different in #8, but from what I’ve seen I can’t help but feel bad for Bruce losing his son.

    • oh god yeah, I forgot the role Alfred played in encouraging him to go out. Man, the aftermath of that is going to be heavy. Bruce is one thing but Alfred is an emotional core of the mythos, this will hurt.

    • FOR REAL! I wrote on a different thread that if what Joker did was enough to “break” the family, then what is in store for the fallout from this?? Man, I feel bad for Alfred now too…wow. I really can’t wait to read this. Who’s writing the Dr. Phil Batman special? I heard Paquette is doing the art. Just kidding. 🙂

  26. Sold out by 12pm in every one of my local shops. So mad! Now I gotta wait two more weeks..

  27. Lucky for me I had this on my pull list, my shop owner told me there were people waiting at the door when they opened too get their hands on a copy.

  28. This was very brutal and emotional issue and I loved every moment of it. The fight scenes between Damian and his clone were so well done by Mr. Burnham, very Bane-esque. Plus the dialog between Damian and Grayson had me tearing up because they really were a great team, I have to go re-read those old Batman & Robin issues again. Sad to see him go but I’m glad he went out like a hero bad ass 5/5…….The stories from here on out should be amazing, great and sad time to be a Batman FAN.

  29. Man this was good!

    The juxtaposition of the light banter between Damian and Dick and the brutal fighting was amazing. It really made the ending feel all the more tragic

    Only a few more issues but I wish this would never end. I’ve loved Morrison’s run from the beginning

  30. Okay ruined this for me. I would have had no idea this was coming but they let the cat out of the bag. So I went into this with that knowledge. That’s why the lovey dovey talk between Robin and Nightwing felt contrived. Damian had never been kind to the other Robins before and the conversation was obviously designed to make the reader wistful in light of what was to come. I never liked any Robin before I discovered Damian. I always felt he was a distraction and I liked my Batman solo. I wasn’t going to read “Batman and Robin” for that reason. But it kept getting good reviews here so I picked it up and fell in love with Batman’s son. I am genuinely hurt to see the little guy go.

    • I just read a review on here that said at one point Batman died so Damian teamed up with Nightwing. That helps me make more sense out of the conversation between the two in this issue. Forgive me, I stopped reading comics years ago and only recently got back into them with the New 52.

    • That did indeed happen, though Nightwing took the Batman name and costume at the time. You might want to check out this article all about Damian’s history.

    • BradLWoods3 you should check out the Absoute Batman & Robin ( just came out a month ago). Dick as Bats, and Damian as his Robin. It’s my favorite period of the Grant Morrison Bat Epic.

  31. Well….he’s certainly dead. Gonna be hard to bullshit how several arrow wounds, and bullet wounds, and a fucking broadsword through the heart can mean he ISN’T dead for good. Morrison definitely went for overkill to make sure Damian is dead.

    But what I loved about this issue was how Morrison brought the level of fun back in the old ‘Batman and Robin’ days. The moment Dick comes in to save Damian (initially) and teams up really made this POTW. The moment those two punched the evil, buff Damian and it didn’t work made me pissed. That combo always works! Burnham also killed it as usual although having Masters come in to fill in for four pages is a bit disappointing. His work isn’t bad, but totally ruins the pace of what Burnham draws.

    4.75/5 (POTW)

  32. I just was not okay with the homage to Death in the family at the end.

  33. I assume Morrison doesn’t have the rights to Damians character right? DC could just slap him right back in the mix when Morrison turns his back?

  34. I don’t think a comic has ever touched my heart the way this one did, the moment Dick & Damian share before barreling into battle one last time brought me to a momentary state of happiness I probably won’t ever feel again… I know I keep saying this is the greatest Batman story of all time, but I think it just put itself right next to “All-Star Superman” as the greatest superhero story of all time… Only 4 more issues, I’ll treasure them…

  35. The silver lining here is the potential for some great Bruce and especially Dick reaction stories.

    • Yeah, assuming Jason’s “death” is still in continuity, I wonder how Bruce will react to the loss of another Robin. The fact that it’s his son just makes it more difficult. Kind of makes me think that the whole “Harper Row is the next Robin” theory is going to take a while to be resolved.

      I just can’t imagine Bruce will be willing to risk the life of another young person any time soon.

      I can’t see him having much sway over Dick and Jason, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see Bruce make an attempt to get Tim (because he’s a teenager) and Barbara (not because she’s a female, but because she already had one close call) out of the crime-fighter life. Or at least take more responsibility for their activities.

    • But at the same time, they won’t want to listen to Bruce trying to manage their lives after the whole Death of the Family debacle.

    • Jason’s death is still in continuity. It was referenced in Batman #17 by the Joker at the dinner table.

    • Yeah, Jason’s death is still in continuity. Besides the dinner table comment it has been referenced many times in Red Hood and the Outlaws too.

  36. Everyone is always complaining how comics has become a meat grinder leading to the revolving door of death, but then again every time a writer kills a character (which seems to be a bi-monthly event at this point) sales and reviews for said book skyrocket. If the audience wasn’t so constantly hypocritical we could begin addressing some of these issues…

    • Yeah, my store was getting calls for this and they were all sold out. And I’m sure some were calls from people looking just to resell it for a quick buck.

      Just like number one issues. DC had a ton of new number 1s, Marvel bashed them for it, people bought a bunch of them. Then a short time later Marvel has a ton of new numbers 1s and people bought a bunch of them, too.

  37. I didn’t care for it. I thought it was a cartoony approach. We even had a bam, pow, smash panel. It seemed more like Damian had a death wish, not that he was embroiled in a life and death struggle with no way out.

    • The guy needed to be taken down, and no one else was around to do it. Heretic had his finger on a button, literally. On a big enough scale, anyone who dresses in tights and fights crime has a death wish. You can not care for it all you want, but Damian died a hero. There is no other way to see it.

    • He did die a hero.

  38. Great issue.

    Burnham truly brought the thunder on this one. That page with the blow-by-blow between Heretic and Damian was simply outstanding. The only transition that felt a bit jumpy to me were the last two pages. The stab page was beautiful, but suddenly we go from Bruce diving on the back of a Man-Bat to him holding Damian. If you had just one more page of Bruce crashing in, distracting/wounding Heretic, and rushing to Damian’s side, it would have been more effective. But that’s a nitpick.

    I’m gonna miss the little dude. Morrison created something special in this character. My affection for him never waned like so many others, but only grew. I really hope Snyder takes his next issue between DOTF and his Riddler story to deal exclusively with this. The fallout from this demands to be recognized. The youngest Robin ever, and the son of Batman is dead.


    • I’m NOT trying to imply anything nefarious behind the scenes, but I wonder if that “jumpy” bit at the end was the result of a scene getting cut? That would explain the jump and might explain why they needed a second artist on those Red Robin pages.

      Or conversely, maybe Grant realized he needed to plant a seed with Red Robin earlier in the story for something that will pay off later. So a few pages of Batman getting to Damian had to go to make room?

    • It’s possible. Kind of a shame, but what’re ya gonna do?

      Still a (mostly) great looking issue.

  39. Great issue. The stuff with Dick and Damien was fantastic and made me nostalgic for their time together in Batman and Robin. The sequence at the end was amazing.

    I hate to focus on this but I have to complain about the fill in art a little. The fill in itself in this issue was perfectly fine. I just wish the whole thing could’ve been drawn by Burnham. This issue will stand through time as a quality and significant Batman comic. One to remember. We couldn’t have waited a couple more weeks for Burnham to draw a few more pages? A couple years ago I’d never have thought I’d be here sighing and reminiscing about the days when delays were common place.

  40. These seemed too rushed for me, but i am sure Talia has a spare Lazurus pit lying around for her son to be “reborn” from.

  41. The last two pages were pretty weird panel-wise. Batman was doing some hardcore batman-ing outside then all of a sudden he’s holding Damian in the next page. It didnt hurt the whole issue, but that was odd.

    Overall, I enjoyed this arc but some issues definitely had their low points.

    What in the hell is Heretic made out of? I understand he was cloned inside a whale but daaaamn, dude got stabbed through the heart (although he probably doesnt even have one in the usual spot) and in the neck but still kept going.

    Also, what the hell happened after Heretic stabbed Damian? The girl was completely helpless and had the world-bomb trigger in her hand, so Heretic just didnt care about the world-bomb trigger anymore and just left?? He even demands her to hand it over before the final brawl…..this is a pretty big oversight to me.

  42. I have to admit that Morrison wrote a great closing chapter for Damian, and since he created the character it is only fair that he gets to be the one to give him a dignified exit. Great issue.

    Please check my mini-review here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  43. any one got a clue when this run ends ?

  44. It seems natural that Talia would put Damian in a Lazarus pit and in a fit of insanity, direct him toward Bruce in a final showdown.
    Could Damian die twice in a story arc? Has that ever been done? It sounds weird and original like Morrison.
    Burnham is an amazing artist. I hope he sticks around after Batman Inc.

  45. I’m wondering what is wrong with the pick of the week. While this book was not my POW, I’m sure it had more than 0.7%.

  46. This was a good story. But I know Damian will be back so I refuse to grieve. Or else I’m in denial, Lol.

    I must say that even if this ending wasn’t spoiled on the internet it wouldn’t have been hard to figure out before reading it. At the end of isssue #7 it shows the Robin ‘R’ symbol with blood splattered on it. Then the cover of issue #8 has Damian with R.I.P. on the cover. It would have been nice if it was a surprise. But oh well. If I didn’t know what was going to happen as I was reading it I probably would have figured he was still alive at the end. That next issue he was wearing some special Kevlar or something. But I guess having R.I.P. on the cover, letting Damian take the beating he did with the bullets, the arrows and the sword through the chest, was supposed to make sure we all knew this was it. That and the homage to Jason’s death at the end. Not sure how many more ways they could spell it out for us.

    Anyway, Damian, if you are gone. You were an awesome little kid and you will be missed.


    • P.S. If I was Alred I think I would feel a little guilty about Damian’s death. Even if he wanted to stop him and was unable to he could at least have said he tried. But….he did die a hero. But he’s not dead anyway, not sure why I am getting all worked up. He is just going to be gone…….for a while. (sniffle)

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