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  1. I have been pleasantly surprised by this event, though my expectations were pretty low.

  2. And here comes the thrilling conclusion!!  It might be obvious how this ends, but it was a fun and satisfying mini.  That Daniels kid, he’s going places.

  3. You’ll know when Tony Daniel finally "makes it" once people stop calling him "Tony Daniels". 🙂

    This has been a fun series. Not profound. Not very thoughtful. But fun, enjoyable in a way I don’t feel guilty about.

  4. I agree. Who would have thought Tony Danza could write and draw such an entertaining comic?

  5. And here I thought we had gotten a new fill-in writer for this issue, Tony Danie. I was hoping Danza was still on it.

    In all seriousness, this series has been much better than it has any right to be. Looking forward to see how this ends.

  6. Really looking forward to getting the ending and getting the Batverse back and moving forward.  My wallet, however, is not.

  7. P.S.- What’s everyone planning on getting from the new lineup?  I, sadly, am going to at least try all seven.

  8. @magnum240-Probably just Batman & Robin because I’m a G-Mo whore.

  9. @magnum – from the solicits, i’m thinking Batman & Robin and Detective Comics

  10. @magnum: I’m going to give all of them a try.

  11. There was a time when I would have picked up every title, but I’m probably going with Batman & Robin and ‘Tec with a possibility of Sirens depending on how good the art turns out.

  12. As much as it pains me I’m going to try all of the books when they hit next month.

  13. I can’t even keep track of all the series that are coming out of this. I’ll probably do Batman + Robin, and Detectice Comics, because I love JH Williams and the Question. I’ll probably consider giving all of the books a try as they come out.

  14. @magnum Planning on Batman & Robin, Streets of Gotham and Detective. Red Robin might be on there as well. Batman will be on a story line by story line basis.

    Looking forward to this despite knowing where it’s going. I know I was firmly in the "Gun Batman" isn’t Jason Todd camp last month, but it seems as if this event is going to go that deep or twisty. Oh well, would have been interesting. 

  15. Is this a good comprehensive list of the new bat titles?

  16. @magnum: I’ve already added everything except the Dini titles to my pull list, but I’ll be trying the first issue of those as well to see if it’s my bag or not. Really excited for the Batverse in June.

  17. @magnum

    I’ll probably give everything a shot except Sirens.  I don’t see myself trying Batgirl in August unless it’s a slow week that week. 

  18. Finally! So tired of all of the other substandard tie-ins! Got high hopes for this one…

  19. From what I gather this is what they are considering "Bat related Titles":

    SECRET SIX #10
    Written by Gail Simone

    Written by Grant Morrison

    BATMAN #687
    Written by Judd Winick       <———UGH @ Winick on any book much less a batbook

    Written by Greg Rucka

    RED ROBIN #1
    Written by Christopher Yost

    Written by Paul Dini and Marc Andreyko

    Written by Paul Dini

    Written by Andrew Kreisberg

    Written by Peter J. Tomasi 

  20. @jobob247 As well as the forthcoming Batgirl and Azrael books in the Fall.

  21. Judd Winick wrote two good-to-great years of BATMAN comics*.


    *Bringing Jason Todd back excepted.

  22. @conor: Then it wouldnt be two great years now would it?

    @magnum: Definitely going to get Batman and Robin, how could I not get a G-Mo title? But also trying out Sirens. Anything involving Quinn, Ivy, and Kyle is always entertaining….and sexy….but also entertaining….but really sexy.

  23. @TNC: I don’t know what that means.

  24. So many people not picking up Batman.  Is it just because of Winick?

  25. @conor: Well your excluding the whole Red Hood/Jason Todd storyline.

    Which is about 6months (or 1/4th of his writing on Batman). Not only that but he didnt even write 7 issues during the span of those two years….so….it wasnt that great (or even good) span by Winick…but you could only defend 11 issues out of his run…Yeah…

    @magnum: Bingo

  26. @TNC: The act of bringing back Jason Todd was bad, the stories were good. Nice try attempting to think my thoughts for me, though.

  27. @conor: No problem; you do it all the time so I should try it once and awhile.

  28. I enjoyed Winick’s last run and will definately be checking out Batman as well as Batman and Robin.  Not sure what, if any, other titles I might be adding post BFTC.

  29. @TNC: It does sometimes get tiring thinking for myself all the time, so I appreciate the attempted assist.

  30. @conor: I’m just gald I dont do it all the time….being in your head for more then 5mins is painful…but you do drink very good wine. 🙂

  31. I had no problem with Winick’s run (except for Todd) but I just don’t have any desire to pick up any other batbook besides Morrison and Quitely.  Just personal preference. And it really is cheap to continue to rag onWinick for bringing back Jaso.  Quite sad

  32. I’m probably the only one who hopes Jason Todd wins.   I’d totally read a book about a gun toting murderous bat-sonofabitch. 

     than when bruce comes back they can fight it out.




  33. Well for me it’s definitely Detective Comics (I balked at $4 until I realized the backup is Montoya!)

    Batman and Robin I will certainly give an arc.

    Red Robin is a in store call.

    No on Batgirl.

    Maybe on Confidential (depends on premise and team).

    Yes to Batman (I think Winick will surprise here)

    Yes to Sirens but I’ll give it up quick if it doesn’t deliver.

    And I want to read Streets but I never read any Manhunter before so $4 is too much. May still buy it.

    Outsiders is a no.

    For Batman/Superman see Confidential.

    And I do need to eventually read Secret Six. 

  34. @ drakedangerz . I wasn’t even thinking of Winick bringing back Jason Todd when I made my comments. I just can’t stand him overall. That being said I’ve been subscribed to Batman for a long long time now, so I’ll probably end up with a copy of at least the first few issues of his run. I’m just a sucker for batbooks…. =/

  35. miyamotofreak: Secret Six has been good on it’s own thus far.

  36. DC actually asked me to fill in the Big Man’s shoe because i’m so buff, but i had to politely say no

  37. You know one of these days the more than a dozen heroes in Gotham have to atleast make a dent in making that city liveable don’t they? But what would they all do then?

    I think Oracle breaks everyone out of Arkham every year or so just to keep everybody employed. In these tough economic times everyone needs a supevillain bailbreakout.

  38. @jobo247-s’all good.  I wasn’t specifically ribbing on you.  Just in general.  Jolly good fun and all that

  39. You know what… I liked the Winnick Jason Todd stories. Did it suck that he was back? Sure. Was it a stupid device that did? Yes. But it also lead to my favorite line for ending conversations with geeks "I’m punching the wall of reality…" There I said it! Judge away!  

  40. Re: New Bat Titles – I’ll probably be checking out all of the Batman titles for at least one issue. Most excited about Rucka on Detective.

    Re: Winick – He’s pretty good, I won’t doubt him until I see what he has in store.

    Let’s hope this lives up to the marketing hype around it!


  41. @kwisdumb: Is there a lot of marketing hype?

  42. Oh, I forgot about Rucka on Detective!!  Hmm, I think I might be picking that up too.  I just recently discovered how kick ass that guy is.  Not to mention the fact that its J.H. Williams III.  I don’t know anything about the Batwoman character, but I trust in those men.

  43. @magnum – I will be checking out all the new Bat-books & giving them a chance (I think). Not sure about G-Mo’s book yet … if it’s gonna be a regular superhero book I’ll read it, but if it’s going to be "abstract/experimental, look-how crazy-I-can-be" I wont make the same mistake I did with Final Crisis & keep reading in hope it will all make sense in the end.

    Also, I totally disagree that Winick’s run on Batman was "good". Hopefully his upcoming run is an improvement …maybe they are bringing him back because he is well known for bringing back dudes from the dead with little to no explaination? Batman has gotta come back soon …

  44. SECRET SIX Written by Gail Simone is a favorite of mine and I will be along as long as Gail is on it.

    BATMAN AND ROBIN Written by Grant Morrison is the book I’m looking foward to the most.

    BATMAN #687 Written by Judd Winick,  I will but the first arc no matter what, after that I dunno.

    DETECTIVE COMICS Written by Greg Rucka,  I can not spend 4 dollars on this, if it turns out to be something I’m interested in I will buy the tpb.

    RED ROBIN Written by Christopher Yost should be awesome, looking foward to this a lot.

    BATMAN: STREETS OF GOTHAM Written by Paul Dini and Marc Andreyko, pretty much the same as Detective, I do not want to spend the 4 dollars but may end up with the trade when it comes out.

    GOTHAM CITY SIRENS Written by Paul Dini I like that the HUSH story line is going to continue in this title and Catwoman is one of my favorite females in the DCU so I’m getting this book.

    BATMAN CONFIDENTIAL has been hit and miss I do like most of what I read but do not buy this title.

    THE OUTSIDERS Written by Peter J. Tomasi  is a fun team book and it has gotten better with Tomasi.    I’m looking foward to the next arc starting with issue #21 when the team is trying to round up all the inmates that escaped the asylum.

     I will also get BATGIRL in Aug. just to see who’s under the cowl.

  45. @ WadeWilson  Not sure about G-Mo’s book yet … if it’s gonna be a regular superhero book I’ll read it, but if it’s going to be "abstract/experimental, look-how crazy-I-can-be" I wont make the same mistake I did with Final Crisis & keep reading in hope it will all make sense in the end.


    That is EXACTLY what I will be doing. I refuse to read his crap if it’s anything like the last run on Batman or FC. 

  46. I’ll be reading BATMAN & ROBIN because of the new Batmobile.  It’s effin sweet.

  47. Excited for this one.  Hope its good.

  48. I left Detective with Dini and will come back with Rucka.

  49. I think G-Mo’s book is going to be somewhat experimental….but on the art side mostly.

    Cause some of those pages by Quitely; man you dont see that often in a comic book.

  50. The Bat books I’m picking up are

    Batman & Robin (Morrison & Quitely, nuff said)

    Batman(I like Winick. Its Beanz i dont like. but hes only drawing issue 1, so yay!)

    Detective Comics (3.99 or not. its Rucka & JH Williams III doing a monthly book!!! plus its not like your not getting extra comics for the 3.99. like in New Avengers or Spider-Woman.)

    Batman Streets of Gotham (Dini!)

    Gotham City Sirens (More Dini!!! but it does kinda look a little to cheese cakey)

    and i’m already reading Secret Six

    Looks to be a good time for Batman comics.


  51. @Conor….maybe a day or two late….but welcome back.  Hope ya had a good trip.

     I will be buying all the books that are starting.  Red Robin and Batgirl (depending on who is behind the cowl) will be on the tentative pull list.

  52. if i could only buy 1 comic next month it would be Batman & Robin…  i will try Detective for the JHWilliams art…  that’s all the bat books for me…

  53. It’s just Red Robin and Batman for me. I’ll wait for the trade of Batman and Robin. It’s just easier to read G-Mo that way…

  54. YES! I got a variant for BFTC #3!!  I know it will never go up in value over another dollar but I still feel special that my LCS lets me get the Batman variants for no extra charge.  I’m about to read the non-variant one now.

    Batman has ALWAYS been my favorite superhero with the exception of Spiderman in rare times so I’m going to pick up all the titles featuring BatMAN, even Confidential.  I don’t know much about BatWOMAN and $3.99 is quite pricey, but I’ll give Detective a shot.   I’ll probably pick up Red Robin for an arc or two but get sick of it when it gets too solo like I did with Robin half the time.  I don’t know about BatGIRL because I’m not sure who BatGIRL is now.  What happened to the last one? Didn’t she just put some Network together?  I’ll buy Outsiders if they go up against some of BatMAN’s more popular enemies like Penguin, Mister Freeze, Two Face, etc.  I haven’t picked them up since RIP though…


  55.  SPOILERS!!!


    So this issue was somewhat disappointing. I realize that new indiviual issues will be releasing soon, but I would still like to know what happened. 

    What happened after Tim Drake was saved? Why wasn’t he in the Batcave with Alfred and Damein. 

    Did Dick finally cut his hair? Sure looks like it, unless that wasn’t Dick under the cowl at the end.

    What happened with the military in Gotham?

    What happened with Catwoman? She was still in the pseudo-cave unconscious when Tim got stabbed by Jason. Did she make it out too?

    Was that Officer Harper disguised as Batman Jones? 


  56. As a nube, this was the first comic book series I collected in real-time(as it was happening). I also got the tie-ins. I have to say, I should have gone with World of New Krypton … I’ll need to reread this again after work … but yeah kind of dissapointed.

  57. @supertrackmonkey

     Agreed.  While it heavily implied who Batman was, I would have preferred having it just flat out said just to avoid two weeks of skepticism from some people.  On top of that, it did nothing to set up Robin or Red Robin.  Let’s hope those both have epic first issues because the exposition sure wasn’t here.

     Still my Pick though… this week was as light as it was mediocre.

  58. Two things I thought were silly: Tim talking out loud to hikmself so much, and Jason wearing a domino mask under his cowl.

  59. SPOILER!


    Is everyone else just assuming that Batman is Dick and Robin is Damien? It seems pointless to switch narrators on the last two pages.

  60. @AmirCat: ha ha. you were burnt. don’t worry, you’ll eventually become indifferent to the bad event. Welcome to comics!

  61. This series turned out to be a pretty big letdown. Not quite as bad as the Oracle series, but still pretty bad.  And yes– that was some of the most uncomfortably bad exposition I’ve seen in comics in years, that bit by Tim.

  62. @slock  Thank you for writing my thoughts for me!  Agree and agree and agree….

     @amircat  Edward is right, you didn’t pick the best spot to jump on.  The relaunching of the Bat-verse next month should be much better.  If it makes you feel better I think following the Super-books would be just as confusing for a ‘nube’ right now.

  63. Wow, that was disappointing. Seriously. No twists? No revelations? Just an extended fight scene? Are we seriously to believe the best Bruce could do for Jason Todd was offer the help of a psychiatrist? Ugh, I had such high hopes for this series after a solid two issues from Daniel. His art was even a bit muddled throughout. Also, I thought it was supposed to be clear who was who at the end of the vent. While I’m certain it’s what I think it is, there was no reason here for *another* vague thing. As well, this entire event doesn’t sit well for me because of Jason Todd… his entire purpose at being Batman was because he has a madon against Bruce? Seriously! What the hell? And offering the Robin position to Dick mid-fight? Even if that’s a joke, it didn’t come off right. All I can say is that I look forward to Grant Morrison (I refuse to use GMo) and Frank Quitely rinsing my mind clean of this misstep. 2/5

  64. yes the delivery of this last issue kinda sucked but the last 2 pages of this made me smile. now dicks the man in charge.

  65. I loved issues one and two…A LOT. But this one didn’t feel as epic. I can’t really pinpoint it right now (maybe after the second read) but it just wasnt a fun read for me. It did follow my read of Cap 50…maybe that’s why.

  66. @Conor: I would say so. Those Batman pins at the cons, I’m sure there’s been a few DC Nations about it, and the Source Blog has had a few Batgirl/Red Robin features, etc.A

    Anyway, I liked this, but didn’t love it. I’d give it 3 stars. In a way I’m glad this is over so we can move onto Batman & Robin, Red Robin, and DETECTIVE COMICS. It’ll be interesting to see the fallout from all this across the books in the next few months.

  67. @conor  Given your strong feelings about Jason i’m wondering what you think about them giving him the shadowy ‘maybe he’s crazy for a reason’ retcon(?) Get out of Jail Free Card.  That hologram ‘secret’ IS new, isn’t it?

    @everyonethatdidn’tlikeit   Let’s say we hadn’t been spoiled, wouldn’t there be a lot of fist-pumping going on here?  I didn’t like the vaguery, but assuming it is Dick grayson i’m excited.  I had many a nitpick, but at the end of the day i’m digging what’s about to happen here

  68. @magnum My problem wasn’t being spoiled, my problem was that the series didn’t do anything. I still don’t even understand why Dick Grayson decided to don the cowl? To piss off Jason… who he Gwen Stacy-ed? I didn’t like because it literally could have been told in one 80 page one-shot back in March and we could be onto the Batman stories. And this comes from a big fan of Bruce Wayne being dead and not coming back and Dick donning the cowl. This did nothing for me. And I’m disappointed by that. The best thing to come out of this event was the Arkham one-shot.

    Sorry, rant over. 

  69. @Prax Dick realized Bruce was wrong.  I thought this was pretty clear.

  70. Also, the "best thing" to come out of this event was the most recent issue of Secret Six.

    "To my Bat-pole!"


  72. I don’t check out previews; I only peruse your arguments once in a while. So I’m not quite convinced that it’s Dick donning the cowl. Should I be? It seemed to me, though, after having finished the ish’, that it was Tim taking on the mantle. The inclusion of Damien in the panel (having just saved Tim) seemed to suggest this.

    Likely I’m wrong, but it just seems wrong to say,  "Here, Damien, you be Robin. Nevermind Tim."

    The ad for Batman and Robin’s Batman seems a little too non-chalant to be Dick, too.   

    Then again, Tim’s obviously hurt. While he’s on hiatus it might be just right that Damien takes his place.

  73. I thought the art in this one looked a little rushed compared to the first two. Issue one especially had some nice art. I don’t regret my investment of $12 in this series, but it was kind of like an action movie that got a little obvious and overdramatic in the final act. There were twists and turns in the first two issues. This one made the Black Mask reveal, for example, seem like an anticlimatical afterthought. I’m liking Damian more and more, though. I don’t know why, but once you think of it like you’re watching Problem Child or something, it becomes a lot more enjoyable to see him being a violent brat (who does help save the day in the end).

  74. I guess I’m the only one who like it? I guess that’s about right cuz I’m probably the only one who thinks Damien has the potential to be a really interesting character as well.

    That’s just me though.  Rant away..


    You guys pretty much all summed up how I feel about this issue.  It would have been best to have all these plot threads at least somewhat cleaned up before next month.  Yes, I know that each individual book will do that in the first issue, but it’s still cheap.  A pretty good mini with a mediocre ending.  

    Now where is my Morrison and Quitely Batman!  And it damn well better have a Bat-pole

  76. thanks to they hype ( months ago)  we know tim is red robin. in the description for red robin its says hes searching for bruce because he belives hes still alive, which has been tims thing all along ( guess final crisis is never going to happen in the bat books or the jla lost there cell # to tell them what happend to bruce)

  77. the G-mo and quitely is in two weeks, right? *GLEE*

  78. So ends the most predictible story in DC history; god bless you internet and your many ways to spoil things.

    Wait…I hate those guys, they ruined the story for me….Well actually Daniels did some of the spoiling but you know what I mean.

  79. @Robby-what makes you think you’re the only person that believes he could be interesting?  Just because I didn’t like this story doesn’t mean I don’t like the characters, thats nonsense.

    @TNC-stop bitching.

  80. @templar Right, I got that. But it really doesn’t come across as more than Dick saying it in a damn dialogue box and that’s really boring. And really, I can’t believe Bruce, whose entire career is based on "Man, criminals hate flying rodents" would say, "Nah, don’t continue my legacy. War Games, Bruce Wayne Murderer, No Man’s Land, Knightfall/Knightsend didn’t tell us Gotham *needs* a Batman. No, not at all." The lack of a firm resolution and this really tried my patience and insulted my intelligence. I’m sorry, if you disagree, but it’s just 

    @robby Despite hating the last issue, I like the event overall. I also like Damien and think he has potential. He’ll be a fun Robin.

    @TNC I’m not even mad the result was predictable, I’m mad it was so *badly* handled. Alas. 

  81. @drake: Fine….but I will not give up my belly aching! *rimshot*

  82. @Prax Never said it was a good reason.  Just that it was clearly stated that it WAS the reason.

  83. I enjoyed this quite a bit. Sure it was predictable, but theres something about seeing Robin V. Robin V. Robin that just tickles me.

  84. @Prax-Jarvin: O_o… Damien feels like a carbon copy of the others whose sole purpose is to fill the slot as "the young one". I don’t see much of a point for even having him around if Bruce will eventually return. *sigh* Although it’s not so much a complaint as it is a nit picky observation.

  85. i won’t get a chance to read this until tomorrow evening but from the iFanbase’s response i gonig to guest it pretty fucking good. it’s about character, people, character.

    always with the vitriol.

  86. I’m just going to hold out to read Red Robin #1 and continue with Batman. Cause The ending wasn’t that good. 


    If Dick is Batman, then why isn’t Tim still Robin? Over the last few years the writers have really built up a strong relationship between Dick and Tim. It seems to me that as brothers, Dick would want Tim around. I could see Tim letting Damein take over as Robin and Tim adopting/creating a new mantle of his own (much like Dick with Nightwing.) Tim Drake is one of my favorite characters. I’ve been following him for over a decade. Tim has had it tougher than any other character in comics, both Marvel and DC. Several girlfriends die, mom dies, dad gets put into wheelchair, mentor almost dies at hands of Bane, dad dies, best friend dies (Superboy), adopted and changes name to Tim Wayne, multiple dead girlfriends return from the grave, adopted father dies, fights brother (Jason Todd), then ????

  87. I think they are trying to say Tim has moved beyond being Robin but is not ready to be Batman yet so he is something like what Dick was with Nightwing.

    Overall I was pretty let down by Battle for the Cowl #3, especially since #2 was such an improvement over #1.  This one just did not end it well, it felt very disjointed the entire read.  Yes, I am aware they were crowning a new Batman but I didn’t feel they got him there in a very convincing manner.

  88. I don’t understand.  Why are people bitching that this was predictable?  They’ve hinted pretty strongly that Dick would become Batman, and Damien would become Robin.  This story wasn’t about the destination, it was about the journey…and to give Quitely a little extra time to draw Batman & Robin.  If you want to bitch about the journey, go ahead and bitch, but don’t bitch that it was "predictable".

    And if spoilers are the bane of your existence, there’s a solution.  Don’t visit Newsarama, CBR, or iFanboy and stay off message boards.  Problem solved.

    That being said,  June can’t come soon enough.  I think all the Batbooks are going to kick ass.

  89. @Kory My problem wasn’t that it was spoiled or that the ending was predictable, my problem was the journey was predictable, what little of it there was. Dick had no huge stunning revelation in the series, he just blithely says "Hey, Bruce was wrong that one time." and soldiers on to fight Jason and put on the cowl. Things that were built up, ie not seeing Jason out of the costume, not knowing who Black Mask was were misused. Literally nothing came of them. My issues are not ones of character or ending, but of execution. It all felt as muddled as Daniel’s art was this issue, compared to art that I loved during Morrison’s run and the first two issues of this series. And if your idea of the journey is a 20 page fight scene with two men who look virtually identical save costume choice where no one says anything other than tired lines they’ve been spouting since Jason Todd first came back from the grave, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I didn’t. Indeed, I’m a bit insulted by aspects of this issue, though not as much as Oracle did. Alas. If you liked it, you liked it. I don’t mean to change opinions. But I don’t like being told I can’t call the issue predictable because the ending was preordained. Because it was fill in the blanks this issue. Look at Captain America, there was a predictable outcome that had an interesting journey, and even in the end I was shocked about Bucky’s motivation to be Cap was not what I expected it to be. 

  90. @Prax: My comment wasn’t really towards you, it was aimed at another user.  I didn’t address them by name because I’m not interested in getting an argument.  I apologize if it offended you, I would never tell someone they can’t feel a certain way.

    I agree with some of your points.  I had some of the same problems with this series that you did.  My problem is with the folks who are whining that there was no shocking revelation with the ending and calling it "the most predictable story in DC history".  Just like it was with Cap, it was pretty clear from the start who was going to pick up the mantle.  To me, it’s okay to pick apart apart the execution and the character motivations if they bothered you, but I think it’s silly to persecute the series for simply having a predictable outcome.

  91. @Kory: ‘Dont visit newsarama, CBR, or IFANBOY-and stay off the message boards’

    ….Are you suggesting people shouldnt go on

  92. @kory Sorry about that! I didn’t mean to send a rant your way either. The only reason I responded is that I used the term predictable in all my posts, so I assumed you were talking to me. And I do agree with you, the ending being preordained didn’t hamper my enjoying it. Yay, rational parties!

  93. @TNC: You can still visit this site, or any site for that matter.  But if you’re worried about potential spoilers then you should avoid the comics section.

    @Prax: It’s all good. 🙂

  94. @Kory: But that’s all what ifanboy is! A comic site! 🙂

  95. RE: Kory’s first post. Exactly

  96. @TNC: You’re being glib again. There’s a front page of this site that has fantastic articles for you to read everyday.  The comics section is where you could run into potential spoilers, so I’m saying read the front page and stay out of the comics discussion if you’re going to whine that the internet ruined the ending of a story that everyone and their mother saw coming. 🙂

    You said the internet ruined the story for you.  If the internet is ruining you’re enjoyment of something, wouldn’t you avoid it?  Help me, help you.

    I shouldn’t have used ifanboy as an example, I’m sorry.

  97. Did anyone else get the feeling while reading this that Jason Todd is Black Mask?  I put the book down, thought for a second and than began combing through it again. They mention that he’s ‘died’ for what that’s worth in comics, and that someone else must’ve stepped in.  He mentions seeing Dick again, ‘sooner than you think’ and he rubs it in Dick’s face that he knows all this chaos in Gotham was caused by the Black Mask.

    I realize I may be trying too hard to see something that isn’t there but I can’t shake the feeling.  I’ve read almost all the tie-ins and found nothing to support this but also nothing to deny it.  So if anyone knows of a reason why I’m way off base, let me know.  In the mean time I shall believe Jason Todd is Black Mask.

  98. I’m surprised some of you didn’t expect this to disappoint. (gah! I can’t spell disappoint!)

  99. @DarthDuck

    Yes. I was given the impression that Todd was Black Mask. This was made by Dick’s narration/detective work.


    The glowing eyes of the Black Mask’s mask seen in that one panel in this issue are very much the same as those found on Todd’s Batman mask. This was a visual hint. The Black Mask never wore a mask and his eyes never glowed. This was very much a visual hint/link to Todd.

  100. Can anyone tell me what happened to Catwoman?

  101. (Yet another Batman comic that goes over 100 comments. How many til we get the world record?)

    @Kory: Relax man I was just having some fun with ya. I just thought it was funny you mentioned ifanboy as part of that little rant. No worries.

    Your right I should’ve avoided the sites but I didnt. But there is a bit more of DC to blame then just people prying for spoilers. DC showcased Quitely’s pencils in advanced and his style of Damien as Robin was obvious. Then DC let Tony Daniels (accidentally, but still) let him spill the beans about Dick being Batman. So I think it’s 50/50 on who’s the blame here.

    But the ultimate blame is the person who read the spoilers (i.e. me). So 😛 on my part

  102. @rolandofgilead- the black mask did wear a mask that is why he was called the black mask.

  103. @supertrackmonkey-Your guess is as good as anyones.  She wasn’t even in this issue.

  104. Well I’ll tell you this. I liked the issue, and I LOVED the result. I know DD has been on record as stating he hates either Nightwing and/or Dick Grayson. I for one love nightwing/dick grayson. To me he not only deserves this but he is Batman. I hope he holds the mantle for a long, long time.

  105. Timothy Callahan from CBR wrote a pretty good (negative) review of this issue and mini series as a whole:; Here’s a little something he wrote:

    "When the new "Batman and Robin" series begins with the line, "After the death of Bruce Wayne, Dick Grayson has adopted the role of his mentor. Joined by young Damian Wayne, they are…Batman and Robin," well, then "Batman: Battle for the Cowl" will be immediately rendered irrelevant."

  106. Thanks for the correction michamyers.

    The Essential Batman Encyclopedia is a must have!

  107. I went and read the plot synopsis for the future Batman titles, and by the look of it, the first few issues of each will be showing what happened after Battle for the Cowl. Doesn’t this really just make the whole mini pointless? Was it really necessary to cancel the Nightwing and Robin titles? Couldn’t DC of just used those titles to showcase the events of BftC. Like issue #1 could have been Robin issue #184. Then Robin changes over to Red Robin #1.  And issue #2 could have been Nightwing’s final issue. Issue #3 could have been a Batman issue. I just think the whole mini was pointless.  

    I have to admit that I feel cheated from this mini-event, both money and time. 

  108. well, let me ask you this? did anyone get the feeling Damian is going to end up falling for Squire?

  109. So, I’m assuming Jason will continue as a pseudo-Batman/antagonist?  Dick will be good for the role.  I didn’t think the decision was going to be as obvious as everybody else did, though.  I really thought the next Batman was seriously up in the air.

  110. Man this was rough don’t know if I am on board with all this dreck when it spins out into the Bat books.  3 issues of Nightwing Screaming "Jason"!  "Jason!"  "Jason!"  and not much story being pushed foward here.  Damian was fun.  Thank god the Superman books are out of control good right now. 

  111. @ 0and18: it’s all good, g-mo is coming back for some batman and robin goodness.. so is winick.. and paul dini.

  112. Is this the longest thread for a single comic?

  113. @super: No….that would be Final Crisis #7 with 274 comments. Epic arguments in that one!

  114. I don’t want to kill Tony Daniel, because I loved his pencils in the GMo run, but this was pretty bad.  Definately not his best artwork and really poorly written.  That being said, I can’t wait for Batman and Robin!

  115. I don’t think D. Wayne would know who Marry Poppins is, when he took the GPS he called Squire  "MARRY POPPINS" and it may of been kinda funny but, when would a young man trained by the League of assassins of ever had the time to or even wanted to watch that OLDASS movie?

    That was the only thing I did not like about BftC #3.

  116. @reform Well, there is a commercially successful Broadway musical made of it. And despite being trained by assassins Ras and Talia are definitely cultured people and probably would have exposed to stuff like that anyway. As well, Marry Poppins is based off of two books from the early 1900s, so… Maybe Ras read them? :-p I know that’s putting way too much thought into it, but it’s not *that* hard to think that Damien knew of it. 

  117. sometimes questions are rhetorical

  118. I’m a big Tim Drake fan. I can’t wait to read Red Robin. I’m actually not that excited about Batman and Robin. I may pick up the first two-three issues, but then wait for the trade for the rest. Although I will be picking up Batman. 

  119. Couple questions for longtime bat fans.

    What’s wrong with Winick? I’ve never read his stuff so I’m curious why him being on a Bat title seems to be a bad thing (at least from sentiments gatherd on this board.)

    Do we all think that Tim is going to be Red Robin, or is there an outside possibility that it could be Jason? The only real hint I’ve seen is that its someone who thinks that Bruce is still alive and is trying to prove it. Seems like Tim, but who knows.

  120. @Anson:

    A) It’s not so much of what he did on Batman previous; it’s just personally his writing for me has been bad lately. He’s sort of going down the path of Jeph Loeb in terms of quality. But that’s just me.

    B) I think Red Robin is gonna be Tim. Plus, like you said, the description of ‘someone who thinks Bruce is still alive’ makes me believe it’s Tim. Considering how Jason wants to be the new (and more agressive) Batman….I wouldnt think he would want Bruce alive.

  121. @Anson: Winick is responsible for bringing back Jason Todd from the dead, which is bad enough on it’s own, but the way he came back is even worse.

    I thought this BFTC issue was OK. It didn’t blow me away because it kinda felt like deja vu. The whole series did. It was like No-Man’s Land crossed with Knightfall, with the city going to hell & the super villains battling for territory & Nightwing fighting a mean version of Batman for the cowl — exactly the same as Nightwing fighting Azreal when he was "Batman".

    And now Dick is Batman. Again. Until Batman comes back. Again. Feels like a re-run to me.

    PS — It’s possible to avoid spoilers. I didn’t know (for sure) that Dick was going to win the temp job. The story itself hinted at that being the case stronger than anything I read online.

  122. Artwork was good … just haven’t got any great love for nightwing… i mean batman.

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