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  1. Yeah, I pretty much agree with your review. I think if this series had fewer splash pages and double-page spreads (there were like 6-8 of them over the course of the three issues), I think there might have been enough development on all fronts. The stuff with Black Mask and Pengy/Two-Face was like completely dropped almost. To me, I’m not a big fan of Daniel’s art but I think what he does can look "cool" even though he lacks basic storytelling skills. In that way, I’d be put him somewhere between Rob Liefeld and Greg Capullo with McFarlane inks–I don’t hate any of those guys, sometimes enjoy what they’ve done actually, but I can’t really trust them to steward a good story. The third issue of this was like Daniel mailing everything in and resolving it all in the most typical fashion possible.

  2. @flapjaxx I don’t have a problem with his art, but when stacked up against the guys who were doing Batman comics during Grant’s run (Williams, Kubert come to mind) he is the lesser of two evils; serviceable, but not dynamic.  That said, he was really pulling his weight with this one, until this last issue.  Those poses with the heroines was the greatest offender.  I’m all for drawing a pin-up, but not when it’s in the story and that’s what that was; a pin-up, not a splash page.

  3. I think Battle For The Cowl was more of an introductory chapter into the next part of the story, and not so much a mini series of it’s own.  I bet more people will appreciate what they did later on down the road for some reason…

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