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  1. I’ve been told that this isnt Daniel’s first ever writing gig. But this would be his first MAJOR peice of work; considering this is about the new Batman.

  2. I don’t know how much clearer Daniel could possibly have made it that it’s Dick under the cowl at the end. The narration of the second-to-last page is Dick narrating everything that he’s just been through with Jason, and then the art in the last two panels shows the transition of him putting the cowl on. But, I guess even if they showed his face some people would be questioning whether the face under the cowl looked more like Tim’s or Dick’s or Alfred’s or Jason’s or Bruce’s or Damian’s or Hush’s. Sometimes I think they should release comic books with captions at the bottom of every panel saying things like "This is Robin sitting on a rooftop". "This is Dick Grayson putting on Batman’s cowl."

    I agree with pretty much all your other quibbles (esp. the random stuff with Two-Face and the overdramatic narration at times), but jeez…sometimes I think people look too hard for a mystery. Throughout the entire issue, all the narration from Dick’s p.o.v. was about him getting ready to put the cowl on.

  3. Yeah, a bit harsh there my friend.  I admit the art does outshine the story, but not by that far!

  4. @flapjaxx: yeah i mean we all know it’s Dick since way back. it’s no mystery, especially with the slip up that was shown on on Lying in the Gutters a while back… But, from the point of view of storytelling, i think it would be more satisfying if we have the money shot (ugh, that sounds dirty) of dick grayson putting on the cape.

  5. I think this mini was good not great but you’re being a little hard. This was only meant to establish who is the new Batman. I’m sure the other plot lines, Two-Face, the damage to the city, what happens to Tim;will all be dealt with when the main Batman book starts up next month. The plot lines left unresolved were clearly to set up the first arc with Dick as Batman. And what better way for a new Batman and Robin to start than with the city in utter chaos, the army taking over, and a nefarious long dead villain in control of all of Gotham’s psychos? It would have felt awkward to resolve ALL those story lines in one 40 page issue and then jump into something completely unrelated in Batman next month. Now Dick is left to deal with the problems he allowed to happen by refusing to take up the cowl. When you actually stop and think about it this issue was pretty good.

  6. Now that I think about it… I gave the art rating a little too high of a number.

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