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  1. So this is the last solicited Quitely issue.  Do we know when he comes back yet?

  2. After the next arc, which is either three or four issues.

  3. Who is filling it? (Like anything could stop me from buying issue #4.)

  4. Philip Tan

  5. Wow, that will be a bit of a jarring transition.  I hope they do a good job coloring his work, so it doesn’t get muddy like it did in FC: Revelations (in my opinion).  Regardless, I’m on this book as long as Morrison keeps having fun.

  6. i think if the writting continues to be this good i wont mind philip tan

  7. I thought it was Tan, then Frazier Irving and then Quietly again?

  8. ah, this is definitly my favorite ongoing series right now.

  9. @Conor – I thought that Frazier Irving was doing an arc before Quietly came back as well.

  10. @ottobott acording to Grant Morrison your right

  11. or maybe i should read what ottobot said. blergh.

  12. I get the impression Conor was frowning when typing Philip Tan? Is he not highly rated. I’ve only seen Billy Tan(?) and I didn’t care for his work.

  13. Phillip Tan doesn’t wow me (…at all); very remincent of a less-evolved Todd McFarlane.

    Still, diffr’nt strokes for diffr’nt folks, always.

  14. @Zeppo: I don’t like Philip Tan’s work at all.

  15. @ottobott,

    Absolutly. Art is very subjective, I’m in this book for the writing so will give the new artists a chance.

  16. so what is Frank going to do be doing in between?

  17. @conor

    That’s a shame. Hopefully it won’t ruin your joyment of the series too much. Least Quitley will be back eventually, and on covers.

  18. @oldmanlogan88 – I totally agree.  I don’t have anything against Mr. Tan’s work, so even though I wish Quitely wouldn’t leave, I’ll keep an open mind.

  19. @Apotheosize: Quitely’s probably going to get started on issue 9 or 10 or whatever as soon as Grant gives him the script. He’s a really slow artist. At least he’ll still be doing the covers…to tease us.

    Yeah, I’m not much of a Phil Tan fan, either, after having seen his work on Uncanny X-Men and Green Lantern. But maybe his darker art style will mean that the next story will also be darker in tone. I’ve liked the current arc a lot, but in general I like darker, moodier Grant Morrison Batman stories, even though Quitely is one of the best artists in the game.

  20. Can’t wait!!! 🙂

  21. EASILY my favorite series out there right now.

  22. this is my love/hate book right now. Not a fan if the art and I really hate Damien but I want to know what happens so here’s my money dc.

  23. Can’t wait for this.  It will undoubtibly kick ass

  24. Really excited for this. I have a love hate relationship with Tan’s art. I loved it on Spawn, Rise/Fall of the Shiar Empire and FC Revelations, but thought it was lacking on GL: Agent Orange. So we shall see.

    @flapjaxx I understand that, but honestly I’m tired of dark Batman. He’s had twenty years. Plus, Morrison is admittedly a fan of a slightly lighter Batman. I think Morrison’s lighter take will pose an interesting counterpoint to Tan’s darker lines.

  25. I not a fan of Phillip Tan but I can see a definite relationship between his work and 1980’s British comics. I don’t think Tan’s going for straight out clean superhero art but more of an expressionist, story appropriate style. I could see Tan’s art fitting a whack out Alan Moore story one day.

    However, I really, really don’t understand the decision to follow Quitely with Phillip Tan. Tonally they are nothing a like. I don’t see Tan’s art fitting the David Lynch/1960’s Batman TV show sensibility that Morrison is going for.

  26. Its a shame Tony Daniel wants to be a writer, he was great with Morrison

  27. Maybe Morrison will allow Tan to grow. Frazier Irving is going to surprise people, I think. 

    But we can keep the talk to this issue? I’m pretty excited. 

  28. Anyone know who will ink/color the Tan issues?

  29. Has it only been a month? I feel like this has been a LONG time coming, but maybe it’s just because the first two were so good and I’m impatient.

  30. @hailscott

    It’s been almost 2 months. 

  31. This? Kevin Smith Batman, Sirens, and Detective?!  YES!!

  32. Yay! The best comic of the year is out again! Boo that this is Quitely’s final issue before a hitaus from him.

    I am not looking forward to Phillip Tan at all. But let’s not look at the negatives! Think positive for this issue!

  33. Well, looks like I was the only one who liked Tan’s work on FC Revelations. Anyways, so looking forward to issue three!

  34. Avatar photo Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    If I had to pick an ideal fill-in artist for this series, it’d probably be Doug Mahnke. But ideally, Quitely for the whole run. 🙂

  35.   the Circus of Strange is creepy as hell and a mysterious red-hooded vigilante is somthing to look foward to. Also, the origin of Scarlet!  WOW what an awesome issue this will be, P.O.W. for me.

  36. I’m so sad this is ending. How many months will I have to wait for Quitely’s return? Cause I fucking don’t care for Batman or Robin. I only care for the art.

    If I had to choose a perfect fill-in artist it would be Cameron Stewart. I think Cameron would’ve been my first choise to do the whole run. I love him. 

  37. @rockingeek

    A Morrison/Stewart Batman series would probably make my head explode. With awesomeness.

  38. I appreciate the cover, but I don’t really like it much

  39. how long is morrison on this? does anyone know?

  40. @philipgraves068-So far there has only been talk about 12 issues of this.  Beyond that is anybody’s guess.

  41. I kinda hope that it is some sort of maxi-series.  Just the story of how Damien became a bearable character.  Then, in a few months, another maxi-series takes its place.

  42. I’m dropping this on Quietly’s departure and will return with Irving. I’ll keep up with the story through the podcast, thumb through the Tan issues in store and if it’s worth I’ll pick up his back issues. This was a difficult decision, but I just can’t bring myself to spend money on art I really don’t dig (espcially when there are so many better artists whos books I’m not buying). 

  43. Where the hell has Frazier Irving been? Shouldn’t he be working Gutsville?

  44. There was a post about that on Bleeding Cool – apparently it’s "on his List" after work that actually pays, according to Gutsville’s writer.

  45. @JesseG: Irving was actually working on the Azrael mini a few months back. What he’s gonna do now I don’t know.

    Having him on this title though is great news for me. Cause that Azrael mini was gorgeous all the way through!

  46. I don’t care if they have a toddler scribble the lines, I’m buying Morrison on Batman period.  He’s the whole reason I started reading comics again…

  47. Yay! This book hasn’t been anything but excellent thus far.

    It’s sad to see Quitely go, and I don’t think it was the best choice to immediately follow him with Tan, but I think the writing and creativity of this series will carry it through.

  48. Already up to 908 pulls!  Has it beaten the record for most pulls for a book on the iFanboy Comics List yet?

  49. This has been amazing thus far, but RIP still sucked!!! I think I’m gone when Quitely leaves though.

  50. @DavidB: Yep, #2 is the highest pulled book of all time.

  51. @conor

    Actually Blackest Night #1 is.

  52. You’re right, it pulled ahead by 25.

  53. @PaulMontgomery: How about Etahn Van Sciver as a fill in artist.  He said he would like to try and do monthlys.  i think one 3-4 arc in B & R would be awesome.

    @TNC: I didn’t like Irving’s art in the Azarel mini.  In fact that’s why I dropped it. 

    @PraxJarvin: I agree Tan’s art fluctuates, his FC Revelations was great but the GL stuff not so much. Maybe it has to do a little with the colorist?

    Either way unless the art is absolute shit then I probably continue to pick this up for the writing.  This is the best Morrison stuff since All-Star Supes!

  54. I think that the inker is what truly makes Tan either good or bad… which is a sad fact.

  55. ‘BANG’ sound effect-Awesome!  So was the rest of the art.

    The Alfred page was also very good, again.  

    Scold loudly, then praise faintly.  Dick learned important lessons from Bruce.

    This creative team just brings out the best in each other.

  56. WOW. I love how Morrison tied the end of this back to the end of R.I.P. WOW.

  57. Morrison is stepping up his game now…….heh!

  58. Damian may be my favorite character in comics.  This was awesome.

  59. Really good book. The whole story was good in this arc and the art was amazing, I’m gonna continue to buy the title unless Tan’s art becomes unbearable

  60. @Jim – I really enjoyed him in this issue.  He made mistakes (that will haunt him) while showing promise. The two page spread that culminates with his broken bonds is one of the coolest things I have ever seen in my entire life.  I’m on this book until Morrison isn’t.

  61. perfect.

  62. Yet another amazing issue.

    I don’t wanna hear Quitely is gone for now. As of today, I want to marvel in the funny and bizarre world of this comic.

  63. I was incredibly disturbed with the panel of Pyg dropping his ass to the ground during his dance.  Fucked.  Up.

    Oh, and it’s my POTW.  This and Detective were both great. 

  64. Also can we have this particular ‘Batman and Robin’ logo (including font and color) as the permanent logo? Love that.

  65. Am I the only one who thought that this felt a little quick to the end?  I get the idea that Quitely is leaving and the arc has to end.  But I thought there would be more of the battle that Dick has taking the mantle of Batman.  That is what drew me in to this book in issues one and two.  In this issue we have him basically dropping off his card to Comissoner Gorden.  Just felt a little fast for me for us to get to this point.

  66. Great issue. My POW. I’m starting to warm up to Damian, now that he’s seems to be warming up to not being a little fucker.

  67. Ugh…. I think I picked up a new phobia after this issue. =

  68. @forestjwp – I understand that it felt a bit fast, but I think Dick’s interaction with Alfred (in issue #2) gave him the confidence/tacit approval that he needed to really let loose in this issue.  He IS Batman now.  I think this arc was about him coming to terms with the situation and setting the stage for Damian’s transformation into something even more interesting.  

  69. @stuclach – So was that foreshadowing when Damian says that it is Robin and Batman, we are looking at a series where it will the development of a young boy into a full fledged hero. 

    My wonder is will Dick handle the situation like Bruce did with him, which eventually leads him to Nightwing or will he change how he handled it and allow him room to grow? 

  70. @forestjwp – I don’t have any inside info or anything, but that is where the series feels like it is headed.  I think Dick will treat Damian completely differently from how Bruce treated him.  That could have some negative consequences, as well.  We saw how violent Damian could be in Batman #666.

  71. Is Porter permanantly unavailable for comics? He’d be great to fill in for Quietly… and he also works well w/ Morisson.

  72. I really liked this issue. One of the main highlights was Damian. I was not fond of the character before, but this arc has made him more interesting and well rounded. "You redined the word Wrong" was awesome.

    The title Batman and Robin definatly suits the book, both leds shined brightly this issue as Dick finally declares "I’m Batman"

  73. @stuclach – I didn’t think you did just wanted your thoughts on it as you seem to be a little more versed then me in the Batverse. 

  74. @ivithebatmanivi: Howard Porter is drawing the MAGOG book that is coming out.

  75. Any chance Damien gets his own Robin book? I think that could be pretty interesting.

  76. Doh, my LCS didn’t get any in (despite having already paid Diamond).  No Podcast for me this week.

  77. @kortum22: That would be a great idea. Maybe when/if this title ends we see a Damien book. It would be 100x better then the crap Yost is giving us with useless Red Robin.

  78. @TNC id love to see a Damien book the way he’s been develped by Morrison, and I haven’t thought Red Robin is that bad, I think it’s gonna be a big part in bringing Bruce back, but I have no idea since I’m newer to comics, but it seems to be the basis of the book Tim looking for Bruce.

  79. @forestjwp – Thank for your interest. I believe the Robin and Batman line was likely a bit of foreshadowing and I am really looking forward to what it implies.

  80. This issue was awesome, but I felt a little disconnected to it. Flash and Green Lantern connected to my inner-continuity nerd. This was pure awesome, though. 5/5 I really dig the hood on Damien’s costume too. It looks awesome in the splash page with La Bossu. Good stuff. This jam packed week kept it from being my POTW.

  81. Yost does a good Tim Drake, but the long-form story seems to be really slowing the book down. I’d give the book one moreissue before I drop it (or I’ll drop it if it becomes a monetary issue). Oddly enough, I’m willing to tolerate Red Robin than Bagley on Batman.

    Damien getting his own book would be interesting… though I’d like to keep it with Morrisson fleshing out Damien a bit more.

  82. Hey so at the very high risk of being mocked horribly… I’d just like to ask why people like Quitely’s work so much? I’m by no means an art major or anything like that but everyone says it’s just so detailed. that may be true but i guess the lines are just so messy. Almost every panel i have to study it to figure out what’s exactly is going on. I find that i’m squinting to try to figure out what happening. Now the writing i think is great and I do love this book, but i think i’m the only one who’s looking forward to him getting off this book for a while.

  83. @chadbowen248 – No one should ever be mocked for asking a question.  Personally (as is often the case with art), I like Quitely’s work in this book for two key reasons:

    1) You mentioned that "the lines are just so messy".  I like that.  When I look down at my clothing, I see that it is wrinkled.  When I look at my face in the mirror, I see that it has blemishes (while still being strikingly handsome).  In other words, I percieve reality as a pretty messy place, lacking in straight lines and smooth skin.  When I imagine the world a vigilante would experience, it looks even messier.  Quitely’s art (again, in my opinion) captures that messiness.  Clothing looks like it is being worn rather than looking like colored skin.  The world’s inhabitants look like they have lived a rough life rather than looking like their skin is made of plastic.  His art makes me believe in the world just a little bit more than I do in many other books.

    2) The second reason I like Quitely’s work in this book, is that I feel it perfectly matches Morrison’s madness.  Morrison writes ridiculous things in such a way as to make me want to believe they are happening.  Quitely’s work seems to make the ridiculous things fit perfectly with the less ridiculous aspects.  Pyg is doing a crazy dance, but when he dances his clothing moves in a realistic fashion.  When Damian smashes a saw or drill into an unsuspecting foe’s face, the foe’s body reacts just as I think it should.  When they work together, they make the ridiculous seem believable.  It becomes immersive.

    Wow.  I claim to hate rambling and gushing.  I’m such a hypocrite. 

  84. The people in Quitely’s art look like they have weight, like stuclach said, makes the world seem a tad bit real.

  85. @valo: I like it and I think it a nostalgic art style.  The charcters look an little more meaty and it feels old timey.  His style makes me want to believe that his work takes place in the 50’s. It unlike anything else.

  86. @Stuchlach I do it all the time, Stu? Are you trying to same something… 🙂

    I love Quitely’s art because it’s unique but iconic. His Superman and Batman look like the figures we expect them to be with a grace and texture all Quitely’s own. Damien’s new costume looked a little dull in the initial drawings I saw of it. Quitely makes it come alive. It’s weird, I know. I’ve been a big Quitely fan since New X-Men. His Wolverine looked nasty, but ruggedly handsome. As well, Quitely is a true artist. Not only does he do excellent figure work, but the designs of his pages are purposive and artistic. A lot like JH Williams. His tying the sound effects into the art, and his out-of-this-world designs (Best example? New X-Men’s "Silence: Psychic Rescue in Progress."). I can definitely understand that liking it or finding what’s exciting about it. But on a purely academic level, Quitely is doing work that really plays with the medium.

  87. I didn’t understand some of the stuff they was talking about towards the end.  What killed the frog?  What was he talking about when he was talking about dominoes?  What was pig talking about when he was talking about people looking in the mirror?  Did the girl’s dad die?

  88. Except for the faces he draws, I love Quitely’s art because it’s different. It’s like no other artist around so when you see his style on paper you know it’s him. That and he’s great at drawing the surreal, so basically it’s a match made in heaven for Morrison.

    But the faces for this comic are pretty damn good and not usually ‘fugly’. So maybe he’s finally conquered his face problem.

  89. My second go around with this issue… loved that juxtaposed, quiet scene w/ Alfred on Wayne tower. Reminds the reader of what was, as Alfred closes the window, and essentially closes this arc, and perhaps closes an era to begin a new one.


    Very nice touch. 

  90. @robbydzwonar – Let me see if I can answer your questions in order:
    -The implication is that one of the members of this villianous group killed Frog?
    -Pyg had a domino and Mr. Frog had a domino.  It appears the members of this criminal organization carry dominoes for some reason. (I assume the whys and hows will be revealed as the series continues.)
    -I think the mirror comment means that if you don’t stay vigilant, always self examining, then someone like him will invade your little world.
    -Either her dad died or he was "modified" into one of the dolls.  I got the impression he was simply modified.

    These answers are simply my interpretation of what happened and may well be proven wrong in the long run. 

  91. i really do love the cover artwork on this issue, not to mention the psycahdelic coloring.

  92. Damien as Robin really makes this book for me.


    And is it wrong of me to really hope that the Red Hood is still Jason Todd.

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