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Batman’s fears about Robin’s tendency to dish out more pain than necessary are growing!

And who is the man named NoBody, visiting Gotham City to say hello to his old friend Bruce Wayne and find out where he went wrong in his battle against crime.

Written by PETER J. TOMASI

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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. This was a huge surprise. I’m loving the whole Tomasi, Gleason and Gray Team.

  2. big fan of this creative team the first issue was great

  3. Really liked the first issue, I have no doubt this will be just as excellent.

    Is it just me? Or does the batmobile kinda looks like a big there? Or more like Cerebus actually…

  4. Batman and Robin and Cerebus.

  5. Looking forward to this. I hope they develop Damian to something more than just a little asshole.

  6. This is one of the very few New 52 books I’m not sold completely off of or on to and am waiting to see how the first arc plays out. Almost went to a month delay on the book to save the extra buck, but I really liked the villain and the art and want to see a lot more of both.

  7. are you guys for real? Tomasi writes a boring, maudlin and verbose Batman. I don’t know what issue you read last month

  8. I dunno how I feel about Bruce and Damian together. The dynamic between Dick and Damian was fantastic and Damian developed into a sarcastic asshole that actually had a heart (hidden somewhere under his egotism of course). Does this mean we have to start over as a douche again just because it’s Bruce? Or is it Bruce that needs to lighten up? Oh Christmas crackers, it seriously just dawned on me that this is going to be a book about 2 Bruce Wayne’s with differing shades of broodiness.

    • Bruce needs to lighten up … Damian has earned his stripes … that is why I’m on the fence about this book. Not sure I’m interested in reading six issues of trite Bruce-lectures-Damian-and-Damian-rebels B.S. to get to the good stuff … It is still on my pull list … for now …

  9. Good first issue I enjoyed it, not sure what really happened at the end so gonna read issue #1 again before reading #2 tomorrow. Damian is a pain in the ass for Bruce and was for Dick so I think it kind of leaves off where that was before the reboot. I have notice in all of the books with Bruce in it since Flashpoint he has become a little lighter and kinda of a push over?? Something does not seem right in the world of DC in this reboot; anyone else picking up the vibe? Does anyone have any clues to this mystery lady poping up all over?? I still think this reboot is a big plot and until Booster, Batman, and Flash figure it out or we will be stuck in this reality until it stops getting so much attention and the sales start to drop off. They will then figure it out get us back to our old regular schedule program and only keep those titles that worked and that will be that, a giant test project??
    Ok maybe I am way off but I would not put it past DC…..very sneaky……??? lol

    Just sayin’,


  10. I thought #1 was terrible. I can’t stand Robin, and the whole thing with Batman wanting to celebrate his parents’ lives felt so contrived. I’m pretty sure the best thing about this issue will be Cerebus.

    @Flash932 – are you a troll? cos the way you write “Just sayin’, K” after every post is doing my head in.

  11. I wasn’t looking for a fight and I didn’t attack you. I asked you a question and then told you that your “Just sayin’, K” is annoying. I wasn’t sure if you were deliberately being annoying or not, which is why I asked if you were trolling with it. Keep your knickers on.


  12. Did this ship? My store did not get it.

  13. Wow that Damian bat scene felt wayyyyyyy out of character. It was more akin to some we would’ve seen back when Damian was first introduced but the character evolved beyond that simple bratty, violent character throughout Morrison Batman & Robin run. That one scene alone has me thinking of dropping this book, I don’t like where Tomasi is taking this character

    • Agreed. I’m dropping. I can’t stand Damian like this so I guess it’s just not for me.

    • Well I think having Tim yanked out of his life and being stuck with his father has caused Damian to regress back to how he was before… this is kind of a reboot so it’s not really that far fetched….I’m assuming they will get him back to where he was before soon…if not then I will be a little dissapointed.

    • wtf…I obviously meant Dick, not Tim

    • I agree with you, the reason Damian had calmed down in the previous series was the influence of Dick, without him there Damian is regressing back to what he used to be. Plus he does not know his father so he is back to being guarded and distant.

    • It was very much IN character. This is the side of Damian we’ve alwaysknown was there and have never seen. LOVED this issue … especially the wordless spread in the middle of the book …

  14. This was fun. Just good enough to stay on my list at least through this first arc. 4/5

  15. I picked up this book and loved it. This issue was better than the first. I’m definitely looking forward to the evolution of this title. Tomasi is doing a decent at writing and Gleason killing the art. The heavier inks by Gray gives the read a fun vibe. I’m glad I picked up this book!

  16. Morgan is so evil. How dare he give those kids candy.

  17. I loved this, and it was my POTW.

    Tomasi going for the father/son dynamic directly for this run is a good thing. Both have no idea how to interact with one another and Damian seemingly being the teenage loner (or young loner anyways) is a good idea. Gleason definitely keeps this idea going with drawing some pretty good panels of Bruce and Damian looking uncertain or depressed. But then you see a wonderful page of Batman and Robin raiding a truck and you get sucked into the action.

    This book might not be Snyder’s ‘Batman’ by any means, but it’s a pretty damn good comic in its own right.

    5/5 (POTW)

  18. I’m still not loving this title under Tomasi, but I will say #2 was better than #1. Actually, I re-read #2 and realized that except for the ending being too subtle, this issue would have made a much better #1 than #1 did; #2 explained the Bruce/Damian m.o. better and had more interesting character beats.

    Though I still don’t agree with Alfred’s worn-out edict that “Batman will [always] need a Robin.” I have always found Batman to be way more effective, interesting, and flatout cool when he’s on his own. He does not need a wise-cracking teenager to keep him from going full-tilt psycho. He does not need to dangle a child in front of his villains before defeating them in a quasi-attempt to avenge his own parents’ murder. These are just noble excuses writers and readers (including myself, I admit) have come up with to justify their own nostalgia for keeping a “Robin” figure around.

  19. While I do respect and appreciate everyones opinions, I really like this book. I guess maybe because I wasn’t into the Dick/Damian Batman as much as the rest of you were, that I feel this way. Anyway, it’s great to be a part of a group of people who can congregate and share thoughts and ideas without arguments or flaming one another!

  20. When I heard about the change in this title after Flashpoint, I thought this father-son dynamic was going to take a really great book down. I’m glad to be proven wrong, so far. I believe Bruce’s since of responsibility to “correct” Damian’s behavior is interesting. It should add a unique wrinkle to the mix.

  21. I bet in the far future Damian will become a villian…or something resembling what Jason Todd is.

    • Well, the implied future for Damian is seen in *Kingdom Come* and *The Kingdom,* as he is then known as Ibn al Xu’ffasch (“Son of the Bat”) and his allegiances are indeed dubious.

    • grant morrison also wrote a single issue set in the future where damian was still batman and a ‘hero” but used extremely violent methods

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