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• You dare not miss this issue!

• It’s the BATMAN AND ROBIN story of the year!

Story by Peter J. Tomasi
Art by Patrick Gleason & Mick Gray
Colors by John Kalisz
Letters by Taylor Esposito
Cover by Patrick Gleason, Mick Gray, & John Kalisz

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 4.7
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  1. So is this cancelled now?

    • Nope. It is turning into Batman and Nightwing, Batman and Batgirl, Batman and Red Robin, and so on depending on who he is teaming up with. At least for a few months.

  2. I’d like to see Peter Tomasi punch Grant Morrison in the face for screwing up his book (or at least send him an angry email).

    • Well considering Grant Morrison started this book and made Damian matter, he wouldn’t want to.

      BTW, violence is not the answer, never has been.

    • Also, Snyder, Morrison, Tomasi and Simone have all said they knew Damian was being killed since before the relaunch. Tomasi wrote this all knowing he’d be right here, right now. Maybe you should be mad at Tomasi for making you care so much.

  3. IMHO Batman Inc should have been a stand alone series not in the new 52 universe.

    I think not having Damien in the series (at least until they Red Hood him back to life) is going to hurt sales.

    I only bought this series because I loved the interactions between Bruce and Damien and watching Damien grow. I’m out until they bring him back.

    Its a sad state, comics these days, I truly believe we wont see runs of series reaching over 100 anymore before some higher up panics and makes major changes or relaunches the book with a new number or title.

    Also Tomasi has every right to be mad. This was probably the greatest work of his career and just because Morrison decides to kill off a character it will affect the plans and visions Tomasi had for this title.

    Again, not too sound like too big a Morrison hater, I believe this was a weak attempt on his part to try and make himself relevant again, which he hasn’t been in a long wile.

    • Agreed. Damien was a great Robin. Personally, I didn’t want him to “grow up”. I wanted him to stay 10 years old for years and years. That’s the beauty of Comic books. Time DOESN’T have to move at OUR pace. Writers want characters to grow old like THEY do. It’s selfish. It’s……what’s the word…hubris? It’s a way of making YOURSELF more important than the character. Like saying, “Hey, I have to get old, why shouldn’t they?” Because, you self absorbed idiot, they’re a fictional character.
      Everyone who says, ‘A character needs to grow…etc.” is full of it. Spider-Man is a boy who receives super powers and juggles High School and being a super hero. Not some guy working for a company in NYC. They RUIN these books by putting their own mortality into them. Selfish. Arrogant. Short-sighted.

    • I’m in about 95% agreement with you, TheRealVenom. I especially agree with your first sentence.

  4. Well this is probably going to be a pain for my LCS owner to keep track of this series with a new title every month…

    Also this might be a bit jarring considering we just had an issue of everyone dreaming about their mortality with the ‘Death of the Family’ epilogue.

  5. Wow this is the batman and robin story of the year!! Too bad robin is fucking dead

  6. Nice cover by Gleason & Gray!

  7. I was very sad to see what happened to Damian in Batman Inc. But…..I think this title will still be fun doing the team up thing for a while. And eventually we’ll have Harper Row on this title with Bruce when she becomes Robin, that should be interesting. 😉

  8. This had me fighting back tears. No jokes. No lies.

    Heartbreaking. Gut-Wrenching and so very, very sad.

    The only thing better than a great comics scribe is a great comics scribe who has complete faith in a great artist.


  9. I love it when a silent issue is done effectively. This was wonderful and the when words were finally used the were devastating. I don’t want to see Bruce and family wallow for months and months but this was cathartic and necessary. I am sure Damian will be back one day, but for now I miss the little guy.

    Looking forward to the end of Batman Inc. so I can read it all over again.

    • And the Chris Burnham interview made me go on amazon and pick up GL: Willworld. Anybody here read it?

    • Willworld is great. It was reprinted in one of those DC Universe Presents floppies about 18 months ago. If you love Burnham, Quietly and Pitarra you’ll definitely be happy with your purchase.

    • Love all of those guys, looking forward to checking it out! The Google images I found on the book look delightfully weird. It’s always nice to see DC give creators room to flex their imagination on some of the flagship characters.

    • Not yet, but I’m gonna get it. Same reasons as you.

  10. C.K was Clark Kent, right?

  11. Crap…….. knew I should have picked this up.

  12. I almost passed on this, so glad I didn’t. This was fantastic. My POTW easily.

  13. Tomasi rounded Damian into a more complete character than even Grant Morrison had. It’s really disappointing me that Morrison decided to kill him. I think it’s a huge mistake.

  14. Pick of the year so far. Maybe I’m too sentimental but this was far from your average weekly pick up. Gleason should have all of the panels listed this week. Visuals were stunning. Just a brilliant issue. The silence was louder than any dialogue could ever hope to be. Heartbreaking as a father.

  15. This was a beautiful comic on every level. Absolutely heartbreaking too.

  16. PotW.

    Probably Pick of the Month, too, once all this month’s books are out.

    Tomasi rocks..

  17. Snyder usually gets more props but man, this book was awesome. Good job by Tomasi and Gleason.

  18. I liked it… I’m not totally getting the fuss, though.
    I thought that Hickman did the silent post-death issue better in Fantastic Four.
    Don’t get me wrong, it was a good issue, but people are saying “Pick of the Year so far”?

    • Funny that you mention Hickmans FF. I went back and read that right after I finished this. While I loved the rooftop Hulk, Thing, Thor thing, I think the silence in that issue did not add that much to that particular issue (aside from the battle on the roof). Marvel also felt they had to add to break the silence by backing it up with Spidey and Franklin talking about uncles and feelings. I still love that issue, both parts, but this story by Tomasi and Gleason is something very special. We don’t get to enjoy these types of issues as often as we would like, and it is always bitter sweet when we do.

    • Oh and I said pick of the year “so far.” There’s a lot of 2013 left. I can’t think of a better issue of anything that I have read in the past 2 1/2 months.

    • Fair enough, different strokes and all that. I liked it too, even if it was a little less than you. 🙂

  19. Talking about painting a sad picture. This was amazing in every way possible.

  20. Man I love it when a silent issue is done right.

    Just a wonderful issue from start to finish. Unlike Batman #18, Peter Tomasi did a great job of having Bruce wallow in losing Damian but not making it too overt. Having him see Damian while crimefighting and also beating the crap out of people was a nice balance for the issue. But that final sequence of him just going nuts after reading Damian’s letter and hugging his uniform sealed the deal for me.

    This was also pretty much Tomasi saying to Patrick Gleason to ‘Go Nuts’ with the art. Just a gorgeous issue and there are so many great double page spreads, half-spreads, and full pages here. It is amazing how Gleason continues to not only improve but astound us every single month.

    I was torn on whether this or Wolverine #1 was going to be my Pick. But re-reading this issue made it very difficult to not give this a nod. Not sure if it is the best single issue of the year so far….it will be in my top five though that’s for sure.

    5/5 (POTW)

  21. Fantastic issue

    Gleason took this opportunity and just ran with it. I hope he feels proud of this work because it is outstanding – as emotionally resonant as any comic book art I’ve seen.

  22. I had dropped this months ago but when I saw the communities reaction to this I checked it out. I’m so happy I did. This was an amazing single issue. Thanks everybody for putting me onto this one. Also I read this a second time while listening the song “Wiseman” by Frank Ocean and it made the comic that much better. If that’s your thing I can’t recommend it enough.

  23. This is my POTW – I was ok until the letter then started crying. Very effective and well done

  24. Wow! This might be the most powerful single issue I have read in the last 2 years. Amazing. I loved it.

  25. A lot of positive feedback, looks like I’m going to have to pick this up as well.

  26. The letter panel had better be a panel of the week. Hell, half this issue should be panel of the week.

  27. Absolutely heart breaking.

    that letter… brought a quiver to my lip.

  28. Loved it

  29. Wow. This one hit hard.

  30. I normally do not pull this, but I’m so glad I picked up the annual and now this. Yes, its another silent issue gimmick, but its clearly the best one I have ever read in my life.

  31. This book is why I’m so disappointed with Damian death. I think this book has been the most underrated Bat book. Tomasi, Gleason and Grey nailed it. This book was very visceral on all the human points we’d expect from The Batman.

  32. What happens going forward, this issue was beautiful.

  33. A first class issue all around. This is where Damian’s death really got to me. I’ve always liked him, but for whatever reason his actual death in Batman Inc. did not affect me in way that the aftermath did here. I loved how Damian would appear for a moment in Bruce’s memory only to be replaced by empty space. The unfinished portrait was moving too (hopefully as Bruce comes to terms, we’ll see it find a place in the Manor or Cave). Also, the small touches in the notebook, like crossing out “The Dog” and “Dog” until he settled on Titus. Speaking of Titus, it was affecting to see him as well. I wonder what kind of place he’ll find in Bruce’s life now, or if he’ll be shoved aside, too strong a memory of the departed. Oh and yes, the letter was the most moving bit of all . . .

    I am skeptical of where this title goes now (part of me says just send it into hiatus for now), regardless the whole team has found a fitting ending (especially when paired with the annual) for Damian’s run in it.

    Easily, Pick of the Week . . .

  34. This was the best comic I’ve read this year. My POTW, hands down. Jesus, this hurt to read. Maybe it’s because I’m a father. The art was magnificent as well. Tomasi deserves more accolades than he gets.

  35. Wow, this was really good. I was pretty choked up during the whole thing. The only Requiem issue that hit me harder was Nightwing #18 when Grayson put the Xbox game next to Damian’s gravesite.

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