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• DAMIAN makes good on his decision to defeat each ROBIN, and in a brilliant show of arrogance, starts with RED HOOD!

• The army of BATFREAKS is dead set on avenging their plight starts with the people of Gotham City!

Written by Peter J. Tomasi
Art by Patrick Gleason & Mick Gray
Cover by Patrick Gleason & Mick Gray

Price: $2.99
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Avg Rating: 3.8
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  1. Last issue was so goddamn good. Seriously, this would be the best Batman book on the stands if Snyder and Capullo never existed. Can’t wait to see more of Gleason’s art.

    • Agreed.

    • Double agreed. Last issue had me grinning ear to ear. Great set up. The whole tone of this series has been spot on

    • are you people reading dark knight ? after the scarecrow issue this book has a lot of catching up to do to even make it in the top 3 bat books dont get me wrong this book is good and ive followed it since issue 1 but with new writter on dark knight , scott on batman and grant on corp its dropping down the pecking order fast….

  2. It’s still early but this looks like it has fallen down a bit on the pull lists. I don’t get why it was ever up in the first place.

    Hey, anyone know what happened to Green Lantern?

  3. I always enjoy reading Tomasi. Can’t seem to understand why people aren’t talking about this as much, damn

  4. I might get crap from the iFanbase and the Scott Snyder fan club army (which I’m a proud member btw!) but I still think Batman and Robin is ten times better than the main Batman title.

  5. Great book, but that cover, GAKK

    Here’s an exercise. I failed but best of luck to all willing to try.

    1) place the front cover to issue #11 of Batman adjacent to the front cover of Batman and Robin#11.

    2) Avoid vomiting.

  6. Did anyone else instantly think The Dark Knight when those buildings were on fire?

  7. Good issue. I especially liked the panel where Damian drives off with his trophy.

  8. I wish Damian would be on a team or get his own solo series, because he is a great character and I can’t stop reading stuff with him in it. He is one of my favorite character.

    • Yeah, Damian needs to get his own book. Batman and Robin is the only book I get that my Wife reads. And she only reads the parts that Damian is in.

  9. i like that robin and red hood are doing the bat therapy thing, this could work as a spy vs spy thing with its own ongoing run at the end of the book, different artists each time. they both have unlimited resources and time so what to do on their free time than to one up each other. good stuff.

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