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Broken and beaten, Bruce Wayne has retreated from Gotham City – the city of Owls – to Wayne Manor. But no place is safe, because the Court is about to strike at the heart of city, and nothing will ever be the same.

Be there for the start of the battle for Gotham City’s soul…and the prelude to “The Night of the Owls.”

And in the first chapter of a new backup story, learn the secret history of The Court of Owls – as well as the secrets of Gotham City and the Wayne family!

Written by Scott Snyder & James T Tynion IV
Pencilled by Greg Capullo & Rafael Albuquerque
Inked by Jonathan Glapion & Rafael Albuquerque
Lettered by Comicraft
Colored by FCO Plascencia & Nathan Fairbairn
Cover by Greg Capullo & FCO Plascencia

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 62.1%


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Avg Rating: 4.7
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  1. 3.99?

    • The price is raised because there will be a backup story in every issue starting with this one.

    • Yeah, with Rafael Albuquerque art! Excited! 🙂

    • An extra dollar for Rafael Albuquerque. Done.

      That I have no problem with.

    • I suppose you can look at the price increase two ways, 1) Thanks to Marvel, DC going to $3.99 looks reasonable because of the added value of more pages or 2)…the cynic in me sees this as ‘price creep’ and we can look forward to future books having this as a starting price.

      Either way, I look forward to Tynion/Albuquerque’s take on Batman!

    • @Kmanifesto: I think it’s all about recognizing that $2.99 for 20 story pages is THE PRICE POINT nowadays. The double sized Sagas and America’s Got Powers are super cool, but not representative of the way things are. Therefore, I think $3.99 is reasonable for 28 story pages (it’s actually kind of a deal based the price per page).

      I’m okay with 20 pages for $2.99, and I don’t mind $3.50 for 20-ish pages when it’s a creator owned title. It’s those Marvel books that are $3.99 for 20 pages that really bug the crap out of me.

      I can’t determine the value of it just yet, but Marvel is beginning to offer those free digital codes with a lot of their $3.99 for 20 pages books, so they’re at least making an attempt to add some value back into the price of the book while simultaneously introducing people to the digital market. But whatever it means for their bottom line, DC has been very good about sticking to the “$2.99 for 20 pages, more money for more pages” pricing strategy.

    • I feel really dumb for asking, but how do you know how many pages each comic is? Do you count the pages?

    • As long as it’s a comic I enjoy and is consistently quality month to month, I don’t mind paying $3.99. Is it a bummer that comics are getting more expensive? Definitely. But that’s the way of the world, time passes and things cost more. I remember when video games jumped from $50 to $60 during the last generation of systems. People were freaking out. New video games were $50 for a long time. Maybe close to 10 years. But in reality it costs more to make, promote, and distribute video games these days then it did in the 90’s, and its not reasonable to expect the manufacturer to absorb that cost. Its the same in comics. Their profit margin is going to remain their profit margin whether we like it or not. Its up to us as consumers to decide how to spend our dollars. The way I look at it, all comics costing $3.99 is probably not too far off so at least with Batman we’re getting some additional content as well.

    • God fucking damn it, after yesterday’s discussion on the podcast about marvel’s prices I was going to post about how I’ve been buying this specifically because it’s $2.99.

      I don’t want to spend an extra buck on something i have no interest in.

      Fucking comics, they can’t help but fuck things up for the consumer

    • @edward – You have no choice, you will LOVE the Court of Owls story line and you will pay more to love it. In fact, you will not only get the CoO story line, you will the CoO back story leading up to the CoO story line.

      Edward, just remember…Court of Owls…COURT OF OWLS!!!

    • @Kmanifesto Don’t be so sure. He’s a penny pincher and will not buy on the principal alone. He’s an Aussie with fierce conviction.

    • This is racism!! Bugger this, I’m having a barbie then going for a surf

    • don’t drink too much VB or red ned. you could have a serious wipe out.
      then you might be a couple snags short of a barbie.

    • Yup, I’ve never heard of Red Ned and I work as a Bar Man every now and then

    • i’ve heard/read it was slang for red wine. definitely not the first time i’ve been wrong.

    • I grew up in the Hunter Valley, a huge vineyard area like your Napa Valley. It’s definitely not slang for anything, anywhere

    • oh, ok. next time i’ll just say Ned Kelly Red wine.

    • Ha ha, still not a thing

    • you’re telling me that Ned Kelly Red isn’t made and bottled in australia? i’m not being argumentative, it’s just that they advertised as such.
      is Yellow Tail or Penfolds Grange not australian either?
      if not, some bottle labels have lied their asses off to get their fluids inside of me. i feel so used…

    • Yeah, mate, it’s not a slang word. You must have spoken to some red ned wine sales rep that said “oh, for sure, everyone in Australia calls red wine Red Ned. Now give your money”

    • no. read it on the internet. and not everyone. they were supposedly at a “barbie” and heard the term along with “snags” and said that there was in fact no shrimp at the bbq. said it wasn’t actually common.
      but it’s no biggie bro, i believe you. i really do. it’s your country.
      but since we’re way off topic let me just say…


    • I wonder if I just post another random non sequitur here Sitara119 would still need the last word?

    • awwwe, you DO think about me. 🙂

    • Awesome issue, Snyder and Capullo are born to work on Batman

    • When it comes down to it, a dollar more for work done by Scott Snyder and Rafael Albuquerque is always worth it. Especially since it’s Batman!

  2. Well damn. I hope the back-up is worth the extra buck. I would imagine with Albuquerque doing the art it will…just hope it continues to be worth that extra “Marvel” dollar.

  3. So let me get this straight.

    We get the incredible ongoing story AND a back up with Rafael Alburquerque?


  4. I am so excited.

    This is my favourite kind of event. I can chose my own involvement, if I only want to read Batman I can, or I can cherry pick which others I’m interested in. Well played DC.

    I have been loving the Court of Owls and this looks like it’s going to be the build up to the big finish in issue 11.

  5. The are on this issue is yet again jaw dropping! Mr. Snyder is killing it with this series and this is easily the book i look forward to the most! I saw in an interview with Scott that after this killer series, he has at least 2 more series that are just as good, Mr. Snyder is my hero!

  6. Great story! One of the books that I am most excited about every month.

  7. A truly great Batman comic…one of the titles that I eagerly look forward to each month. That being said, I hope that there isn’t another user review telling me that I’m enjoying this title wrong.

    • ?

    • Haha, well played. That was a funny comment but honestly it was very similar in tone and content to a similar comment I saw about a Grant Morrison book last month. Come on, we as comic fans need to hold ourselves to a higher standard and not laugh at similar comments. Am I right?

  8. As much as I hate to say it, after this issue Batman is off of my pull list. Crazy, I know. I’ll wait until the discounted HC trade and hope they are collected well with the backup story. The rent is too damn high. My copies of Saga will soak up my tears though.

  9. As much as I love Albequrque. . . wasn’t the whole “backup story for another buck” thing kind of a flop?

    • Yeah it was pretty guff to be honest. Also why does Alfred have hair in the backup… he’s been in print for 8 months of the new 52 but suddenly he’s got hair come the back up…

  10. I’d definitely pay an extra dollar for extra content. Good or bad, really. I happen to like his work.

  11. I have been looking forward to the start of this event for a while now. Even if it is an extra dollar, it is well worth it considering what we will be getting from the issue (and the following issues).

    Let’s be honest, we’ve been getting a good deal on each prior issue for $2.99 as it is. Even if Snyder’s Batman will be $3.99 from now on, I still think it’s worth it. Batman and AvX are the two best things going in comics right now.

  12. this is the first time i’m actually interested in a backup. As long as the stories are both really good then i’m down to see what they are going to do with it.

    The pricing is kind of a confusing logic…i mean they have to cut pages and backups to keep it at one pricepoint, but they can add creators and pages by adding an extra backup for a buck? the reasons tend to fall into a logic trap, especially since we’ve been down this road before, but i guess its all marketing.

  13. This is gonna be great! Can’t wait for “The Night of the Owls” to kick off

    AND Morrison’s Batman, Inc. is back next month too!

  14. This Batman comic is dope

  15. Instead of putting in back-ups, they should just give Albuquerque more books. He’s incredible.

    • Rafa is the best – and thx to everyone who picks it up – I know the price-point change is rough today, and decisions like that are way above our paygrade as writers or artists, but I promise we’ll try to make it worth your while. S

    • I don’t see how he could do another whole book. Guy’s kinda busy with AV right now, not to mention all the covers he’s been doing. I was a little surprised he could even manage a back-up feature.
      As for you Mr. Snyder, thank you for making incredible Batman comics and I can’t wait to see what comes next! I’m already excited for whatever comes after “The Night of the Owls” and it hasn’t even started yet. I’d pay $5 to read your Batman (but let’s not give your editors any ideas, yeah?).

    • Let me agree wholeheartedly with @buck2889. I love Batman and have since I was a little kid. Over the past four years I have picked it up off and one, either at the start of a new storyline or with a new creative team, and this is the first time I have stuck with it for more than 3 or 4 issues. Thank you for making one of my favorite comic characters interesting again.

  16. Are you guys seriously complaining about extra story with Rafael Albuquerque on art? For realz?!

    • We’re being forced to buy it so yes, it’s a complete legitimate complaint

    • I didn’t realize DC had a gun to your head…

    • @USPUNX – That’s right, USPUNX. Shut down and attack the free-thinkers. We can’t have them stirring up trouble. There is no reason a consumer should have a voice. If he speaks up again, allude to him as being an idiot.

    • I don’t know where that little outburst came from. I’m also not sure posting on ifanboy is really “stirring up trouble.” Do you think DC has heard your complaints posted here? If you want to make your voice hear then maybe you should CONTACT DC COMICS. What a novel idea. But the only way for a consumer to truly make their voice heard is to speak with their dollars. If you don’t like a price increase, even if it includes new content, then your only recourse to get a company’s attention is to stop buying their product. That is the point I was trying to make. Saying you’re “being forced to buy it” is ridiculous. You’re never forced to buy something. If you don’t think it is right to charge $3.99 for a comic then stop buying comics that cost $3.99. Pretty simple. If enough people agree with your point of view and also stop buying $3.99 comics maybe DC will get the message. I was in no way “shutting down or attacking” either you or Edward, or alluding to either of you “being idiots.” My comment might have been a little glib but it was not as insidious as you are trying to make it seem. I was expressing my opinion which YOU then attacked. Coming on a site like ifanboy and voicing your complaints might make you feel better and maybe start an interesting discussion but it is by no means “stirring up trouble.” I never once said or alluded that a consumer should not have a voice. In fact if you bothered to read my first comment near the top I said “It is up to us as consumers to decide how to spend out dollars.” You sure managed to pretend there was a lot more in my one sentence comment then there really was. Sorry if my making a joke somehow stomped on your Constitutional rights. My main point was if you are actually upset and want to change things then stop bitching and actually do something. Otherwise just buy the damn comic.

    • Next time, USPUNX, don’t try to quell the revolution.

    • I can’t help it. I’ve been more of an Empire man myself.

    • @USPUNX: I don’t get it. When should I voice a compliant about the Batman comic book other than a comic book discussion forum?

      And Snyder is on here every month so your point about no-one at DC seeing this is wrong

      And I should stop bitching and do something? Nah, I’m going to keep things in perspective,keep bitching then more on with my life. We’re not talking about Joseph Kony here

    • Actually most of my comments in that long post, including the stop bitching part, were directed at kmanifesto, not you. I was just joking around in regard to your post with the “gun to your head” comment, it wasn’t meant to start an argument. Also Snyder is on here a lot but as he said in this very forum, he has no control over price. When I said “some at DC” I meant someone that dictates the price point. Didn’t intend to offend you, sorry if I did.

    • You have to assume nobody on here has a sense of humour

    • Understood. I will adjust my posts accordingly.

      P.S. – You spelled HUMOR wrong.

    • no he didn’t. both spellings are correct. which one you use depends on what part of the world you’re in.
      other examples: favourite vs favorite. color vs colour.
      all correct.

    • @sitara119: (See two comments up about the sense of humor thing.)

    • @conor
      i am mildly retarded, so that might be why i’m not seeing what you’re pointing out. are you saying i read his comment too literally?

    • @sitara It’s a possibility.

  17. This just outpulled AvX by a little less than 300.

    I was bummed at first by the price point, but meh, it’s Batman, it’s Snyder, it’s Capullo, and now Albuquerque.

  18. 1$ for more Batman content, is this a joke!? I’d sell my virginity to a fat red-haired woman if I still had it for more Batman monthly fixes!

  19. Well so much for the “DRAW THE LINE AT 2.99”, I am sure the reason is more content however, it appears to not really matter to anyone right now. This title has been set up like crack, give you a little and you like it than charge you more and give you more. Wait; that is nothing like crack at all….BWAAAAH-HAHAHAHA-HAHAHAHA-HAHAHA-HAHA-HA!!!! Feeling a little sillier than usual today, it’s been crazy lately, anyway; I like these Court of Owl villians and their Talons. In the race for best new villians of the year!! Oh, I was just kidding about the $2.99 thing, I realize there is more content justifying the price increase. Can’t wait till tomorrow, this is going to be another fine week of comics.


  20. Just want to say thanks again to everyone for the kind words and to say sorry again about the price point raise. But I can promise you that I’ll do my best to give you something in the backup (and Rafa’s art if incredible on these first 4 backups) that eases the pain 🙂 Alright, back to Gotham. S

    • The price thing is what it is, but at this point it just makes sense to have a nice hardcover trade for a fraction of the issue price when all is said and done. I love the book and look forward to the new backup but when a HC sells for the price of 3-4 issues the model is slightly broken. I don’t expect you to have any answers and I know it isn’t your call, just keep knocking out great tales. (and your ending to Severed really bummed me out… I could have done with an actual ending and no supernatural stuff tacked on. But I ain’t mad at ‘cha)

    • You are most welcome!! No worries, the price I am sure will be well worth it.


    • Actually according to the DC website the first Court of Owls hardcover is $24.99 and includes issues 1-7 of Batman. At $2.99 an issue (lets round up to $3.00/issue) that’s $21.00. So the HC is actually MORE expensive than buying in issues. Unless I did my math wrong. Even supposing a $3.99 (round to $4.00) price point for the next seven issues, and assuming the price of the HC doesn’t increase as well, it would still only cost you $3.00 more to buy in issues so there really isn’t a difference. Where were you getting that an HC only costs the amount of 3-4 issues?

    • @USPUNX A little online bookshop called Amazon… I paid $11-12 for the Court of Owls HC and I’m sure the next one will be a similar pricepoint. 30-50% off is pretty standard there.

    • You keep writing awesome Batman, and I’ll keep buying awesome Batman.

    • No apologies necessary Scott. Just keep up the great work!

      I’m stoked for this event and for what you and Jeff have coming in Animal Man and Swamp Thing.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment on these boards too … very cool

  21. Oh okay. I’ve heard of Amazon, small little up and comer right?

    Anyway, I was talking more about my local comic shop. It’s pretty much cover price there and thats where I tend to buy pretty much all my comics and trades. But yeah, Amazon always has great deals.

    • 😉 I buy monthlies and other items at my LCS, but there is no way to justify paying full cover when I have Amazon Prime for trades/HCs. There are many other comic-centric sites for trades that are the same discount as Amazon, some even cheaper at times.

    • Really?! What sites!

      Even though they cost more I do my best to buy all my comics related stuff at my LCS. Over the past few years ALL (no exaggeration) the local book stores and record stores in my town have closed. And I live in a college town! So even though it costs more I always try to spend my dollars at a local place. That said, Amazon does occasionally woo me with a $50 Absolute edition marked down to half price…

    • thwipster, fearlessreaders, instocktrades, DCBS, etc. There are actually a lot of places.

  22. i’ll decide after i read it if it’s worth the extra dollar to me.
    it’s like 40% more content for an extra dollar. and it’s raphael.
    i think i’ll be ok with this. as long as the back-up kicks the tires and lights the fires.
    snyder hasn’t let me down yet. neither have capullo or raphael for that matter.
    keep the faith, fellas. we’re in good hands.

  23. I keep trying to think what would happen if I started buying comics now when the big titles are $4, as opposed to a few years ago when everything was $3. Mostly, I try to think if I would even care about that price point, and would just accept the fact that this is the price of milk. I certainly didn’t care that comics were $3 despite knowing that they were slightly cheaper not too long before I got into the game. It’s all about perspective.

    • Yup.

    • Okay…we get it. You guys don’t care how much comic books are. There is no reason to keep on about it ad nauseum. Either buy the book or don’t. This whole pricing topic has hit an iceberg.. Don’t be the last ones off the Titanic.

    • A topic doesn’t die just because you say so. Please take the blubbering elsewhere.

    • @comicBOOKchris – I’m working on a short story, do you mind looking it over for me? Thanks

      “… Kmanifesto, shivering and on the verge of death, struggles toward a passenger boat floating in the icy waters. Reaching out to a fragile hand, he is pulled up from the cold, frigid liquid of the north Atlantic Ocean and takes his place among the shocked faces. He catches his breath, but in an instant, it is taken away, as Kmanifesto looks back at the disappearing monolith of steel. His heart sinks and a sense of dread fills the hull of his heart as he hears the screamed prayers for help from the doomed passengers of the RMS Titantic. As a survivor he knows life will go on, but for the ill-fated voyagers, it was over.

    • Yeah, ok kid.

    • @kmanifesto: So if I understand you, you’re saying this discussion is like an iceberg. And like the iceberg that sunk the Titanic we’ve only seen the smallest part above the surface. So we should keep talking about this until we’ve uncovered the ENTIRE thing. Message received big guy. We’ll keep on talking about price points until we’ve finally uncovered that whole iceberg…just like you asked.

    • Tsk, tsk. (//shakes head)

      @USPUNX – Based on your misinterpretation of my Titanic/iceberg reference, it was probably best to have left this alone. This was just a friendly back-and-forth between comicBOOKchris and myself. It’s clear he understood the ‘short story’ and its meaning.

      I hate to be the one to tell you, but your reading of my pithy prose is misguided and only serves as an attempt to create a straw man argument to further your desire to lash out. My I suggest a good nights sleep and a language criticism course.

    • Haha wow. First of all my comment was meant as a joke. Your complete misunderstanding of my intent makes your previous comment rather irrelevant. Second, based on how you have conducted yourself in the entirety of this thread, the idea that you are capable of a “friendly back-and-forth” is laughable.

      My suggestion to you…a little less caffeine and a course in acquiring a sense of humor.

    • you misspelled humour. 🙂

    • Haha well played!!

  24. Don’t care this is the best Batman story i,’ve read in years….$3.99 = small price to pay

  25. I was surprised this wasn’t $3.99 the whole time. It’s easily the best DC title out right now and worth the extra dollar.

    On another note, can we get rid of “The New 52” bullshit already? We get it, let’s move on. I hate seeing that stupid “The New 52″ branded on the cover of my books. It’s like DC is keeping it there so that if they decide this isn’t working out they can just go back to the way things were. When is it not new anymore? If it lasts a few decades, do they start labeling it ” The Old 52″?

  26. Yeah the “New 52” brand should really be taken off by now, then again they ran with that awful new DC logo so I dont think they care.

    On topic: I dont mind the pricepoint, as long as its still an awesome comic im happy.

    • I don’t mind the logo, I think it’s quite good but they need to get rid of that black background. Its unnecessairy.

  27. Snyder, Capullo, Tynion & Albuquerque, guys, can I hug you, seriously this was fantastic!

    I almost wish Albuquerque could do two monthly books, because him on a Batman title would blow my mind. Imagine his Joker! Not to take away from Capullo whose action sequences were dynamic as hell.

    The writing team handled Bruce and Alfreds relationship perfectly, and gave each of them this quiet confidence in the face of overwhelming odds. Pick of the week, oh yes.

  28. So… I paid $1 more for a backup story that was just an advertisement showing there was a crossover? Awesome. Rating dropped.

    • Didn’t you think the art was great. I thought the 2nd chapter was as good as the first, and the crossover is structured so if only want to read Batman you can. This isn’t like others were you have to buy 20 odd books. Sorry you didnt like it, I thought it was fantastic!

    • The art in the backup was a style I did not like at all. I’m not complaining about the crossover just that ff I’m going to pay for a backup story, I want it to actually be a story, not just Bruce and Alfred standing around talking about the upcoming event while surrounded by bad guys who seem to have forgotten how to attack.

    • I agree that it wasn’t a traditional backup story, but I didn’t have a problem with it. I saw it as a continuation of the story I was already reading, and I love Albuquerque’s art, so I’m a happy camper.

    • i got the feeling and have a pretty confident suspicion that we’re going to tangent off a lot more in subsequent issues and make that backup more of its own thing.

  29. I must say I have been looking forward to this issue of the attach on Wayne Matter for a while. I just fished this issue and now I have a month to wait for the brawl across Gotham. Darn you Snyder and your ability to built such suspension that it has made Batman and Swamp Thing almost like an addiction!!!

    Five Stars in art, dialogue, writing, and for the following line:

    Talon: You know what we do to bats, Bruce? We eat them whole. Bones and all.
    Batman: Not in THIS CAVE you don’t.

  30. Another good issue. I didn’t have a problem with the price (hope it’s not a regular thing though) as it felt longer and the art was great. Anybody think Alfred looked a little off though, in the second half?

    • For the foreseeable future, this (and Action, Detective, All-Star Western and Justice League) will all feature a back-up and be $3.99. When it’s done like this book, where the extra pages build on the main feature, I don’t mind so much. I was getting a little sick of JL giving us sketches and such and Action’s back-up having little to do with anything. But I trust Snyder to know how to do a back up. His run on Detective was the most successful use of two artists with completely contrasting styles I’ve ever seen. This will probably be just as seamless as long as he’s writing (or at least plotting) it.

  31. I hope the Court of Owl doesn’t go after the guy (or girl, not sexist) who is in charge of Gotham city sanitation. Imagine the untold horror that could happen if the Owls controlled the garbage men?!

  32. While I admit this was more of a set up issue for the massive fight we’re gonna get, I did really enjoy this. I like how Bruce just doesn’t give a shit anymore and will beat the crap out of these Talons to shut them up. Greg Capullo’s artwork is also pretty damn good as always. The back up was pretty impressive too….also more of setting things up with Alfred but this Tynion guy did a soild job for his first ever comic. Also, Rafael’s art was fantastic as always. Not my POTW but a strong start to this mini-event.


  33. Strong, strong opening salvo. Fun action issue. Great set-up.

  34. another strong issue…..epic battle coming. good stuff. however i thought some of the Owls’ monologging was a bit wussy. “You can’t hide, we’re gonna get you…” . i dunno…i’ve come to expect a creepier level of trash talking from a Snyder bat-villain at this point. =)

    The backup felt like a pure continuation of the main story, but i’m sure it will branch off as we go. Overall i really liked it. Both sets of art were really great.

  35. So many amazing books this week, POTW was harder for me than its ever been but I can’t not give it to Batman. Yet another sublime issue from the masterful Mr Snyder and Greg Capullo (Rafa on the backup was ace too!). Epic in every sense of the word. Not one single issue in this run has failed to deliver.

  36. When was the last time, if ever, Alfred got a two-page splash? That was rad. Awesome book, fantastic story, I’ll pay 4 bucks for books like this any day. As long as Rafael does the extra pages.

  37. Though I’m starting to grow a tiny bit weary of seeing Batman getting his ass handed to him *every month until the end of time* (how long did Morrison’s Batman take to turn the tables on The Black Glove??) I’m still enjoying this story, especially with such beautiful art. Snyder, Capullo, Glapion… everyone from them to Mike Marts has done a wonderful job producing this comic book.

    As for the informal BQ: about price points? I don’t mind paying an extra buck for more pages if it’s quality like this. But it’ll have to be a print purchase and not a digital one; I have trouble justifying why I should pay $2.99 for a digital comic I won’t actually own, let alone $3.99. DC needs to set a standard of charging $0.50 less for digital versions of their books if they are going to stick with the DRM format.

  38. Te artwork for me seems so different then anything I have really ever seen and it fits so well with this story arc it’s so creepy good. I still like these Court of Owls and the Talons however, I do not want to get bored or tired of them so I am hoping some where in here one or two of Batman’s rogues happens to go on a crime spree in the middle of this. Side thought; is’nt it funny how when our heroes are battling one villian or group of villains or threat, nothing else seems to go wrong?? (That makes me laugh a little if you think about it, is there like a special understanding or something?) Anyway all kidding aside; this was a very good issue and I enjoyed Alfred’s conributions to the fight in the cave. Just all around great comic book!!


    • That is a great point! When Bruce was stuck in the maze for what was almost a week Gotham seemed to get along just fine! Maybe you’re supposed to assume that in his absence the other Bat related heroes (Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl, Batwoman) pick up the slack.

    • Yeah, I think this is one of those things it’s better not to think about. Wouldn’t Batman have more than a couple ongoing investigations that are falling apart in his absence?

      I suppose that’s why his mission will never be accomplished.

    • Yeah, it’s kind of like how can Wolverine be an Avenger, Headmaster at the Jean Grey School, and have all his solo adventures at the same time. Best to just make your peace with it.

    • The multi-tasking daily life as a Superhero/Vigilante it just never stops, no time to eat, sleep even go to the toilet or read a daily paper/magazine.

      Whats a boy in spandex to do?

  39. Very enjoyable issue.

  40. I just want to point out, 1500+ pulls. Zounds!

  41. This is how you start an event! With a huge loud BANG!

  42. That was pretty awesome. If this wasn’t a five star story, I’d actually be pissed off about the $3.99 for a back-up story (which was literally just Alfred making phone calls, a direct continuation of the main story).

  43. i might be the only one to ask this but im well up for the night of the owls event but do i have to get every bat family title book ? i get the batman title and dark knight and batman and robin already i want to enjoy the event and was hoping i would with just these issues (like is the batman title the main leader?) i dont want to have to fork out more money on other titles like batwomen, catwomen, nightwing and what ever else there is to enjoy this event any idears people!!!!

  44. Batman #8, the opening chapter of “Night of the Owls” was AMAZING! It was scary as heck and reminded me of “The call is coming from inside the house!!!” Even though it was an all-Bruce-Wayne issue, it was great. Snyder and Capullo are the bomb.

    Please check my mini-review here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  45. I bought this for night of the Owls and knew nothing about the new 52 until this. I am so glad I got it because it’s the perfect jumping on point for the new Batman. I never planned on reading a DC book but I’m gonna make sure I keep Batman on my pull list. Gotta at least keep tabs on Gotham City

  46. And I gotta give credit to DC for wisely making the 8th issue a major event. This way a lot of people who start reading at this issue will realize the TPB is issue #1-7.. and latch on to the book easily

  47. Another great issue, better than the last. Although I didn’t think the backup story added much of anything of interest.

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