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  1. They’ve released this in such an odd manner. Why isn’t this in Detective? The Denny O Neil thing should have all been in Batman and this in Detective. At least the Gaiman books will all be Batman.

  2. I’m buying for the cover.

  3. The Gaiman books will NOT be all in Batman. It also is a cross-over with Detective.


  4. I’m with Miyamoto on this….how on earth is this and the previous issues going to be collected? Cause Batman stories ended up in Detective and Detective stories ended up in Batman….ugh it’s gonna be a clusterfuck whenever DC gets trades out.

    But still it’s Dini writing Hush and Catwoman; so at least reading it in issues will be sweet.

  5. i have not read batman in a long time (Couple Years) I picked up the RIP Conclusion and am reading Final Crisis

  6. To answer the question of why this story is crossing over into both Bat-books — to make people buy both titles, same reason as always for a crossover.

    First part of this story was really good though, I hope this is just as solid.

  7. Not the greatest idea splitting the story across the different titles. They may just release them as mixed collections of both books.

    DC doesn’t do trades very well anyway so we shouldn’t be that surprised that they aren’t worried about future collections though.

    Keen to see how the story unfolds though. Nice cover too.

  8. MEOW! I was hoping to not have to pick up any of the other titles besides Batman after just picking up R.I.P. in Batman. Maybe I’ll have to see how things are in the Detective book for this story and the Gaiman stories.

  9. I really hope Dini comes back to Detective after batman Battle for the Cowl ends.

  10. Funny, I actually longed for Morrison last issue. 

  11. The upcoming Gaiman/Kubert issues (one Batman, one ‘Tec; both double-sized) will be collected together in one volume in the summer. More concerning than any of this to me is how the second part of the Gaiman story was just pushed back from like mid-Feb to late March. Ugh. (Andy, Andy Kubert…didn’t you used to do like ten monthly issues of X-Men in a row once upon a time?

    I hope that these two Dini issues get put in the Heart of Hush collected edition, because they work as a great epilogue to that–but I doubt they will be.

    I think DC did all of this back and forth between Batman and Detective just so each story arc could come out in approx. a month’s time. Sort of a silly reason.

  12. Does DC even do trades of Detetive?  Don’t they all just say ‘Batman’ on the front?

  13. well im dropping batman for now. no desire to read catwoman or anyother faces of evilt tie in. i will pick up in march for battle of the cowl so i can be dissapoointed again

  14. So much bitchin about Batman these days.  WTF?!  I think Paul Dini and that Morrison dude are both kicking ass right now when it comes to Batman.  Not so much Final Crisis, although I might have liked it better if I understood what the hell was going on.

    Yes, they just put a hardback Detective trade out last month.  It is called Batman: Private Casebook

    And to answer your other question, if the Ras Al Ghul crossover ever comes out in trade, then yes, they will mix Tec and Batman issues together to make one story arc in one trade.

  15. @Jupiter – With you dude, the cover alone is cool enough to warrant purchase.

    I don’t get the hate on the Batman book either. As much as I hate the fact it’s ending the Nightwing and Robin books as we know them, I thought RIP was a controversial, but incredibly cinematic and quite poetic arc for my favourite superhero. If any character deserved such a cerebral and mind-game of an ending (?), then it’s Batman. The fact that we’re all still guessing makes it all the more a Batman story than any other hero.

  16. If you expect to be disappointed, why are you reading?

    I buy a TON of books, and the quandry I have is that I actually LIKE all of them.

  17. This was a great issue to show how much of everything Hush did in the previous issue bite him in the ass.

    The reveal with Robin and Nightwing totally came out of no where and I am happy to see where Hush goes from here.

  18. I haven’t decided if I want to make this my pick of the week yet because I haven’t read the Amazing Spiderman Special #2 yet, but compared to everything else that I bought this week, this would definitely take the damn cake, and eat it.

  19. This was a good issue.  My one nitpick was that Tim was drawn to look like an 11 year old.

  20. @Kory better that then a 20 year old body builder.

  21. Eh…I thought this issue was pretty weak until the swerve near the end.  Heart of Hush was MUCH better.

  22. Didn’t care for heart of hush at all but thought this was a return to form for dini – and really liked the Nightwing and Robin team at the end, essentially the guardians of Bruce’s legacy

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