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Shocking discoveries lead Batman deeper into the mystery of the Court of Owls and its secret and bloody ties to both Gotham City and the Wayne family. But an even deadlier threat awaits Batman: a trap set hundreds of years ago, far beneath his city.

The war for Gotham’s soul begins here!

Variant cover by MIKE CHOI
B&W Variant cover by GREG CAPULLO

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 26.9%
Avg Rating: 4.6
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  1. With the Dark Knight Rises trailer out this really got me excited for all the Bat books out this week.

    This is going to look and read great.

  2. The 13th floor… What will Bruce discover this issue. Can’t wait.

  3. Agreed! Love this series, my favorite Bat book!

  4. Most excited I’ve been about Batman since Dick took over. Really digging the Court of Owls.

  5. Sniff, sniff…I smell an ‘evergreen’ Batman tale cooking.

  6. Been loving the way that this book has been going. Can’t wait.

  7. My official prediction!
    Popular POTW by at least 15% but not official

    • Safest bet in town!

    • I dont know about the 15% margin because you also have Justice League (aquaman issue) and Ultimate Spider-man this week. Not saying it wont be POTW but it’s not exactly a sure bet on a landslide victory.

    • Yeah, predicting a landslide might have been a bit hasty in a week with Ult. Spiderman, Uncanny Xforce, Daredevil, Justice League and Wolv. and the Xmen, but if you don’t take risks it ain’t gambling!


    • If it hadn’t been for Leviathan splitting the Batman vote and getting the best deal for your dollar votes, I would have been right…

  8. Awesome cover. Scott Snyder’s run on Detective Comics/Gates of Gotham/Batman should go down in history as how to write good superhero comics. This is the best book coming out of DC right now

  9. This, Leviathan, JL, Uncanny X-Force and Daredevil in one week? DAMMMMNN!!!

  10. Awesome!!!!

  11. My favourite run this year, it just works perfectly. This and Daredevil are my must-buys every month, I slightly wish it was just those two books I could buy every time.

  12. One day Scott Snyder will write something that isn’t purely awesome and then the world will end.

  13. While last issue wasn’t quite my cup o’ tea, I can’t deny the talent and craft going into the book. I shall not let a bump in the road, therefor, sway me from the purchasing of such a fine series! Lead on, Sir Snyder!

  14. OWLS! i’m really having fun with this new Batman story. First Batman book in a very very very long time that is what i expect my Batman stories to be. This is really an exciting series and i’m really loving what Snyder is doing with the character right now.

  15. I’m enjoying the book but I’m not totally convinced by Capullo’s art. I especially have problems with people’s faces. They all kinda look the same to me.

  16. Tomorrow will be a great day for comics!! I really like all of the Batbooks and not only that the JL is also out this week. Gonna be a tough choice for POW plus; do not forget WW and Red Hood and the Outlaws are alos out this week!!

    Great week!!


  17. Another top notch issue. POTW.

  18. I have a theory that Diamond hates my comic shop. The proof: despite ordering copies of the comic, they did not ship Batman #4 to the store.

  19. After this issue, I can safely say this book does absolutely nothing for me anymore.

  20. Great issue, even greater ending! Classic Batman!

  21. He’s gonna stumble in on an orgy soon. I can feel it!

  22. One of my only problems with last issue was that Bruce was acting like a dumbass, blithely ignoring the blinding obvious existance of the Court of Owls. I should have known better. There was a story reason all along.

    This is my POW for three reasons: The one I just mentioned, Bruce Wayne: Boy Detective, and the most awesomely classic cliffhanger I’ve seen in forever.

    Well played, Snyder. You old rascal.

  23. This is the reason I buy comics. Just for the slim chance that I’ll read an issue as good as this one. Stunned.

  24. Ahh what another amazing issue! I wish I didn’t have to wait another 4 weeks to find out what happens, its just so good I want it all now. Well done Snyder and Capullo, you guys have officially made Batman my favourite book on the shelf.

  25. really solid issue. Not much more to say, but the whole run has been killer so far.

    one minor gripe on the ending


    i don’t really believe that anyone is sneaking up on Batman and ambushing him….he’s too cunning for that. Perhaps that’s part of the mystique of this Talon character.

  26. My thoughts on this issue were, “ok he’s in the sewer shouldn’t he be wearing some kind of respirator or protective mask of some kind, whatever” but then I’m like, “holy shit batman! I can’t believe you just put that glowstick in your f’ing mouth after holding it in your hand, after climbing down a ladder into the sewer!”

  27. There wasn’t much on offer this week, however…we have…Batman!

  28. This might be a fake “Court of Owls”. I still trust Bruce saying they do not exist.


  30. 3/5 for me. I lost track of the action from panel to panel a couple times and had to back track to figure out what was happening and Snyder insists on using as many words as he possibly can. I need this to pick back up before it gets the drop.

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