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As Bruce digs deeper into the mystery of the recent owl murders, he soon finds himself face to face with a shocking enemy – an enemy the Wayne family has secretly been at war with for centuries.

Be there for the first shots of the war for the soul of Gotham City. Friends will become deadly enemies and secrets will be revealed – revelations that will change the Bat-family forever.

Variant cover by IVAN REIS and JOE PRADO
B&W Variant cover by GREG CAPULLO

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 87.8%


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Avg Rating: 4.8
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  1. I started following Scott Snyder on twitter. Lot’s of fun and I must say that I am really enjoying his Batman.

  2. That cover is awesome. I don’t understand you guys who don’t like Capullo doing this book – I think he’s absolutely kicking ass.

    • Same here. When it was announced months ago that Capullo was going to be the artist on this book I mainly read negative comments (on CBR). I mean the guy hadn’t even started and people had made up their minds already. So glad he proved everyone wrong. His work is excellent imo!

    • I completely agree. Anyone who complains about Capullo’s art on this book has got to be blind. Capullo and Snyder are both killing it on Batman.

    • I like the covers, but the interior art is only okay. I guess it comes down to whether or not you like his style.

  3. I’m like a little kid at Christmas waiting for this book to drop each month. Yay!

  4. This book is great.

  5. This is my favorite comic right now. Thank you Mister Snyder.

  6. First ongoing Bat man that has hooked me. Great story and kinetic art.

  7. I’m one of the very few who is digging Detective more than this series. I love snyder but i have to read this stuff 2 or 3 times to really understand what i just read.

    • hmm not a fan of Detective, but Batman and Robin is my favorite batbook. (this is coming from a new DC reader, by the way.) Batman is pretty good as well, but i don’t find it nearly as impressive as most people seem to.

  8. Man these covers have been excellent by Capullo. If anyone saw the cover for February’s issue (or #6) then you’ll be even more impressed.

  9. All of the Bruce-centric books have been nail biters for me. I’ve read Batman since the 60’s, and it’s been a LONG time since I’ve been on pins & needles like this for this many Bat-books!

  10. I didn’t expect it but book is on my chopping block. It’s a well done comic with lovely and energetic art. However, the story hasn’t hooked me yet and my excitement level for this issue is very low. We’ll see if this one grabs me.

    I think I’m just not in the mood for this story right now. I’m only a mild Batman fan and I got my fill with Morrison’s run (and I’m looking forward to more of that in a couple months). Glad so many people are enjoying this though.

  11. Thoroughly enjoying…Hope Snyder can keep up the tension. Loved his work on Detective…

  12. **Tender, heart-felt moment ALERT**

    I’ll probably never get the chance to meet Mr. Snyder in person, and I know this post is falling on deaf ears, but if I could tell Mr. Snyder one thing, it would simply be this…’Thanks’

    Between this title (Batman), Swamp Thing and Severed, I’ve never enjoyed comics as much as I am right now.

    • hmm, no response yet. i hope this doesn’t turn out that prom night again

    • @edward -huh?!? I don’t understand the purpose of your comment. What ‘response’?

    • snyder’s of course.

    • Are you guys serious?
      I may be new to this site, but I assure you that my comments were not deluded with the idea that Snyder even bothers with comic forums, much less would have read and commented on my post.
      I was merely trying to convey how much I enjoy his work. Perhaps it was a little flowery, but I’m completely lost as to why you guys thought I was expecting some sort of response. Am I missing something?

    • @Kmanifesto: Actually, Scott does tend to stop by here when his books come out.

    • aww, I imagine his flower just drooped over. and Kmanifesto, we’re just joshing, mate

    • hahahahahahaahhahah. yeah man, at least you didnt lose your virginity. hahahahahahahaha
      dont worry brotha, he hears you and if its one thing i’ve learned from mr. s’s texts, is that he appreciates our loyalty and support. we all know you were’nt fishing…..its all good baby!

    • With this new insight and, after re-reading my original post, I’m completely embarrassed.

      Admittedly, I’m still learning the ropes of this community, I had no idea that Snyder or any other comic book creative visited or interacted with this community. That’s cool to know, but it will definitely keep me on my toes on future posts.

      I can take a ribbing, and in this case, I can totally understand why someone would have. Looking at my post again, It’s actually quite funny in this new light.

      Now, if you will excuse me, I have some rather runny eggs to clean off my face.

    • Remender comes on here too, but only to yell at people. (Good ol’ Remender.)

      Synder seems like a pretty gracious dude. I’m sure he appreciates the compliment, man.

    • gillen has been here as well

    • Yeah I agree with jasonhart. From twitter and posts here, Snyder seems like a pretty nice guy that would appreciate your compliment.

      And I’d have to agree with your original post. I don’t know if I’ve ever enjoyed comics so much. Love the work Snyder’s been doing, and most people at DC frankly. Love Winick on Batwing. Love Simone on Batgirl. It’s a great time to be a Bat-family fan. And just a great time to be a DC fan.

    • Just want to add to the chorus of folks saying that Scott will undoubtedly appreciate your comment and he’s a hell of a humble and gracious guy.

      In fact, how cool he is makes me like his books even more.

  13. I’m liking Batman, Batman & Robin, AND Tec pretty much equally right now. I COULD NOT decide which one I like more at the moment and probably won’t be able to until they’re all 10 or 11 issues in. I have to admit that I’m not liking The Dark Knight so much since the relaunch.

  14. Best looking cover of the new 52 yet. Outstanding!

  15. This is going to be good!!!

  16. the kinetic energy given off by that cover is enough for me to buy this book and that’s not even speaking to the point of snyder’s ability to craft a story to match the art.

  17. my only questions are:
    what inspires snyder? love of the comics game? fame and glory? telling great stories? what his children think of him?
    how human are you?
    does writing consume you? is it an easy living? does bad reviews(on the few occasions you hear them) hurt you? how easy was it for you to engage this medium? would you encourage eager readers and aspiring writers to become what you are(a god) or say that most of us are hopelessly dreaming(as we in fact are)
    i think about these things……..i long for answers….

    • i’ve gone fishing…..

    • Just ask him on Twitter if you have questions – he’s extremely approachable and answers his fans when he can.

    • oh yeah? thats really helpful. thanks.
      i dont really twitter, but thats as good a reason as any to start. i would think that constantly having people ask you the same questions would get to be a real pain the ass after a while. however, a lot of people make him out to be a really good sport.

  18. Holy cow. That was amazing. Gonna be hard to beat this week, IMHO.

  19. This book is #1 for me this week.

  20. Wow.

  21. This issue did absolutely nothing for me, which sucks. I loved issue 1 but the last 2 have kind of left me cold.

    I guess I just hate fun.

  22. So many DC books were great this week, but this was the best.

  23. This issue presented me with the same problem that issue 2 of Swamp Thing did: turning a page and exclaiming, out loud, “Man, that’s a lotta words.”

    The difference is that I actually like this story and these characters, so dutifully read through it, enjoying the lot. But man, that was a lotta words about owls.

    Scott Snyder may be too smart for me, but I’m in like Clint until he’s off the book.

  24. so far this series has been perfect!!

  25. This is really good. I much prefer this tone and style of Batman story from Snyder over his last batch. To me this is a classic Batman mystery, and just really good comic booking. The entire Owls thing is creepy but fun. Love the idea of Bruce not knowing something about Gotham and that his enemy is smarter than he is.

  26. Best issue of the run so far. Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo should work on Batman till they die.

    5/5 (POTW)

  27. Such an easy POTW for me. The rest of my stack never stood a chance.

    The only criticism I have (and its teeny-tiny) is when Alfred downplayed the significance of what he knew about Alan Wayne. You’d think with his background and experiences with Bruce, Alfred would have to be a pretty solid investigator himself, and probably could have made the connection between Alan’s troubles with owls in the past and Bruce’ current dilemma.

    • He seemed kinda evasive during that conversation, to me at least. Maybe he downplayed it for a reason?

    • Oooh, I hadn’t consider that Alfred might be hiding something, but I like it. I’ll have to re-read.

    • @Blargo: that’s the impression I got, that Synder was setting up something with Alfred. It was just too uncharacteristic for him. Very exciting. When the trade of this comes out I might just buy it for everyone I know and make them read it, whether they like comics or not!

  28. thank you scott snyder. enough said.

  29. Amazing. Just once I want Snyder to write a bad issue of something, just to prove that he is human.

  30. hope snyder does batman for a 100 more issues could be the greatest batman run of all time.

  31. It’s good to see Batman actually attempt to do detective work and not be a complete buffoon who just stumbles around hoping an answer is laying somewhere, I’m looking at you Detective Comics.

  32. The bit with the magnet = my favorite gag (if you can call it that) in recent memory.

  33. This comic has the best writing of all the new 52. I am totally hooked on the story.

  34. One the best books of the week

  35. Three issues in, and this title has garnered at least two thirds of the POTW every time!

    You gotta love it when a creative team gels so perfectly with a character.

  36. I’ve been thinking this issue over a bit because I didn’t love it nearly as much as the majority of this site does. I’m conflicted. Technically it’s great. The art is dynamic and the owl masks are super creepy. The way Snyder ramped up the tension was perfect. But it’s three issues in and I don’t particularly care about Bruce’s relationship with Gotham or the Court of Owls. Like I said earlier, I guess I’m just not in the mood for the story.

  37. Well I know it took me over a week to read this and I will say it deserves a 4.5 and it is getting really really good!!
    One of the best of the new 52 easily without a doubt.

  38. There is something very “Black Glove” about this storyline. Batman Inc is still in continuity right?

    • Batman Inc is the “initiative” the Lincoln Marsh was talking about. Black Glove was more international and about causing chaos. This is more local and about power and control.

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