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  1. I can’t lie.  I really want the fake ‘Batman’ to be Azrael!

  2. Last time I read anything with Azrael it was Knightfall. Color me hesitant.

  3. So who is the AZRAEL

  4. I’m excited for this. I wonder if it’s going to be the guy from the Andreyko Manhunter series. I forget his name, but they were building up a new Azrael there.

  5. @cyberauron: Azrael took over for Bruce Wayne as Batman for over a year in the early 1990s.

  6. Has anyone seen the preview for this yet? This looks amazing!

    The art just, I mean look at the colors!

    More then enough for me to give this mini a try.

  7. I forgot that Frazer Irving was the dude who did the Clarion stuff for Grant Morrison’s Seven Soldier series. That was just wonderful work. I might actually pick this up now.

    I keep thinking I won’t pick up this battle for the cowl stuff because it’s 90’s-ness is so unappealing, but some how at that last minute it starts to look interesting to me.

    btw I’m also reading war machine now, and I’m starting to think that I actually like 90’s style ridiculousness.

  8. oo fabian niceieza im totally picking this up!!

  9. The original Azrael didnt go with this religious angle did he? Cause that’s actually another reason why I am picking this up.

    Again the art is just fantastic; one of the most beautiful looking books this year? (and that’s just by looking at the cover!)

  10. @TNC It wasn’t so much a main focus 100% of the time but Azrael was certainly a religious character. Sword of Azrael is actually one of my favorite Batman stories with awesome Quesada art.

  11. @Champ — He was always about the Order Of St Dumas … now it’s something else? Hmm …

    I hated this character back in the day. When I was young & stupid enough to think he was the new Batman for good & Bruce was staying in that wheel chair … I was very close to stopping reading comics. I have more than one Batman issue with Az-Bats on the cover that ended up in pretty bad condition due to me reading them with pure comic-anger, LOL.

  12. Man, Azreal and Richard Dawkins would make the best odd couple movie ever

  13. I was hoping to buy this comic book because I enjoy collecting Batman comic books and also because I have a Batman Azrael version action figure during the 1990’s by Kenner Toys.


  14. @edward: Ha! That would be the best film in the world if that could happen

    Narrator: One is an athiest, the other is a violent man of the cloth……Vince Vaughn is Richard Dawkins and Ben Still is Azrael….’ 🙂

  15. Here’s something I am noticing at 2am in the morning.

    That is a beautiful cover…..but look at those shoes. Clearly Converse’s dont match the medieval garb he’s wearing.

  16. I gave this a 3.0 (which is ‘Good’) on my scale.

    I really liked the art (minus that Nightwing page), and the story was decent. I’d like to see a step-up in the writing next issue, but I’m interested to see where things are going.

    Not a POTW contender, but a solid book nonetheless.

  17. @kwisdumb: Well you wont like my comment….

    It’s POTW material for me! Wonderful art, a great set up for a character; easily my pick this week 🙂

  18. I thought this pretty confusing at times. Somtimes hard to tell what stuff was flash back or who people were, or in that double page spread, what order to read the caption balloons. Still pretty good, though.

  19. Art was great & I really like the Michael Lane character & am interested to see where things go in the story. With this dude & the other gun-totin’ Batman, Gotham is lookin’ like a pretty dangerous place for criminals, even without Batman in town.

  20. Dude, I SWEAR I remember reading somewhere that Jean Paul Valley is long dead, and died not too much longer after Knightsend ended in the 1990s, how the hell is he cutting a cop’s head off in the beginning of this story?!  IGN dot com said that it was JPV himself!

  21. @Robby JVP didn’t die after Knightsend. He had his own title that ran until about 3-4 years ago. (I want to say it was ended after War Games where he died in an unclear fashion.) As well, the Order of Dumas had shown up in the recent Manhunter run and offered the armor to a character there. (Forget his name.)

    Good story, excited for part 2, but I wasn’t blown away. Let me correct that. I was blown away by the first 4-5 pages. And then let down. I like the new Azrael we have here. The "replacement" Batman angle is interesting, if a take off from another medium that I can’t think of. (I want to say Robin Hood for some reason.) I liked the art a lot and found it to be a fun read over all. I could have used a little more clarification on why/where Bruce had gotten the Armor? Perhaps a well placed editor’s note? 

  22. @Prax: Doesnt the priest tell the history of the armor, and include how Ra and Bruce got the armor afterwords? Maybe it wasnt explained well enough….

    I admit the transitions from past to present was a little jarring after re-reading. But overall I still liked it and prefer it as my pick.

  23. @TNC You’re absolutely right, but it was so rushed that I wasn’t quite sure I got it. And I read Ressurection of Ras and don’t recall that sub-plot at all. It would have been nice to get a bit more clarification on that. Still, a small complaint on a good issue.

    Contender for POW for me. Though I ultimately chose Star Trek Countdown #3. (Supergirl was a close 2nd). 

  24. @Prax: Well technically it wasnt part of the Ressurection of Ra arc…it was like an pseudo-epilouge for it. The issue for the suit of sorrows is in the recent Detective HC that came out. I highly recommend it.

  25. @TNC – No worries man, you’re allowed to have your opinions, and I’m glad you’re enjoying the book! It wasn’t amazing to me but as I said, I’m still interested and will definitely check out the next issue.

    Good review as well!

  26. Well, I thought the art and the paints were great. The story was solid as well, I like that the character that was the third Batman is actually still in the mix. I was a little confused in the beginning though, I thought it was the original Azrael that killed the undercover cop.

    Definitley one of the best books I read this week.

  27. Definitely way better than this sort of tie-in bait deserves to be. Good story, excellent artwork. Why can’t Irving get better non-mini work. Is he slow?

  28. what is the suit of sorrows exactly?

  29. its made from the armor and swords of a bunch of slain knights templar

  30. It’s the suit you wear to your wedding if you have to marry a fat chick.

  31. @Wade: You know around this time; you seem to be at the height of your snark, funny side 🙂

    Did anyone else find it creepy how some of the close up shots were? That one panel where we see Azrael’s eyes in the first page….jesus that’s like something our of a horror film.

  32. so is the suit magical or something?


    and what if i married a fat chick, huh? (i didn’t)

  33. well yeah its mystical in nature but there gonna reavel all that in detail as the story goes on.

    but i really think its  the anger an tears of everyone who read final crisis and r.i.p DAMN U MORRISON.

       p.s  fat chicks are natures ego booosters 


  34. I enjoyed this. While I have exactly zero interest in Azrael as a character, I like what’s going on in the bat books and I’ll stay on board this one for the art.

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