• “The Omega Effect” Begins Here Bringing Together Marvel’s 3 Biggest Heroes From The Most Acclaimed New Books Of The Year!

• Spider-Man, Daredevil And Punisher In An Epic Chase Across Manhattan For A Mysterious Treasure That Will Change The Course Of All Their Lives.

Story by Greg Rucka & Mark Waid
Art by Marco Checchetto
Colors by Matt Hollingsworth
Letters by Joe Caramagna
Cover by Steve McNiven, Mark Morales, & Marte Gracia

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 4.3
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  1. Sooo excited for this cross over! Cant wait to see them take down the rest of the crime organizations!

  2. This is the first cross-over ‘event’ that I’ve been willing to take the bait on (primarily on the good name of the writers and the awesome run that is Daredevil).

    Who knows, maybe

  3. Hard to believe Avenging Spider-Man is selling as many Marvel wants it to. Though I’m just patiently waiting for Joe Mad to return, it’ll probably be after Darksiders 2 is released.

  4. Really excited to read this…wednesday get here faster!

  5. This should be pretty good I’m excited for it, I’ve really been enjoying these mini events/crossovers marvel has been doing for the most part

  6. My retailer is really pushing this, but I’d have gotten all 3 issues, anyway, though I don’t normally follow The Punisher’s title.

  7. I love all the teaser images for this x-over, cool title and the art on Spidey justs pops. DD run is great, just read #10 the other night and loved it (gonna say it now that i’ll bell its in the best single issues list this year), 10.1 I haven’t got to. All in all this looks like a cool mini but think it’ll make a nicer trade, especially if they use that webs,skull and horns in DD crimson red mash up image for the cover.

  8. I avoid crossovers unless they are written by writers I like. I like these writers so I will probably pick up all 3.

  9. No Zeb Wells:(

  10. i usually hate crossovers, but DD and punisher are so good right now and the creative team on this is amazing.
    i’ll bite and buy an avenging spider-man.

  11. I’m really looking forward to this crossover.

    I think I’m even gonna get the Adi Granov poster.

    Glad Zeb Wells is taking a break on Avenging, too.

    I’m digging what Waid has been doing in DD and the ASM issue/mini-crossover he wrote.

    I just need to remember to order that Punisher issue.

  12. Can’t wait for this to finally come out. Been looking forward to this ever since it was announced.

  13. Almost forgot about this, nice surprise.

  14. Really enjoyed this one. Always love when Spidy and DD team up.

  15. they really came with it on this one.
    checchetto does an interesting DD. his work is superb as usual.
    i’m usually a fan of big, bug eyed spider-man, but it’s nice to see smaller eyes sometimes. well done.
    rucka and waid are also doing something very special here.

  16. More Mark Waid on Daredevil. Woop!

  17. By the average rating of this I guess I’m in the minority of not loving this, the art was great but the story in my opinion was a 3 at best, I just didn’t feel like the dialogue between these characters was as great as usual and I have no idea why the chick from punisher is involved in this so far but I’ll stick with it

  18. I liked this enough to continue reading. Looks like I’ll be buying my first Punisher comic then. Couldn’t help comparing this to the ASM-Daredevil cross-over that Waid wrote to set up this cross-over. I liked that better. If all they’re going to do is beat up hordes of faceless henchmen, it could get pretty tedious. I’ll hope for some clever plotting that will elevate the next two issues. Rucka & Waid are quality after all.

  19. Haven’t read all the new issues yet but so far this is probably my pick for pick of the week. I don’t know who actually wrote the plot Rucka or Waid but going on the assumption Rucka did and Waid gave insight, I think Rucka did a genious job of writting a quick paced script that highlights each character individual strength and how these three characters compliment each other so perfectctly…Daredevil being the straight man Spidey being the clown and Punisher being the hard ass it plays so well together. And I found myself laughing out loud multiple times from Spider-Man’s dialoge especially the comment about the Punishers new female partner.

  20. “So, how long have you been Punishing?”

    Awesome stuff.


  22. This issue really stood out, not just because it’s part of the Omega Drive series which I had already been into because of Daredevil but because Avenging Spider-Man had started off really strong, and become a little weak for 2 issues. This was a return to greatness. I gotta admit, though, even when the stories were a little weak, they were still enjoyable, and the art has been amazing all the way through.

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