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• The fiery conclusion of Act One brought to you by Matt Fraction and John Romita Jr!

• Clashing on a lunar battlefield, the tide of the conflict will be turned…

• The Phoenix takes its host! All hope is lost?!

Story by Matt Fraction
Art by John Romita Jr.
Cover by Jim Cheung & Ryan Stegman

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.3%
Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. $20 later…something happens….maybe.

    • I’ll agree that we’re still waiting for an “OH SHIT!” moment, but Marvel has admitted all along that this is a three act story, with act one comprising the first six issues (plus the zero issue, I guess).

      I imagine that Bendis, Brubaker, Aaron, Hickman, and Fraction have all studied more story structure than I have, but a six issue first act seems a little on the long side to me.

      However, we’ve definitely seen some As versus some Xs, and there have been some misdirections and betrayals, and now the Phoenix has arrived, so I’m not sure it’s fair to imply that nothing has happened.

    • It’s fair to imply that what happenned in #0-4 could’ve happenned in #0. I’m pretty disappointed in the series so far and not just becase of the story, the art’s choppy and inconsistent. If I read an AvX book after reading an issue of Swamp thing, Batman or The Flash, my eyes start to bleed. It just doesn’t hold up to the quality of most of the books that come out.

    • I think I have been spoiled with the Omega Effect and Exiled, weekly is the way to do these crossovers! I feel like it’s been dragging on and we are even at the half way point. Having said that, I am still excited to see where this goes, I just wish they would speed up the train getting us there.

    • I was unsure whether I should be reading this but ‘$20 dollars and something happens’ has made me happy I’ve skipped it – thank you

  2. They fight on a beach then go to the Moon.

    that was more or less it aside from a lot of nonsensical running around and inane repetitious dialogue. why does every mutant think the phoenix is going to help them?/and how?, and what are the Avengers going to do with Hope? do they ever actually say? why don’t they all just move onto Utopia with the mutants and protect her there? were they going to put her in a bunker or something?

    for the record, it’s not on my pull list, but i read a friends’ 1-4 plus the WXM and Avengers issues on the weekend, so it’s all pretty fresh in my mind.

    oh, and Romita Jr has been terrible:)

    hopefully it gets better!:)

    • The Avengers plan is to get Hope and move her off planet before the Phoenix reaches her. I don’t remember where they said it but I’m reading the main book, New Avengers and Wolverine and the X-men so it had to have been in one of those

    • but it was her idea to go to the moon right?

    • It was both of their ideas. In some issue previously Cap said “We need to get this girl off world.” I’m paraphrasing, he might have said ‘off this planet.’. Hope wasn’t around though, he said that to the Avengers. He never made it clear where the destination was but I’m guessing his plan was to take her to the Secret Avengers satellite and Hope chose the moon cause why not.

    • Why can’t that demon girl just take Hope to Limbo?

      Limbo supposed to be freaking huge, a whole other dimension……

      Surely the Phoenix Force would at least get delayed a little, and in the meantime Cyclops and Cap can talk and work things out over coffee or milk.

    • @loki2486: That’s a good question! I’m not entirely sure what Magik’s relationship with Limbo is right now. She’s the Extinction Team’s teleporter, so at the very least she can use Limbo for transport. However, I don’t know if she’s still in control of Limbo, so leaving Hope there might not be a better idea.

      On the same tack, isn’t the Negative Zone prison still around?

      I’m really excited to blast out of work in a few hours and get this issue.

    • @KenOchalek, well Magik did fight Dr. Strange in Limbo earlier, and it appeared that she did hold some power and authority in Limbo.

      I still want to know what happened to all the Infinity Gems… now will be a good time to break one out. Cap, Tony, Namor, Xavier, Reed, and Dr. Strange each has one…

    • Scott WANTS the Phoenix to reach Hope. Magik works on his orders.

  3. Hmmmm… I can’t say it’s the best book ever, but I still enjoy it for what it is, to my surprise. (I’m mostly a DC fanboy…)

  4. If this doesn’t result in the return of Jean Grey, it will all have been for naught, IMHO.

  5. I’ve been enjoying the event. I went in with certain expectations of what this series would be like, and its been pretty much just that so far, and I’m okay with that. I do think there is more to this story that hasn’t come to light yet.

  6. I’ve been following along and enjoying it for what it is. It’s meant to be light and fun and I can respect that. Slott alluded that AvX and Spiderman 700 would bring a major shift to Marvel universe and I am curious to see where they are going. I hope the change is more like a DC rebut change than a Fear Itself change (though I know they’ve said they won’t do an official rebut).

  7. It’s strange that I’ve liked the VS’s books more than the core series. I think because they don’t try to force the story (man, the reactions of Cap and Cyclops are really stupid), and give us what we really want: Just to see who wins.

  8. Not even halfway through, this is losing its appeal for me. Like with Fear Itself, I feel this event may be drawn out a tad too long.

  9. This has been a great maxi-series and I have been enjoying this compared to Marvels last few attempts at a big event type story. I still believe that Hope is not the host that everyone is thinking, The Pheonix is looking for something or someone else in my opinion. Is this the return of Jean Grey perhaps? I really did not follow this whole thing that happend over at Marvel that killed her of and like a thousand mutants so I really can’t guess or throw things in the mix since I really do not know what had happened however; I do kinda of have a small idea from flash backs and some research. Jean was a pretty cool character and she was pretty damn hot no pun intended!! I really hope with this series there will be some sorta rebirth for Cyclops because he is really become just a waste of ink.


  10. Avatar photo MindTrickdMedia (@mindtrickdmedia) says:

    This is the point I’m thinking #AVX will start picking up. The next act with “No More Avengers” will bound to get our attention. Fingers crossed that it gets better, before I get buyer’s remorse for all the issues and crossovers and variants I’ve been acquiring.

  11. I’ve been a fan of John Romita Jr. for years, but I have to say this series has the poorest art I’ve seen from him.

    • The art in World War Hulk was pretty awful to the point where storytelling was a huge issue.

      Could have been the inker but from what I’ve seen of this series, it is much cleaner.

  12. Who wins Phoenix Force vs. Infinity Gems?

    I would think the 6 Gems together would swat the Phoenix Force like fly.

    So… Earth is in danger of getting wiped out by the coming of the Phoenix Force, and the current owners of all the Infinity Gems are on Earth… and the A vs. X is because of… why?

    • @loki2486 – HUH?! Well played my freind well played!! I see what you are saying and conquer, altough I think this may also come into play in this series as well and if not than Marvel seems to have lost the wheel.


  13. Well…that was unexpected. Nice twist.

  14. well…. this should be fun now:)

  15. I find myself actually excited about the status quo shift at the end of this event, whatever it may be. Marvel has a good track record of actually CHANGING things with series like this (Fear Itself notwithstanding), and a new set-up for the mutants of the MU will be interesting to see.

  16. Very nice twist. Didn’t see that coming. Hoping it’s only going to get better.

  17. why were professor x and legion in Ibiza? lol. Dad and son bonding while dancing to some djs .

    • I think it’s because Legion finally has his multiple personalities under control, and Xavier is helping him keep it that way, while also finally getting to know his kid.

      Why they appear here (when they’ve been pretty much absent from the X-books for past year) is still a great question.

  18. Oh, damn! I was beginning to yawn with this story, but now… Oh, yes… Things are about to get interesting 🙂

  19. I mean, this was ridiculous right? Is it even a “twist”? The designs (I won’t spoil it here) looked like angry Silver Hawks. None of the motivations make sense any longer, I’m pretty sure Wolverine has contradicted himself about three times now. And then whatever the hell Tony was flying was just….look, I’m speechless here. I will never bash someone for liking something, that’s what comics are all about, but I personally found this issue way beyond silly. Not even bad, just very very silly. Who knows, this idea could turn into something interesting down the line, but looking at this individual issue by itself….I politely shake my head ‘no thanks’

  20. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    This was very exciting! Will JrJr draw the next issue? His character designs were terrific. He’s one of my favorites. Ant man looked great, and Iron Man was so complex.
    Good stuff, Marvel!

  21. And with this steaming pile of shit I’m out. This story sucks balls. I always go into an event with an open mind but, damn they just keep getting worse. Marvel get your heads out of your asses. These type of crap stories hurt your all around product. This is the first time I’ve actually wanted my money back for a bad comic.

  22. Well that was the perfect “holy shit!” moment! I stick by my guns in wishing they would just go weekly especially since this is the first time since it began that I am kinda on the edge of my seat to see what happens next.

  23. The “twist” was great. But since the plot was already laid out by the team of writers, Fraction did a horrible job of scripting the dialogues of this one.

    I’m not sure, but with this one, I think the story is separate from the writing (per issue).

    Story: 4/5
    Art: 5/5

  24. Nice little swerve. The rest of the ish was pretty rote by now (Wolverine’s conflicted, everyone yells at Cyclops, Thing and Namor are mad), but now I’m very interested in where this series will go. The last 5 pages brings this up to a 4.

  25. Not terrible but far from great. Perfect jumping off point. d-d-d-dropped. May pick it up one day on a 99cent digital sale or something. Not worth $4 an issue

  26. This series blows. End of. I agree with guys that say absolutely nothing has happened, because it’s true. The twist in the recent issue I saw coming from a mile away. The art is atrociously bad too, and I agree with whoever said when compared with Swamp Thing, Batman, Flash etc. you’d never believe they’re books supposed to be on par.

    Waste of money for me. Sorry I sound overly critical, but man not a fan at all.

  27. I don’t know what to make of this issue; even the few things it had in its favor somehow had a negative connotation to them. I am tired of Cyclops’ extinction team, and now THEY are center of the story. John Romita really took the lazy route on this one. That splash of the Iron Man armor was terrible, and then those pages with nothing in them… do artists get paid by the page?

    Please check my mini-review here:

    Comments and feedback are always welcome!

  28. I wouldnt go as far as saying nothing has happened, there has clearly been character developments throughout the issues. Kinda reminds me of a regular season for a TV show, 12 episodes where the first half is character development and the second half is intense (hopefully).


    Pretty much exactly what I didn’t want this event to turn into. I’d be somewhat ok with this if there wasn’t JUST a big Marvel event where everyone got Thor powers…followed by an event where everyone got Spidey powers. I wish more big Marvel events were like Chaos War.

  30. Any hardcore DC fans have absolutely no right to poo poo on any of the costume designs in this book.

  31. Well, I gave it a shot and it did not deliver. I dropped this book all together. I am saddened to see another non-event in the Marvel timline. If the put this in trade, and they include all the side books then maybe I’ll get it as a point of reference but other than that, I decided that I would rather wait to see if something good comes of this event. I would venture to say that it won’t based on Marvel’s history with their events.

  32. Why they gotta portray Wolvie as deceiving, mistrustful, and disloyal like that, trying to ruin the character for me or something. Know Wolvie as an honorable character, not like this.

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