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• The High Evolutionary stakes his claim on the Children of the Sun.

• Hyperion learns the true cost of the decisions he’s made at the Origin Site in the Savage Land.

• The Return of techno-titan Terminus.

Story by Jonathan Hickman & Nick Spencer
Art by Mike Deodato
Colors by Frank Martin
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Leinil Yu & Sunny Gho

Price: $3.99
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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. Terminus, last time I read anything with him in was Fantastic Four 269, has been in anything else worth reading since 1984?

  2. Last issue was amazing, except the parts where the Inferior Spider-Man were shown. He is such a prick!

    I’m still on the fence with this title. some weeks I *love it* other weeks, I’m much less enthusiastic.

  3. With the last few issues this book has been sliding ever so close to “drop-ville” for me.

    The weakest of the all the Avengers books.

    • Totally agreed. Much as I like Hickman I just find myself not caring about this book. This is going to sound strange but when I read this I just don’t feel like anything ever happens. It’s all vague allusions to “something bad is coming” but after 13 issues I’m starting to wonder if it’s ever actually going to get here…

    • yep, you said it. Give me New Avengers over this any day.

    • Add one more disappointed Hick-fan to this list

      New Avengers is in another league to this entirely. Love it.

      I’m wondering if he is up against some editorial head winds with the flagship Avengers title

  4. I’ve loved this book, but the scope keeps getting larger. Could be a good thing, but this is my first Hickman experience.

  5. I see a lot of comments where it’s suggested New Avengers blows this book out of the water. I’m wondering if I should jump on …

  6. Well I’m loving this series & New Avengers as well! Hurrah for me!!!

  7. Why is Nick Spencer co-writing this title?

  8. I totally forgot Nick Spencer was coming on to help Hickman for the next couple of months. There was no difference in the issue as far as I can tell. Does anyone have any inside dirt on what this is about?

    • I think, in a recent interview, Hickman said his plate was just getting too full when Infinity became a big event, so he brought Spencer in to help him keep schedule. I think its only a handful of issues, and with Hickman’s extensive planning and plotting, I’m betting it’ll be seamless.

    • @zlbenson: I had a feeling Infinity had something to do with it. That and he has 3 ongoings at Image to worry about (with Secret among them coming back) and now a new mini for Avatar. How he has time to do all of that AND work at Marvel is anyone’s guess.

    • Agreed. But, in regards to Secret – I have a feeling its not actually “coming back” coming back. Another interview I read (or maybe it was on his old formspring), he said if Secret came back he would probably do one more “wrap up” issue, explain what he wanted to do or something like that. But who knows if thats actually the plan.

    • How does he have time we ask? Its not that hard to write these books if you work full-time at it.

    • @pmallory: Well I guess that explains why there are so many hundreds and hundreds of successful comics creators out there…

    • Lets be honest Marvel pays the bills & is where the big bucks are, so his time will be more dedicated to Avengers, New Avengers & Infinity, then you’ll get The Manhattan Projects, East of West & coming in September you’ve got another series he’ll be doing for Avatar called God is Dead plus we’re still waiting on Feel Better Now & the final two issues of S.H.I.E.L.D.!

      So I guess any little help from a friend like Spencer who knows what Hickman is doing & where he’s taking Avengers/Infinity would be much needed for a man who has plenty on his plate.

    • @riley: Are there two issues of Shield left? I thought only one.

    • @RileyArmpit32: Not that any of us are privy to the man’s finances, or should be talking about them really, but a successful creator-owned book (of which Hickman has several) can be MUCH more lucrative than working at Marvel. From what I’ve been told, the highest paid writer and the highest paid artist in comics do not currently work at Marvel or DC.

    • @USPUNX The second series was meant to be a six-parter like the first & we’ve only had four issues so far!

      @Conor I am not claiming that success on creator owned related books can’t mean good earnings, but when you work for a major company like Marvel then the demands are much more regular as would the consistency of pay. So when you work for a major company & are writing a flagship book with a summer crossover event coming I would assume that’s where your key time & efforts would be spent more!

    • @RileyArmpit32: You said “Lets be honest Marvel pays the bills & is where the big bucks are…” which is not necessarily an accurate statement.

    • @Conor When you’re writing a flagship title & doing a summer event for a major company, I would say that does mean big bucks & regular income guaranteed!

  9. I’m still enjoying this book, but I’m kind of bummed that the whole Star-Brand thing got set aside and apparently forgotten.

    • Nothing is forgotten, it’ll play a big role – if Hickman’s F4/FF work is any indication.

    • Yeah if Hickman stays true to form Star-Brand should be back in some small way in the next arc possibly and then in a big way maybe 2 arcs from now.

  10. I see all of the negative comments about this book, and it seriously blows my mind. This book is consistently amazing, to me.

  11. I subscribed for twelve issues.

    Haven’t read ’em yet.

    I might get the second dozen at a half-price sale.

    Or just read the library’s copy of the trade.

  12. Avatar photo consafo80 (@consafo80) says:

    I’m liking it so far I’m just getting a bit impatient to see where it goes. But I guess I’ll just learn to chill and enjoy the story and not worry about “the big picture” I’m sure all will be revealed.


    Solid issue. I am really starting to love Hyperion. To me he is the breaaway star of this comic. I’m really hoping Hickman doesn’t simply kill him off in some weird or dumb way. Inferior Spiderman didn’t come off as quite a big of a prick in this issue, and for that I am thankful. I thought the Terminus fight would last longer but I actually like the way the cinflict was resolved.

  14. I really like Thor and Hyperion as the godly equivalent of the Science Bros.

    And I don’t understand the distate for Deodato I’ve been noticing lately — I thought this issue looked great.

    • The way he draws looks rendered on a computer, more than drawn with a pencil. Especially the way some of the faces look and some of the posing. He’s definitely gotten a lot better since Dark Avengers but oddities still crop up from time to time. Look at the Zebra kids, they just look weird and unnatural some times (not in the way they should either). It’s odd because I like the way he draws Thor and Hyperion.

    • @Ken: I’m always happy when I read a Thor/Hyperion scene!

  15. I feel like this issue wrapped up a bit too nicely. I’m loving Hyperion and Thor’s friendship and I hope we see more of that. But again, this all was handled pretty easily for those two so no real sense of drama. Deodato really impressed me with this run and he did a great job again on this issue. That page of Thor throwing his hammer was a mighty good layout by him.


    • You have two god-like beings in the party. I don’t think the emphasis was ever placed on the actual fight. The trials and tribulations of finding the children and the shared brotherhood of two outsiders was more important.

  16. As some have mentioned Hyperion is really becoming a fantastic character.

    I do find that some weeks for this title are stronger than others but I am still really enjoying the ride.

  17. This two parter was fantastic. I’m really enjoying the structure Hickman has in place here, shifting between different characters and sub-teams. I’ve enjoyed every issue but obviously some have been better than others. This was certainly one of the better ones.

    This was also the best Deodato I’ve seen in a while. Ever since Dark Avengers all his work has been colored with so much black and shadow it got too dull and dreary. The brighter coloring in these Avengers issues has made a big difference.

  18. Having been a fan of Deodato’s art for awhile I would say this is some of his best ever. With the asterisk of I was some pages in when I realized all of the jungle art was Photoshopped. Normally I hate when artists used Photoshop because usually they are being too lazy to letter or are just bad with it. This looked good. It blended in well.

    The storyline I like but sometimes feels too cosmic and there sometimes are too many characters. This likely would read better as a trade. Not really digging Thor and Hyperion. Too touchy feely for my tastes.

  19. Avatar photo consafo80 (@consafo80) says:

    Although I found some parts poor, mainly the the dialogue between Spider-man and Spider-woman. But overall an enjoyable issue. Hyperion is fast growing into a favourite character. Looking forward to Infinity kicking off.

  20. I really loved everything about this issue the story, the art, the colouring & Hyperion is starting to appeal a lot more.

    Hopefully Deodato can continue his pretty decent style in New Avengers!

    My pick of the week.

  21. I actually think I like this more than new avengers. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love both but for me plain ol’ avengers comes out on top.

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