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• The greatest heroes in comics together on one unbeatable team!

• Now shipping twice a month, the Avengers “go large,” expanding their roster and their sphere of influence to a global and even interplanetary level. When Captain America puts out his call – who will answer?

• Big threats, big ideas, big idealism – these are the Avengers NOW!

Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Jerome Opeña
Colors by Dean White
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Dustin Weaver, Skottie Young, Esad Ribic, J. Scott Campbell

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 67.6%
Avg Rating: 4.4
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  1. I hope this is great.

  2. twice a month? no thank you

    • Agreed. I really want to get on the ground level with Hickman on the Avengers, but I’m just sick of the double shipping of $4 dollar books that are not worth $4. So many of the regular shipping $3 books are WAY better than the double shipping $4 books (Daredevil, Punisher, FF just to name a few), and I really do know why as they are pushing it too hard to make money on these books. The writing somewhat and the art definitely suffers when things are double shipped.

      I’m on the verge of cancelling a bunch of Marvel titles because of this and just get the trades and $3 books so as to hurt them in the pocket book a bit. I would like to see others do this, but alas, I think that is just a pipe dream.

    • @monsterduc1000 that’s what I’m planning on doing. I’m buying the #1s of series I think I’ll like and then trade-waiting on the ones that I enjoy.

    • I’ll add that I’m replacing those books with independent comics so I’m not hurting my retailer too bad and I’m helping a creator even more. Makes me feel even more accomplished.

    • Not worth $8 a month? Is that a lot of money or something?

    • @wushugushu for 40 pages of comics? not when I could be getting 2 other comics with different content and the same page count for $6. It all adds up. When you’re a college kid working a part time job, that stuff matters to me. $8 is lunch and dinner, if you spend it right.

    • Good thing ill only be paying 6.40 two issues then huh..
      Im a college student and buying 50+ comics a month that i only read once isnt stuff that matters that much to me…
      Guess im a great student

    • Damn….

      And it never stops.

      I come here to read about the book not price/double shipping bitching.

      If you cannot afford comics, please stop buying them.

    • I won’t be getting it either because of the double shipping and $3.99. But apparently somebody is. It’s first this week in pulls. Let me know if it’s good and I might pick it up in a trade!

    • @wushugushu: “Good thing ill only be paying 6.40 two issues then huh..”

      Just think, for $0.80 more you could get a third book if they were $3 with your discount =D

    • If you’re worried about your wallet console yourself with the once monthly New Avengers. That’s what I’m doing. If adjectiveless Avengers turns out to be great you can always get it in trade or buy the back issues when you are in a more fiscally sound position.

    • @kmob181 Except I’m betting New Avengers and Avengers will be interwoven, together making for a better whole than either separately. Plus, Marvel is slowly switching over to 4 comics in a hardcover TPB format, which means it’s actually cheaper to buy the comics than wait for trades. Obviously if you get a discount on either the comics of the trades this dynamic changes but, in general, TPB’s are fast becoming less of the bargain they used to be. 🙁

    • i agree, why not take the time to have a decent story line instead of cashing in on the cow. there are a lot of good 3 dollar comics such as winter soldier, uncanny x force and hawkeye. i use to love wolverine but those story lines are so cold and used it feels like leftovers. hopefully marvel can pull their heads out of their butts and put some heart into the stories.

  3. If the stable of great artists could keep up – then two times a month – sure! Hickman has become a must buy for me. I cannot wait to read this.

  4. Twice a month? at $3.99 a pop? Come on Marvel, enough with this double shipping crap. So many great books that I either end up dropping, or don’t even bother picking up cause I just can’t afford them all, & now I can add this to that list.

    • They seem to think it’s a selling point. For some people it seems to be, but there is a good deal of backlash, too.

      Why don’t they say “Now shipping twice a month AND for an extra buck!” That would really boost sales.

    • It is possible to get 20% off on issues at many retailers

    • Yeah it sucks but I get 25% off and my comic store

    • I totally understand the price point being an issue, as well as the double-shipping. To help combat the pricing challenge, one solution would be to buy your books from a discount service. You can usually get these titles for 35% off (in some cases 50% off).

      Just an idea to help cope with the “Marvel Double-shipping Blues”!

  5. If this book lives up to its potential what’s the problem getting it twice a month? I’m actually pretty excited about this and Superior Spider-Man being Marvel’s two regularly double shipping books. I think those first two years of Hickman’s Fantastic Four would have read much better at an accelerated shipping rate.

    • Agreed. If it’s a high quality book and it can maintain that quality at a twice monthly rate, I got no problem with forking over the moneys. Plus, it’s Hickman. I’ll give anything he writes a try.

    • I think the problem is that a lot of times, there is a dip in quality. While I would have loved Hickman’s FF run to come out faster, I wonder if the art would have been as stellar throughout the entire run.

  6. I haven’t read F4, but his Ultimates is probably the best Avengers book ever. The fact that it ended abruptly does not change that, which is a testament as to how bad Avengers comics are.

  7. Dropped Uncanny Avengers because this is were all the great shit will happen.

  8. The double shipping of this is really going to test my nerve….

    But it is Hickman writing Avengers and that alone is worth it for me.

  9. This book looks awesome! Newsarama’s giving #1 10/10

  10. Hickman just wrote one of my favorite runs for a superhero book in F4…uh YEAH I’m picking this up! Opena doesn’t hurt either!

  11. The double shipping is a potential barrier for me as well. It will have to deliver consistently each issue to keep my interest. I’m already picking up Captain America, Thor, Uncanny Avengers and Red She-Hulk. I’d like to get New Avengers and Young Avengers too. That’s a pretty big investment in Avengers-themed books within a few months time and while they all show great promise I’m concerned that amount of content will burn me out.

    But I’ll at least buy the Opena issues of Hickman’s Avengers. Opena and awesome and that should be plenty of time for Hickman to sell it.

  12. If you consider Fantastic Four AND FF, Hickman’s already written a double-shipping book. Sure, it was two series, but if you read both, you know it was one story. Was it entirely worth it? Abso-frickin’-lutely.

    Hickman’s stories are big and the book will benefit, I’m sure. The only thing I’m worried about is the artists. Opena? Great. Kubert? Cool. Weaver? Fantastic. Deodato? Kill me. After that? Who knows…

    We’ll have to wait and see.

    To me, double-shipping only means: read less series & pick those you REALLY care about. Hickman is probably my favorite writer right now, so I can’t complain here. If I had to drop everything, I’d probably only keep his work (Ok, as well as Snyder’s and Lemire’s…).

  13. Just because it’s coming out twice a month vs. once a month, that doesn’t mean you have to read or even buy it twice a month. (Or am I just speaking from the calm, secure place of a digital comics reader?)

  14. I don’t care about the double-shipping, I’ve made way in my pull list to get all of Hickmans Avenger titles.

    This is hopefully going too be what I want & expect from a superteam book & damn reading newsarama’s review whetted my appetite big time. So any doubters check it out?!
    Otherwise Hickman is the best writer out there at the moment for me especially his stories, the way he writes his characters, the premises all just tick my boxes & I will gladly be getting this for as long as he’s on it!

  15. I’ll check out the first issues, cause the story sounds good and the creative team is awesome. but double shipping every month with an 3,99 price tag? hard for my budget, especially when in fact there are 4 books you wanna get for the story. i liked the new cap, uncanny and thor already, but at least 2 will have to go (looks like uncanny is first)

  16. Im really excited for Hickman avengers plus openea art

  17. The double shipping doesn’t bother me. If I’m strapped for cash, I’ll just wait and buy the issue later.

    I’m, perhaps, not as excited as many on the site, as Hickman’s FF never quite clicked with me, but the pages I’ve seen from this look pretty spectacular. I’m definitely in for the start.

  18. Why is this being released every other week? We all know we’re probably going to need to also pick up Hickman’s New Avengers as well (I’m sure the two titles will be interwoven). Just, ugh. Heh, Marvel is probably double shipping that book as well! Get an Avengers book every week they said, you’ll love it they said. Mean while, I’m going bankrupt. 🙁

    Should be a good comic though, it’s really tempting.

  19. Subscribed.

    I wonder how many 12-issue subscriptions I’ll burn through in a year.

  20. Just heard a podcast interview with Hickman where he talks a bit about double shipping. Apparently, the creators haven’t always been privy to the particular issues that will be double shipping. He also said he’s contracted for 36 issues of Marvel work a year. So rather than be subject to an erratic double shipping schedule, Hickman intends there to be 24 issues of Avengers and 12 of New Avengers in a year.

    So even if you don’t like double shipping, it sounds like — in this instance — Hickman’s trying to make it as consistent and reliable as he can.

    • That sounds pretty cool.

      It’s nice to be able to have an annual subscription actually last for a year.

      I knew Avengers was double-shipping; nice to know it won’t be thrice-monthly.

      Because they often ship 18 issues of a hot comic in its first year or so.

      If I didn’t subscribe, I could no longer afford Marvel comics.

      Based on the issue-dump they are doing on other titles, I’ll be dropping some books.

  21. I’m really torn here. I’ve never read FF, but I love Manhattan Projects, Secret Warriors, and SHIELD. And while Uncanny Avengers stars a lot of chracter I enjoy plus Remender, this roster also has a lot of intrigue. With the double shipping factor, I’m limiting myself to one Avengers title. I’m giving this three issues (just as I’m giving UA) to grab me by the sack.

  22. Loved Hickman’s F4/FF and Ultimates run so really looking forward to this….but will be getting in trade as I find he reads better that way, may save me a couple of bucks and it will be shipping frequently enough that there shouldn’t be a huge wait.

  23. Does anyone have a complete list of exactly which Marvel titles are of the $3.99 double-shipping variety? I know Avengers, Spider-Man, and Wolverine and the X-Men are. Is Thor God of Thunder a double shipper also or just $3.99?

    • I’d check the solicits. If a book is double shipping that month, it’ll be noted there.

    • Good idea. Thankee.

    • It’s tricky too, because I know a few books are double-shipping for their first, if not first couple of, months and then going back to monthly. I think it’s the case for both Thor and Iron Man. All-New X-Men and Avengers, as well as Wolverine & the X-Men and Sup Spider-Man are steady double-shippers, I think…

    • Avengers and Superior Spider-Man are the only two Marvel books that are double shipping monthly. All of this double shipping at the beginning of Marvel NOW was more about Marvel setting up the books quickly, from what I understand all the other books should be monthly with occasional double shipping.

  24. This book was everything that JLA should have been when it started the DC re-launch.
    Excellent and majestic its scope and execution.

  25. Now we’re fucking talking, this what a super-team should be & there’s so much great stuff on offer!!!

    Definitely my POTW by a country mile!

  26. this was good, not great. For me(new to avengers) there were to many things going on that I had to infer from text. I don’t know any of the characters except the main 5 and all those panels of the members responding to Caps call, I have no idea who any of them are. The art was beautiful through out, so hoping the story is a little clearer next time.

    • Hickman is being deliberately ambiguous, here. I don’t think everything needs to spelled out, now does it? Sure, recognizing one or two characters might help, but I wouldn’t be too worried that characters are going to get their proper introductions, recruiting scenes, etc., further down the line. As far as I know, all the villains are new, so that’s entirely on purpose.

      Notice how Hickman creates a two month ellipsis at the very beginning? I’m sure we’ll get our share of flashbacks elucidating who’s who. With Hickman, patience is the name of the game.

      I’m not entirely new to the Avengers, but I personally have very little background as to a lot of the characters Hickman’ll be using. Yet based on his other works and the ways he’s able to weave new & old characters and concepts together seamlessly, I’m not too worried it’ll all make perfect sense.

      My only complaint as far as this issue is concerned is that this felt like getting the first 10 minutes of a long epic movie. This makes sense since it’s double-shipping….and I think case, I’m glad it is!

    • Yeah no clue who they are but they havent even been introduced yet.. Since this isnt a one issue story im sure well find out soon

  27. Well, that was…a comic book. Kinda boring. And the crappy coloring isn’t doing the pencils any favors. Maybe somewhere down the line I’ll pick up a trade, but there was nothing here to get me back in two weeks.

  28. Loved it – it just felt… BIG. In terms of the scope and size of the ideas in this book – it’s very promising. What I kept thinking of as I was reading this was Kirby’s Fourth World (again, in terms of scope and size of the ideas, not necessarily content).

  29. I thought this was a great first issue and Dean White on colors was a nice surprise for me.

  30. I don’t get all this nonsense of being pissed over double publishing. Maybe it’s because I’m a new reader in the past year but, damn, I figure if the work is worth it, then it’s worth it. If not, don’t buy it. Different incomes dictate the volume of books people are afforded the chance to follow. So $4 books can feel like $8 or $12 books to some and to others $2 books. It’s a value claim that doesn’t deserve backlash against Marvel. And all this speculation of double publishing in a month affecting the writer’s and artist’s quality? Read it first. Again standards are different for everyone.

  31. This was fucking fantastic. It did a great job of establishing the tone of the book and dropping in some nice hints on where the book’s gonna go in the future. Also, anyone that says the pencils and coloring are crap are straight up bonkers. This was so goddamn gorgeous to look at.

  32. Wow, this book goes straight onto the pull list. Pure awesome. I’m glad this ships twice a month.

  33. Darn it! I wanted to hate this book because I don’t want to spend 8 bucks a month on it but… It.Was.Awesome. Avengers is now on my pull list.

  34. Like almost all of the Marvel Now #1s I’ve tried, this felt like a 0 issue; however, it was a well-crafted issue that was very derivative of a very famous X-Men story. I enjoyed this and will give this book another month. If I’m this happy with this book in Feb. I’m definitely continuing 4/5

    Also on board for New Avengers.

  35. My fucking shop was sold the fuck out!

    Damn you, iFanbase!
    Why’d you all have to go and heap such fucking praise on this fucking book?!

    … In the biz, we call that transference.

  36. My only concern is that something catastrophic would happen and he won’t get to finish these stories, like he did with the Ultimates, which is still a great arc despite the botched ending.

  37. This was god awful. Really bad. I really like Hickman but this was complete ass. Pick of the week? WTF? Thunderbolts was way better as were many other titles. #disappointed

    • Agreed. There was nothing to like here. It was just a jumbled mess.

    • The Thunderbolts was better…? Do you not like sweeping epics, dialogue or plot? The Thunderbolts was terrible. It isn’t even comparable to the work of art that was Avengers #1. It wasn’t a jumbled mess, it was a non-linear, narrative story that teases you with plot threads that are yet to come.

    • A friend of mine read the new Thunderbolts & said it sucked ass big time & he’s a fan of Way/Dillon, thankfully I was never going to go near that one.


    • I could see how someone might not like Hickman’s take on The Avengers, but god awful? Jumbled mess? Come on now. Are you Daniel Way @Gillaz?

      All joking aside, I’d be interested to hear more about why you didn’t like it or why you thought it was complete ass.

  38. I’m not often giddy and all grins at the end of a comic. This one did it.

  39. My favorite parts were the big blank pages with two words capitalized or one big diagram. Now that’s why I buy comics!

    • Don’t you dare talk crap about that diagram. 🙂

      I love that thing and I can’t wait to see it completed. I especially like that Hulk’s icon is just a big block “H”.

      And while I get that the double page title spread can come off as a bit decadent, I don’t believe it counts against the number of story pages. So if anything, it kept you from seeing an advertisement!

    • I thought contrast of the two page title spread was striking and effective. I’m sure the appeal will diminish if they keep doing the same thing every issue but hopefully that won’t be the case.

    • I’m with Ken. Don’t you dare talk shit about the Double page title spreads. It’s not a Hickman book without them and only he can get away with it.

  40. Did anyone else attempt to use the Marvel AR app on this book and find that all of their icons linked to the wrong video? Three Marvel AR logos, each one linked to a video about a *different* page with an AR logo on it. So, e.g., I use the app on the page in the middle of the book where hulk is in the foreground as the Avengers are coming out of the ship, and it shows a video of the pencils and inks for several pages later, where Cap has been strapped to a rocket ship. Frustratingly, when I used the app on that page’s logo, it read to me the whole “Assemble at dawn” sequence before I had even read it myself. It’s already of questionable use to anyone, but when they can’t even connect you to the right content, this AR stuff is worse than worthless.

  41. Wow. Stellar. Greatly reminded me of early Uncanny X-force. I only pray Opena sticks around longer.

    This might be replacing uncanny avengers for me.

  42. With RR’s run on UXF I had been picking up Uncanny Avengers but I haven’t been impressed and for me the art has let it down. So it looks like I’ll be dropping that and replacing it with Avengers. loved this. Opena’s art is fantastic and Hickman got me into FF and i’m still enjoying Manhattan projects so picking up this book is a nobrainer really.

  43. Hmm. Well, this kind of confirmed some of my concerns about Hickman. For me, myself, the Avengers is a book about personalities and character, and so Hickmans’ sterile, emotionless writing never seemed a good fit. The big ideas are big and awesome, but I wish they were tempered with a little more… life? Soul? I dunno.

    A good first issue, but not great. I’m in for an arc, at least.

    • I like that word ‘sterile’ to describe his writing.

    • The crazy thing is…Hickman’s F4 run was ALL heart and personality. That said, I know he was playing to the “family” aspect of the F4 and not so sure you can get that personality and emotion with the Avengers where they almost seem like mythic characters in this issue. We’ll see!

    • I think once we get passed all the set up and get a more stable team line up, we’ll see a lot more emotion and characterization that you see in Hickman’s other work. I mean, if you look at FF or Manhattan Projects, you get a lot of emotion and humor in those books. He may just need to settle into it. Plus, I think Hickman has a lot of big ideas he wants to get to so plot is gonna take a front set for a while.

    • I suppose. I had a lot of trouble getting into Hickman’s FF for the same reason, however. As excellent as the stories are, it always feels like he’s writing the characters a bit too clinically for my tastes. Too much head, not quite enoughh heart. But, again, we’ll see. I’m definitely in on this story.

  44. Loved it, exactly what I wanted and hoped for from a Hickman Avengers comic.

  45. Love, love, loved this. Maybe its just me being Filipino by association but Opena’s art is th ebest thing out there and what can I say about Hickman. He has been writing the best material in comics for the past two years and this is no exception. I don’t think I’ve read any other writers single issues over and over again as many time as I have with him. I really wanted to make Daredevil End of Days my pick of the week but I just couldn’t. This was way too good.

  46. Don’t get me wrong, I really liked it but what was up with Cap’s big single tear? lol. “Wahhh my fwends are captureded! :'(“

  47. I was very happy with this issue. I was actually bummed when I turned to the last page because I knew we all had to wait another 2 weeks for the next issue 🙁

  48. I enjoyed it. I’m not hooked yet but it’s a great start and is the type of story I want from an Avengers comic.

    The art is completely fantastic on all levels, as expected from a team like Opena and White. I particularly love Opena’s Hulk with that classic-style facial structure.

  49. This is an awesome first issue, I’m in it for the long haul. The art is absolutely a-mazing too.

    My POTW for sure.

  50. Loved it. It’s getting pulled. Even with double shipping. I wish Marvel would get rid of the “free” digital copy and just charge $2.99

    • They would charge 4 bucks regardless. This is going to sell like hotcakes regardless of price, so Marvel may as well get the most bang for their buck (at least that’s what the bean counter say).

  51. Well written. Best mainstream written book since Scott Snyder on Batman.

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