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Avg Rating: 4.4
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Story by Jonathan Hickman
Art by Jerome Opeña
Colors by Dean White
Letters by Cory Petit
Cover by Dustin Weaver, Skottie Young, Esad Ribic, J. Scott Campbell

Size: 32 pages
Price: 3.99

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  1. I feel the same way about this book will check out the preview for # 2 to see if it interests me if not its uncanny avengers for me as well

  2. WTF-This book was a knockout to me.The Avengers series before this was a snoozefest.Going nowhere fast.I rate this issue an easy 5!

  3. You must have never read Infinity Gauntlet where Thanos kills ever superhero and Cap stands up to him and will not surrender. That was even a more dire situation than the one you speak of. Cap always goes in against insurmountable odds so I’m not sure how much Cap you have actually read. I thought this issue was enjoyable. Not the best but definitely one of the best of the week.

    • Cap walked up to Thanos with zero chance of winning against Thanos wearing the gauntlet and got right up in his face.One of the best moments in Marvel history.

    • Agreed. I think Hickman taking the Avengers into cosmic territory and using star-faring heroes is going to throw some for a loop, but those who have been fans of the Avengers from before the street-level era of Bendis understand that some of greatest Avengers adventures have been in space (Infinity Gauntlet, Kree-Skrull War, Operation: Galactic Storm, etc).

      Also, what the hell is everyone’s problem with Hyperion? Have none of you people read the original Squadron Supreme, or JMS’ excellent Supreme Power miniseries. Hyperion is an interesting character, he’s not just a Superman knock-off.

    • I agree. That was the only part of the review I take issue with though. So the Avengers are building a larger team? Wow, this hasn’t happened… Since about 5-7 years ago before they closed down all the Avengers titles and rebooted with New Avengers…

  4. Totally Agree with the review. I thought the art was horrible and the writing felt like a parody. I loved Hickman on FF but this just seems to bad so far.

  5. Call Hyperion a Superman knockoff or whatever but I always enjoyed that character since the 12 issue Squadron Supreme in the 1980’s.I was hoping one day he would make it as an Avenger.Better him anyday than Sentry.

  6. Seriously, this review is for a book that doesn’t exist. The reviewer spent the first half of the review contemplating what Hickman was thinking based on character appearances where said characters do not say a word, and he spends the middle portion of the review complaining about Hickman’s characterizations. I do not know how you could claim that Hickman does not want to write this book when clearly he has put a lot of effort and forethought into creating this issue. You may not like the direction he is taking the team and you may not agree with his characterization, but you cannot call this a bad comic. Next time, the review should stick to reviewing what’s actually on the page.

    • I do agree with you, the review felt clueless as to what I’ve read & the premise just didn’t make sense. Complaining about new characters before you’ve even gotten to know who they are & how they fit into the Avenger mould just seems a little pre-pre-negative. But hey each their own!

  7. I’m glad to have read this review to see that not EVERYONE loved this issue although i enjoyed it enough it was ok i felt and the art was amazing overall I have it a 4 . My big issue with it was the new space type of characters and tone of the book in general did not interest me enough to continue but for someone reason the premise for New avengers sounds way more intriguing so ill be checking that out instead

  8. Re: the comments here

    Yeesh. Funny how the usual laissez-faire “Everything’s subjective” dictum goes out the window whenever someone dares not love a much-hyped POTW.

    I disagree with the review to an extent, but often I find that the glowing reviews of Hickman don’t really even seem to examine closely what he’s doing, but rather just bask in the ideas of the ideas of the ideas of his ideas. I like Hickman a lot but it’d be nicer if more readers actually paid more attention to and responded to, well, the actual text. Hickman isn’t a perfect writer. No one his. Hickman’s style varies greatly, and I think he’d be the first to admit that not all of his relatively avant garde superheroics are totally successful.

    There’s an awful lot of group-think going on. There are people who, month after month, insisted that Hickman’s FF run was the greatest in the titles history. Putting aside the question of whether or not these reviewers have even read the Lee/Kirby or Byrne runs, judging by their reviews it doesn’t even seem that they could answer basic questions about what exactly Hickman did that was so great. Again, I generally like most of Hickman’s stuff, but just waving your hands and saying “BIG IDEAS, BIG IDEAS! THIS IS *BIG*! THIS IS SUPER-SCIENCE HICKMAN STYLE!” doesn’t really mean much to discerning readers who don’t just buy into every hot thing out there.

    • I think you’ll find it is subjective solely to Hickman & what he does, for me personally I have never read an Avengers comic in my life but do have an understanding of the characters/team that are involved, the same goes for the Fantastic Four/FF which I have no interest in reading by anyone else. So I am completely biased in this situation & my opinions go with my expectations of what Hickman can do as a writer/creator. I have always been a fan of his & will continue to do so for the rest of my collecting days!

      So I guess when someone criticises him, I can’t help but feel a little defensive & I guess think ”why can’t everyone else like what I like”, but that’s my absurdity to the situation. Lets face it we aren’t all going to like the same things on any level & that’s a foible to our personal opinions.

      Fuck it can’t win ’em all, but I like’d a lot!

    • @flapjaxx: Please. You’ve put more thought and reason into your criticism of Hickman than this reviewer, whose argument basically boils down to “I don’t like it, so I am going to create false motivations for Hickman.” It’s lazy, and calling that out is not a symptom of group-think.

      Your criticisms of both the comicbook community on this site and Hickman are all valid, and I would prefer having that discussion than reading vitriol for the sake of vitriol.

      Is Hickman perfect? My god, no! There are portions of Secret Warriors and F4/FF where he completely loses the plot, both literally and figuratively. The last half dozen issues of F4/FF really didn’t need to exist, except that Hickman was playing with telling “one-n-done” stories after telling one really long story. I am okay with this because he did manage to produce one of my favorite runs of all time in the process, despite its flaws, so I am going to cut him some slack.

      And, I would agree that that people who are praising this issue of Avengers the loudest (myself included) are more excited about what MIGHT follow this issue than what IS actually contained within the pages. Given where Bendis took the Avengers over the last eight years (which wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea), given Hickman’s tendencies, and given the brief glimpses of what we seen in this issue, I think people are really just excited about where this book is likely to go. Hickman really hasn’t done anything yet that is all that impressive. We will see what we will see. He could still blow it. But, for my money, he’s off to a really good start, and I can’t wait for #2.

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