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Maxine and Buddy swim to the heart of the Life Web and come face to face with the Totems…caretakers of the Red. But before they can get answers, the Hunters Three attack.

Meanwhile, Ellen and Cliff fight for their lives back home. The Hunt heats up!

Written by JEFF LEMIRE
Art and cover by TRAVEL FOREMAN

Price: $2.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 14.5%


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Avg Rating: 4.5
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  1. Not really loving this issues cover – the first two were pretty outstanding.

    But….I am loving this story and the mystery of The Red.

  2. I hope things work out for Buddy Baker….. but not just yet. This is going to be a wild ride.

  3. Buddy and his daughter are great protagonists. Having fun and not at all sure what to expect!

  4. I don’t know who names their kid Travel, perhaps Carny-folk, but his art is making this a must buy comic.

  5. That kid is A-1 creepy.

  6. Most excited about this book.

  7. I love this book along with Swamp Thing, but I’m going to buy those in trades from now on. My pull list is much too high and I think reading the story in 1 contained format is a better option.

  8. Sounds like where going to get some action in this issue. Hope the cover isn’t lying. Buddy looks angry.

  9. Just saw the CBR preview…I absolutely can not wait to read this. Continues to look amazing.

    • I don’t read previews for books i know i’m getting anymore, makes them feel that much shorter to me on wednesday. like i’m buying a 16 page comic.

    • Oh, I hear you. But when Lemire tweeted it I couldn’t resist. There was even a somewhat major plot point revealed but I’m still totally amped and will enjoy rereading the first 4 or 5 pages.

  10. Very good but still unsure of my rating. I felt as if many great things happened and it was well executed but part of me wanted a clearer idea of what precisely is going on. I pieced most of it together but still I felt that the delivery was a little too ambiguous and it came across as somewhat melodramatic.

    • Are you reading Swamp Thing? I only ask because I read this weeks issue before reading this and I think it helped a whole lot. Swamp Thing really explained The Rot and made this book even better. I think these two books should be read together. They complement each other perfectly.

    • Agreed, I always read Animal Man and Swamp Thing back to back as companions pieces. They both feel very much part of the same world.

  11. This was FANTASTIC! 5/5 I love this book!

  12. I’m in the “fantastic” camp as well. Great issue! I still need to read Action but this was a 5/5 and a solid contestant for POTW. My favorite thing about this, other than the amazing art and gripping story, is that I want the next issue now! Mark of a great book right there.

  13. I love Cliff and Ellen, they were my favourite part of the issue. This is what Marvel lost when they gave up Peter and MJ. Lemire is showing how effective a superheros support structure can be. They are really heroes in their own life, and I love how Lemire keeps juxaposing the normal life of these people with the weirdness surrounding them.

    The action is the red was a little difficult to read, I’m getting a bit bored with cryptic talk from mystic creatures, but I’m interested in the gist of what was said.

    Still one of my favourite books in the reboot.

    • “I’m getting a bit bored with cryptic talk from mystic creatures”. This is my only criticism as well.

      I’m torn between this and JLI for my POW.

  14. I thought this was Fantastic. The Totems are some freaky shit, and they are the good guys! haha. Foreman’s art is perfect for the story, and what a great last page.

  15. Wow once again what a great issue and a 5 for me, im still not done my entire stack but so far this is a POW for me and if it ends up being that would be 3 in a row now for Animal Man.

  16. Still the best book I can’t believe I like. Chilling and wonderous all at once.

  17. Just like last month, I read Swamp Thing and thought it couldn’t be any better and then I read this. POTW. Story was great and the art melted my f^&king eyeballs (in an awesome way). AM and ST are on another level.

  18. The art here is crazy awesome… I love this twisted psychedelic world of Red. Really looking forward to see what happens with Maxine!

  19. good issue. i would like more of the family interactions at home. that one the best thing about the first issues.

  20. Creepy and awesome!

  21. Another awesome issue. Haven’t finished all my books yet, but if swamp thing and stormwatch are as good as this my head might explode.

  22. I understand the style of art and how it works for this book however for me; not liking it. If there was some other artist on this book I do not think it would work and it would not be as impactful! Thats kind of weird I guess; however I can respect it and I can feel the story drawing me in so maybe the art is growing on me, it really has a purpose! So on that note I am still liking this book a whole lot more than I thought I was going to and gave it a 4.5 easy!

    Just sayin’,


  23. was it me or did the art seem off a little, like the inking or coloring i dont know?

  24. this is my surprise book of the year. i still cant believe FUCKN animal man is on my pull list much less one of the best of the year. i find the horror aspects compelling and thought provoking

  25. Travel Foreman’s art is a phenomenon. This title is an eyefeast. And the story ain’t half bad either. Keep ’em comin’, fellas.

  26. I don’t think a clean iconic Animal Man like how he’s appeared in the DCU in recent years, would work for this series. I also don’t see this working in a style similar to how Swamp Thing used to run under Alan Moore. This Animal Man book is meant to be disturbing and I think Travel Foreman’s work here fits that to a tee. It’s a horror that is meant to get under our skin and his work does that. I loved seeing how Buddy’s powers being magnified in the Red started to alter his body….Im looking forward seeing what comes, and Im pumped for the inevitable Swamp Thing/Animal Man team up

  27. I’ve made complete turnaround in my opinion of Foreman’s art. I think it fits this story perfectly and can’t imagine this book being as creepy if it looked any other way. Only three issues in and this is already putting out some of the best imagery in comics. Second POTW in a row for me, with Swamp Thing a close second.

  28. So very creepy. Yikes.

  29. This art is fantastic! Travel Foreman is….there are no words….there just isn’t. The Hunters Three are so f’n creepy, I could feel the terror and tension of that thing chasing down Buddy’s family. This is the best of the 52.

  30. I’m digging this book, but there were some serious writing problems in this issue. It was a prime example of failing the “show me, don’t tell me” rule. Except in this case, it was “tell me, then show me the exact thing you just told me”. Very sloppy.

  31. Not sure what it was but I didn’t love this. Thinking back on it, it was a good issue but I didn’t enjoy reading it. The art which I loved in the first 2 issues bothered me.

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