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• How did The Rot infect the DC Universe? Guest star John Constantine is here to tell you the hideous truth!

• The Red Kingdom faces an all-out attack by an army of the Rot, led by Felix Faust!

Written by Jeff Lemire
Art by Steve Pugh, Timothy Green, II, & Joseph Silver
Cover by Steve Pugh

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Avg Rating: 3.9
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  1. I love that Lemire is writing this and adding the JLD characters. Sad when he leaves, but now folks know the types of stories these characters work well in!

  2. Anybody kind of getting bored with Steve Pughs art? I’m really starting to miss Foreman now. Even the covers have been getting boring and repetitive.

  3. While I agree that things need to move along, I think this is still one of the best comics out there right now.

    don’t forget to vote today!

    and speaking of voting, who do you think would win a fight? Bruce Lee or Jackie Chan? Go cast your vote…

  4. I dropped this book as well last issue thinking the rotworld story is going on to long (also getting swampthing so it feels twice as long). I love Jeffs kick offs to books but i feel he doesnt hold up strong in the middle of runs. Looking forward to his green arrow though hopefully he breaks his treand there. (of course none of this is by any means fact its just IMOA)

  5. Went to grab this off the shelf and thought to myself, “Why am I still reading this?”. I honestly couldn’t think of a reason so….dropped.

    Maybe I’ll check back in once all this Rotworld stuff wraps up, but who knows when that’s gonna be. This series has been spinning it’s wheels for way too long.

  6. I keep expecting Vixen to show up to help. Maybe Beast Boy too?

  7. Parri (@pazzatron) says:

    Came on to comment about how I think this once great book is starting to feel really repetitive. Looks like I’m not alone. I’m dropping until the Rotworld concludes. It’s got to the point where I’m no longer bothered about how it all plays out.

    I love the characters and the writing but, 14 issues in, I want them to part of some new, interesting stories.

  8. Say WHAT?!!


    Gorilla Grodd in Animal Man? F*ck yeah! I mean this is about the most interesting thing to happen since Issue 7.

    I think GG’s appearance–which I think is cool–is exactly some other readers dislike this issue.

    Unfortunately, there was still WAY too much hand-wringing about how the Rot is too strong, you can’t stop it….blah, blah. Just get to the damn point. The Grodd bit is going to end up being a diversion from the real “Rotworld” plot anyway.

    Random…getting to see Rot-Deathstroke and Rot-Grifter and Rot-Atrocitus?–that was great.

    Overall, the issue felt pretty gimmicky and still didn’t move the plot much at all. 4/4 for story and art, but barely. (The gimmicks bumped it up a bit).

  9. All I can say is that I love Animal Man and Swamp Thing. They are my favorite New 52 books.

  10. I’ve been loving Animal Man since issue #1 And am loving Rotworld . Personally I don’t think it’s gone on too long. Although I’m sure there’s been people whining that that it’s been going on too long since #2.

  11. Oh and every issue someone comments that they dropped it cause of Steve Pughs art. His arts fine and he’s been the artist since issue #7 now. Get over it. I dropped Action Comics months back but I don’t keep commenting that I’ve dropped every issue since.

  12. Rot-Grifter, Hawk/Dove and Deathstroke — Fuck you, Liefeld! Great touch.

  13. Finally caught up with this month’s issues of Swamp Thing and Animal Man. I need to hurry up and drop them before the next issues come out.

    This whole Rotworld thing turned out to be a fail IMHO. There was an entire year of build up then the heroes stumbled into the event like a couple of morons. Then it has to be firmly planted within the DCU which detracts from the setup. I can’t take this future world seriously and all the Rot-ified heroes scream of a Blackest Night redux.

    The basic premise of the Red/Green/Rot war is solid. It fell victim to poor structure and pacing. I’ll actually drop them this time so no more complaining.

    One positive thing – I love Timothy Green and his art on the in-the-past sequences is great.

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