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  1. man that is a stellar cover

  2. I feel bad for the poor bastards who are missing out on this because of One More Day. Haha. This is Amazing Spider-Man at its best!

  3. Skipped last ‘ish. Glad to see all proper, can’t wait.

  4. Nice cover. Reminescent of ’30s Russian propaganda posters.

  5. Wow. Nicest Spidey cover I’ve seen in ages.

  6. Amazing Conver, no pun intended.

  7. dammit, scratch the n, I meant cover. Where’s the edit button???

  8. i just started reading ASM at issue 581 and fell in love. went to my LCS and got BND to current and am on BND Vol 2. EXCITING STUFF! I love it. Wish i had more time to read, i’d love to be caught up so i could get the full experience of these last couple issues.

  9. such a freaking awesome cover!!

  10. Is that a Punisher skull on his chest? Sure kinda looks like one. I wonder…

  11. @JackBurton34 good looking i didnt notice it is awesome. i bet punisher rescues him from jail or they just fight.

  12. @Jack Burton and JorgeVillatoro- I think those are just his tits and ribs. I highly doubt Punisher will be rescuing him seeing as how Harry will be.

  13. @Ruo21 – you my friend are a visionary

  14. Seeing these covers make me regret getting only the "Faces" variant for NWTD, back when. It would have looked really great, all the JRJR covers together in my box.

  15. Did I read something wrong that this is the last ASM for a month?

  16. @forestjwp i think it meant that there isn’t one next week but there is one the week after which would be in march

  17. I figured that as well, but I checked out so advanced dates on this book and it said March 18th?  I am guessing it has to do with the double ish to end this run, but I did like how the Extra books tied into the book especially with the courtroom situation invovling Matt Murdock. 

  18. Wow….wow, wow, wow….Being a Spider-Man fan most of 30 years, I can say this is about as good as it gets.  You gotta give it up to the whole team for getting everything they’ve been doing for the past year and change and tying it up in a way that makes complete sense.  To be honest, I had almost forgotten about the whole trial thing from EXTRA, but now it all comes full circle.  Can’t wait for the conclusion (even though I have to).

  19. Yeah, i’m really diggin the story and whatnot, but i thought JR JR’s art kinda took a nosedive in this issue when compared with his previous couple of issues which were STUNNING.

  20. Another week. Another forgettable issue of the man formelry known as Spiderman

  21. meh.

  22. The overarching story arc from the start of Brand New Day is now paying off, all in a single arc it would appear.  I thought the writing was solid with good Spider-Man-style dialogue and with each of the plotlines having enough time to breath without anything dragging.  And the art was clean and clear.  I loved Spider-Man’s restraint, the latest development in the Spider-Tracer-killer story, and the cameo by DD, even if I don’t in any way buy the premise that a court would allow Spider-Man to keep the mask on.  Curious to know what was missing for those readers that found this story to be forgettable or meh, though.

  23. I wasn’t collecting back in the day, I read Civil War in trades just to catchup. Obviously I missed something, Peter Parker revealed his identity as a move to support Tony Stark and the SRA. And now they are talking about how he is in violation of the act on page 7 (or 8). Did some sort of RetCon happen that I am unaware of?

  24. Solid issue. One thing I was confused about was which police officer was the one to blame for the tracers? Was Carlie getting in trouble for the tracers too? Vin and that other cop looked the same to me.

  25. JR JR art was not up to par in this issue. Loved the story but unfortunately the art got in the way.

  26. I absolutely hated OMD, but I gotta admit, I am loving ASM these days.  This is a great arc, and I find the book consistently enjoyable.  If you hated OMD but like spidey, you should do yourself a favor and think about jumping back on board.

  27. mountainwindcat – yes, you missed something, although it wasn’t technically a retcon.  In the story arc "One More Day" (finished about a year ago), Peter makes a deal with the devil (Mephisto) to have eveyone forget his identity (among other things), and since that point he’s been an unregistered fugitive.  Hope that helps…

  28. @Crin – A large number of the NYC police force appear to be to blame for the Tracers at this point, but when Carlie figured out what was happening and reported it, she and Vin were quickly framed and now they’re being set up by the conspirators (of whom Vin had been one) to be eliminated to hide the story and their own guilt.  Read those last few pages again and this time don’t take the report (regarding Vin and Carlie) at the end literally, but think of it from the stand point of a cover up and it’ll make more sense.

  29. @rwpos doesn’t help so much as annoy.

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