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  1. Barry Kitson is back.  As this issue has been talked up for months, I am interested to see if it lives up to the hype!

  2. I’m jumping on with this issue!

  3. This is the first Brand New Day issue that I’m NOT buying! Don’t get me wrong, it’s not due to some crazed political standpoint… it’s just that I (like most people around here) have to cut my week-to-week spending, and a one-shot about a war that in my mind has already been well and not-so-well represented plenty of times in more relevant venues isn’t going to coax $3 out of me.

  4. This looks like it is going to be an incredible issue.

  5. i got mine early through my subscription and its the most inspirational thing i’ve read about the war.

    i have two friends that are currently enlisted and im going to send each of them a copy.

  6. I might drop Spidey with this issue. It’s been great, but a tad on the expensive side.

  7. Yeah, I’m really looking forward to this. my brother is going over to Iraq soon

  8. this was a great story and i also learned so much about flash in this issues.


  9. I wanna say this in a non-trollish way and not bashing BND….

    I just wanna ask, why is this Flash Thompson issue so well? It’s been critically reviewed so well I gotta think that I’m missing something here other then an allegory of the Iraq war co-starring Flash. Not gonna bash anyone or anything about this issue, I’m just curious on why this is considered such a great issue….That is all. ^^;

  10. I still feel weird about having the Iraq war in the Marvel Universe.

  11. @TheNextChampion, I guess its getting good reviews because of the subject matter, but more likely because it was an extremely well written little story. I am opposed to the war in Iraq, and Flash Thompson gets on my damn nerves like no other, but this gives new perspective on both. Additionally, this is going to have long lasting effects on Flash that will either make his character more interesting, or just a plot device, but that is yet to be seen. That last page was a doozy, and even though you could kind of see it coming, I was still shocked by it. This was certainly my pick of the week.

    @AlexG, wars play a pretty big part in the Marvel U. Cap fought in WWII with the Invaders against the Red Skull and Hitler, Peter Parker’s parents were spies during the cold war, Punisher fought in Vietnam…

  12. Yeah, I guess it’s true that wars have been in the Marvel U, but given then I sort of wish that was interpreted in a different way. in a world with iron man, thor or the sentry (granted he’s a whiner) would we still get the same kind of wars? It’s not marvel’s responsibility to ask these questions, but I find it always leaves me feeling weird when I see too many current events in the fantasy marvel universe.

  13. It’s just funny to me that this seems to be getting better reviews by major critics then the entire ‘New Ways to Die’ arc. I didnt want to pick this up, stating I was offically done with this series after NWTD.

    But if this is getting great reviews then I want to give it a try. Seriously, this could be the first time I’ve heard something good coming from the side characters of BND. Shame my LCS was sold out of it by the time I got there.

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