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  1. It’s a great time to be a Romita fan! Between this Spidey arc and Kick-Ass, it feels like I’m getting the best comics out there. Can’t wait to read this one.

  2. Okay hold up: SPOILER!!!! (kinda)




    Previews for this issue (on ign) shows that Brock is scared of being close to the symbiote again. Now first off, I can understand if we still have Brock with cancer. Even if this ("isnt") a recon he could’ve gotten cancer anytime…But when he says ‘I purged you’ to Venom….Doesnt that imply the issue of Back in Black with him going crazy? Which wouldnt make sense cause he only had visions of Venom cause he recognized Aunt May….which would mean either bad editing or Marvel thinks no one would remember that….or he could’ve had that vision if he saw Spider-Man…which doesnt make sense cause he didnt visit a hospital for Aunt May and…….*head explodes again*

  3. I do not think I will be disappointed by this. I have faith with Slott and JRjr.

  4. @TheNextChampion

    Where do you get your spare heads? 🙂

  5. @J4K3: Luckily I regrow them ala ‘Men in Black’ style. It sucks cause I need a new keyboard after every time…

    Does anyone get my point though? It’s not huge continuity problem, but it makes my head hurt cause it’s such a small detail that seems to me got so looked over..

  6. @TheNextChampion – If it happened before Brand New Day, I don’t care.

  7. @conor: Considering that story happenend barely a year ago it should matter….The new Kraven chic is fine cause thankfully for Marvel, The death of Kraven happenend a year before this ‘reboot’ took away 20 years of stories. But if this Eddie Brock stuff only happenend recently, then the continuity errors might occur more frequently.

  8. this cover looks really good.

  9. I’m not gonna let continuity problems get in the way of a good story.  To me BND has been a success so far

  10. Did anyone else feel that Romita’s art fell short last issue. Felt rushed to me.

  11. @people complaining: Brock’s situation hasn’t been retconned or changed; it’s simply advanced logically onwards since the last issue of ASM in which he appeared (back in black). Wacker has stated this publicly.

  12. @goat: But he didnt get his visions of Venom til he saw Aunt May at the hostpital….So logically he shouldnt be acting like this at all.

  13. Just read this and .. WTF?!?

    Does Peter remember the whole deal with Mephisto?  A couple pretty blatant "Huh?" moments when he seems to be clearly mentioning it.  His convo with Norman Osborne, his mentioning of what "we" had done, the "now no one knows who I am -now-".  So, apparently he is aware of his circumstances.

    Are they trying to fix OMD?

    Theory:  Peter AND Mary Jane are both aware of the situation, that’s the deal that MJ made with Mephisto with the whisper at the end of OMD.  But they’ve agreed to stay apart.  Whatcha think?

  14. Chapter One of "New Ways to Die" was very promising, but this ish was a little off the grid… it seemed to spiral towards nowhere, just a lot of Norman Osborne and Venom. Seems like Spidey/PP was barely in this.

    Romita is still pleasing to look at, but not as much as the first issue, again.

  15. @bouv and patio: Geez I know right? Either Pete is mentioning something we have not seen yet….Or that Slott did not give a damn about continuity and made Pete somehow remember OMD….Either way it’s a big ‘oopsie’ to the Marvel editors.

    Oh and with that and my Eddie Brock line….Looks like I was right wasnt I? lol

  16. Metioning something we haven’t seen yet isn’t a mistake, it’s what leads to a "reveal".  It’s a pretty standard narrative device.

  17. @conor: But why would Marvel put that line in? I mean you could be right, it could be something for another issue in another month….But why would Slott add this line when: A) whatever ‘we’ means wont be revealed to til after this arc and B) when everyone will get confused by this line? It makes no sense, seriously it doesnt.

    Again maybe I am going a bit too far on this ‘mistake’. Obviously I’m not the only person confused by this line cause all the reviews have mentioned it! Man it’s gonna be a weird podcast this weekend. lol

  18. @TheNextChampion – I dunno, I wasn’t confused by it.  It didn’t even register.

  19. Wow, this issue screwed with my head, and I couldn’t even try to review it. Was good though, but slightly strange, all that inner monologue and stuff, references to OMD and BND wich I haven’t read. Think that I’m suffering from the new reader symptom. Its something I’ll have to reread once the arc is complete.

  20. Its not just you, @tittom. This issue was all over the place. And horrible on my part. Just didnt read well like the last issue did. I feel slighted by it almost.

  21. Eh, I don’t think it is a device to be revealed later.  It was intentionally blatant in this issue.

  22. This Is What I Want FromMy Spidey Comics!!! I posted last week that my excitement was building from last issue cause the story felt exciting. This issue just knocked myexcitement up so much. I loved the interraction between the Osborns and between norman and spidey, just all of it. I feel like i’m actually reading about characters with real personalities. Their interractions are so much more engaging. For a while i felt like the series was slipping but these last two issue have just felt so RIGHT!!!

  23. I can’t believe I like a Spidey comic as much as I do. I look forward to this book so much each week.

  24. Loved this issue.  But Marvel should be outsourcing all Norman Osborn dialogue to Warren Ellis

  25. Good poin Cutty, I kind of agree. This Norman O. did seem a little…dull

  26. I second the feeling that this issue was wrecked by the disclosure that somehow Peter Parker actually remembers the deal with  Mephisto.  That simply does not add up with what we’ve been told so far. 

  27. I didn’t get that Peter remembered the deal at all.

  28. It’s fine if you didnt get it conor, but it certainly seems like a lot of other people did.

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