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  1. Really looking forward to JRJR’s return to the book.  Add his art to Slott’s writing and this is the first arc in a while that I am really looking forward to.

  2. *sighs* So this is what peer pressure is like…..Here I am trying to avoid this bland BND nonsense…and here I am pushing myself to see this ‘New Ways to Die’ arc….Man this better be worth it.

  3. i can’t wait myself. out of all the artists to draw spider-man JRJr is my favorite of all time and man i can’t wait to see the thunderbolts get taken down a peg by a real challenge

  4. Kinda looking forward to this one.  Its had a pretty big buildup; hope it lives up to it.

  5. Thank god that last storyline is over. Can i get a Hell Yeah for JR jr. on spidey again?

  6. So this is two stories? Hopefully, it is at least a 20 page story and a back up, not a 11-11 split or something.  In any case, I am very excited to see Romita Jr. back on Spidey. It’s crazy, in the late 80’s and 90’s I couldn’t stand his art, but now he’s one of, if not my number one, favorite Spider-Man artist.

  7. god i hate backup stories

  8. @Andrew, did you read the part that says "double sized?"

    And if the thunderbolts are showing up to face down spidey, that should be really good.  Its interesting to see the ol’ hero versus hero fight when one of the parties is actually comprised of (ex?) villains.  Im looking forward to it.

  9. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    @cutty . . . Me, too. They always seem petty.

  10. Debating on whether or not to jump on board here..

  11. This begins to tie everything together (except Mephisto),  We have Menace, Green Goblin & The Thunderbolts, Mr. Negative, The DB, Frontline, Eddie Brock, Aunt May (who am I missing?) Two great stories.

  12. Plus we’ll be getting a 6-part storyline over the course of like 2 months.  That’s fucking fantastic

  13. I’m on record as liking BND but hating the last arc. That said, I simply don’t see how a Slott/JR Jr arc can fail.

  14. In the words of Don Cheadle from Oceans 11, it will be nice to work with some proper villains again

  15. All I’m thinking in my head is that: ‘It’s been 7 long months since this OMD debacale….and so far I see no reason for any of this to happen. Any of these stories would’ve worked fine with just Parker and MJ together.’

    So even if I am trying this arc out, I’m still meh on this BND run. I still see no special reason why ANY of these stories could’ve been done without OMD hanging in the background. Plus, does anyone get the weird feeling that continuity issues are going to happen in this? Cause if the back up is about Eddie Brock…then that’s gonna cause some problems with me.

  16. @ ActualButt, I did see that, but I’m unsure if "double-sized" meant literally twice the story or if it will just be "bigger."  Either way, I’ll eager to read it.


    @ The Next Champion

    I’m with you, I don’t think they needed to do this Brand More Day stuff, but they did and the stories have been pretty good. The stories may have been possible with MJ and I would have enjoyed reading them, but the fact remains, Marvel DID do this reboot and the stories have been good.  Now, as far as continuity goes, I’m going to predict that there absolutely will continuity problems, but they’ve successfully ignored the fact that now all the Avengers don’t know his identity, Normie Osborn was never born, etc.  We just need to roll with it. It’s more fun that way.  Plus, Eddie Brock should be Venom and we should see him once every ten years.  🙂

  17. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    De-ja-vu. I remember the cover for Civil War 5 had me hoping for a Spider-Man V. Thunderbolts showdown. Here’s hoping this story has copious pumpkin bombs, shredded costumes, and symbiote slime. Is Bullseye still on the T-Bolts?

  18. @Andrew: Double-Sized MEANS double-zied.

    @PymSlap: Yes, yes, and there’s a whole cover (next one I think) with just bullseye on it.

    Geez people, read the fine print before you think so negatively!

  19. Avatar photo PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    @goat77 . . . oh!dude, you’re so money. my enthusiasm could power a rocketship

  20. @ The Next Champion – The best BND arc was the one with MJ, hinting that there’s something left over from OMD that she knows that we don’t.  I think this is all going to come out as awesome when the OMD poop hits the fan.  What you have to remember, OMD was a reboot, but one that happened in-continuity.  And while the marks for MOST of BND are very good (there have been some clunkers in there among the good stuff), I think that, eventually, the whole Mephisto thing will come back to haunt Spidey in some way.  Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow… but someday.

    I mean, c’mon, it’s comics.  SOMEBODY’S going to do that story someday. 

  21. @Race: So if this OMD doesnt hit the fan by 2010….Then I guess I csn prove myself right in a couple of years? lol

  22. That’s one hell of a variant cover.

  23. So someone commented on my review but I dont see it up. Was it deleted or is there no comment for it?

    Anyway I think my review was fair and balanced. It’s a decent issue but it still gives me loads of problems with the overall theme of BND.

  24. The Romita/Janson art was very reassuring — two more talented professionals there may not be. The Slott story felt very familiar, like an old sweater… not unpleasant, but nothing new.

    I loved the Granov art on the wholly unnecessary backup.

  25. Well I think we all know who Anti-Venom is now.

    What I want to know is how all of Spidey’s old villains, not these upstart watered-down villains like that Parkour chick or lame-Kravenette, are going to work into OMD/BND.

    Does now-Venom hate Spiderman?  Does the symbiote remember Parker?

  26. hey guys, what does it mean when you pull a comic, im new here and i really have no idea. 🙂

  27. @dennylvenzon

    Pulling a comic is one that you intend to buy. I think.

  28. Pull the comics  you want to buy, then they go in the "Your Comics" link in the top left after you’ve logged in.  Then there is the convenient printer-friendly version of all the books you pulled so you can take it to your local comic shop as a checklist of what you want to pick up.  Very handy, especially when you are getting more than just your normal comics at the shop.

    After you’ve read your comics, you can still use the pull list you made to find them and comment on and rate the comics you’ve pulled and read.  Exactly how I got to this thread actually.  Until my next pull list a week later, I always check back on the threads associated with  my current books.  Again, very handy.

  29. this was awesome

    if only it was this good every week 

  30. @thebouv: I would assume the current Venom would hate Spidey, the man under the symbiote is Mac Gargan the former Scorpion. So I’m sure he has somewhat of a hatred for Spiderman, exacerbated by the symbiote. I wanna see the Anti-Venom vs Venom fight.

  31. DO NOT WANT!


  32. On last issue i was talking about how every story feels like it doesn’t have any weight.

    This issue just blew that statement out of the water!!!! I finally got a cliffhanger page that made me say OH SH## how’s spidey gonna get out of this one!!! I like that they established new villains but for a while it felt like it was the "monster of the month" syndrome. This brings in characters that have some gravitas(is that how it’s spelled?) and weight. These characters feel like a threat and i’m so excited that the next issue is next week!!! Slott and JR have renewed my enthusiasm for tis book.

    last note…awesome backup story. never read a book with Granov art and this made me smile. The writing was really good as well

  33. finally amazing spider-man is back to high quality spidey stories. I missed them so much all those years

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