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  1. Come on people let’s pull together and not let this be the number one pulled book of the week.  Now granted I pulled this for myself, but that doesn’t excuse the rest of you.

  2. Im not a huge fan of the art. All the "normal" people’s faces look kind of wierd, but I’m starting to really like the Menace "Goblin" character. Not as good as Slott’s run, but I’m hanging in there.

  3. I’m in this one soley for the story.  I already know Larocca’s art is going to be bad.  I just keep telling myself it’s the last issue and then maybe the art will be on the up swing.  This is fun Spider-Man comics, but I’m waiting for it to really "wow" me.  So far, Ultimate Spider-Man is the only one doing that.

  4. Kinda surprised Amazing is still floating as high as it is.
    After the bitter pill of One More Day, I thought it was just poetic coincidence that Brand New Day seemed thoroughly boring.

  5. It’s probably because it’s awesome.  🙂

  6. Awesome like Chapter One

  7. I wish this title would be more than just okay.  It is certainly not blowing my mind in any way, shape or form.

  8. Chapter One has nothing to do with anything.  That’s right John Byrne, you heard me!

  9. I’m not convinced that they needed to end the Marraige and I’m not crazy about how they got there, but Brand New Day has been hitting on all cylinders and If Marvel is going to give me an all-star creative team 3 times a month I’m going to give them the benefit of the doubt.  Joe Q. & Co. know more about telling Spider-Man stories than I do and so far it shows!

  10. Still glad I dropped the book. Everything in BND has bored the crap outta me.

  11. I am enjoying this new spider-man. I have been reading comics since 1984. I know everytime there is a new Spider-Man book out. It makes me feel like a kid one more time.

  12. Yes, this stuff feels more like what Spidey used to be, and I know that’s what they were going for, I just hate how they did it.  Strangely enough, I’m kinda enjoying it so far.

  13. i cant believe i am loving a spiderman book

  14. I’m mad at this book. Not because it’s bad. Because it isn’t. It’s in fact fantastic. Not because of the whole OMD debacle. I couldn’t care less. I never read Spidey before.

    I’m mad because this book has become one of my favorites, it’s awesome. I’m mad because now I buy three more books a month, just when I decided (more specific: was kinda forced out of financial reasons) to buy less. Damn you Joe Q. Damn you…

  15. I miss JMS 🙁

    This bland re-hash does nothing for me…

  16. I dropped this book after the second issue of the restart. This really sucks. They took made Peter grow up, get a job, get married and actually developed the character. Then they just shoot him right back to where he was. For all intents and purposes, he may as well be back in high school. If you want old school spiderman stories, read Ultimate. The thing I liked about the the JMS stuff is that it was more of an adult character. Not some guy in his late twenties living off of his aunt. Lame Marvel lame.

  17. let the good times roll. 

  18. Uhm….I actually like this book…

  19. this books gives me a moral dilemma…

    part 1: I love spiderman and I love guggenheim

    part 2: my wallet hates 3 issues of spiderman per month

     is it worth reading in issues or can I just wait for the trade?

  20. I can’t believe how much I’m lovin’ ASM right now.  I was as sceptical as anyone after OMD, but BND has transcended the hype.  ASM is fun again.

  21. Guggenheim’s arc finishes on a really strong note, didn’t see that ending coming and the Jackpot/Spidey interaction was a lot of fun.

  22. Ahhhhh this is the good stuff.

    Does anybody actually think that JackPot is MJ or that Menace is Harry? Just seems like if it’s Spidey’s first reaction too, it probably isn’t the case. Nice to have a little mystery though. I’m re-reading the Amazing Omnibus (Boogins, that is good stuff!) and the new stories DO feel like a return to the fun books that Stan did.

    As much as OMD sucked, this book is really blowing my kilt up.

  23. All I have to say is:



    I said – – – [WHUMP]

  24. "Whump"


  25. I still can’t understand why people are hating on this book so much, BND have been great stories, how we got there was ugly but the stories that are coming out are highly fun and entertaining.

  26. I have not been reading ASM for long now, and I even pondererd dropping it from my pull list when it began to be released 3 times a month (DC’s last two years have made me weary of weeky titles). However, I have found this recent storyline enjoyable, and I look forward to next week’s release…

  27. Whump was awsome. How could you not like that.

     I am hating the haters. Come on, WTH with all the people who are saying they dropped the book like five issues ago and they are still posting comments saying how bad the book is. How do they know. Quite the hate. Go love the books you love and let us love this one without all the hate.

  28. Vin-di-fuck-in-ca-tion!!!!!!

  29. I’ve enjoyed the story, hate the art style SL is using now. That woman in the last few pages, did SL – in some kind of nod to Mark Guggenheim’s Law & Order work – base her on Mariska Hargitay?

  30. Not as good as Slott but pretty good. Not sure why they needed to end the marriage to get Spider-man actually fighting regular villians again. Definitely liking the new villians so far too.

  31. eeh, sometimes i feel like the dialoge is straight from a Superfriends episode.

  32. It is not often that I literally laugh out loud when read a comic, but this one made me do it. I am really enjoying the new direction that the book has taken. As long as you can get past the huge retcon, it is very good. Best Spider-Man I have read in years.

  33. the dialoge is straight from a Superfriends episode.

    I’m dropping it.

  34. It’s really hard getting around the retcon. Spiderman has been a key player in the Marvel Universe since he joined the New Avengers, so I’m having a lot of trouble figuring out how he fits in to the picture.

    When they throw out so much of the character’s history it’s not the same character anymore.

    That beng said, I’m enjoying the title. It’s a good read, but I don’t know how much longer I can buy the title weekly, it’s really not good enough to justify the $$$


  35. Wow!  I liked this one alot!  This DC fan has been bitten by a radioactive spider!

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