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So I’m pretty sure I don’t like this book anymore.  I’ll admit, losing Mary Jane has turned out better than I had expected (i.e. not a complete and utter disaster) but I don’t like the Peter Parker who has come out of the other side of OMD.  Up until now, Peter Parker has been emotionally complex, more so in recent months, with Civil War and Cap’s Death.  He’s come to realize that this superhero thing is serious, and he’s treated so.  One of the things I liked about the marriage to MJ was that it gave Peter something to fight for, someone to go home to.  I always thought she rekindled the superhero in him, gave him more strength to do what he needed to do.  In the heat of battle, he would think “Can’t give up, I gotta see MJ again” or something.  In short, he’s really grown up.

The Peter Parker of BND feels, to me, like he’s lost all of that.  He doesn’t have the same personality he did before.  He fights bad guys, but he doesn’t care why they’re fighting.  The jokes have overrun the dialogue to the point where witty banter has to be a side effect of the spider bite.  Peter no longer feels like the serious, deep, emotional person he used to be.  MJ gave Peter so much depth, and without her, he just seems flat to me.  Maybe I’m nuts, but I miss JMS.

Story: 2 - Average
Art: 3 - Good


  1. I like the book so far, but I would agree this is a very different Spider-Man than we’ve been getting for a long while. I still don’t know what I think about the JMS run, but his Spider-Man had his act together much better than this new Peter Parker. He had a job, wife, and his Aunt May to take care of.

    Of course fighting super-villains, dying and being ressurected, joining the Avengers, revealing his identity to the world, turning on Tony Stark, being driven underground by the government and his friends, watching his hero and friend die, witnessing his Aunt be fatally wounded because of who he was, and making a deal with the devil may have had it’s moments. 

    In a lot of ways this new Peter Parker is far less mature, and at times even clueless. Even though the stories have been entertaining, they haven’t had the depth the JMS stories did. That being said, I felt that JMS really missed the mark with the Ezekiel and Other storlines, not because they were poorly written, but because they took the book into a very dark place for too long. The book needed to lighten up a little.

    The problem I’m having is really believing Brand New Day. I’ve always snickered at continuity critics, but BND just throws continuity out the window. The character had become so complex over the last few years, and had undergone fundamental changes. It seems ludicrous that all of those events would be tossed out. I’m wondering if we wake up from all of this is 12 months somehow.

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