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  1. Really Really hoping this is a great chapter by Johns. Cause the last two chapters by Robinson (which be honest, Guardian had nothing to do with New Krypton) made me get very worried about this event.

    Still I saw a preview for it on (website deleted).com and it looked awesome! Lex Luthor, Brainiac, and a bunch of pissed of Kryptonians? Sounds good to me.

  2. Enjoyed the last two chapters by Robinson, but I’m expecting this to be even better. Too bad Gary Frank isn’t doing the pencils.

  3. I really liked pete wood’s stuff in the New Krypton Special.

  4. I am really hoping Geoff Johns can get this series up off the mat.  I get the distinct since he is going to have to pick up the slack for Robinson throughout this whole series.  Robinson just doesn’t seem to have his heart in it.

  5. @stuclach – I disagree completely.  Robinson’s all in this one too.  his two one issue specials have been fantastic and his last SUPERMAN issue was almost POW.

  6. @champion, stuclach – What didn’t you guys like about Robinson’s Superman issue?  I gave it a 4/5, I thought it was really strong scene-for-scene and had some fantastic character moments.  I just hope they get this whole Doomsday thing wrapped up quickly, what an awful move!

  7. I agree with Conor.  The Jimmy Olsen Special, Superman #681 and the Guardian Special were very solid reads.

    @NextChampion- Are you sure the Guardian special had nothing to do with New Krypton?  It seemed to me that there may have been some foreshadowing in there.

  8. No more Gary Frank? Stick a fork in me – I’m done

  9. @cutty: Maybe it’s just that I’m not a uber fan of his like a lot of people are. But I just dont see the heart in this like Johns does with Superman. It feels like Robinson is phoning the story in and sorta like Loeb, he doesnt get the characterizations right. Superman is a dick in what I’ve read and everyone just feels stupid. That conversation with the JLA felt really pointless and Wonder Woman looked like a moron. Its also that whole Doomsday stuff cause that doesnt sound like Johns to me. Maybe he did pitch it but I doubt it, maybe Robinson wanted to get an uber villain involved with this….Which is retarted cause Luthor, Lane, and Brainiac is more then enough to carry this event.

    It’s pretty much my problem with ASM. Guys like Conor and others say it’s POW material and it’s fantastic to read…..I just dont see it. It’s fine if you feel like that but to me, Robinson is medicore like any other person who’s written Superman (before Johns of course).

  10. @Kory: I really didnt see much reason to pick that issue up. I read it in the store cause my thoughts on this was that this was pointless. Sure there might be SOME moments that link it to New Krypton but overall it was just a new introduction to a character I could give two craps about.

  11. @TNC-Then…why are you still reading it?  If you despise Robinson’s work so much then don’t read it.  The only justification you can make for still reading it is you have a vested interest in the character of Superman.  Otherwise, you should quit purchasing it.  That would be the best way to send a message to Robinson that you don’t like his work. 🙂

  12. @Kory: Ah but we’re in a middle of an event right now….So it would be foolish of me to stop reading something when we still got 2-3 more issues of Superman as part of New Krypton.

    Trust me, I will drop this once this is over. Unless this event goes down the crapper I will keep picking Superman and Supergirl until it’s all over. But with Johns I doubt this will go down in quality.

  13. @TNC- I guess I’m different in that regard.  If I don’t get any enjoyment out of a book, I drop it.  The only books I’ll read regardless of quality are Batman and Detective Comics.

  14. I don’t know anything about Pete Woods.  Is he any good? 

  15. @Kory: No I hear ya, trust me I’m the same way.

    But for the first time in my life I wanna try and pick up a whole event that spans across many titles. Instead of waiting for trade the idea of picking up like 4 issues of AC, 4 issues of Superman, and 4 issues of Supergirl is intriguing. I missed most of the 90’s era where this was the norm and I didnt do it for Messiah Complex…Just a hypothesis I wanna try

  16. i can’t believe i’m reading a superman comic. 

  17. @kory he a lot of the art for the New krypton special, and he also drew Amazon’s Attack. I like him.

  18. @Kory and Conor – Sorry I didn’t respond quicker.  My daughter has been under the weather and I have been working on 7(!) journal articles, so I have been a little busy.  I will admit that I didn’t read the Jimmy Olsen special (His name is enough to put me to sleep).  The Guardian issue was interesting enough, but it felt like it only tied very, very loosely with the New Krypton storyline.  Hopefully, it will tie into future issues, but as it stands it feels superfluous. 

    The Superman issue (part 2 of New Krypton) just felt like the pacing was completely off (the artist may also bear some of the blame here).  The Kryptonians meeting our president should have been a monumental event, but it felt like a side note.  It felt like nothing of any substance happened for most of the issue and then BAM, Doomsday showed up.  The entire issue felt like it could have been condensed into 5 pages.  To be honest (if not a little unfair) it felt like the second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth issue of Secret Invasion.  It just didn’t need to exist (in my opinion).

    I am glad you guys are enjoying his work and maybe I haven’t been able to get into it because I haven’t read any of Robinson’s classic work and that is causing me to miss some underlying quality, but so far he just seems like he is punching the clock.

  19. Alex Ross…tasty.

  20. It seems pretty obvious to me that most of this ‘New Krypton’ arc is going to be built around getting rid of all these extra Kryptonians.  I think it’d wreck the uniqueness of Superman for there to be thousands of versions of him flying around.  Half the fun of Superman is putting him up against ridiculous odds, and watching him succeed anyway.  And if all of the sudden he can just call on the assistance of a couple of hundred other ridiculously powerful people it’d destroy part of Superman’s vibe.

    Anyway.  I think it’s pretty clear that including Doomsday (I’m curious why people hate him so much), and the military’s angle of killing Superman, are tools to kill off most of the Kryptonians.  Doomsday killed a Superman who’d had plenty of training on the use of his powers.  I feel like he’s going to run roughshod over a whole passel of Kryptonians, and thin the herd out significantly.  Furthermore, if the Militarty doesn’t like having one Superman around, how much must they dislike having 100,000 of him around?  So I think we’ll get to see the military unleash whatever plans they have against the unsuspecting and inexperienced citizenry of Kandor, thus further thinning the herd.

    So it seems to me that the purposes of both of Robinson’s issues has been to set up means of decimating the population of Kandor.  And they were both pretty good in my opinion.  Though I don’t much care for Guedes’ art.

  21. Wow, what was part 3? I completely missed that.

  22. @AlexG – Part 3 was the Guardian book last week (  I wasn’t a big fan of it and I am not sure how exactly it will tie in with the rest of the story, but a number of people on the site liked it, so you might want to pick it up.

  23. Remember all that kryptonite that hit earth during the first arcs of Batman/Superman? i know the JLA and the Titans collected most of it but i wonder if the military has any.

  24. What does "POW" mean?

    @Champion: have you read much Superman, before johns started writing it? because they’re have been dozens of great Superman writers over the years. Bryne, Kelly, Wolfman, DeMatteis, Loeb(i liked his take on supes), Busiek and Morrison just ta name a few.

  25. @WinTheWonderboy – "POW" means Pick of the Week.

  26. @stuclach: Thanks. duh, I feel really stupid now.

  27. Pulls are huge on this, this has to be a big improvement over how Action was pulling a year ago on here.


  28. @AlexG – You can actually look at that by clicking on "Action Comics" just under the word "COMIC BOOKS" at the top of the page (you can do that for any of the books on the site), but it only goes back to when they added the pull list feature (as far as I can tell).  It looks like you are absolutely correct about the pulls.  They have more than doubled since February.

  29. Boo, my shop didn’t have this today due to damages.

  30. One word describes this issue: Boooooorrrrrrrrinnnnnggggg!!!!

  31. I thought this was great until the Doomsday scene.  Then it went of the tracks pretty quickly

  32. Wow not even Geoff Johns can make Doomsday cool.

  33. Yeah, Doomsday was most certainly not cool, but I enjoyed the rest of the issue.  Liked the scen with Luthor and Lane.  I feel that sort of relationship has been done before, in movies and TV shows.  But once again Johns proves he can make these things work extremely well.  The ending didn’t have much of an impact on me because I didn’t really know about those two characters before, but still a good issue.

  34. I liked this a lot. Even the Doomsday parts. Of course I don’t have much of a history with Doomsday, so I don’t have any negative Doomsday baggage comming into this.

  35. Is there some significance I’m missing with the ending?  I’m not a very big DC reader

  36. @Cutty I think there’s some old Superman family books where Superman and Jimmy Olsen become Nightwing and Flamebird, the Batman and Robin of Kandor.

  37. @cutty Dick Grayson chose the name Nightwing after Superman told him of the heroic exploits of Kryptons Nightwing

  38. So the ending’s actually pretty cool then

  39. Oh, I was wondering about those characters at the end.

  40. Oh you kids are so young: NIghtwing and Flamebird had thier own series in Superman Family in the 70s



  41. I picked this up – mostly because it was a slow week for me.  Despite another terrible Alex Ross cover (but, most Ross covers are terrible to my eyes) and the last few issues before this, this one was decent.  Didn’t waste any time at all explaining, which could be a pro or con depending on how you look at it and got right into it.  Decent art, better than what I’m accustomed to seeing in a Supes book lately.

    Still – no where near pick of the week material.  (Why aren’t you reading I Kill Giants?)

  42. This issue was fantastic!  The ending was a little corny though.

  43. I’m still waiting for the plot to advance and develop.

    Not seeing practically two issues of Kryptonians fighting Doomsday or just quick diaologue bits with Luthor and one with Superman.

  44. Awesome, simply awesome.  When the Kryptonians flew Doomsday to the moon, that was a great idea to save the earth and they appeared to be good? BUT when they beat Doomsday to death, Holy!!! How evil are they????


  45. That was a damn fine funny book. Man, that Doomsday scene was just brutal.

    @Jedimasterrob2001: They’re not evil(at least the majority of them aren’t). They’re just Superpeople, not Superheroes. Mob mentality took over and they went to far.  

  46. Is anyone worried about how the art will be when this is fully collected? I mean just ignore that Pete Woods and Guendes havent made me excited about this run so far….Just overall as a collection with such big differences in art (heck we still got the Supergirl artist to go!) it’s gonna hurt my eyes at least if I get the trade for this.


  47. @TheNextChampion: I don’t think it will be anymore jarring then the collections of say Infinite Crisis, 52 or Countdown to Final Crisis.

  48. Plus, In my opinion all the artists styles mesh very well together and the art has been fantastic so far.

  49. WTF? Why would Superman 681 (#2) inform the reader that the story would continue in Action Comics 871 (#4)? #3 seems to fairly glanced over if not forgotten about being placed in the Guardian book; I completely missed it.

  50. Kinda late to the party here (story of my life) but I thought this issue was great … well, the writing was. The art … not so much. Pretty jarring to go from Gary Frank kickin’ ass all over the place to this scribbled, dull coloured style. I hope Frank is coming back on this title(?) very soon. I loved the Doomsday origin stuff, it was all new to me, I dunno if all that has come out before? And whoa … he sure did get fucked up on the moon!

    And for the record — I’m totally with stuclach & Champ on Robinson’s run on Superman (so far). It’s been really weak — the dude doesn’t seem to know these characters at all (IMO). Kory said, "if you don’t like it, drop it" & if this wasn’t a crossover, I would have. And I’m one of the guys who never stopped reading Superman, I didn’t just jump on board when Johns starting dominating Action Comics.

  51. With my comment on the art in this event so far: It’s almost on the same lines of Messiah CompleX for Marvel. It was a medicore event all together but because the art was so drastically different for each chapter; it hurt my eyes trying to read it in one straight read.

    I fear this could be the same way with ‘New Krypton’ with art and story when it comes to collecting it.

  52. @TheNextChampion-I hate you forever for not liking Messiah Complex

  53. in my experience, crossovers read better in issues for the discrepancies in art alone.  plus you’re getting a chapter of the story every week in most cases, not a huge need to trade-wait

  54. I don’t find the art all that different between the various books. Actually, I think the art style is remarkably similar considering the different teams involved so I reckon this will run smoothly in trade.

    I’m lovin’ the story continuing each week. Such a nice change from having to wait a month for the next installment.

  55. Thanks to Conor for making sense of the last page!

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