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  1. I understand what your saying about Doomsday, I mean I sorta got the hint that it was Lane when he said he was testing the Kryptonians before the two page spread of Doomsday. Seemed kinda obvious there. lol

    But you said a word that makes me hate this issue: Cannon Fodder. That’s all Doomsday was wasnt he? Just simple cannon fodder. Not only (at least in my eyes) does that deminish the villain in general, but that means they got the weakest of the villains to fight Kal and the people of Kandor. Someone else could’ve fought them and it would’ve been better in my eyes; Metallo comes to mind.

  2. But honestly, in my opinion, Doomsday hasn’t been a viable villain since the mid 90’s.  Metallo may be more suited for Lane’s end-game strategy but who cares about Doomsday getting killed?  If (and this is pure speculation) Lane and Luthor will set up some sort of Kill Superman plan, then using Doomsday would be just testing the waters.  I think the reason it was relegated to just a few pages with very little to no dialog was exactly the reason I mentioned above, no one has a vested interest in Doomsday anymore and how many times has he been cloned or regenerated.  I mean, he does have a nostalgic thing there for those of us that followed him back since Death of Superman but in recent history, what has he actually done that was menacing or particularly villainous?

    I think that with Johns involved in this whole big story there will be alot of things that we don’t truly understand until later.  Like what the hell was that satellite thing with the rooms firing beams during the Atlas story? 🙂

    But back to your point, I don’t think it diminishes THIS villain because this villain has been diminished for quite some time. Again, totally in my own opinion 😀

  3. No your opinion is totally valid. Man it must be 1994 cause we’re talking about Doomsday waaaay to much. lol

    Still I just think (using the dreded F word here) this was total filler, and we could’ve advanced the plot more then just show the Kandor people totally curb stomp Doomsday. I was hoping for more of that with Lane and Luthor talking cause that stuff was great, even if it was a little too expositonal. But then I forgot Johns had to get rid of Doomsday so most of the issue was that fight….it got boring to me very quickly. A more tactical villain would’ve made sense, like….hey why not use Atlas in this cause? If he was strong enough to beat down Sups then he can handle other Kryptonians. Instead of focusing on a piss poor arc with Krypto.

  4. I agree completely on the filler aspect of it, and more of the fabulous new Luthor / Lane team would have been great.  I just hope Lane shoots Luthor in a non-essential area every time he pisses him off 🙂  That was great.

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