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The breakneck pace of Grant Morrison’s run on ACTION COMICS continues as the Superman of the present day must team up with suspiciously different versions of the Legion of Super-Heroes to save the jeans-wearing Superman of five years ago! Whose hand is that on the cover? Why, the leader of the Anti-Superman Army, of course!

Plus, a backup by Sholly Fisch and ChrisCross that spins directly out of the lead story!

Story by Grant Morrison & Sholly Fisch
Art by Andy Kubert, Jesse Delperdang, & Chriscross
Cover by Andy Kubert & Rags Morales

Price: $3.99
iFanboy Community Pick of the Week Percentage: 1.3%


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Avg Rating: 3.4
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  1. I’m really upset this is all just an ad for the upcoming Supermen crossover….Of course maybe Morrison has something in store with this spaceship. But now this story is going no where and is halting the Brainiac story which IS more entertaining.

    I don’t want to drop a Morrison book so hopefully we go right back to old school Sups next month.

  2. I’m dropping this book as of this week, its just too expensive, and while good, its not that good.

    That being said… I MAY still pick this issue up if the shop has a spare copy, since the Legion of Super-Heroes is involved.

  3. Wow this book like its about to derail itself. I love morrison but my god the last issue was disappointing/confussing and this like its just going to be more of that. Ugh this better get back on track soon

    • Confusing? A Morrison book?!? NEVER! 😉

    • I think I would’ve dropped this if it wasn’t Morrison on the book. However from what I’ve read of him on other books, I’ve never been disappointed. So I’m sticking with it and just keep on going back to previous issues to reread it again and again until at some point it does make sense.

  4. I may be dropping this soon. I’m just not seeing enough of a new take on Superman to keep me interested. I want to give Morrison a chance to cook this some more, but I don’t know. . .

  5. lol @ the solicit: “…breakneck pace…”

  6. Breakneck pace indeeed….BWAAAH-HAHAHA-HAHAHA-AHAHA-HAHA!!
    I will admit this title of Supermans is at least keeping on for another issue or so, since it will be picking up…??? Aparently??
    Anyway I have just dropped the regular Superman title sorry to say it was even slower paced then this and the artwork was not my taste either. The artwork seemed lazy and almost felt like a who cares adittude as well as the story telling. This title at least Morrison is trying to head some where and the artwork has much improved from #1.


  7. Droppin’ it, just can’t get into Superman even if he’s in jeans and written by Morrison.

  8. Tough crowd.

    I’m still digging it. I could read Grant Morrison doing Superman stories all day long.

  9. This is one of those titles i feel the need to pull, but then i remind myself how little i actually want to read it. Totally dropping it…

  10. Jesus Christ, what happened here? the book’s a mess.

  11. I’m loving this book and Morrison always delivers. I’m on this for as long as he’s telling the story.

  12. I’m going to stick around and see where this goes.

  13. I’ll get on board the “I’m about ready/going to drop it” train too. It started out SO good and now it’s floundering. I know the bottle issues are coming but why go off the rails at all?

  14. Still enjoying this and not even close to dropping it.

  15. By last issue I was already on the rocks. I’m getting this one because I’ve got it pre-ordered, but my last order went without Action Comics. It is a total bummer dropping a Morrison comic.

  16. If the comics internet hadn’t so massively overhyped this series to begin with, you guys wouldn’t be so disappointed now. And now I kind think some of you are overreacting negatively. It’s Grant Morrison and Andy Kubert doing a comic together–How can that “just” be a filler issue or an “ad” for an upcoming crossover? It’s Morrison and Kubert! It’s not that bad now. But it wasn’t that great to begin with.

    Issue #1 was just a bunch of Golden Age nostalgia of a sort that many readers hadn’t indulged in yet. So they thought it was revolutionary or something. Morrison’s political ideas could have been interesting (if somewhat misplaced), but he never really did anything with them. Yet up till issue #3 many people thought that this was shaping up to be the best Superman run ever or something. Because the hype hadn’t worn off yet.

    But right from the jump it was apparent to me that this series is just mediocre Morrison. Which is still pretty decent, unless you want the kind of comic that you can overhype the crap out of it without taking into account the actual content.

  17. have no problem with this. never disappoints me.
    i’ll be kickn’ it with morrison throughout.
    kubert’s pencils rock, but i’ll be happy when rags comes back as well.
    i’m sure this pit stop will be entertaining, but i really want more insectoid brainiac Action

  18. I’m sorry, but I’ve read confusing Grant Morrison and the last issue was NOT confusing Grant Morrison. Grown-up Superman has time traveled to fight a group of bad guys who have come back to steal the rocket during the story from the first four issues. It’s like Marty in Back to the Future 2 in the background of BTTF part one. This books is great and I really loved the look at the Kents last issue.

    • Exactly my thoughts. It wasn’t confusing. I think some people expect more “inner meaning” in Morrison’s story that they think they are confused while this has pretty much been a straightforward narrative so far.

      They only complaint I had at last issue, was the action moving too fast between some of the panels with Superman’s real parents on Kandor. But for 40 pages issue, you gotta cut somewhere and pray your readers will flow along and fill the blanks with their imagination, which in itself, is okay.

  19. Still diggin it

  20. Issue 1-3 were really good

    cutting the story of in 5 & 6 for this whole mini story within a story was rather abrubt and uneeded.

    i feel the upcoming issues 7 & 8 should have been 5 & 6 while the issues 5 & 6 we got should have been 7 & 8.

    I have nor problems with the story in 5 & 6 but they should have been told after the main story had finished.

    i think if people read them in the order of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 5, 6 they’d feel a lot better about this series.

    • Completely agreed. People seem to be judging these issues entirely on where they came in the run, not on the actual content. I think it’s important to realise that just because these issues (which were fine as comics go) exist doesn’t mean we’re NOT getting the end of the original story. It appears to have been an odd publishing decision, perhaps to give Rags time to finish the first arc or whatever reason. That doesn’t instantly make these two issues ‘filler’ or ‘meaningless’.

  21. I don’t think it was all hype. I think that the first few issues were REALLY that good. I do think that they better get the book back to the feel it had two months ago quick before they lose the fence-riders. I being one of them. I like the reinvention, I like Rag’s art, and Morrison’s writing…but don’t force the Legion on me. I’m not a fan, never was, and I’m sorry that their titles aren’t selling all that great. I also understand the idea of cross-pollinating a reader to other titles and genres…but do it well, do it when it’s timing appropriate, and do it right. This issue may have cost them a boat load of readers in my estimation.

  22. This is kind of rando but I wish it was Morrison and Samnee on Action Comics, Monthly Sched is possible and the stlized art would have fit the original direction of this series.

  23. What in the hell did i just read? Seriously I enjoyed this book quite a bit for the first few issues it was a solid 4/5 most every month and despite a few faults here and there it was well worth the $4, but jesus christ what kind of diehard superfan wants this shit now?!?! I realize i’m a newer DC reader so maybe in the last 60 years there were some superman stories that would make this comprehensible but I had no idea what the fuck was going on the entire comic! Legion of super-heroes?!?! T-Rex Alien Worm man?!?! Sisterhood of abiding hate in their shroudship?!?! air to knives?!?! WTF!?!?! I think i’ll take my $4 elsewhere this jumped the shark about 14 different times in this issue. 2/5 Dropped

    • Apparently we read the same mess. Welcome to the boat…it’s a train wreck of a train wreck all of a sudden.

    • The Legion of Super-Heroes are from the future and can travel through time. They travelled back in time and met Superman as a young boy because he inspired them in the future. They came back to help him in this issue. The three of them here seem to be Lightning Man – shoots lightning, Saturn Woman – telepath and Cosmic Man – not entirely sure, but he seems to be able to manipulate elements or something? I’ve NEVER read an LSH story in my entire life. This was all shown in this issue.

      The T-Rex Alien Worm Man was a guy named Erik that could evolve or devolve at will that Superman had fought/helped before. Never seen him before, but this was stated outright in the issue.

      The Sisterhood thing were a one panel appearance of some random bad guys the LSH were using to disguise themselves/the K-Men. Who they really are seems to be of absolutely no importance to the story. Everything we needed to know about them was in two panels of this issue. Unless Morrison brings them back in the future or something. But that’s not important to this issue.

      One of the Anti-Superman Army has the power to turn the air into knives, apparently. They did so and shot the knives at the guy who can shoot lightning, the psychic woman and the other guy with the elemental or whatever powers while they were inside of the brain of the indestructible alien who can fly and shoot heat rays out of his eyes among other things. This was all shown in this issue. Apart from the heat vision.

      THere were things in the story that we didn’t know about and aren’t meant to know yet. Who IS that little guy who was in issue 1 and appears to be the leader of the Anti-Superman army? What are the upcoming cryptic events hinted at several points through the story? Everything you listed as confusing was explained or shown to us in the issue, though.

      Fair enough if you didn’t like the story, though.

    • @markish I think you missed the point of my statement. This books was sold to us as the origin/beggining of Superman in this new reader friendly New 52 universe. Me and several of my friends who never read superman or really any DC comics before decided to try out a bunch of these books and while several of them are really awesome and do a great job at getting people that never read DC before either up to speed or start from scratch, this book however was doing that great until the last two issues in which it has decided to say fuck you to all of us new readers. Our entire working knowledge of superman is just derived from the 1 or 2 movies we watched when we were younger. We don’t know anything about his rogue gallery or past enemies and then this book was figuratively throwing all that continuity marred garbage in our face every single page turn. Seriously how is any new reader expect to follow this mess? DC took this and the self titled Superman books which should have been there biggest chance to get new readers hooked on their flagship character and squandered it in less than 6 issues. Also judging by my friend’s reactions, the low rating, other comments in here, and almost 0% POTW I say the facts speak for themselves.

    • Apart from All-Star Superman (and Cornell’s Action Comics with Lex Luthor, but Superman wasn’t in that run) I have only read these six issues of Superman. There were lots of things I don’t know (I had no idea who any of the Anti-Superman ARmy are, I know nothing about the origins of those three LSH heroes) but they had no effect on our understanding of the story, because you didn’t need to know them. Everything a new reader like us needed to know about this issue was in this issue as far as I could tell.

      It wasn’t a great issue by any means, and I also preferred the first 4 issues and am looking forward to finishing that storyline, but I just don’t think this issue is incomprehensible at all.

  24. the first 3 issues were awesome then it went down hill fast ive pre-ordered up to this story arc but i think that be it! time to drop and sell on ebay me thinks…..

  25. If you got Grant Morrison as the writer you should expect great books … but not exactly reader-friendliness.

    • ummm.. WHAT.


      alright, i’ve held my tongue waaay too long.

      goddamn, i’ve read some steaming piles of “wat.” before, but damn.
      besides the backstory, (which has been waaaaay better then the main story these past two issues) this has nothing really going for it.
      i’ll just say it: SUPERMAN IS BETTER THE ACTION.

    • @thehangman:

      You must be new.

      The point of comics is to sell more comics. Few writers can do this better than Grant Morrison.
      The numbers don’t lie.

      But keep blowin’ that horn. It’s adorable.

    • @WheelHands-Don’t forget to also sell more merch! It’s not all about the comics. 😉

    • Donald Duck is reader-friendly. Action Comics #6, though, has been the best issue so far.

  26. I don’t get this book and I love Grant….


    The first issue was fantastic, the next 2 were good and #4 and #5 were meh, but this was just… crap.
    Nothing makes me stop caring faster than the Legion of Superheroes.

    I’ll miss Morrison’s Lex though.

  28. I think maybe my expectations for this book were to high. I loved All-Star Superman and I thought that maybe Morrison would display more of that type of story telling. Like everyone else I enjoyed the first couple of issues,but these few haven’t been that great to me. I probably wouldn’t bother with this book if it wasn’t for Morrison (just like all the other Superman books I don’t bother with).

  29. I get that some people like chocolate and others like vanilla. I understand that it would be near impossible to explain why one is better. Maybe that is what is happening hear. Some people made this pick of the week. I thought that this issue combined with the last couple have been atrocious. Hard to look at ( really inconsistent and confusing artwork ) and even harder to read.

  30. I’m not goin’ anywhere. I have a feeling that some of those who do will regret it down the line. Such is Morrison.

    I will say that while I’ve always liked Andy Kubert, he doesn’t do good Morrison. His work on Batman and Son was solid, but something about his stuff on this cosmic of a level doesn’t go down smooth with me. Panel-to-panel it just doesn’t seem to work. But I don’t want Rags back either. I can’t think of an alternative, but I’m sure DC’s got someone in the stables that could mesh better. If only Travel Foreman could handle two books. Can’t wait til those two get a chance to fuck some minds together.

    Now watch this:
    You naysayers just don’t get Morrison.

    • Here’s the thing with Morrison, throughout his run or arc you are constantly thinking what the fuck am I reading? But then by the end he always ties it all together to the point that it becomes some of the best written, most original books out there. He has earned my faith in him. In Morrison I trust!

    • Preachin’ to the choir my brother.

    • I have a heaping pile of dogshi** to sell you. It fell out of my Action Comics this week. Must be Morrison’s…that must make it awesome…sell it cheap!

    • @Lebahn: I’m confused. Are you selling the heaping pile of dogshit, or am I? If I were selling it, I guess I’d sell it for $3.99. Because, according to you, DC recently sold a heaping pile of dogshit for $3.99, and it worked out pretty well for them. It was bought by thousands of people. Including you.

    • @ Wheelhands: Sure, they did get the 2.99 (that’s after my discount), for this issue. But they aren’t getting any more out of me for this title. What they did with this issue, unfortunately, is sadly alienate many of the excited new readers. Therefore slimming profit margins for the future. Which, again unfortunately, is DC’s marketing pattern. They consistently fail to keep the material of their flagship character fresh and new let alone inspired. Granted, after all these years I would likely have that problem too, but then again its not my job. The Vertigo line is chock full of great titles that I gladly shell out cash for. Why? Because they ARE consistent, and intelligent, and inspired, and edgy…all the things this title had going for it. All of which it lost in the matter of two sloppy, patronizing, and ill conceived issues. I don’t think anyone of any true intelligence blames your man crush writer friend, they would be full aware that the higher ups are the ones doleing out the marching orders. Why do the majority of crossovers occur? Because the company needs to promote a slow moving character or face loss of possible future profit. So relax pseudo-smarty pants…no ones blaming the books creators…they are however asking why DC is messing up a good thing, and, so quickly at that! Pander to the past and prove the predictions to be true, meanwhile, blow what could have been the injection that comicbookdom needed in its flabby, over indulgent, ass.

    • @Labahn: I was being deliberately confrontational. I often use the “you just don’t get Morrison” line simply to watch the ripples. I apologize.

      Your complaint is full of valid points. I’m a fan of Vertigo as well, and I agree that they run a pretty tight ship. Still, it’s not exactly a fair comparison since they really don’t have half as much to worry about when it comes to conitnuity. Typically, when a book changes direction like this it IS because of editorial decisions. However, in this case you’re probably right to blame your disatisfaction on Morrison. It’s my understanding that editorial tends to give him free reign because his name alone draws in readers. There’s DC continuity, and then there’s Morrison DC continuity. Most of his creations and developments are largely ignored by the writers that succeed him, and there are elements and ideas that reappear throughout his DC work going all the way back to Doom Patrol.

      As far as accessibility goes, I’m not sure I agree with you. As markish pointed out above, this issue wasn’t as rife with old DC ideas as people seem to think it was. Everything you need to know about the three Legionarres is right there in the pages, some of which is new to the relaunch so we’re all in the dark together when it comes to Clark’s new history with the Legion. As far as the Anti-Superman Army and the K-Men are concerned, as far as I know they’re all new additions to Superman canon. And if I’m wrong, then I’m about as clueless as anyone else and I still enjoyed the issue. With Morrison, people tend to just assume they’re not going to understand the dramatic changes in direction, and they tend to disconnect imediately. Since the New 52 I’ve been hearing a lot of this “alienation” argument. Reusing, reintroducing, or reimagining classic DCU ideas and characters doesn’t go against the goal of the relaunch. In fact, it’s kinda the whole idea. Just because they’re looking to attract new readers, doesn’t mean we old timers should have to suffer as a result. It’s a delicate balance, and I agree it’s one that they haven’t had a 100% success rate with. But, as you said, I certainly wouldn’t want that job.

      My point is, just because he’s shifted gears on us doesn’t mean he won’t revisit the themes and plot points he established in the first three issues. I’m speaking from long-term experience with my “man-crush friend”. His Batman work was all over the place for instance, but by the end he had managed to not only tie it all together, but deliver some of the most reinvigorating and substantial material in the last decade of the character’s history. So my advice (despite my atagonistic behavior) would be to stick with it. If you liked what he was doing in the beginning, chances are we’ll get more of that in upcoming issues. At least I hope so. Then again, I’m a big advocate of buying what you like, and if you’re not enjoying this, you shouldn’t be spending the money on it. I’m obviously a fan of the guy, but even I can’t stomach some of the stuff he’s put out over the years. When dealing with an imagination of this magnitude, not all of his work is going to be accessible or enjoyable to everyone.

    • God, I loved Doom Patrol…sigh. Your ‘watch this’ made it apparent what you were up to…that being said, next time your in Boston, let me know and I’ll buy you a beer for raising the hackles on this one.

    • Haha. Will do.

  31. Love Grant, love The Legion, don’t love this book.

    And I’m kinda sad about this. Tsc.

  32. This is a really boring version of Geoff Johns run on Action Comics.

  33. This book is a prefect metaphor for the DC relaunch. Strong out of the gate. Meeting the hype then realising new readers don’t give a fuck about comics and going back to producing shit that sad 35 year old white males will buy

  34. Well I get the whole time traveling thing Grant was throwing down on us and in the right spot it would have been a decent story however; this was not the right time (pun intended). I gave this issue a 3.


  35. I also didn’t care for this issue. But in no way am I dropping the title, or even blaming Morrison for this temporary derailment; because, to me, it merely reeks of bad editorial mandates and not bad writer choices. Morrison may have his flaws – e.g. writing while stoned and calling it a final draft, or writing for his own amusement and obscure references without realizing his audience will be left in the dark, etc. – but he’s still too good a writer to have planned this issue to happen. I’d be willing to bet that for whatever reason, DC told him to interrupt his fun and inventive story arc and to insert this lackluster and problematic time travel shite.

  36. I’m constantly confused by Morrison stories and I have my go to friend that holds my hand and walks me through what the fuck is going on in them. Having said that, this was NOT one of those, I could understand this completely, it made sense and was a good story. I liked it…. but you know, like, whatever dudes…

  37. I have to admit that the fact that it’s sometimes quite difficult to grasp GM’s stories adds to their enjoyment. That’s silly, I’m aware of it. But I liked The Invisibles quite a bit. Would I be able to relate its content to anybody else? Not really.

    • I have the same attitude about his stories. I liked this issue a lot. Loved the concept of supervillians hiding in superman’s brain, loved the flashbacks and loved the art!

    • Yes, that brain-thing was a real GM-moment. Only complaint: I would have liked more of this during the five issues before.

  38. This was probably my favourite issue of the series since issue 1, dense, rich story telling. Great stuff.

  39. POTW easy! In two issues we got a perfect picture of Clark and his family and how he become the person he is as well as a time bending stand alone story. Devolving Man was awesome.

  40. have you people never read Morrison before?

    • That’s just it though. Maybe Morrision should have dialed back the Morrision-isims since this is suppose to be a new reader friendly book about the early days of Superman.

      Issue 1 was about Lex defeating Superman with a train and by issue 6 it’s a time travel story with the Legion and future Superman and Flashpoint and whatever else was going on. A lot of people just want to get into an easily accessible Superman book where he punches Zod or something.

    • For an “easily accessible Superman book where he punches Zod or something” you don’t need Morrison. You could ask Didio to write that.

    • @Rhymer well then maybe morrison wasn’t a good book for the first part of this Superman origin then. They should have got someone to come in tell a great superman origin and then after the first trade is complete bring in morrison and have him start with all his craziness once everyone is familiar and established superman. All my friends that have never read comics before and tried out this because it was supposed to be an entry point for new readers to superman, all 4 of them dropped Action Comics because of this issue. Thankfully they also read Justice League, The Flash, and a few others and are happy with those but I can assure you none of my casual comic friends will ever pick up another superman book after their experience with this, and I probably wont for awhile either honestly. Bad experience for new readers, bad decision on DC and morrison’s part.

  41. i liked it. easy to follow cuz everything i needed to know was right in front of me. on top of that, i dont mind looking something up and delving into the mythos through google if need be(not that i had to this issue). i do stuff like that just for fun sometimes.
    i’m presuming that the kryptonian ship has something to do with taking down brainiac since it has been given so much attention these past 2 issues and since it’s dying would re-infect the world’s computer networks and the space station that superman referred to as his original fortress of solitude with the collectors A.I.
    i guess morrison wanted to end the first arc with big ACTION instead of catching us up with this 2 part story after the ACTION. works for me. 4/5

  42. I could barely get through this issue. Action Comics in 6 issues went from being one of the best to one of the worst of the New 52. Dropped! Sorry Grant.

  43. I love reading comments from people who don’t like something then disrespecting other people who do. I can understand you feel your point of view is valid but it doesn’t make you point of view gospel. You not superior cause you dislike something and I can appreciate other peoples criticisms on things I like but some of you poster talk some mad shit but its gotta be the only place you do cause I guarantee you pull that shit off in public.

  44. I’ve never been able to get into Superman but I find Morrison’s take on Action at least interesting. Though I can say I don’t always connect all the dots. Still good though.

  45. Not my cup of tea.

    Glad the adult Legion was in this mini-arc, liked the art, LOVED the Kents finding the rocket last issue, but that’s it. All the rest — just not to my tastes.

    Hate to say it, but I really miss the old Superman. A LOT.

    Thank God for back issues.

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