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Pick of the Week – New X-Men #146 – 09.11.2003

09.10.2003 – New X-Men #146

Christian Bale is Batman

Newsarama has reported that Warner Bros has announced that Christopher Nolan has finally cast the lead role for his in-development…

New York Times Bestselling Author Warren Ellis?

Received yesterday in Warren Ellis’ e-mail newsletter Bad Signal: Press release issued today by publisher HarperCollins, New York: “Senior Editor…

2004 Will Be “The Year of Superman”

Newsarama is reporting that DC Comics is taking some bold steps to rejuvenate their flagship character, Superman. Jim Lee and…

Pick of the Week – Robin #116 – 07.23.2003

07.23.2003 – Robin #116

Spider-Man Gets A Lot of Flashy Editing

It’s a big night for comic book-to-screen properties. Not only does The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen premiere tonight at movie…

Little English Girl Scared By Hulk Penis

In one of the most bizarre stories in recent memory, The Sun is reporting that a six year old girl, who was given a 12-inch Hulk doll won at a carnival, was stunned to find the doll to be anatomically correct underneath his purple pants.


Due to unspecified techincal difficulties, Diamond Comics has discontinued publishing an advanced shipping list until further notice.