New York Times Bestselling Author Warren Ellis?

Received yesterday in Warren Ellis’ e-mail newsletter Bad Signal:

Press release issued today by publisher HarperCollins, New York:

“Senior Editor Josh Behar has just acquired rights from Lydia Wills of Writers and Artists to the first novel by best-selling comic book writer Warren Ellis, who has authored two of DC’s hottest franchises; The Authority and Transmetropolitan. This comic tour of the dark underbelly of American culture features a down-and out private detective who is hired by heroin-addled G-men to find the lost Constitution to the United States. Publication is slated for Winter/Spring 05.”

Note: That should be “lost *secret* Constitution to the United States.

Sounds interesting. Say what you will about Warren Ellis, but he’s an excellent writer who can be great with the right concept.

I’ll definitely buy this book when and if it comes out.