Christian Bale is Batman

Newsarama has reported that Warner Bros has announced that Christopher Nolan has finally cast the lead role for his in-development Batman film.

Christian Bale, of Newsies, American Psycho, and Reign of Fire fame, got the part over current It-Boy Ashton Kutcher.

My little Bat-fan heart is all a-twitter.

I am excited because Bale is an excellent casting move, I’ve been a fan of his since 1987’s Empire of the Sun. But I am cautious because it was not too long ago that it was announced that Nicholas Cage was going to play Superman and we saw where that went. (Nowhere. Thankfully.) I have my fingers crossed.

Matthew McConaughey needs a part in this movie. Maybe as Jim Gordon.


  1. i’m so glad kutcher is out as batman.

    might take me awhile to get used to bale, but he’ll do.

  2. I wasn’t a big fan of American Psycho but he does seem to have the acting chops.

    Still need to see the dragon movie.

    Here’s hoping Nolan brings back some of the glory of the Burton days.

    -wicked tired Jared

  3. No one seems to have mentioned the role that make Bale right for this:

    Reign of Fire.

    As a youth, he watches his mother die in front of him and grows up to lead a band of survivors against the big evil dragon.


  4. I think this is a great casting decision.

    My only worry is that with Ras Al Ghul as the baddie that the movie will be more superhero-world-in-the-balance type action and less Gotham-y (which I think is sort of essential to the whole Bat-mythos).

    Nolan gives me alot of hope though.