Pick of the Week – Robin #116 – 07.23.2003

Story by Jon Lewis
Art by Pete Woods
Inks by Anrew Pepoy
Colors by Noelle Giddings
Letters by Willie Schubert

Published by DC Comics / $2.25

Tim Drake has a lot on his mind, most days. He’s got school to worry about; his parents, his girlfriend, oh, and he has to worry about fighting crime at night as Robin, The Boy Wonder.

That’s a lot of balls in the air.

So it’s understandable that everyone else but Tim has remembered his sixteenth birthday. Everyone else, that is, except Batman, but that’s a whole other headache that I don’t want to get into right now.

I have to admit that Robin has been pretty disappointing as of late. Jon Lewis has shown a lot of promise on the book. He has a really good handle on the core characters (his Batman characterization can be sketchy at times, like in this issue), and writes some fairly convincing teen characters. But the storyline that wrapped up last issue was just dead boring. It’s always risky when you take an urban character like Robin and you send him out into the hinterlands. I couldn’t wait for it to end.

This issue started out like a fun little character issue break in-between storylines. Tim forgot his own birthday so his friends and family planned a surprise party, and it was fun to see a little bit of Tim having a normal life (if you can call getting a hand-sewn gadget holder for your utility belt from your girlfriend normal).

But then the mysterious gift arrived.

I was convinced that I knew what the gift was all about right up until the final page when we’re hit with a fairly surprising cliff hanger. I have to admit that after months and months with being utterly bored by this book and wondering if Jon Lewis had totally lost his Boy Wonder touch, I’ve been sucked right in and now I can’t wait to see what happens next week.

Conor Kilpatrick
Wishes He Had 16 Back

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