Wolverine & The X-Men Regenesized: Issue #1 & #2 Covers

Yesterday, we got a taste of the covers of the first 2 issues of Uncanny X-Men, and sure enough, not to be shown up by Cyclops and his crew, we get the covers of Wolverine and The X-Men #1 and Wolverine and The x-Men #2.  Marvel Comics unveiled the covers to these first two issues which feature story by Jason Aaron and art by Chris Bachalo. And listen, if you’re not onboard with Chris Bachalo yet, I’m not sure what else you need besides these two fantastic pieces of art. After reading X-Men Schism, we already know that Jason Aaron is going to bring some great stories, but from the looks of it, the art on this series is going to be something special. I can’t wait.

Wolverine& The X-Men #1

Wolverine& The X-Men #1

Written by JASON AARON
Pencils and Cover by CHRIS BACHALO
FOC – 10/3/11, ON SALE – 10/26/11


Wolverine& The X-Men #2

Wolverine& The X-Men #2

Written by JASON AARON
Pencils and Cover by CHRIS BACHALO
FOC – 10/31/11, ON SALE – 11/23/11


  1. “Scott you can’t put these kids in danger anymore! Now if you’ll excuse me I’m sending out my team full of kids to fight an enormous fish monster, endangering their lives.”-Logan

    • I only see Logan, Beast, and Ice-man attacking that fish creature, I don’t see any kids. Not saying you are wrong but I fail to see what you do.

    • There are more characters seemingly in the water, but you can’t really tell who they are.

    • If that “fish creature” is Krakoa, which I thought was going to pop up somewhere in the X-Verse soon, then the irony would be even greater. “Yeah, that mutant island that fragged TWO teams of X-Men – let’s go tackle that puppy first time out.”

    • ha ha. I like it when TNC is immediately proven wrong

    • I don’t see any children on the team, but then again I can only make out 4 characters sooo…

      And Ed, stop hate stalking TNC. We get it already.

  2. Looks good. I’m thinking of jumping into the X-Men. Is Schism a good starting point? If I can understand the Legion, I can understand this stuff, right?

  3. Are there multiple Nightcrawlers on that team? I am confused. Or is that just one teleporting around?

    To be clear, I have no problem if it is multiple, the more Nightcrawlers the better.

  4. That art is absolutely disgusting! Wh does Wolverine look so uneven in proportion.

  5. I don’t recognize anyone except for Wolvie, Kitty, and Nightcrawler (AoA?). I know Toads supposed to be in there somewhere, but i can’t pick him out. As an X-fan I’d hope I know who some of these characters are, but I don’t can’t tell who is who in the slightest. Any uber-X-nerds wanna fill me in?

  6. I’m not much of an X-Men fan, and Wolverine even less so, but I might just have to jump on this. Schism has been great, and Jason Aaron hasn’t disappointed me yet.

    Also, I love that second cover. Surprised it’s Bachalo. Looks more like something Skottie Young would do.

  7. So Who at Marvel was the genius that decided it would be a good idea to stick one of their worst artist (Bachalo) with one of, if not their best writers (Aaron)?

    • I am completely digging the Bachalo art. It’s stylized without being Humberto Ramos levels of annoying.

    • You may think Bachalo is one of Marvel’s worst artists. But that’s just your own opinion. Not the fact you state it as. A lot of people think he is great. And I am one of them.

      Personally, I used to have problems with Bachalo’s art in years past as it was too busy. Drawing wise and style wise, he’s always been good, IMO. His main problem was his backgrounds would be distracting and layouts overly complicated. But I think in the past year or so, he’s slowly improved in that regard. He’s done a lot of really good work of late in books like X-Men and New Avengers.

    • Bachalo is actually one of my favorite artists, Marvel or otherwise, so I’m really looking forward to it.

  8. Love Bachalo. Looks like I’m back on X-Men books full time.

  9. Wow. Bachalo is frigging amazing. And it’s nice to see Wolvie lead an above ground team.

  10. Is that Krakoa?

  11. Still waiting for previews of this, and maybe even a consensus for everyone here if it’s good. I dropped x-men awhile ago, couldn’t get on board with the stories or creators, though i am reading Wolverine right now because of it’s POW status in the summer.

    I do like aaron and bachelo, and this looks interesting, but i really need to wait for more from this.

  12. Bachalo = SKIP IT. He is the ONLY reason I’m not getting this. I literally can’t stand his whacked out art style.

  13. i like the way wolverine is drawn. looks great

  14. Fisher Price Rescue Hero. heh, good stuff.
    I agree, proportions are whacked. Based on the cover, not for me.

  15. I think Wolverine will get more readers because he has the bigger names like Kitty, Gambit, Rogue, Beast, & Iceman. Who are some of the big names on Cyclops’ team other than Emma Frost?

  16. So, that’s gotta be Dark Beast, right? Not just Hank wearing Dark Beast’s goggles? And my God, Bachalo is incredible. He might be my favorite modern Wolverine artist.

  17. Not sure why they would pick an artist that is so polarizing for such a seemingly important book. Looks like I’ll read Cyclops’ book and count on spoiler reviews for info on Wolvie’s team. At least until they dump Bachalo.

  18. Very refreshing to see a different type of art in a mainstream book…this stuff looks awesome.

    from some of these comments, I never realized how conservative some of you guys are with your art tastes.

    • It may be conservative. Not sure. But Bachalo’s work has always been a complete distraction to me. The best art (for me) is one that helps tell the story. I’ve always felt (as I mentioned earlier) that Bachalo’s style is so out there that he seems to be drawing attention to himself instead of the story.

    • hmmm yeah i can see how it would. Honestly i get more distracted by the ultra realism and the emphasized/embelished anatomy schools of art… I prefer my art a bit cartoony and stylized. Helps me get into the world, and actually helps my suspension of disbelief.

    • That’s an interesting perspective. Art styles are all about preferences but I can see where particular styles better fit the kind of reading experience the reader is looking for.

    • Generation X is really great though. He was fantastic on that. His style was a bit more toned down from a layout perspective though then.

  19. Is it this book or Uncanny, or even both, that are switching artists every arc?

    I know Pacheco and Land are switching for Uncanny, but I can’t remember if it’s the same here. Also, the covers for those two series on #3 are out from solicitations and they are gorgeous!

  20. Bachalo is amazing and im looking forward to this

  21. I haven’t seen an artist’s style change as much as Bacahlo’s has since he started back on Generation X. However, I love the stylized art and I don’t think there is a more cinematic storyteller than Bachalo in the way he does his layout’s. Totally disagree that his art detracts from the story. However, for you haters, fear not – he rarely stays on a book more than nine issues and isn’t real consistent in back to back monthly output. We’ll probably get four or five issues before he is gone. Too bad.

  22. looks like some new characters are being introduced

  23. I saw the little shrivelled guy in the suit behind Kitty and said, “Oh! They added Emp from Wildcats… Wait that can only happen in the other company with all the #1’s” In 25 years of comic collecting, I’ve never been more confused than in the past few months… I kinda like it.

  24. I love the art on that 1st cover, gonna read schism in trade format to know whats going on then follow only two X titles, the new Uncanny X-MEN and Wolverine and the X-MEN to get both sides as they’ll probably correlate a bit, and probably Uncanny Xforce if its still going strong or maybe take a break from it.

  25. Love Bachalo. The first 2 covers look awesome. The X-men verse is in a great place right now.

  26. Love Bachalo and really want to pick this stuff up but will not pay 3.99 for a monthly. Guess I’m waiting for a digital price drop or the trade. Sigh

  27. I’ve only recently jumped back on X-Men after almost 8 years.

    Can someone tell me who the hell the little guy in the suit is? He looks like Scottie’s little friend from Abrams’ Star Trek.

  28. …um…I knew that Nightcrawler (or “a” Nightcrawler) was joining up with Wolverine, but are those Bamfs in the top left corner? …just wondering…