Where We’re At With the iFanboy Video Show

Stalwart fans may have noticed a return of the iFanboy video show this past week, as we talked to Robert Kirkman at the Image Expo. Many of you have expressed a great fondness for the show, and since it went on hiatus at the end of 2011, there have been many questions asking about when it would return. Obviously, we appreciate your kind words and patience, and we felt that it was time to give you a little update on the state of all things iFanboy video.

So, as you may have noticed the video show is sort of back, but not really in the way you’re used to it. We shot at Image Expo, and there will be more coming from that, as well as other cons we may or may not attend this year. For a bunch of reasons, both personal and professional, the previously weekly schedule of “discussion” shows won’t be returning for the foreseeable future. Given that we’ve produced well over 200 episodes of that show, the three of us felt like we could use a change and we’re taking some time to figure out what that means.

What does the future hold? We’re not sure. We’re talking about different ways to re-invent our video show, and that might well happen, but we can’t tell you exactly when. We may experiment a bit so you may see different video coverage from time to time and we may ask you YOUR opinion, to let us know what you want from iFanboy video. In the meantime, we’ve got more video from Image Expo coming up, and our audio podcasts aren’t going anywhere. Nor is our constant attention to maintaining iFanboy.com as the best place on the web for comic book readers that we can make it.

Again Ron, Conor, and myself would like to thank all our viewers over the many years for their time and attention. We appreciate how important the video show has been to all of you, and it’s one of the things we’re most proud of, in bringing a high level of content to the comic book community. And we’re not done by any means, but we’ve just got to change things up a bit.

We’ll discuss it a bit more on this week’s Pick of the Week Podcast as well, so look out for that on Sunday.


  1. I want a sketch/variety show or sitcom. I’m sure you guys can make that happen.

  2. sad news guys, but i look forward to whatever comes next as a result of this extended absence. Best of luck

  3. Since it’s unlikely we’d get the Robert Kirkman show weekly, how about use the video show for specials like convention reports and full length interviews?

  4. Sad to see that the discussion shows aren’t going to be around anymore, but I’m happy to see that you guys are looking ahead to add something new to the mix that will work for all your guy’s current situations.

  5. What fans are really wondering is, “when will the iFanboy mini return?”

  6. Post the videos from the facebook page college TV show.

  7. I can’t complain. You guys have already provided me with countless hours of essentially free entertainment. If you choose to do more shows, I’ll be watching.

    A suggestion to ease the load on the big three: Let the video show rotate from one iFanboy writer to next (assuming they’d want to do episodes?). I’d love to see a new Paul Montgomery creation. Or a Jimski. Or a Ryan science show. Etc. Maybe one episode a month?

    • HA! that reminds me of the video Paul produced a few years ago, where he trekked across america to meet up with the guys at SDCC. I’d love to see more stuff like that! It’s still one of my favorite things i’ve ever seen on this site 😀

    • Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

      Aw, man. That sounds like work.

    • Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

      I’m ready for my turn. I’ve got my laptop’s webcam all fired up and an old floor lamp from my grandma’s place shining its light directly onto my face. That’s all I need, right?

    • NBC has all of us under a holding deal. If they didn’t then you would finally get to see this high concept sitcom we created (hint..it’s like Perfect Strangers but on a SPACE STATION!)

    • I would watch the hell out of that.
      How about Paul, Jeff, and Timmy in a Three Men and a Baby type show? Starring Ron’s sideburns as the baby.

    • Paul, Jeff and I wrote a script about the three of us going to a convention and LOSING our friend Conor. Sounds familiar. Yeah, it was rewritten and filmed as The Hangover.

      What we wrote was very very very different, except the Mike Tyson scene. That was in the original draft.

    • I must know which of the three of you was in the Zach Galafinakis role (assuming it existed in your original script.)

    • I would love for Ryan to become the Bill Nye The Science Guy of iFanboy. I mean…he kinda already is, but a video show of that would be 57 varieties of greatness.

  8. Boo to that.

  9. Would it be possible for you three to take video while you’re doing the weekly podcast? Then you could maybe cut in some shots of the comics or creators you’re talking about. Since you guys read so many more comics than I do, seeing the art while you comment on it, could really expand my comic book horizons. That’s what I always liked most about the video shows.

  10. Glad to hear your con video coverage will continue, you guys are the best team doing those (Woot for fun personalities from the hosts!)

  11. Just rerelease the old episodes but in 3D!

  12. I think the biggest thing i’ll miss about the video shows are the discussions about trades. Since you guys don’t review them on the audio show, it’ll be a big gap in the site’s programming. I know that you’ve done trade reviews on the site in the past, do you think maybe you guys could increase the frequency of these now? Just last week I picked up My Friend Dahmer based on a video show a few months back. Since trades don’t really fit in with the audio show, the video show was a prefect way to keep up on some excellent indy trade recommendations. (i know the Dahmer book isn’t the best example because you mentioned it in that week’s LIGHT WEEK feature, but it was the first one that came to mind).

  13. The con shows are a big deal to me and I’m glad that you are keeping this part intact. I don’t go to a con every year and because of this, your con shows mean the world to me. They are very well done and I’ll keep donating to help out.

  14. Wow first Hickman leaving Fantastic Four & now this news. what is next news of bad luck for the comics industry?

    Sob, sob.

    Seriously though I hope the video podcast returns one day soon on a regular basis


  15. The podcast comes first. The video show was great, but that was above and beyond what we as fans have earned from you, frankly.

  16. I understand it’s hard to do video shows with, when people live all over the country. For me it was never important that the shows should necessarily be on video – the great discussions were the draw. If the traditional video discussion shows go away, maybe you could do an occasional special edition kind of audio podcast (no need to be in a same place) about an interesting OGN or topic.

    Well, whatever you decide to do, in whatever format, I’m not going anywhere.

  17. This really is unfortunate to hear, but completely understandable. But there is good in change. Hopefully what this will mean is any future video shows will be special and of a quality that is not possible at this point. I came to this site/community through the video show and I have always considered it the best thing you do. As Siuntres is the industry’s best for long, one-on-one interviews, you three are the best at well-produced, engaging videos. The audio show is a ton of fun, but since it’s nature is on the here and now, the video show has always had a more timeless quality, and I find the episodes just as entertaining when rewatched. How ever the video show continues, I’m sure it will be at the standard you have set.

  18. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Mike and Jim. Two motorcycles. Life’s highway. One camera.

  19. My request would be for a long form video interview with creators, ones where you’re not standing on the convention floor. The interviews you do at conventions always seem rushed, perhaps only because you’re always standing or you’re really conscience of not monopolizing their time. If you could pull up a couple of soft chairs, have some soft lighting, slow down and really go more in-depth with creators, that would be fantastic.

  20. I’m REALLY gonna miss the Fourth of July cooking show!

  21. Flashgordon23 (@flashgordon23) says:

    More onscreen interviews outside of cons with writers/artist/editors would be a great watch.

  22. I know you’ve not asked for our ideas yet but personally I’d love a comic book news video show. I love watching you together and a bit of banter on things such as Before Watchmen or the creator changes at Marvel would be brilliant.

  23. As someone who’s produced and edited a video podcast for a few years (and video in general for a lot longer), I say – in the nicest, most appreciative way possible – Good Riddance!

    I truly don’t mean to slight your hard work, because I know producing that show required significant efforts, and I really enjoyed the banter and discussion, but I would argue that the structure and format of the show wasn’t really taking advantage of the video medium.

    With the exception of the convention interviews, there were many times I ended up simply listening to the video show since it was almost exclusively a single wide shot with occasional B-roll graphics.

    So it’s great to hear you’re exploring alternatives! If you’re looking for help (particularly on the post-production end), let me know!

    • I am going to copy and paste this into my file of backhanded compliments.

    • I really didn’t mean any of that to come off as insulting, only a valid criticism. Sorry if it did, but I stand by my criticism.

      From a content perspective, the video show didn’t routinely offer much that an audio show couldn’t have offered just as effectively (and with fewer resources).

      I get why they did the show in the style they did, and I appreciate that they did it. But I think they were right to end it, because it didn’t entirely “work” as a video show.

    • I would also often just listen to the audio of the discussion-based video shows while I did something else. So I agree with Ken’s assessment. I’m looking forward to what you guys cook up to take the visual aspect to the next level.

      On the other hand, iFanboy does the best convention floor interviews I’ve seen so I’m glad those are sticking around. As someone who doesn’t make it to conventions I really appreciate those shows.

  24. i really should’ve asked you guys to do that hoped-for show on belgian comics a while ago. now it’s too late. ah, regrets.

    honestly, i can’t blame you all for this shift in format. i’ve been wondering about the logistics (and cost) of doing a weekly video show for months. especially given that you all now live in different cities and coasts. regardless, i’m looking forward to whatever’s next.

    i’m not kidding about that idea for a show about belgian comics, by the way.

  25. well that’s shitty

  26. I am the mythical “new reader” that came along becuase of DC’s Nu*(metal) 52. As important as being able to jump in with all the number 1’s, the thing that really made me love comics the way I do today was all because of your website and more specifically your video show. I’d say that since I found your website, by searching youtube for new 52 information no less, I have watched 75% of your VODcasts and they have been invaluable in helping me appreciate the form and history of the medium. My favorite episodes had to do with ones that focused on specific characters, events, or historical happenings that understand Swamp Thing, Civil War or Warren Ellis. There is no way I could be the reader I am today without the three of you sitting on the couch and talking. Hope the show comes back in all its glory but if not thanks for the memories!

    • I am with you! Aside from grabbing the first issue of Y: The Last Man, iFanboy video was what got me into reading comics and enabled me, even as a new reader, to make informed decisions about what to read and introduced me to some of my favorite books (Astro City! Thanks guys! Seriously.). I live in Germany and few people here are familiar with US comic books, even the people working at my LCS. Without the video show, I would probably have read Y and that was it

      The video show was important to me, because Ron, Josh and Conor helped me find the right books for me. Without it, I would probably have bought a few mainstream books, would never understand what was going on and never buy them again. What I loved about the show were the introduction and summary episodes. “If you want to get into Green Lantern, read this, this and this.” etc. Especially because the videos, through the interaction of the guys, the short glimpses of the actual pages and the in-depth descriptions were easy to follow – even for someone like me, who knew next to nothing – and always gave me a good idea what the book in question would be like.

      I can totally understand that you can’t do these shows anymore, but I will sincerely miss them. Thanks so much for your hard work, it really was a great help and always entertaining.

  27. Cool as long as it isn’t dead in the water. I found the site as a result of the Video show, and it’s a catchy logo with the music. Good luck!!

    PS – you guys do have one of the better video comic talks amonst the others posted on the web

  28. Going from a live show where everyone is together to a Ustream feed is quite the step down, and would be quite lazy. They’re going for quality, not quantity & crappy. It’s actually a good thing that they didn’t continue the show in that method.

  29. This viewer, and let’s be honest… I know I’m a viewer, would like to see each episode has a different sort of style.

    – In honor of the Artist – do a silent episode.
    – Do a Jonah Hex inspired Western
    – Do a War Episode.
    – Do one with Stormtroopers… possibly hitting the ground.

    I don’t know. I’m just spitballing here.

  30. Let Paul or some of the other writers take over for a bit. We don’t get to hear from them much, besides the occasional fluff article. It might be nice to hear from other people for a change. (No offense)

  31. I was always amazed at how you guys were even able to produce those video shows on a regular basis. Seriously thanks for the good times, but do what you gotta do, to keep the job working for you.

    I really like the con interviews. It would be cool to see more B-roll footage of the con floor and the goings on or longer interviews. Also i think it was at SDCC where Conor was on that panel and you guys documented that. It would be cool if you could do more of those kinds of things (pain in the ass factor considered of course)

  32. I haven’t seem the new episode yet but I’m sure it’s entertaining. If the new format involves only reporting or discuss notable events on a haphazard schedule, go for it. Quality over quantity and all that.

  33. How’s about letting us, the ifanboy community help out? Like could we submit short videos that either feature us discussing a main topic chosen by you guys or maybe some kinds of sketch/variety material?

  34. Man, I have to say this was my favorite part of the website, but I guess life will go on, at least we still have the POW podcast. And for you guys and gals looking for a replacement to this, I do a weekly show, here is a link to our last one: http://inveteratemediajunkies.com/2012/02/28/a-comic-book-look-episode-32-ghost-rider-2-spirit-of-vengeance-and-comics-too-2/

  35. I never would have started reading comics again if it weren’t for those video shows. Thanks guys. You made an invaluable contribution to the appreciation of the medium.

  36. Love the video shows! bring them back!! Also good idea of having longer con episodes.

  37. This is sad news, but understandable. And perhaps the video show will morph into something cool nobody might’ve expected. At least we’ve still got all the rest of the wonderful audio podcasts, and of course this website. We’re still coming out way on top 🙂

  38. This is very sad for me, not because I can’t live without Ron’s sideburns, but because I am not a day & date reader. The closest LCS is 30 minutes away, I have limited funds, and frankly, just don’t care to keep up on everything that obsessively. The video show was a great way for me to learn about comics worth reading, because it was often topical. While I love the audio show and listen to it religiously, it deals almost entirely with day & date releases. If there aren’t going to be video shows, I’d ask that somehow you find a way to bring some of the topical aspect into an audio show, whether it’s the pick of the week podcast or another new show.

    • That’d be great, yeah. I really liked that the show wasn’t always about the most recent stuff, helped a lot in a) understanding the background of a lot of books better and b) finding older stuff to read in trade I would have never found by myself.

  39. Skype that shit, dawg!

    3 boxes with floating heads in them = Geography and budget conquered!

  40. Please keep up the Summer BBQ episodes, those are the best IMO.

  41. They’re not viewers! Oh wait…

  42. Sad news, but not wholly unexpected. Thanks for all the work you guys put in over the years, & I can’t wait to see what you come up with (that idea about reviving the 4th of July BBQ show does have merit…..)

  43. Well, I’ll be honest… I’m bummed. The discussion shows were my favorite. I love the PotW podcast, and listen to it every week, but it doesn’t often offer the chance to drill down on one subject.

    I can completely understand your need(s) to change though, so I’m not complaining! Thanks for all the episodes you gave us, guys.

  44. That’s unfortunate, but completely understandable.

  45. Have you thought about puppets ?

  46. You guys should of made a video about this update instead.

  47. “This is the true story… of three friends… forced to live in a house…work together and have their lives taped… to find out what happens… when fanboys stop being polite… and start getting real…The iFanboy World!”

    I’d watch the hell out of that.

  48. I understand there’s probably more issues at hand than the clear location debacle, but I imagine that has to play a part ( and honestly I’m pretty impressed at the lengths you all went to previously, and for how long.) The discussion shows are pretty great and I’d hate to see them departed from entirely. There’s something special about that personal friendly dynamic of hanging out and watching comics. If, aside from the ideas you have already swirling in you heads, you did ever want to still have some episodes like that, it’s not terribly uncommon to have a split screen talking head format. I think the only detriment to that format sometimes is when it has a low production value or bad sound from guests; however, when done well the atmosphere of it is nearly indistinguishable from an in person show.

    That said, I’m all for mixing it up. As someone brought up on a previous post, I personally vote for more female led content.

  49. i’ll drop my regular snark and try to add some substantiative commentary here, since i imagine the three mains will be looking at this for reader feedback.

    a bit of context for my thoughts: i discovered this website through the video podcast as well (the preacher episode), and it was only after watching it for about two years that i started coming to his website, and another year after that until i started commenting and listening to the pick of the week podcast. all of which is to say that i expect the video show brings a significant number of people into the fold, but it takes a while for that initial contact to become self-sustaining. i think the video show helps accomplish that during the period of “gestation,” so to speak.

    i’ll also echo the comments of another poster above that one of the strengths of the video show is that, since it’s not necessarily focused on current events in comics, it’s a great way to expose readers to different genres, publishers, and books. hell, almost all of my favorites (nightly news, locke and key, i kill giants, parker, etc.) were ones that i learned about through the video show. the number of new regular reads that i got from the pick of the week podcast — even though i love listening to it — has been comparably much, much smaller.

    i’m not panicking because i know that those video shows aren’t going anywhere. they still exist on this website and probably always will. i also see that this site isn’t saying “no more video shows EVER!” what i would suggest is maybe to think of them more like television seasons. you do 16 episodes (or whatever) and then you’re gone for a year and half.

    as i said above, i think the work on this site is great and i’m sure whatever decision that is reached will be fine. just wanted to add my voice to the dialogue. cheers and all that.

  50. Watching your video show every week is what got me back into comics. Not to put any pressure on you, but the video show is perhaps one of the best aspects of your website. Either way, I’ll still tune in everyday for all the other great content, hoping that one day you three amigos will be back on screen regularly.

  51. This is the first sign of the apocalypse (as predicted by Nerdstradamus).

  52. I too discovered ifanboy through the revision video show. That being said, although I liked the discussions and many of the topics chosen, I found watching the show became a chore because I don’t often have time to sit and watch. And not wanting to download a video onto my phone, I gave up trying to watch them. If you were to repackage the format into an audio podcasts, I would much prefer it.