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iFanboy #241 – Robert Kirkman at Image Expo 2012

Show Notes

We kick things off at Image Expo 2012 in Oakland, CA by chatting with our old pal, none other than Robert Kirkman.

Always entertaining, Kirkman chats with us about a variety of topics, such as:

  • Celebrating 20 years of Image Comics.
  • Revisiting his Creator Owned Manifesto several years later.
  • How he keeps long running series like Invincible and The Walking Dead fresh.
  • What fans can expect with his comics series Invincible, Super Dinosaur, Thief of Thieves, and The Walking Dead.
  • The Walking Dead lawsuit brought forth by Tony Moore.
  • How exactly he spends his Hollywood money.
  • What his predictions are for Avengers vs. X-Men and Ultimate Spider-Man.
  • And much, much more.
You know it’s always a blast to hear what Kirkman has to say and there’s no better way to kick of 2012 con season than by this extended, in depth chat with one of the Image Comics partners and force in comics and entertainment.


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  1. It’s back, baby! *Screams like a schoolgirl and faints*

  2. I’m excited that it’s back, but is it back on a weekly basis or is this a special vid because of the expo?

    The reason I ask is because on the podcast, you guys said ifanboy video isn’t going on because you didn’t know what to do

  3. Hilarious. great interview. I went to the Expo and it was amazing. Really inspiring to see these creators making it in the comic business without the corporations.

  4. Yes!!!! The video show is back! And with a Kirkman episode?!?! Double win guys! 😉

  5. Everytime i listen to an interview with Robert Kirkman, it always gets me more and more excited for comics.

  6. Welcome Back!!!!! Conor,Josh,and Ron

    Sta Wait I mean Matt

  7. Ron and Kirkman are a brilliant double act.

  8. mmmmmm….. kirkMANly.

  9. i remember the MUSCLE Things! We got em in the plastic trashcans and would have epic battles in their wrestling ring, So awesome…they got me lots of time in catholic grade school detention as they were banned.

    Fun interview…nice to see the video show come back.

  10. YES! Great comeback for the video show! I can’t wait to see more from Image Expo!

  11. I’m disappointed this one didn’t end with a hug.

    Haha, wow my chest hurts from laughing so much.
    Man, Robert Kirkmen is hilarious!!!

  13. I’ve been buying the hell out of those new Garbage Pail Kids Flashback cards. Good clean fun.

  14. This is the funniest thing I have watched in a long time!

  15. Kirkman is the love child of all things awesome!!!

  16. yes yes yes, they’re back !!!

  17. Good stuff.

    Also thought it was interesting when Ron said he was older than Kirkman, isn’t Kirkman’s age an industry secret?

  18. I knew it was a secret.

  19. Good stuff!!

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