What’s RIGHT With You? The iFanboy Community

You are readers. You are smart, and you look to enrich your lives with great art and wonderful stories.

You are passionate, and passion is always better than apathy, and at the end of the day, you are keeping the comic book industry alive.

You pay for comic books, directly supporting comic book makers and comic book retailers. By doing so, you allow others to live their dreams.

99.9999% of the time, you bring thoughtful discussion, criticism, and enthusiasm to our website and world. You make us proud every time a creator we love tells us that our site is one place where they can find some solace from the horror that is much of the comics internet.

You come to our parties and make them really successful, and people think we are cool.

You show people that comics aren’t the sole province of “nerds”, “geeks”, and certainly not losers. You’re varied, interesting, and successful people with families and jobs. You break the stereotype over and over again.

You’re going to support us for that Eisner next year, right?

You try new things, and you get excited about finding something new.

You, unlike your humble writer, like fun. And you will never let that joke die.

You know that not everything is for everyone.

You support myself, my friends, and my family. Make no mistake, I’m able to do this because of you. Because you click, and read, and comment, and listen, and watch, and interact, I get to spend the bulk of my time working in an industry that I love. I cannot thank you enough for that. On top of that, your praise, inspiration, and kindness keep us all going, and that is priceless. Some of you even bought my book!

You love M.O.D.O.G.

You show others that they are not alone, and come together in this community, creating real relationships and friendships.

You keep us honest, and push us to do the best work we can.

You are our eyes and ears.

You share the joy of this wonderful, under appreciated art form, and give us hope that there’s a bright future for comics.

You will read this, and think, “Oh, that guy’s not so bad,” and then when I write something you don’t like, just before hating me, you will think, “Oh, I remember that other thing he wrote. I guess he’s not that bad.”

You care about the craft.

You helped make this the best comic book website on the internet, and you’ll make sure we keep doing it next year.

You will ignore what I said about never letting that other joke die, and you will do me the favor of pulling the plug so I never have to hear it again.

One time you came up to me in public to say what a big fan you were, and my mom was right there, and that was rad.

You’re not creepy. Maybe a little.


  1. wow! I have never been the first to comment before. You’re right Josh, we are pretty awesome, and thanks, you’re not so bad yourself.

  2. iFanboy, with all the shows and articles, has done more to enable me to better appreciate comics than any other entity/resource/podcast/whatever out there and for that I will always be grateful. Looking forward to more of your offerings in 2012!

  3. “You will read this, and think, ‘Oh, that guy’s not so bad,’ ”



  4. Awesome. Well done.

    More “What’s Right With You?” in the future?

  5. Merry Christmas Josh, thanks for the great site and helping our community stay tight!

  6. Ye I am awesome 🙂 thanks for the amazing content you put up I always listen to the podcast even when i don’t buy any books Merry Christmas 😉

  7. About time someone realized how excellent I am. Sheesh.

    But no, seriously. I’m the shit.

    But no, seriously like for real seriously. How do we do whatever we need to do for that Eisner? I was raving about iFanboy to a friend the other night. I can check other sites from time to time, but I don’t care who it is, they ain’t iFanboy. I don’t want to slander other comics sites, but there are some MAJOR ones I quit checking because I rarely found anything of value there. iFanboy is open is my browser window all day at work. I don’t remember how I discovered the site, but I’ve been coming here for years, and you guys definitely improve my comics experience every week.

    The one thing I would ask though, is for forums back. Pretty pretty please with a cherry on top and I’ll slip you a $20.

    • +1 to bringing back the forums.

      Happy Holidays iFanboy, you helped get me back into comics with IronFist #9, and I’ve been coming back ever since. Thank you.

  8. Best (& only) Comic site that I frequent. I’ll try not to be so creepy.

  9. Aww… I feel all warm inside. 🙂

    Now let me get sappy for a moment and tell you how I met iFanboy and what it means to me.

    I had just discovered comics and was slightly enamored. Then one day I decided to search the vast internet for comics podcasts, cause I figured ‘Hey, there must be someone else out there who likes these things.’ And how right I was, because there you were. You said your name was IFANBOY and you had everything I needed: articles, review, video and audio. And I listened and watched and bought what you recommended – and my crush on comics grew into LOVE.

    And while there have been other podcasts, you will always be my first and most precious to me.

    Happy Holidays, everyone!

  10. I’m not sure I like your tone, Mister! Sadly, I haven’t bought Astro Van. I’m waiting for the audiobook, read by Mark Wahlberg, ok?

  11. You’re not so bad yourself.

  12. Now that Josh has made us all feel warm and fuzzy, go and buy Astro Van. You will never say “Josh hates fun” again. That book is fun from start to finish.

    I agree with this article all the way. The other comic fans who come on this sight renew my love for comics all the time. You guys all shatter that stereotype of the comic book reader every day. It isn’t just the guys running the show that make iFanboy the best (and for e, ONLY) comic website out there, it’s all the other members of the iFanbase who help make this site so kick ass.

  13. You are so bad, Josh.

    Truly bad.

    But it’s a 1987*-style “bad”. Which I believe is similar to “rad.”

    And you and the guys are most definitely RAD.

    (*I was 5 at the time, so I wasn’t exactly hip to all the new jive.)

  14. God bless us, everyone.

  15. Man, I remember when you used to be “Dark”!


    I KID! Nice article. The reason’s you have stated are why I like coming here as well. Keep up the great work, and you’ll always have support!

  16. Happy Holidays, iFanboy and iFanbase. When comics are dull, this site and community remind me they aren’t, and when comics are great, this site and community make them the greatest.

  17. Thanks for the love! And most of all, thanks for making a site that’s fun and strives not to be another dark part of the net!

  18. Mayhem!

  19. Great article Josh. I just wanted to chime in and say that this is THE BEST comics site on the internet. I really enjoy checking in here everyday to see what the rest of the ifanbase thinks about each weeks crop of books. I have found a lot of great recommendations and love all the articles and posts from our beloved ifanboys. Keep up the great work, and have a Merry/Happy whatever you celebrate.

  20. I take issue with the tone of this article. Its so blah blah blah snark snark snark!!! Ok someone had to be THAT GUY. haha just kidding…April Fools…in December and all that.

    Really this is the best comics community out there, and you guys just do an awesome job. And all the rest of my friendly ifanbasers are really cool and civil. I enjoy our discussions. I hope one day i can make it out to one of your parties and meet some of you guys as well as the dudes behind the curtain.

  21. ’twas two days before Christmas, when all through the net
    Many fanboys were trolling, that’s a sure bet.
    The panels were framed by words ringing true
    In hopes that Josh Flanagan soon would be there.

    Ron was snuggled in a nest of Uncanny
    Which was not sanitary.
    And Conor read Bat books
    And ignored Detective’s poor looks.

    When out on the main page there arose such a clatter
    And the number of comments soon became fatter.
    Away to the post we read with great awe,
    Josh giving thanks is what we all saw!

    “Now Aaron, now Snyder, now Ellis and Hickman!
    On Chiang! On Hardman! On Parker and Kirkman!
    To the top of the charts! To the top of stack!
    Keep creating and selling the books that we lack!

    The iFanbase was there cheering him on,
    And away he wrote with a wit put upon,
    A great thank you for the fans, the never-be-meek,
    Keep reading, keep writing, make your pick of the week

    And we heard him exclaim, ‘ere he posted out of sight,
    “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night.
    Now I’m done writing, okay? Alright?

  22. happy festivus

  23. Cheers, good sir, for your year-round efforts and this article!

  24. Next Week: What’s LEFT with you! Hi-oh professional comedy writer in the house.

  25. Ya.. this is the best comics site. Keep up the good work. Thanks.

  26. These are half the comments on one page of a site i used to frequent… and stopped because it was typical internet negativity and craziness. Something we dont really get here.
    These are those comments from today.

    1.they hyped this that much? worst trailer ever wow

    2.Wish I could say it looks good… But it doesn’t. Then again the trailer doesn’t give any dialogue for the film. Release a real trailer Scott!

    3.that’s it? lame.

    4.Well, at least it’s tons better than that lame trailer for TDKR

    Those are real comments… How horrible. Oh the trailer was for prometheus .. and it looked fine to me… even good maybe. Just saying… Ifanboy’s community is a good bunch of guys.. and its run well. Thanks again.

  27. I came here when I was new to comics a few years ago. I immediately noticed something different. The people here were very warm and welcoming.

    Not only did this site inform me about the goings on in the comics industry, I have a found a community that I can have arguments and conversations with regarding many topics. It’s just the comic books that brings us all here. It’s the love. It’s the passion.

    Like iroberts007 said, when we love or hate, we don’t just love or hate something, we do it maturely. We put our arguments in, and the others respect that.

    I have trusted this site for everything comics. Heck, I even learned how to grill properly!

    I see myself visiting this site everyday for the rest of my life.

    So, to the iFanboy staff, and the iFanbase,
    Thank you guys! You are the best!

  28. I will pretend you said we are not all geeks, since it is a good thing to be a geek.

  29. Josh, this article is kind of creepy. Please don’t tell me you have an “Ifanbase” tattoo and that we all have to do a good job in 2012.

    But seriously. Thanks. We are awesome.

  30. Thank you guys for what you do! Have a Merry Christmas!

  31. I love how this turned vaguely threatening at the end. 😀 I loled

  32. lol, is this the wrong forum to ask when you guys are gonna start talkin’ bout Avengers Academy?

  33. Great Post!

  34. Kudos to all!

  35. M.O.D.O.G. is awesome! M.O.D.O.G. should be put at the end of all of the “What’s Wrong With You?” columns to make people laugh and smile before making trolling comments. When you look at M.O.D.O.G. it becomes very hard to Nerd Rage.