What would YOU ask Stan Lee?

Ever wanted to ask Stan “The Man” Lee a question? Well now here’s your chance!

At the end of this week, iFanboy will be sitting down with the legendary creator of Spider-Man, The Hulk, the Fantastic Four, and the X-Men and we’re going to be bringing YOUR questions with us!

Here’s the deal!: You have until midnight, EST on Wednesday to post your question here to this thread. At 12:01am on Wednesday, the thread will be locked and  we won’t be accepting any more questions. No questions via e-mail, no questions via the forums, we’re only going to bring the questions that are posted here.

I’m sure most comic book fans have always wanted to ask The Man something, so get cracking! And make it good — chances like this don’t come around every day!

Disclaimer: As with our interview with Marvel’s Jim McCann, we will try to ask as many of the questions as we can, but the best way to get your question asked is to ask a good question. Make it count true believers! 


  1. what’s one character you’ve created that surprised you when it became popular?

  2. If you could pick a dream team of current artist and writer for one of your projects, who would it be? 

  3. Stan the MAN!

     If you had the opportunity to hang out with one of your characters for a night, who would it be? And what would you Do? !!!!!

  4. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    A lot of us grew up raising heck, pretending to be the Hulk or Spider-Man.  Who were your heroes as a kid, and how did they influence your work as a comic creator?  

  5. What was the inspiration behind some of the characters that you have created?

  6. what artist working today would you choose to partner up with in a project??

    also what do you think of the whole "tracing" scandal going on? 

  7. What’s your favorite DC character and why?

  8. Is there any literary works outside the realm of comic books that had an impact on you?

  9. Which of your characters do you think has been changed most over the years?

  10. What was the difference in your creative process when working with Jack Kirby on Fantastic 4 as compared with working with Steve Ditko on Spider-Man? (i.e., Why were YOU the only writer who could have made those properties the revolutionary successes they became?)

  11. Which comic writer/artist do you think is a rising star?

    Why do you say excelsior so much?

  12. What is your favorite movie or animation version of one of your characters and why?

  13. It seems to me that during the early 60’s there was a flurry of characters being created, and it goes without saying that many of yours have stuck around as some of the great characters of all time. Is there a character you can think of that you really wanted to stick, but just didn’t?

  14. Mr. Lee,

    Your work is and will always be admired by countless people. What type of process do you generally go through to create such unique, interesting, and imaginative stories?


  15. Thanks for still making yourself accesible to us, Stan. An Extra thanks for everything else!

    What project, and at what time, did you first read a comic book you thought rivaled great literature?

  16. In as much detail as humanly possible, please describe your new politically satirical book, "Election Daze." Where might we get a copy?

  17. That was a joke but … you never know.

  18. Who’s a Skrull?

  19. do you like the direction that marvel is taking xmen and spiderman to?

  20. The story of you creating the FF is a famous one to us comic readers, that being you were going to quit but decided to try one last book. My question Stan is HAD you quit where did you see yourself going? Would you have moved onto the realm of novels? Did screenwriting hold an interest? Did you consider DC at those early points? Or would you have just stopped writing and become Stan Lee accoutant?

    The Ultimate what if….

    Also of your films cameos which is your favorite? 

  21. What is your opinion of the current state of the characters that you created?

  22. When you writing these stories forty-five years ago, you couldn’t have had any idea that they would be so important to so many intelligent grown men and women. What is one thing people are always asking you about that you’ve completely forgotten the answer to because it didn’t seem important at the time?

  23. What in the world happened with you and Hillary Clinton? Did you vote for her? Are you still involved in political fundraising or did that experience sour it for you?

  24. When you were first writing in the 60’s, did you ever think that comics would be the wa they are today?

    Also, If you had created one DC character, which one would it have been and why?

    Finally, how much of your characters and designs did you create, and how much did your partner create?

  25. Building off of mikegraham’s question…

    What’s the one DC character you’ve always wanted to work with?  If you could, what’s the elevator pitch for that particular DC character?

    Also, out of all the people you’ve collaborated with, who was your "favorite" to work with and why?

  26. The most important questions would most definately have to do with his favorite characters genitalia…. Or maybe how awesome it was to be in mall rats.  I dont know.

    I love you stanley. 

    I loved the last interview and would totally enjoy another one no matter what the questions. thanks for you enormous contributions to one of my passions.

  27. Hey, Stan! The question I have is, do think artist from the silver age/golden age deal with storytelling better than today’s artist, in which many cases is given the pace by the writer?

  28. Stan, you are currently working on a manga with Hiroyuki Takei called KarakuridDji Ultimo.  What manga has influenced you?  Do you tailor your work on this manga especially for a japanese audience or do you also keep an american audience in mind?

    I would also like to say that you are one of the coolest old people on the planet.

  29. Stan, loved you as hugh! Great cameo.

    What story did you always want to tell and never got the chance?

    What do you think of the current state of the Mavel U?

    What perosn working today is the new Stan Lee?

  30. Stan Lee,

    What is your current take on all of this Secret Invasion idea? Also How did you come up with all of your ideas for the Marvel Universe when you wrote the comics?

  31. Why dont you do more voice over work?  The narration in the Spiderman game for the sony Playstation was awesome.




  33. 1.Whats your fav TV show and Movie?

    2. Have you seen the new spider man cartoon? and have you seen any of  the other marvel TV show live action or toon?

    3. Is Steve Colbert a skull?

    4. Is Gorge W Bush a skull?

    5.If could write any comic book for any one iusse what would it be? and why?

  34. Stan,

    You were in charge of Marvel during one of the most successful eras in comics history.  What is the comic book business doing right and wrong today?  If you were put in charge of one of the big two right now, what would you do differently?

  35. Who is your favourite DC character & why?

  36. I had sent this in and got a response before (thanks Ron!)  so I thought I’d put it to Stan as well.

    I would like to hear about how you feel about digital comic distribution and maybe to hear what you believe the industry thinks of it.  Though I dont read many comics myself as I tend to purchase video game adaptations such as Sonic the Hedgehog, World of Warcraft, and Street Fighter.  I’m not much into the mainstream superhero books and tend to want to view my comics in other ways as well a preserve them as much as possible.

    Not to say comics may ever (or should ever) switch completely to digital downloads and/or subscriptions, but I believe there is a market for people buying comics digitally, especially internationally.  I know several people online interested in American books, but unwilling to pay $5-$10 a book to have a subscription shipped to Britain or Brazil.  So do you believe this may ever happen where we may get our books through services like iTunes, or will the industry take a more RIAA stance on this?


  37. Do you still read comics? if you do, are you looking forward to Final Crisis? What do you think of Secret Invasion so far?

    Who do you admire most in the industry? If there was one person you haven’t met, who would you like to meet? 

    How did you come up with the idea of "Who Wants to be a Superhero"? How long will you do the show?

  38. Which character that you created were you most disappointed with?

    Which character that you were proud of but the readers didn’t understand them like with your other creations? 

  39. What is the one character/idea that made you say "Gee, wish I’d thought of that"?

  40. jack, steve, and you had been making comics together before you created the fantastic four and the rest of the marvel universe.  why do you think the marvel books were so massively successful while the comics you put out the month before FF#1 weren’t? 

  41. Did you have a vivid imagination when you were a young child or was being creative something that took time and work to develop?

    Thanks you rock

  42. Is there any character you’ve created that u wish u could go back and change from the start??

  43. Out of all of the characters that you’ve created, which one do you wish existed in real life, and why?

  44. I remember reading that when you pitched the idea for Spider-Man, the publisher almost shot it down, saying that people are afraid of spiders. Luckily, you were able to change his mind. My question is, were their any character ideas you had back then that DID get shot by the publisher, who was it and do you think he or she would have been a successful character?

  45. Mr Lee,

    I’ve seen you mention jokingly in previous interviews about the light-hearted rivalry between yourself and Bob Kane, but I was wondering how much actually rivalry went on between yourself and Bob, or just the Marvel / DC teams in general?

    PS: As simply as I can put it, THANK YOU!!!! 

  46. What was your favorite Marvel movie cameo? Also, which Marvel movie was your favorite?

  47. Dear Stan Lee,

    One of my favorite things about Marvel comics is the way that you, and the writers and editors that came after you, spoke directly to me, the reader. It made me feel like I was really in on the story, a part of a special club. What inspired you to do this? Was it a marketing idea? (Was there even a marketing department at Marvel in the 60s?) Did you ever regret it, once all those requests for No-Prizes started coming in?

     Thanks, Stan, for sharing with me the cast of characters in your imagination,

     Patrick Carroll 

  48. Are you a skrull? 

  49. What do you think of the debate of issues vs trades and the effect this has on how comics are written today?

  50. You wrote so many great books but had to move on to editorial work at some point, so if you had to pick your favorite successor, who was the writer who immediately followed you on a title that you think went in the direction you liked the best.

  51. What activities do you enjoy doing in your freetime? How do you unwind?

  52. What were/are your thoughts on the speculator menality of the late 80s and early 90s, with hologram and foil covers and gimics and the like?  Did you think it was a mistake at the time or were you as surprised as anyone when the bubble burst?


    Do you have a favorite crossover event? Why?


    What is your favorite sport? What are your favorite teams? 

  53. I have been a fan of X-men comics for over 20 years and have often felt that the early  comics mirrored the civil rights movement around the time that the book started with Professor Xavier being modeled after Dr. King and Magneto being modeled after Malcolm X. Did you intend for these characters to be seen in this way? and Have you created any other characters based on historical events and people?

  54. Stan "The Man" Lee,

    Comics had a big effect on the childhood of many people during their creation and growth period. Do you think that in order for comics to have the same effect on a new generation, there needs to be a comics "Renaissance"? What needs to change in order to enthrall and inspire the next generation of comic book readers?

  55.  Stan Lee you are a legend!

    If you had to kill one of your creations, if one of your charcters had to bite the bullet, who would it be and why?would you then like someone else to take up the mantle a la bucky with Captain America or would you want the legacy to stay dead?

  56. Mr. Lee,

     What was it like working for years with your younger brother?  I always felt that Larry’s work on Thor was subversivley autobiographical.  Did you feel the same way?  Or do you feel you were the Loki to his Thor?

  57. Of all the people you’ve met, who were you most surprised to find out had read one of your comics?

  58. To Stan Lee:

    Is there one character from DC comics, that you particularly love, or that you think would have been a great fit in the marvel universe? 


  59. Can you please describe Jack Kirby’s contribution to comics?

  60. To Stan "The Man" Lee:

    If you had decided not to pursue writing comics when you were younger, what do you think you would have ended up doing?

  61. How much of a hand do you have in the films abouth the characters you’ve created? Have you thought any of the movies could have been done better? Are you dissapointed in anything about Marvel right now?

  62. If Jack Kirby were alive today, what do you think his thoughts would be on the growth and changes that the characters he helped bring to "life" have gone through over the years?


    Also, what are you thoughts of comic fans having places like iFanboy to discuss comics in a such a global manner? 

  63. What comics are you reading?
    What do you see in "modern comics" that you like or don’t like that is different that your past work?
    What has Marvel done recently that you couldn’t have dreamed of doing?
    Anyway, thanks iFanboy for giving the community a chance to ask Stan questions.

  64. Do you download the ifanboy podcast Sunday night or do you wait until Monday morning?

  65. What does it feel like to have uplifted, inspired, and entertained millions of people around the world?

  66. fantastic four is built on family strife. peter parker has no parents. thor is constantly at odds with his father. cyclops is an orphan. harry and norman osborn have a strained relationship, to put it lightly. tony stark is an orphan. matt murdock is an orphan.

    where does this trend come from?

  67. Based on Jack Kirby’s later work, it seems like he probably contributed a lot to the plots of Fantastic Four and it’s cosmic stories.  The issues of Spider-Man with John Romita (which are my favorite comics) seem to be much more grounded in the real world, was that because it had more of your influence?  How different was your working relationship or process with the two artists?

    Thank you for your incredible contributions not just to comics but to pop culture in general. 

  68. what are some television shows, musical acts, and movies that you enjoy?

  69. What is the best target age for a comic book? Would you ever consider making a book today specifically targeted at your generation?


  70. One more: What are your thoughts on Joe Kubert? Any insights on why he has endured as a sucessful artist for several decades?

    P.S. Why did you agree on  an extensive interview with Ron, Conor and Josh (besides the fact that they are the trifecta of comic podcasting awesomnessa)

  71. 1. You have created and develop some particular politically charged characters; i.e., The Black Panther, Captain America and The X-men. Could you please elaborate on the influence of your cultural / political background on the process of character creation and development?

    2. Have your religious views ever influenced the creative process?

  72. Dear Stan, my Man!

    (1.) How much would it cost for you to off the Sentry? Is $200 enough?


    (2.) What were your thoughts regarding OMD when the decisions were being made? Why allow webhead to choose Aunt May over Mary Jane? 



  73. If you could convert one character from the DC Universe into Marvel who would it be and why? 

  74. Thanks, everyone!

  75. Any questions beyond this point will not be considered.

  76. what happened to this–did you do the interview?

  77. I was just going to ask the same thing. I’m sure we’ll see it sooner or later.