Weekly Sketch Up – 11.04.2011

Amancay Nahuelpan

Street Fighter by Amancay Nahuelpan

Zatanna by Mahmud Asrar

Wesley Dodds Sandman by Peter Krause

The Thing and Gorilla Man by Evan “Doc” Shaner

Mr. Freeze by Joe Quinones

Luther Strode by Ryan Ottley

Fin Fang Foom by Tradd Moore

The Rocketeer by Chris Eliopoulos

Damian Wayne by Andy Kuhn

Catwoman by Moritat


  1. that Fin Fang Foom is awesome, and i’ve never seen a bad rocketeer. great art over all. thanks

  2. That Catwoman sketch is making me think things that I should be thinking at work.


  4. I’m telling you, Tradd Moore is going to be huge. No doubt.

    • We need to harness his essence.

    • Luthor Strode is a fantastic book, really reminds me of Chew in regards to the type of humor, but so very much more violent…just insanely awesome. The art by Tradd Moore is jaw-dropping, so fun to “discover” new artists, particularly in creator-owned comics.

    • Tradd’s stuff only strengthens my opinion that un-inked pencils are almost always superior looking to their inked/colored final counterparts. Fantastich!

    • @Genghis I agree. The only reason they started inking comics in the first place was that the pencil didn’t show up on the copy technology of the 30s when comics started. As anyone who has read The Wake knows, you don’t need an inker anymore.

  5. As with every Weekly Sketch Up, there’s always something I would immediately buy, were it available. I would make space on my already cluttered walls for that Rocketeer sketch.

  6. I would read the everloving hell out of that Marvel Two-In-One

  7. Those Street Fighter and Foom pics are incredible.

  8. As a group, this is one of the best Weekly Sketch-Ups ever. That Fin Fang Foom is awesome, and Catwoman and Zatanna…

  9. WOW -that Sandman and Fin Fang Foom are just wicked.

  10. All great but DAMN that Fin Fang Foom looks beautiful.

  11. What a stellar collection this week. I have one thing to say “You Can’t Kiss Away a Murder” : a Noir film tag line at its finest.

  12. Love the perspective on the Street Fighter. Try putting that in the video game. The Catwoman. Holla. Love the simple Damian. And Ryan Ottley is demented (in a good way).

  13. That Sandman is awesome. The way Krause draws that cape makes me want to see him draw a Darth Vader!

  14. oh Lil’ Rocketeer, you’re such an adorable rascal

  15. Always love a good Zatanna.

  16. Weekly Sketch Up seems to top itself every week because it is always so darn good.

    – Marvel needs to commission a Gorilla Man/Thing one shot ASAP.
    – I now really hope Zatanna shows up in Supergirl, even though she doesn’t look like that anymore.
    – That is one of the most impressive Catwoman’s I’ve seen. She looks like a panther and a lady at the same time.

  17. None of the others hold a candle to that Foom. Unbelievable. Let’s see that thing in color.

  18. Doc Shaner is one of the most incredible talents coming up the pipe. I can not WAIT for his Buddy Cops series in Dark Horse Presents.

  19. Upskirt view notwithstanding, I love the non-traditional perspective of the Street Fighter sketch!

    …but DAAAAAAMMMMMNNNNN on the line work for Fing Fang Foom…. thats just breathtaking.

  20. sad that animated mr.freeze shown here never really made it into the comics that I know of.

  21. Awesome Marvel two in one cover. Speaking of which check out this Punisher drawing that Ron Wilson did for me at the New York Con http://i1234.photobucket.com/albums/ff412/UziYourIllusion/IMG.jpg

  22. That’s odd…no Darwyn Cooke this week.

  23. That Fin Fng Foom is simply awesome — quite dynamic. The Mr. Freeze is pretty nice as well . . .

  24. I may be dating myself a bit, but that Street Fighter image is breathtaking.

  25. Man, I miss the old Zatanna. That costume was classic. Stupid Jim Lee redesign.

  26. Seeing such a sweet FFF sketch does my heart good.