Weekly Sketch Up – 10.28.2011

Eleventh Doctor by Doug Hills

Thriller by Dan McDaid

Zombie by Kalle Malloy

Rocketeer by Michael Cho

Peanuts Halloween by Dustin Nguyen

Groo the Wanderer by Francesco Francavilla

Frankenstein by Chris Schweizer

Sgt. Slaughter by Robert Atkins

Cerebus by Khary Randolph

Batman by Chris Eliopoulos

Lee Marvin by Darwyn Cooke


  1. Darwyn Cook. Wow.

  2. That Lee Marvin is the absolute shit.

  3. Jeff Reid JeffR (@JeffRReid) says:

    I love that Michael Jackson piece, mostly because I’m pretty sure he’s kicking off Zombie John Landis’ head. Also, the lack of a black line around Jackson’s suit is pretty great.

  4. Oh, the Rocketeer…

  5. My day is better for having seen Sarge.

    You maggots! You pukes!

  6. Love love LOVE Michael Cho’s Rocketeer piece, Dustin Nguyen’s Charlie Brown made me laugh, and Lee Marvin as Parker/Walker is pure awesomeness.

  7. Almost photoreal for Darwyn Cooke

  8. Goddamn, Darwyn Cooke.

  9. i ***love*** the idea that michael jackson sings “shamone!” as he takes out zombies. and like everyone else has said – holy christ, darwyn cooke.

  10. Chris Schweizer! Makes me want the next Crogan Adventures NOW.

  11. This is the best weekly sketch up in a very long time. Wow. Just……..wow

  12. Every week…a new Darwyn piece. Love it.

  13. That is Lee Marvelous.

  14. I have a weak spot for anything Rocketeer. Thank you Michael Cho.

  15. I’m sorry Sketch up. Did you not see Wonder Wampa? I blame myself.


  16. That Lee Marvin piece is wow…also really liking the Cerebus one and Groo.

  17. GROO! ftw!!

  18. Cooke should be a guest artist on Criminal.

  19. Darwyn, changing it up there

  20. So, I’m looking at the Cho Rocketeer thinking: That reminds me of Darwyn Cooke. I wonder if they could ever get a sketch up from Darwyn Cooke.
    I am so happy.