We proudly welcome our newest iFanbaby! Oliver Quinn Flanagan!

Oliver Quinn Flanagan


Oliver arrived today at 12:08am, weighing in at 6lbs, 7oz.

Congratulations to Josh and his awesome wife Lindsay!

You can follow Baby Oliver's adventures on Twitter @OQFlanagan! (Don't kill us, Josh)


  1. Congratulations! All the best! 🙂

  2. congrats Josh wishing you nothing but many happy days and as much sleep as you get 🙂

  3. Congratulations!

  4. WOW, I didn’t know Josh was Pregnant!  Congrats!… that is beautiful! =)

  5. What up, Big O!?

  6. Congrats! Not even a week old and he already has a Twitter account. How time flies.

  7. Ollie is so adorable.

  8. Nice one, Josh!

  9. Aww, crap…I got something in my eye…

  10. Congrats Josh and Lindsay! Important parenting question: Are you going to raise him on Marvel or DC?

  11. Congratulations, Josh and Lindsay! May Oliver’s adventures be more inspired than his comics counterpart (and may Kevin Smith write his tales only after he’s turned 18…).

  12. Congratulations! 

  13. That’s really amazing. Cheers and love to your new "family" =D

  14. Congratulations. And may your child be a masculine child.

  15. Ollie Quinn. Clever.


  16. Excellent news.

  17. Congratulations to the Flanagan’s! Have you had Oliver Quinn CGC graded yet?

  18. A hundred congratulations to you! This is so cool. You must be very proud (and probably a little scared, but that’s cool too). I hope you have a nerf crossbow already purchased and waiting for his 5th birthday.

  19. Congradulations!

  20. Congratulations! It would be incredible if you raised him to be an Olympic-level archer.

  21. Wow, really happy for you guys. Congrats!

  22. Congratulations.  

  23. Awww Congratulations. What a great name. The fun starts now =)

  24. How the time flies! Can’t wait for little Oliver to team with some friends and start the iFanbaby podcast! "This week: Tiny Titans, Mini Marvels, and Why that Mean Bat-Guy is so Mean!!!"

  25. So awesome.  Congratulations!

  26. Aww! Congrats!

  27. Congrats!  Is Oliver the youngest person to have his own twitter account I wonder?

  28. Nice:)

  29. OHHHHH @#%$! First Skottie, now Josh. You’re giving me a new perspective on fatherhood.

    @cenquist: I tried googling newborns with twitter accounts. Can’t find any.

  30. Lol. I guess I’m the 50th follower. Didn’t know there were going to be THAT many. Oo.

  31. Congrats!

  32. congrats

  33. That’s awesome news! All the best to you and Lindsay, Josh.  The lil sidekick is beautiful!

  34. That is one awesome baby

  35. All the best to the three of you. Congratulations!

  36. Cute kid. Best wishes on your expanding family. I guess it is okay to name your kid after superheroes.

  37. Big Congrats!!! Welcome Ollie 🙂

  38. And they say comic pepol can’t breed.  He looks like a cool little guy.  I wonder what lantern ring he well get when he grows up.  Congrats buddy! 

  39. Congratulations, Josh!

  40. Great name.  I mean, I’m flattered.  Really.  Thankfully, this isn’t as awkward as when an ex-gf named her kid, by another guy, Quinn.  That was weird.

    What, he’s not named after me?  Huh.  (By way of odd coincidence, my gf’s surname is also Flanagan.)  Way to go, anyway.

    Seriously, props to Lindsay and I’m glad mother and kid are in good shape.

  41. Congrats Josh and Lindsay!

    @cenquist – not the youngest, no. My friends are pregnant and they have already had a Twitter acct for a few months. The little unborn tyke just tweets away! 😉


  42. Congratulations Josh! Can we just refer to you as Papa Flanagan now? 

  43. Congratulations, you’re in for one hell of a ride.

  44. Awww.  Congrats Flanagans!

  45. Congratulations and welcome to fatherhood. It’s the best place to be.

  46. Enter the stag Oliver Quin. Congrats

  47. Woot! Congratulations, that’s a happy looking father and son there.

  48. All the best to the Flanagan family.  Congrats guys!

  49. Congratulations on having your Hard Travelling Hero of a Son, may his future always fly true to the mark alongside your glowing green guidance


  50. YAY!!!! Congratulation Josh and Lindsay from myself and Maja!

  51. Congratulations!

    I thought you were more of a Hawkeye fan, but Green Arrow is a good choice too 😉

  52. Just had to get a JAWS reference in there, didn’t you?


  53. Congrats and best wishes!

  54. Congrats! Cute name 🙂

  55. Congrats Flanagans! Best wishes

  56. Congratulations and best wishes!

  57. Congratulations to the Flanagan Family!!!

  58. Congratulations…the fun is just beginning!

  59. Congrats!

  60. Woohoo!

     Congratulations Josh, and happy birthday Ollie!! 

  61. Welcome O-to-the-Q Flanagan!  So happy for you guys!!

  62. Oliver QUINN Flanagan. I see what you did there. Greeen Arrow reference? BTW, could you name the kid any more Irish?


    That kid has a ton of hair. Looks like he’s old enough to twitter! All he’s missing is a size XXSM Mike Norton pug shirt.

  63. Congratulations and welcome to your life’s new priority. 


  64. Congrats



  66. Congrats! At what age will you hand him his first comic?

  67. Awesome!  Now you and the Mrs. have a Gleek to round out your Wonder Twins outfits for Halloween this year.  🙂  Congradulations and God Bless you guys.

  68. Handsome lil’ devil you two went and cooked up.  Congrats!  Hope everyone’s healthy and strong.

  69. Congratulations 🙂

  70. Congratulations. My first was born last October and it’s definitely a shock to your lifestyle. Best of luck and enjoy him, he’ll grow fast. Keira my daughter, changes drastically week to week on what she can do.

    Once again, congratulations. 

  71. Congratulation Josh. And Congrats to the rest of the Flanagan family!

  72. Congratulations Josh!

    Having a baby is something beautiful. I wish you and your family all the best.

  73. Congratulations!

    You do know that once you take them out of the wrapper they’re worth a lot less, right?

  74. Congratulations! Surprised you went with Oliver instead of Clint.

  75. Congratulations, both of you!  Your lives are never going to be the same.  Just remember, little kids little problems, big kids big…well, you get the idea. Take care. 

  76. Congratulations!! Woohoo!

  77. Congratulations! This is the start of a beautiful friendship. Now hold onto your butts! 

  78. Congratulations!

  79. Congrats! Can Oliver be my pick of the week?

  80. Congratulations! Have a good life.

  81. Congratulations Josh!!!

  82. Welcome, Oliver!  Congratulations, Josh!  Pass the cigars.

  83. Welcome to the world Oliver Quinn! Congratulations to Josh and Lindsay.

  84. Yeeesss… soon, Marvel comics will be his foodstuff, and he will love "What if?"… then it’s a only a matter of time before he’s ours.

  85. That baby is so adorable.


  86. Pretty great, eh? And it only gets better from here.

  87. Yay!!! Congratulations, Josh!

  88. All the best to Josh and family!! Cute head of hair ;]

    I miss that NEW baby smell!!

  89. Congratulations Josh

  90. Congratulations, Josh!

  91. Congrats Josh! He’s adorable!

  92. Congrats on the iFanbaby!!!

  93. New Reader! Awww Yeah Titans!  😉


  94. That’s great man. Happy for you and yours. ConGRATS!

  95. Congratulations Josh and Lindsay!

  96. Cheers. Though you probably shouldn’t drink to it.


  97. congrats to your family Josh !

  98. Yay! Awesome! Congratulations, Josh!

  99. Hey Ollie!


  100. Awesome! It seemed like just yesterday we were all welcoming Gordon’s first iFanbaby. Now there’s another bundle of joy. Really amazing. Congrats to Josh and Lindsay!

  101. Mazel tov!  Heck of a road to be on….

    Glad to hear all is well, here’s to the three of you!

  102. Exito y buena suerte para la familia Flanagan!

  103. I’m wondering how long Connor will wait before he starts doing his uncle duties and take the kid out for a walk. I’m betting that he’ll be asking pretty soon.

  104. YEAH! Congrats!

  105. Congrads on the new addition.


  106. Congrats!

  107. Whatever you do, don’t misplace the instruction manual or the receipt!




    the Tiki 

  108. Kiss your nights of sleep goodbye.

    Congrats on the happy arrival!

  109. Congrats, Josh and family! This is a wonderful day.

  110. Congrats !!! Will there be archery practice in his future ?

  111. Congratulations!

  112. Congrats to the Flanagan clan.

  113. Congrats!

  114. Congratulations!! What a wonderful blessing!!

  115. Congrats!

  116. Congrats man

  117. Congratulations. Welcome to the World!

  118. Congratulations!

  119. That is great news! 

  120. Congrats Josh and Lindsay!

  121. God bless you guys!!! 😀 What a beautiful baby!!! 😀

  122. Congrats, you will make excellent parents.

  123. Uhmmm… looks a bit like Geoff Johns…anything you need to tell us??? Just kidding, congrats my man, way to go!

  124. Awesome, and congrats again! One more little geek to swell our ranks! Unless, to steal from Patton Oswalt, Oliver ends up being a jock to be contrary to his father, and then he’ll just beat us up. 😉

  125. Wonderful news. Congrats Josh & Lindsay. Welcome to the world Oliver, you are going to have a blast!

  126. Congrats, Josh! Welcome to parenthood.

  127. Congratulations! 

  128. WHOOO! CONGRATS!!! Start printing those Fear Agent shirts in toddler sizes!!

  129. Congratulations to you and your wife’s new addition to the family! You are going to be a great dad!

  130. Cool name and Congratulations!

  131. Congrats and good wishes to the fam!

  132. Congratulations.

  133. congratulations josh. im really happy for you!!

  134. what a cute little kid. congrats joshua


  136. Congrats! Welcome to the world of parenthood…it’s a beautiful thing (and you won’t miss sleep all that much).

  137. Very very happy for you. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations.

  138. Congratulations


  139. Like the name, congrats to Josh and Lindsay

  140. A hearty congratulations!


  141. Now the real fun begins!

  142. Congratualtions Josh. I wish you and Lindsay all the best. Yeah!!!

  143. Congrats Josh!!  That baby is beautiful!

  144. Congratulations! Great name.

  145. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    Congratulations, Josh! Good to see such a nice guy enjoying all life has to offer.

  146. WOOOHOOO! Congrats!!!

  147. That kid is tiny!  Or maybe…  Maybe Josh is HUUUUGE!

  148. Love and prayers and giggles and hugs


  150. Many happy wishes for you and yours.

  151. congratulations! It’s exhausting but good stuff all around. Nd an Ollie queen to ur green lantern?nice. Nd props for convincing the wife.

  152. Love the name. Congratulations and the best for everyone.

  153. Congrats josh! My daughter celebrated her 1st b-day today, so our kids have the same b-day!

  154. Welcome to the club, dude! It’s not an exclusive club, but at least it’s exhausting!

    Also, this is so weird. I stumbled upon iFanboy and got hooked about two weeks ago while at the hospital while my wife Lindsay slept after having our 6 lb 7 oz baby. Anyhoo…



  155. Congrats Josh! 

  156. Hes going to grow up to be a dragonslayer <3



  157. Congrats!

  158. Congrats! and happy wishes!

  159. Congratulations!

  160. Awesome news. Congrats!

  161. Congrats to the whole family and God bless Ya’ll on the journey of Parenthood 🙂

  162. Quick parenting tip, any book shelving in your house that is less than 3 feet from the ground should not be used for comics.

     My 15 month old has already ripped the dust jacket on my Alias omnibus and very nearly had my Punisher hardcovers too….:(

     Congrats Josh, welcome to the world of half a comic before bedtime and then passing out.

  163. Awww, he is adorable!


  164. Congratulations Josh and Lindsay! Welcome to parenthood, it’s good to have you join our ranks! Which trades will you be reading him in his first month of life?

  165. Does box-locks-lock-box-box-box-anchor-box make cribs?

  166. Congrats Josh!

  167. Congrats, Josh! My baby girl turns 2 months this week, it has been the best experience in the world so far, enjoy every minute of it! 

  168. Congrats

  169. Congratulations Josh & family!

  170. Congrats! Mozel tov! 😀

  171. aww im so happy for you! 😀

  172. Congratulations Josh. Great news.

  173. Congratulations Josh and Lindsay! Welcome to the world, Oliver! I’m guessing Ronin Flanagan was already taken? 🙂

  174. congratulations to you and the family!

  175. Congrats!

  176. Congratulations, and good luck!

  177. Congrats Josh, all the best to you and yours!

  178. Congrats, sir!  And now you’re an all-the-way grown-up… scary, isn’t it?

  179. Congrats!!! 🙂

  180. Little Graphic.ly Flannagan is so cute!

  181. Congratulations Josh and family! As parenthood welcomes you, your sleeping schedule waves goodbye!

  182. Congratulations!!

  183. All the best to the wee man and family – sleep where you can, Josh!

  184. A baby is a true blessing – all the best.

  185. congrats

  186. wow–congratulations!

  187. Congratulations to the Flanagans

  188. Congratulations!! Cool name!

  189. Congratulations, Josh!

    So what’s OQ’s pull list? 

  190. It’s the beginning of a great adventure. Best of health and happiness to your growing household!

  191. Congratulations

  192. Congratulations!

  193. Congrats!

  194. Congrats! Nice work!

  195. Congratulations!  Well if Josh named his baby after Green Arrow, I’ll fill the Hawkeye gap by naming my firstborn Clint.

    Actually, that’s not a bad idea.

  196. Congratulations!

  197. Congratulations may he live a long and happy life

  198. Hey congrats to you and the family!

  199. Congratulations

  200. I just realized I hadn’t said it here. So congratulations! So exciting! =D

  201. All Right!!! Best wishes.

  202. Welcome to the greatest adventure of all time, and the only way to truly become immortal. Best wishes to the whole family.

    1. You can now look forward to indoctrinating the poor little guy in the world of comics like I have done to my three!

    2. Never EVER go see a Zorro film in a downtown cinema.

    3. Don’t start building a rocket ship in the back yard…"…just in case"

  203. Congrats to you and your wife, Josh! Way to go!

  204. PICK OF THE WEEK. Congratulations, Josh.

  205. Congratulations Josh and family.  Nice little bundle of joy there!

  206. Congratulations Josh! Best Wishes!

  207. Congratulations!

  208. Olive Quinn/Oliver Queen?  A Green Arrow connection?  Congrats!  Now get some sleep!

  209. I disagree, this issue feels like Josh only worked on it 4 minutes or so…

  210. heres betting that if he has a daughter next he’ll name her dinah