We come in praise of pull lists! New Comics for 03/26/08!

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here – Conor, Ron, Josh and Gordon the Intern.

This week Josh’s got the Pick of the Week!

This week we shall find out who has the superior pulls – New or Mighty Avengers!

Bonus Question: I just cut my lip. What’s the last thing you cut?


  1. Im really looking foward to Batman Confidential.  Picked up the last 2 based on Conor talking about them on the podcast.  I don’t know what to think about Wolverine: First Class, I’m going to flip through it first.

    BQ; My finger while changing a flat tire last week. 

  2. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Ultimate Spider-man




    New Avengers

    All Star Supes

    Batman Confidential 


    BQ: An audio track.   

  3. Really looking forward to Batman: Confidential this week.  Really been loving this arc.


    BQ: At the behest of @acomicbookgirl and @itsbecca, I attempted to shave a few days ago.  As soon as I put the razor to my neck, I felt the all too familar sting of a shaving related nip.

  4. Dan Dare #5 (OF 7)

    Dark Wraith Of Shannara Gn

    Marvel Atlas #2 (OF 2)

    Mighty Avengers #11

    New Avengers #39

    Spider-Man With Great Power #3 (OF 5)

    Ultimate Human #3 (OF 4)

    Ultimate Spider-Man #120

    Zombie Proof #3


    BQ: Paper cut on finger, being a mail man sucks. 

  5. I’m not pulling either Avengers book, just to be contrary — Mighty because there’s no way Bendis can top last month’s Doom/Stark buddy comedy, New because I have a goal of saving money by not buying anything that ties into Secret Invasion, at least not in issues.  This is probably a laughable goal, but I’m pretending.

    Meanwhile, I’m pulling both "First Class" books — Xmen: FC has been truly lovely, and Wolverine: FC because I’m curious if they can capture the magic there as well.  Also "Xmen: Legacy," hoping it will live up to the fantastic first issue, and "Ultimate X-men," the book I just can’t break up with (though if Phoenix goes nuclear on Apocalypse, it will have been TOTALLY WORTH the year of reading a book I didn’t care about.  Really).   And Daredevil, which I cross my fingers will hit its stride again, after the last arc petered out.

    And I’m in the middle of moving, so I cut the packing tape on a lot of boxes.

  6. Is All-Star Superman really coming out this week?

    I can hardly believe it. If it does ship, I suspect every other comic book this week will pale in comparison.

    BQ: Finger. While sharpening a kitchen knife.

  7. New Avengers

    Mighty Avengers



    Teen Titans

    BQ: My hand on a gym locker last week.

    I’m loving the pull feature. 

  8. 14 books and Pick of the Week….plus the new Pick of the Week Mini.

    Alright, I’m gonna just go to bed now.

    Cut hand on excited puppy tooth.

  9. Two Avengers books, and Ultimate x-men, light week, guess I’m buying a trade or two.

     Cut of the arm doing yard work. no fun.

  10. All Star Supes :always good!
    FvJvAsh: fun but dumb
    Green Lantern: interesting, but not amazing. more interested in where it’s going then where it is.
    Might Avengers: quality
    Ms Marvel: don’t read it, but curious about the skrull shananigans
    New Avengers: again, quality
    Spidey: WGP: great mini so far!
    Teen Titans: meh. habit.
    Ultimate Human: hope it goes somewhere
    Ult Spidey: always first book read!
    Ult Xmen: interested to see what’s up with ultimate onslaught
    Wolvy 1st Class (curious, but not expecting much)
    Last thing cut: left elbow, which really wrecks havoc on laying down to read my comics comfortably. yeeeouch.
  11. extraordinarily light week this week: only Green Lantern, New Avengers, and maybe Wolverine: First Class. Just a random question, is Mouse Guard considered "age appropriate" for elementary school? If so, then I’m buying that for the school that I help out at (they asked for a donation, so I’m buying some trades for them)

    Bonus: I think I cut my arm on a piece of glass the other day. Either way, it’s cut 

  12. also: currently reading the Book of the Month. and so far, it’s pretty good. i really thought i would have trouble remembering the character’s and their positions, etc, but i’m keeping up..

  13. Huh, surprisingly small week for me, this week. I think I’m looking forward to Hellblazer, Transhuman, and the David Mack drawn New Avengers book.


    BQ: I’ve got a cut on my finger, but I have no idea how it got there. Weird. 

  14. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Oh, I forgot Green Lantern


    This is the week I finally write reviews on the site.  I’m excited.   

  15. Only five books this week. That’s it. Dropping Teen Titans cuz I’m sick of editorial on that book, and moving to Daredevil in trades, and X-Men: Legacy because that last issue was meh… Really doing wonders for my wallet… I’m happy with it. All that said, cannot wait to see all five of my books this week. Two Avengers, GL, All Star Superman, and Ultimate Spider-man? This week’s gonna kick ass.

    Also, I’m making a note to myself to pick up Batman: Confidential. I need to get in on this arc. 

    BQ: I bruised my sternum two weeks ago and thought about the person at Subway cutting his finger off while he cut my sandwich… Does that work? If not… Ermmm… I dunno…

  16. In a slow-ish week, Transhuman is the Most Looked Forward To.

  17. All Star Superman #10 Green Lantern #29 Mighty Avengers #11 New Avengers #39 Teen Titans #57 Ultimate Spider-Man #120 Ultimate X-Men #92

    BQ Haven’t been cuting anying lately.

    Shoud i get Mrs marvel? Is it going to be a big comic leading up to SI? and it it just me or was there no countdown this week?

  18. Holy Ultimate week, Batman.

    BQ: a breaded chicken cutlet.

  19. Looking forward to Batman Confidential and Green Lantern. Only 5 books this week.  Going to resist buying more as my wallet needs a break.

    BQ: Can’t even think of the last time I cut myself…I guess that’s good. 

  20. Ahhh what a great week.  The only thing that makes me nervous is I have a couple titles that are now bumping each other in the ass.  I haven’t read Batman Confidential OR Hellblazer from last month yet.  Oh animation project, be over soon.

    All Star Superman, unsurprisingly, tops the list of anticipation.  Followed closely is Jack of Fables, then Ultimate Spider-Man.  Heck, I’m even excited to see what the hell is going on with Countdown.

    BQ – I lanced a hangnail wound Sunday.  I’m beggining to think fingernail clippers and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide was not the best way to go about things.

  21. I’ve started reading Queen and Country vol 1 as well, great stuff! I looked at some of the bonus material in the back, supposedly they decided to make the art on the book "less cartoony" due to complaints? I’ve liked both styles so far (I’m up to the end of Operation: Morningstar right now), but it was definitely a "what the heck happened" moment when they switched up the art style.

    I’m just picking up Daredevil and Transhuman this week, finally dropped Gotham Underground, and if you guys haven’t  read last weeks Ghost Rider….you’re missing out damnit! Jason Aaron is doing a fantastic job on a character I haven’t kept up with until now, plus the letter section is great with a great little extra at the end.

    Bq: I cut my……..

     economics class OooOOOoohhh (lol)

  22. When I started looking at the shipping list from Diamond this week, initially my heart began to fall.  It looked like it was going to be a mediocre week.  But upon closer inspection, I felt a glimmer of hope – there were some good books after all.  So here’s what I’m anticipating:

    Batman Confidential

    The Spirit 


    Mighty Avengers

    New Avengers

    Ultimate Spider-man

    X-men First Class

    X-men Legacy

    BQ: Haven’t cut myself in quite a while, but my wife cut her finger when slicing the Easter ham. 

  23. I’m most looking forward to Daredevil and All Star Superman. If your not readin New Warriors, you should, its an awesome team book, I’m surprised how good it is every time I read it.

    I’ll give Spirit another shot, but if this new team doesn’t really wow me, I’ll have to drop it.


    BONUS: I actually cut my finger from having really dry hands the other day, scooping ice cream is tough work. 

  24. All-Star Superman, Daredevil and Gargoyles (if you loved the cartoon, you will love the comic, check it out…it’s awesome!!!). Looking forward to them all for different reasons.

     BQ: A ham and cheese sandwich for dinner.

  25. New Avengers


    Mighty Avengers

    Countdown (make it stop, please!)

    All-Star Supes

    Green Lantern

    Perfect week– small, and 5 books I’m looking forward to reading (plus Countdown).

    BQ: the cheese.

  26. All Star Superman- there is a 99 % chance this will be the best thing i read this week

    Batman Confidential- looking forward to this issue, suprisingly good arc so far.

    Green Lantern- probably the second best thing ill read this week

    Hellblazer- if you aren’t buying this you should be ashamed of yourself

    Mighty Avengers- I don’t know why I’m buying this…

    New Avengers- i can’t wait till the shit hits the fan over this one…

    Ult Spiderman- always a good read.

    Xmen Legacy-  There are just to many x-books out right now… it could get dropped at lest second while i’m at the comic shop

     BQ: My finger


  27. Im so looking forward to Transhuman everything else looks a little meh this week!

  28. Very excited for Green Lantern and Transhuman. After hearing all the rave reviews, I think I’m going to pick up Batman Confidentail from issue 13.

  29. Light week highlighted by All Star Superman w00t.

    BQ: Face…shaving.
  30. Green Lantern! Origins issue?  Simply wonderful.

  31. I’m always looking forward to USM and Green Lantern, and I also want to see the start of the next Daredevil arc.

    BQ: No joke, cut my hand opening rock band (I might have been a little too exited) 

  32. Daredevil and Transhuman are where it’s at this week.

  33. And this week, the traditional "every book I write comes out on the same week" role will be filled by Mr. Brian Michael Bendis. Well sir, I’ll buy those books, but Echo + David Mack = unpleasant memories of my least favorite quote-unquote Daredevil run of all time. Gosh, I hope the whole issue looks like a collage from a high school girl’s locker door.

    I think the books I’m most eagerly anticipating are Ms. Marvel and She-Hulk. On a week with so much Bendis, that is downright flabbergasting to me… actually, wait! Could DD really be done with the Mr. Fear storyline?? Now I don’t know what to say!

    BQ: I recently discovered a baby fang with my finger, and like Marie Curie, my discovery proved hazardous to my health. 

  34. I’m going with Spider-Man With Great Power #3 as my most anticipated.  I’m really enjoying it.

    I don’t get the love for Avengers. I think you have to be more versed in comics lore because when I picked up an issue a while back I didn’t know anyone and almost the whole story was a phone conversation lol.

  35. Another slow week.  Green Lantern and Mighty Avengers.

    This might be a good week to get caught up on the new Thor series.


    BQ:  I just cut… the cheese.  :p


  36. Very interesting week… Honestly, I’m just looking forward to Buddha: Story of Enlightenment and Transhuman

    Asked me this question a couple of weeks ago, I would’ve said a paper cut.. Now, hmm… My dog bit me the other day in the arm and left a bruise..   



  37. @Jimski – Mack’s actually drawing NEW AVENGERS this week, not collaging it.

  38. JFernandes (@jdfernandes) says:

    Looking forward to New Avengers and Mighty Avengers.

    Showcase Presents Booster Gold should be entertaining.

    Drain finishes off its current story arc (maybe even the series) with issue 6. Sana Takeda’s art is excellent in this book.

    BQ: Labels at work. 

  39. @Jimski Yeah man, Johnathan Hickman’s going to attack you with awesomeness for the Mack comments 😉

  40. Looking forward to All-Star Superman, the Avengers books, and all the Ultimate goodness this week, along with the usual suspects. Transhuman actually replaced the Jack Hawksmoor mini on my list, so I think that may be a good move on my part – yay me!

    BQ: All my good jokes were taken – shows you truly how much of a hack I am. Can’t remember the last good cut I got, but I do have some pretty decent scars from cuts past. I do hate when that little bit of skin at the beginning of your fingernail (finger-side, I guess) gets all peel-ly and you go to pull it off and it just keeps going down your finger, like you don’t know if it’s going to stop before knuckle. That hurts.

  41. Oh, BQ: UPS Box

  42. Countdown To Adventure #8 (OF 8)

    Countdown To Final Crisis #5

    Green Lantern #29

    Ultimate Iron Man Ii #4 (OF 4)

    Ultimate Spider-Man #120

    Ultimate X-Men #92

    Really looking forward to GL as always.  I’m also glad that the last issue of Countdown to Adventure is coming out I really enjoyed that series.

    Now if only Countdown itself could end decently. 

  43. I’m most excited for Savage Dragon.  Something caught my attention on the shipping list, though:

    Drunk Duck Anthology Gn Vol 01


    I kind of doubt that my LCS will be carrying that, but if I see it, I think I’d have to pick it up.  I’ve also decided, fuck it, I’m finally going to pick up Ms. Marvel tomorrow.


    BQ: I get several paper cuts on my hands a day at work.  Tis one of the many perils of a career in the printing industry. 

  44. legion of superheroes, which is quickly rising on my list of anticipated books.

     last thing i cut? buying daredevil monthly

  45. The Avengers books and USM will be at the bottom of the pile this week (I save the best for last)

    and my enthusiasm for the current DCU continues to dwindle as Green Lantern is my only DC book this week.

    Daredevil, Ms Marvel, She-Hulk,  UFF, Ultimate Human, UXM, and Legacy round out the rest of my pull list.


    Damn thats a lot of Ultimate books in one week. 

  46. Only one non-Marvel book this week and it’s the closest I come to buying a book that I don’t absolutely love (though I do like it quite a bit).
    There’s no way Mighty can out-pull New, because there’s too much Tony Stark hate here and everywhere else on the internet (and lord knows The Sentry only maks it worse).

    Mighty Avengers #11

    Ms Marvel #25


    BQ: Last thing I cut was one of my fingers. Bagel accident, but it wasn’t bad.


  47. Ultimate Human #3 – I’m digging this so far and I hope it wraps up well.  Don’t think I’d mind if this arc was the first in a bigger tale.

    New Avengers is up as of this post, 187-161

    BQ: Aside from the last fool that owed me money, my finger, in the living room, with the box cutter. Don’t you hate those airtight plastic bubbles they put a lot of electronic components in these days.

  48. wow i feel really behind. there isn’t anyting i need this week. i really nee to get myself some cash so i can just drown myself in comics.

  49. Only 2 books for me this week:

    Green Lantern #29
    Spawn #176

    But I’ll end up buying some trades and some back issues.

    BQ: The last thing I cut was a sandwiche.

  50. BQ:  It took me forever to think of this, but a cucumber.

  51. I’m pretty excited for this week.  I’m most looking forward to Hellblazer and USM.  I might pick up a few back issues this week if there’s room for it on my stack.  A few of my pulls are on my "we’ll see how I feel when I get there list,"  I’m also curious about Transhuman.

    BQ:  I have no idea.  Sometimes, these phantom cuts just kind of show up.  Like, I don’t notice them until I put hand sanitizer on.  Yeouch!

  52. Is New Avengers the beginning of a new arc cause im tempted to pick it up

     and BQ I slice my fingers all the time at work so probably my hands

  53. This looks to be a wonderful week – while I fully expect ASS to continue being the best thing every time it comes out, I think I’m most excited for Blue Beetle. Issue 24 was damn near perfect and I have complete faith that Rogers will deliver with his finale: 

    All Star Superman

    Blue Beetle


    X-Men First Class

    BQ: My face. Every morning. 

  54. What a week–every good Marvel comic is coming out this week–every Ultimate and Avengers comic!

     My face–shaving.


  55. This is going to be like 2-3 weeks’ worth of books. X-Men First Class is going to be a game time decision, but Wolverine First Class is a definite new pickup.

     BQ: I cut a mango, yesterday.

  56. always happy to see a new green lantern coming out.  spiderman with great power has been excellent too.  and most definately looking forward to the new spawn, new arc cant wait to see what’s next.  Picking up 17 books this week and I’m not iffy about one of them.

    bonus:  I always have little cuts all over my hands, but I really wanged my shin on a chair the other day.

  57. Check out my pull list


    BQ:  Cut my finger last night at work 

  58. Sheesh: big week for me but nothing that just gets me really excited. BTW: love the Pull list Feature and i get some strange satisfaction at times for being the only iFanboy at times to pull an item. Weird!

    Mighty Avengers

    Green Lantern

    ALL Star Superman

    Countdown to Final Crisis! Only 4 to go…yay!

    Teen Titans

    Transhuman: this looks very interesting, if not for the cover treatment alone!

    Ms. Marvel

    Countdown to Adventure: lovin’ me some Animal Man and Starfire…oh and there’s also Adam Strange

    Legion of Super Heroes



    Kirby Omnibus #4: wacky 4th world goodness

    MPD Psycho #4: great series, creepy as hell, i just can’t remember all the character names…cause they all look and sound the same!


    Speed Racer #3 and Racer X TPB

    Green Lama: lovin me some golden age goodness

    Adolescent Radioactive Blackbelt Hamsters: 1st issue was horrible, giving them one more chance out of 80s loyalty.

    BQ: my face…shaving…. "we’ve got a bleeder!"

    T. Scott Benefield, MD, official iFanboy Pediatrician



  59. Nothing. I think I may hate comics. Or maybe just a weak week. Ha-ha. Made myself laugh.

  60. So Marvel’s website still says that Halo Uprising and Criminal are coming out this week. Strange

  61. @SixGun – The shipping list on Marvel’s website is almost always wrong.  Those two books are definitely not shipping this week.

  62. 13 books for me this week…I think I’ll try Wolverine First Class, but I’m very weary of that. Does he REALLY need another book?

    Most looking forward to All-Star Superman this week!

     Also, I finally got fed up and dropped New Warriors! No more!

     BQ: Cut a tomato earlier…

  63. @Conor – I hate that they’re always wrong, recently they showed Kick Ass as coming out last week.  When it wasn’t on the site nor my box, I became a sad panda.

  64. @jstump – Just stick with us – we won’t steer you wrong. 🙂

  65. Tough to pick my picks for this week.  I think its going to be between the final installments of Countdown to Adventure and Lord Havok & the Extremists.  But also Batman Confidential #15.  Of course, if I have to name THE book I’m most looking forward to, it would be:



  66. I am anxious to see how the Secret Invasion stuff is going to go. Also looking forward to my newest favorite book, Green Lantern. 

    Green Lantern #29
    New Avengers #39
    Mighty Avengers #11
    X-Men Legacy #209
    World Of Warcraft #5
    Star Wars Knights Of Old Republic #26

  67. BQ: Cut myself opening a cardboard box for my wife a couple of weeks ago.

  68. Only two books for me this week (All Star Superman, Green Lantern), which I actually don’t mind since I’ve picked up 6-8 per week (a lot for me) for the last two months. Really looking forward to both, particularly ASS.