WANT! – 03/23/2010

We are, as always, consumernauts. And when we, too, make that journey across the river of the dead, we hope to do so on a barge heaped high with all the things we WANT! 



Doctor Who stuff from Geek Boy Press at Etsy.com

I stumbled on Geek Boy Press while working on a newspaper gig, looking for photography from some local artists taking part in a Twin Peaks art show. I clicked a link in one of their email signatures, and found a treasure trove of homespun geek merch! I have no real use for another bag, let alone a tote, but even if I just end up hanging it on a doorknob, I want that T.A.R.D.I.S tote. Hell, it might even contain more volume than it looks like from the outside! Tops on my list? That Dalek barbecue apron. Celebrate Independence Day by submitting to a superior alien intelligence with a voice more grating than your mother's. Check out the full inventory for clothing, prints, and totes inspired by Doctor Who, Lost, Shaun of the Dead, Watchmen and more.  



Batman Black & White Statue by Frank Quitely


Batman: Black & White Statue: Batman Designed by Frank Quitely

I try not to click over to the DC Direct website all that often because then I start looking through all of the toys and statues and all of a sudden an hour has gone by. And the thing is, I'm not a statue guy. I don't want my apartment, or even my bedroom/office, over run by these things no matter how awesome they mayOHMYGOD LOOK AT THAT STATUE. If there was ever something that is befitting the title of this article, it's this Frank Quitely designed Dick Grayson-as-Batman statue. I so very much WANT it. It's not on sale now (it's not getting released until May) but as with all of these statues, it will be manufactured to order. So if you want one too, get to your comic book store and get that pre-order in now. Or, if you prefer, you can do like I did and can put your pre-order in at Amazon. $80.00





Peanuts: Charlie Brown and Snoopy Then and Now Figures

The most iconic American comic strip turns 60 this year. Even with the last strip hitting news stands back in February of 2000, that's still a lot of Peanuts (fifty years and nearly 18,000 strips worth). To celebrate the ongoing popularity, DH Deluxe and Yoe! Studio present two figure sets, each containing two vinyl figurines that represent the evolution of a character. Choose good ol' Chuck Brown or Snoopy. Much as I love the modern designs, the real draw here is the Then half of the equation. Just because Schulz changed the design of Charlie Brown over the years, that doesn't mean the original interpretation was weak or amateurish. It's actually pretty rad. And after all the dogfights and boat races, it's still easy to forget that Snoopy was once a regular beagle, running around on all fours. These sets are available in April, and you best believe we'll be displaying them in the iFanboy Brownstone. $24.99 per pair. 



  1. That apron….

    "OH yes!"

  2. I want that batman statue too. 

    I hope that they make a Frank Quitely inspired Damian-Robin Statue soon. 

    The peanut figure set looks great

  3. I want the DC Chronicles GL & Flash statues that were solicited for June. I also want that Cyberman shirt.

  4. I’d like to see the batman and robin #1 statues but painted in Alex Sinclair’s colors

  5. That statue is magical.  Does anyone have $80 I can "borrow"?

  6. @tschafer

    Oh, sweet yes! A matching Robin statue please.

  7. I’d love to have statues and action figures and all that stuff, but I just do not have the room. I need to have a rich relative I don’t know die and leave me money. Or get hit by a bus.

  8. -Caleb The Time Traveler was not able to post this message due to him having sold his computer for that Batman statue. It was a good deal he does not regret.-

  9. That Frank Quitely Batman statue will look great next to my Jim Lee Batman statue.

  10. I think it’s very telling about me that I am the only person commenting on the apron.

    I have an apron I really like is all, and I just thought that another apron, with something really cool on it, like a Dalek would be good.  Yes, I have an apron. It keeps my pants and shirts from getting greasespots on them. Because then, the clothes are ruined.

    (It helps to read that comment in the voice of Sam Seaborn.)

  11. Wildcats Version 3.0 Forever! Joe Casey continues his Wildcats story. I fucking WANT that goddammit!

  12. Man that Batman statue looks cool, but I just cant justify buying an eighty dollar statue, Especially conisidering that the Jason Aaron Ghost Rider Omnibus was just announced. Now some of those prints at Geekboypress on the other hand…

  13. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @josh – Same difference, really. (I laughed)

  14. I LOVE the Peanuts!! Dang you, Mr. Montgomery, for showing me that site with all the cool Peanuts stuff. ARGH!

  15. I just saw this: http://www.toplessrobot.com/2010/03/holy_this_exists.php

    A statue of Superman fighting Muhammad Ali based on the cover of the "classic" comic book. 

  16. Quitely designed statue?  Pre-order get!

  17. RE Batman Statue, i just found my christmas present!

  18. The problem for me with the Black and White statues is that I wish they were in color. That’s wrong isn’t it?

  19. @Josh: Nothin wrong with that, But if you had to get a black and white statue would’nt Batman be the perfect character? I mean aside from some yellow and some darker blacks is there really much of a diffrence?

  20. But, it isn’t really Black and white is he? Its gray.


    But Do Want!

  21. That Batman statue is the hotness.  The only thing on my want list of late is a slew of Blu-rays: Fantastic Mr. Fox, Sunshine, and Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths. 

    Also, "consumernauts" is an awesome word.  One of those only in America words.

  22. that cyberman shirt is pretty cool. I’ld wear it…. in private

  23. I love those statues for Peanuts. Really shows how drastic Schultz’s designs went over the years. Snoopy then looks nothing like Snoopy now.

  24. Awesome Quitely statue of Bats, I definitely want.

    @stuclach: Awesome Ali/Supes FTW!

  25. @Josh – While the Daleek apron is cool, you don’t need it if you cook in your underwear. Wear your grease burn scars proudly, I say.

  26. I like the Batman statuette. I have a couple of the black and white’s from near the beginning of the series.  I also now own a Phi shirt, featured from last week.

  27. The Mignola Batman (B&W) is the still the one to kneel to.

  28. @josh I didn’t comment on the apron because I never really got into Doctor Who. However, I’ve seen clips with the old-school Daleks, and must say that they are one of my favorite things in this world.

  29. I just picked up my first statuey thing at the ECCC: a Daredevil bust (yellow costume) and now I have the itch to want more. I don’t think I could pay full price for one, but that Quitely statue makes me awfully unsure of that policy.

  30. I too wear an apron when cooking.

    In fact I have two.

    They’re stripey, which is nice, but everything is improved with a dalek.

  31. I have just one statue, the Mazzuchelli Batman from last year and I love it.  I want the Quitely one now to keep it company.

  32. @kondaji lol, gross. what if you get hot grease on your nipple?  I’d punch a hole in the wall. 

  33. I bought a GL shirt. Now I want a Flash one, an iron Man one and a FF one. Just the logos.

  34. The Quitely statue is pretty bonerrific. And it gets extra points for most likely being the only statue of Grayson Batman after all is said and done. But I can’t buy it. Statue collecting is an addiction. I’ve seen it ruin lives. For realsies.

    "I bought a GL shirt. Now I want a Flash one, an iron Man one and a FF one. Just the logos."

    I’m a big fan of the logo shirts. They’re more simplistic than most image shirts, and when people comment on them it usually means they know what they’re talking about. I bought all the corps shirts last year minus the violet (Not insecure or anything, I’ll just never wear it. Also, I have no love in my heart.). It’s kinda fun to pick which one to wear. Am I feeling hopeful today? Full of rage? Courageous? Do I want to spread death throughout the universe? Fun stuff for the nerd in all of us.