VIDEO: The Biggest Trailer Yet for ‘Marvel’s The Avengers’

Marvel’s The Avengers debuts in theaters on May 4th. The big day is closer than its ever been. They’ve invested quite a lot in marketing and it looks like they’ve got at least 90 minutes of footage, so there’s no turning back now. This is actually happening. Hawkeye is getting his second film appearance. Iron Man and Captain America and Thor and Black Widow are hobnobbing on the big screen.


Hold on to your butts for the biggest trailer yet. All clenched? Head on over to Apple to watch in full HD.

More importantly? Phil Coulson Strikes Back in his fourth feature film.


Those aliens and their vehicles? Could be a big ol’ threat.






  1. Needs more Coulson.

    Seriously though, I think this is going to be pretty great.

    …and it could use more Coulson.

  2. Love this…except for Cap’s uniform. To me, it’s one thing amiss throughout this whole project.

  3. Loving this. New dialogue in there too.

    What the heck was that at the end?

  4. looks sold. My mind isn’t blown, but i’m not disappointed either. Its one of those reactions.

    will be interested to see how they fit al those A-list leading characters into a team in the same movie.

  5. I love that shot where you see the Hulk all massive, Iron Man lands in his weapon (suit), Thor’s Hammer is at the ready, Cap has his super-soldier abilities and his shield…… And then Black Widow loads her 9mm and Hawkeye draws back an arrow. wampwampwaaaaaaamp

    All kidding aside though, this movie is going to be a lot of fun, methinks.

  6. Looks great!

    Only criticism is that Cap’s costume looks a little hokey. It was much better in the first Cap film.

  7. Good thing Black Widow reloaded that tiny, tiny gun…

  8. May 4th can not get here quick enough.

  9. Avengers vs. Decepticons?

    Looks good though.

  10. I totally understand the general attitude of hesitancy and concern leading up to the film’s release…

    But for me, it’s just goosebumps. It keeps looking better and better, and I want it yesterday.

  11. That photo would make a damn good wallpaper…

  12. Best trailer yet. That last shot … wow.

    Lookin’ forward to seeing what Whedon does with this budget.

    I’m actually starting to get excited in spite of myself.

  13. I’ve been waiting forty years for this.

    Looks pretty good so far.

  14. Big bad at the end looked a little like Parallax and a lot like what @TomiH said – a Decepticon.
    Here’s hoping there’s more to it ‘cuz I can already hear the critics scoff.

    In other news… holy moly. We’re getting an Avengers movie?! How awesome!

  15. Getting a strong whiff of Transformers 3 here which may or may not be a good thing

  16. So a chunk of this movies is going to depict The Avengers Assembling, it would seem.

    Nothing like a good “gathering the team” issue.

  17. I’m sold. Soldy, sold sold.

    Also, for those mentioning Black Widow’s gun… she’s standing between a guy with a bow and arrow and a guy with a shield. I’d prefer my 9mm to lobbing a metal disc any day!

  18. Wow. Hulk catching Iron Man against the building was awesome. And him roaring as the rest of the team is about to face off got me pumped. The rest of the team looked cool too. ha

    • The catch was the part that clinched it for me. That and the big ol’ mechanical Midgard Serpent!

    • @kenny G. Same. Well i have been sold on this movie since the end of Iron Man 1. But that catch made me go “oh wow kind of wish that wasn’t in the trailer so i got the full effect on screen”.

  19. If the job of a trailer is to make me more excited for the movie then this is a big succcess.

  20. I had chills and the hairs on my arms stood up. I’m a huge Bat-fan, but right now I am more excited about this than any other upcoming movie.

  21. this is going to be some type of weird test for the comic community. Can the rest of the world accept the dozens of things we all have to accept or ignore to enjoy comics but only for a film?

  22. Looks fun, although the Black Widow is a completely pointless character and doesn’t belong in the movie. Like others have said, Cap’s costume looks not good.

    • I agree, I would much rather see a Janet Van Dyne Wasp character that can actually do something in the fight. Although I know there is a lot of hate out there for Hank Pym, they could have done some pretty awesome animation with him in the fight scenes. I’d much rather have the Pyms on my team than a guy with a bow and arrow and a girl with a gun when I’m fighting Decepticons in downtown New York.

  23. All looks great, but this is the second time in a row that Loki was the best part of the trailer.

    Go Hiddleston.

  24. Yeah that’s gotta be the Midgard Serpent

  25. There’s so many things to love about this. Badass Loki, Iron Man/Hulk destroying anything that looks at them funny, the fact that Iron Man/Thor/Cap are standing next to each other!

    But then I see the Transformer villains and I groan.

    Then I see Jeremy Renner and Scarlett Johansson and I scratch my head. I know the movie isn’t out but bare with me….I really don’t think these two should be in the movie. Maybe it’s because I can take away the silliness of both of them in comics, but they just seem TOO silly for this movie. How anyone is going to take an archer seriously when we have so many other superpower heroes is going to be a tough sell.

    I know I should mention ‘he who should not be named’ but I wonder just why Marvel couldn’t do a Hank Pym/Janet movie or cameo before this. Take Hawkeye out and somehow have one of the scientists in the Thor movie be Hank Pym. Cause for some reason I can believe a man who has the power to shrink himself is more believable in this then a guy who shoots arrows at aliens.

    • Are they just arrows though? Don’t some of them explode or do weird things. I’m pretty sure we’re good here. Cap just has a metal disc and he’s fighting aliens in ships and that seems fine.

    • In the newer cartoon, Hawkeye’s pretty badass, and that’s just a cartoon. If Renner is as badass as the cartoon, then I’m all for it.

    • Yeah Hawkeye and Widow do seem a bit out of place but I hope they use them like Bendis did in Mighty Avengers#1. When Tony was explaining the rationale for his team he explained that he needed people like Widow who always are out gunned/powered because they know ways to overcome obstacles w/o always resorting to brute force. Also I see them as Fury’s people to keep tabs on the wild cards on the team like Hulk and Thor.

    • I mean…both Hawkeye and Black Widow have been Avengers in the comics for a long time.

      I think the point of having base-line human characters in a team with a god, a meta-human, and a modern-day science-knight is they give a unique perspective when coming a gets a challenge. Maybe a direct assault is not the way to win the day, there may be a role for stealth and subterfuge.

    • @everyone: It certainly brings a ‘human’ element to the film now that you mention it. Of course Cap is human, but considering he’s as strong as Hercules and has a healing factor he is more God then man at this point.

      I don’t know, I just think the idea of an archer is silly for this. I’ve read a bunch of Avengers stories with Hawkeye in it and it works….But I don’t see it working here for some reason. Again, why we couldn’t have Ant-Man or maybe even introduce someone from a current line-up for today’s movie.

      Heck why not introduce Nova or Vision in this? It would make sense considering this is aliens were dealing with and you could tweak the origins of either to make it fit.

    • I’m hoping for surprise ala Batman begins (Dukard = Ras). What I mean is a well kept secret small role of a scientist working for SHIELD named Hank Pym.

    • @thenextchampion
      Baby steps dude.
      Baby steps.
      This is the first of hopefully manny Avengers movies to come.
      This is the first Act. It’s all about assembling the team.
      Plus, im thinking Giantman and Wasp will be introduced in Avengers2, there’s hope for this because there in the cartoon.
      But we don’t need to worry about that, not yet, now we just need to worry about this being the best team superhero movie it can be.

    • @TNC Since when is Cap as strong as Hercules? He’s as strong as human in peak physical condition. Cap could probably lift up one side of a car like Arnold did in Twins to get the car alarm to go off. Meanwhile, Hercules once chained himself to the island of Manhattan and pulled it back into place.

  26. Stopped watching halfway through. This movie looks to be everything I have always hoped for, and more. Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone involved in making this happen.

  27. Midgard Serpent was the first thing that popped into my mind too.

  28. few things.
    A)I get more and more pumped with each clip.
    B)The hulk catch made me not worry about the team/action of the film
    C)I started scrolling down when the logo appeared, heard more dialogue, frantically returned to the video just in time to see the Midgard Serpent? and i got chills.
    D)If it is the Midgard Serpent, i hope we get a Stellan Skarsgard explanation of the creature complete with images from a children’s book.

  29. Super cool clip. Who here thinks we see Hulk pick up Thor’s hammer at some point int his movie? I also want to see Avengers versus the Hulk as the end battle…

  30. The last time I was this excited for a movie was probally when Star Wars 3 Revenge of the Sith came out (was that really 6 years ago?)
    My birthdays in may, so my plan is to get all my buddy’s together so we can go see the pre mere!
    If any of you live in Forest Grove OR, May 4th, Cornelius 9 Cinama, 12 oclock, I’ll be the one donning the Cap costume and shield!

  31. I thought the first trailer was pretty good and had me stoked to see it, but this trailer is on another level. I’m a new level of excited now. I posted this trailer on my Facebook page and it seemed to convince a whole batch of people who weren’t sure about watching it before. I’m really enjoying the dynamics going on, and now that we actually get some dialogue with Ruffalo as I’m so, so excited to see him play Banner/Hulk. Trailer music really helped to.

    And Loki, good god Hiddleston. I’m most excited to see him.

  32. Trailer was awesome can’ t wait for this movie. Cap’s new cowl seems odd but it really doesn’t matter.

  33. Man! I think I’ve watched the new trailer seven or eight times today! I don’t it’s either premature or rash to point out that this movie will at least be very, very good — somewhere in the neighborhood of X2 or Spider-man 2.

  34. Wow! Hulk catching and saving Iron Man? Now, THAT is a moment!

  35. Is it me or could Loki had brought the Annihilation Wave? The aliens weren’t shown clear enough. Could they be Kree or Skrulls?

    • Are we certain it’s an alien threat? Considering we have Loki (and perhaps the Midgard Serpent) wouldn’t that suggest the minions to be of Norse origin?

      Just seems throwing extraterrestrials into the mix would be a lot to explain.

  36. need

  37. *pleasebegoodpleasebegood*

  38. PymSlap (@alaska_nebraska) says:

    I believe the Transformers 3 villain is actually Fin Fang Foom

  39. Boner at maximum level.

  40. Chills. And on repeat.