Tuesday Showdown: Nova vs. Green Lantern

Tuesday Showdown: Nova vs. Green Lantern

Nova vs. Green Lantern

Deep in the outer reaches of space, the Nova Corps receives a weakened and almost unintelligible distress signal, and the Worldmind alerts Nova that there is trouble and he is needed. Never one to turn a blind eye when help is what's required, Nova zips off in the direction of the signal.

Meanwhile, Hal Jordan, the Green Lantern of space sector 2814, finds the same call for help suddenly broadcasting out of his ring. Perplexed as to why he was being called into action and not another, perhaps closer Green Lantern, Hal nonetheless says the oath, charges his ring, and rockets off into space.

As Nova and Green Lantern arrive at the distant and unfamiliar planet both heroes are bombarded by a powerful psychic wave of energy that bypasses their protective measures and penetrates their minds. Nova sees Green Lantern unleashing a savage, planetwide attack on a peaceful people. Green Lantern sees a laughing Nova causing planetary genocide in a most casual manner.

Both heroes blink their eyes and shake their heads as their senses return to the here and now. Nova and Green Lantern spot each other and for a split second they sneer and tense their bodies like old west outlaws preparing to duel in the center of town.

And then the fight begins.

Nova vs. Green Lantern

Who Wins?

(Show your work)


  1. As we enter this battle, there are several factors that should be considered prior to the initial engagement.

    1. Raw power. Let n = raw power units. On this scale, give Nova a 7n and GL a 10n. Of course, both characters have fluctuated during their careers, but GL appears to be about 1/3 more powerful than Nova. First, the average DC character is more powerful than the average Marvel couterpart; moreover, GL is often described as being at the extreme of DC power. Second, Nova has rarely encountered cosmic level opponents that he can easily overpower; rather, he wins using strategy and intel. Leading to…

    2. Strategy. Let s = strategy units. On this scale, give Nova a 10s and GL a 5s. GL stories often occur as pure exploratory missions (especially early in Hal Jordan’s history); Nova has constant live intel via the Worldmind. More importantly, Nova is a master strategist on par with Captain America, perhaps even approaching that of Batman.

    3. Power components. I am reluctant to define a variable for this, but the edge goes to GL. Nova’s power is essentially energy manipulation and control of gravity. To my knowledge, he has no access to more exotic powers, such as the power cosmic or the extremes of the electromagnetic spectrum, such as gamma or x rays. On the other hand, GL’s power is some form of manipulation of the energy/matter properties of green visible light. In the DC universe, visible light is used to represent one of the most powerful forms of energy. Moreover, the ability of a trained GL to integrate intellectual control and will with light manipulation is often described as limited only by the user’s creativity. Here, there is a decided edge to GL.

    4. Wildcard. Who are these characters? Nova is Richard Rider. He is a battle-hardened do-gooder, who never lets pragmatism or expediency get in the way of doing the right thing. His character flaws, rarely shown, are minor. On the other hand, GL is Hal Jordan. While Hal is also a do-gooder, he has shown a succeptibility to succumb to emotion (although this has been explained away at times). Hal is much more impulsive and even has acted out despite his best intentions. His greatest weakness may be that of conviction – while Nova may have the ability to reconsider his path with more data, it appears that GL would not do so.


    So…the scenario I envision is the following. Nova and GL both show their stuff in an initial duel. As always, both hold back their toughest powers. Still, it becomes obvious to both that GL has the edge. Nova plays for time, asking the Worldmind to analyze. However, the Worldmind, unlike in most situations, lacks sufficient intel to help Nova. Realizing this, Nova instinctively seeks cover until he can figure out a way to been GL. GL, on the other hand, believes that Nova has done the horrible act of destroying a civilization, and thus pursues Nova viciously. Nova, out of sheer guts and determination, is able to hold out GL in a prolonged stand-off. This only enrages GL, who sees Nova’s defensive actions as a form of cowardice. Ultimately, GL uses his powers as a master of his corps, and he obliterates Nova, overwhelming him with energy/matter constructs beyond Nova’s ability to deflect. The collateral damage is great, as the distant planet is lain barren from the barrage.

    In the distance, Sinestro cackles as the psychic wave generator he abducted from Apokalips and adapted for his own maniacal uses has done its job – opening Hal Jordan to fear, hate, and doubt so that that GL corps may finally be destroyed from within.

  2. Hal Jordan screams, “nice helmet!” He takes to the air then fires a large and thick green beam of light. The beam heads straight to Nova who hears the Worldmind start speaking about calculating distance and speed. Nova dodges to his left rolling on the ground.

    “Good job, Richard,” then Nova groans at hearing the Worldmind’s voice back in his head. “I will ignore your gross display of frustration with me, Richard. The foe you are facing is named Green Lantern, he seems to be here as some part of a very large, space based police force that identities themselves with the color Green. “Is that why he is wearing those funny pajamas,” says Nova, tired of the Who’s Who’s entry. “Full gravimetric pulse, NOW!”

    Nova fires the blast at Green Lantern. Not phased by this, Hal Jordan makes a U shaped pipe with his green energy ring.“Nice try, Kid,” says Jordan slyly.

    “I don’t know where you came from, man, but Light cannot do that.” Nova’s retort rings hard and Hal uses his energy ring to trap Nova in an energy based cage.

    “Another thing Light can also not do is make that uniform look good. Heck, I thought Psycho Pirate had a terrible uniform. You are here placed under arrest by an officer of the Green Lantern Corps.”

    After hearing Green Lantern proclaim this, the Worldmind consults it’s vast and comprehensive data-banks. “Richard, I believe this man is a member of the Green Lantern Corps he mentioned. My information systems say that his ring runs on a renewable energy source, and my scanners have shown that he does not possess the “battery” with which he would use to charge his ring. I suggest you struggle in this cage for a period of 30 minutes while he takes us to his jailhouse.”

    “Okay, no more talking, Worldmind, I can take it from here,” and so Nova begins his war of attrition against his cage, careful to not make his captor suspicious of his intentions he does it in spurts, it takes a few hours and much distance in space when finally, Green Lantern does not have the power to contain Nova anymore.

    “Checkmate, you do know something about that right, Grandpa?” says Richard, as he grabs Hal Jordan and takes him away.

  3. I vote for Nova.

    I like his hat.

  4. Nova wins. Hal is not very interesting.

  5. Nova. [GL begins the attack by hurtling a green F-16 construct at Nova. Nova dodges the attack and unleashes a gravimetric force blast at GL. Hal puts up a force shield just in time to take the brunt of the attack. As the green barrier starts to crumble under the immense power of Nova’s beams, GL makes a construction crane appear behind Nova, scooping him up and hurtling him back ass over teakettle. Worldmind screams into Richard Rider’s ear to get in together and reverse the attack. He pulls out of his roll just in time to avoid the jaws of the giant car-crusher that Hal had created in Nova’s path. Richard takes the fight to the source, flying directly at Hal, fists cocked. Hal responds in kind and the two warriors meet in a flurry of blows and quips. They fight each other to a standstill and Hal announces he;s had enough, he’s taking this monster in to let the Guardians deal with him. He encases Nova in a full-body iron maiden construct, restricting every movement less he be impaled on crackling green spikes. Worldmind informs Richard that his only option to stop this galaxy-trash is to unleash a full-force electromagnetic Nova blast. Krrkkk-ka-zzrthrm!!! White energy blows away the iron maiden. The ring informs Hal that energy levels are quickly dropping as a stargate begins forming over both warriors. Nova grabs Green Lantern and flies straight into the Stargate. However, unbeknownst to Richard, the Stargate does not exit at Nova home base as he had calculated, but instead the two heroes are perched on the edge of a cliff on a vast, desert-like planet. Nova is holding up GL, as he fights to maintain consciousness. Hal points behind them and says, "What’s that?" and points at an armada of air ships that is fast approaching the pair from across the desert. The two heroes brace for a cosmic conflict that is sure to eclipse the fracas between the two of them, as they realize that it was only a distraction meant to weaken them for this battle.]

  6. Nova and Green Lantern lock hands. They stare into each other’s eyes with hatred. They’re bodies become tangled up with each other, their sweat glistening and mingling with each others. They feel each other’s manly strength and wonder…wonder if it would be ok to…no! They must fight! They must battle each other to the death! They must…LOVE. Stories will be told of this day, where the Green Lantern and Nova Prime passionate kisses were heard galaxies away. Their love making will be legend. Their love…FOREVER.


    The end

  7. It only took 6 comments for this thread to turn into slash fiction.  Well done!

  8. Green Lantern creates a construct of a delicious turkey club sandwhich.

    NOVA: God I’m starving? Are there tomatoes on there?

    HAL: You bet there are Turkey, lettuce, tomatoe and bacon. And don’t forget the light herb mayo as well.

    NOVA: That sounds delicious except for one thing! I hate tomatoes!

    Hal is stunned. He loves tomatoes. In this moment Nova flies over and punches him RIGHT IN THE RIB GUTS!

    HAL: OW my rib guts!

    NOVA:Now to save the day.

    Nova pulls out a pita bread sandwhich out of his lunchbox. 

    HAL: So what is that.

    NOVA: Oh its a pita bread sandwhich with vegetables, grilled chicken and humus but no tomatoes. 

    HAL: Can I try a peice?


    NOVA: sure. 

    Hal takes a bite. 

    HAL: Not bad..Not bad

     Meanwhile a planet is destroyed while they enjoy thier lunch.

     THE END

  9. I love all the different directions everyone took it in. I thought that Cromulent’s was the best though.

  10. Cosmic Ring that makes Hal able to do anything he can put his mind to or…. the Nova Force which makes Richard Rider’s legs disappear sometimes…. Hmmm…. Definitely Hal in this throw down.

  11. (But really could I have made another choice?)

  12. I agree with coltranes analysis, but not his conclusion.

    If comics have given me any kind of false hope, it’s that that strategy and intelligence will usually-almost-always triumph over raw power (especially if one opponent is more noble then the other). I would even argue that the power disparity tilts fortune away from Green Lantern in insurmountable ways. There have been instances on the four-colored page where "realism’ was that books aim, where brutality smashed strategy’s tinkertoys and kicked sand in strategy’s face, sure. But this isn’t Scalped, this is the MU/DCU.

    Even with a less-than-helpful Worldmind, being cleverer (and a nicer person) gives Nova an edge Hal Jordan can never overcome; the reader’s support. The fact that he’s less powerful makes Nova the underdog, and so wins the audience’s sympathies even more. Nova is compelled by Fate and the will of collective fandom to succeed.

    If Nova is as brilliant a strategist as I’m being led to believe (I’ve only read one Nova comic, and that was in the 90s when he was helping Spiderman kill a Tri-Sentinel, but it was totally awesome) he would fight, struggle, bleed, and eventually overcome.

  13. My Mom knows who Green Lantern is.  To her Nova is a show on PBS.  Green Lantern FTW.



    Hal still sucks though.

  14. Did Nova have a threesome with Lady Blackhawk and Huntress? Nope. Hal Jordan, wins. 

  15. This is the reason I don’t have conversations like this with fellow comic readers.  In fact, debates like this make me want to avoid fellow comic readers:(

  16. Coltrane: You are the man! I bow before your superior nerdness/coolness.

  17. Hal, because green is my favorite color.

  18. This is really a fight?  Hal all the way.  But I am bias.

  19. NO! vs. discussions always devolve into high nerdery. I shall not stand for this!

  20. In a showdown, my money’s on Hal. He’s hot-headed and just charges right into things – I think that would make him better in a fight.

    That said, in a general Richard Rider v. Hal Jordan, I’d go with Nova. I mean, he *was* the Nova Corp for a while. He pretty much single-handedly fought off Ego, saved Wolrdmind, and restarted Nova Corp. Dude’s got his shit together.

    But I’d rather sleep with Hal.

  21. @WonderAli  Shag Hal, marry Rich.  Who are we throwing off a cliff, then?

  22. I’d rather sleep with Hal too. um. wait. what?

    In this one, I’m going to have to go with Nova.  As Nova Prime, he’s more than equipped to handle the emotional blowhard from Sector 2814.  Hal may have his ring and it’s cool analytical powers, but Nova has Worldmind. 

  23. @ohcaroline Kyle Rayner?

    …I’m gonna get so much shit for that, aren’t I?

  24. @WonderAli   Nah, I set that up.  But ideally, we should have someone from a third cosmic corps to choose from.  (This isn’t going to go well for Star-Lord is it?)

  25. @ohcaroline I think I’d rather marry Star-Lord than Nova… hmmm.

  26. If Nova had the full power of the Corps he’d destroy Hal Jordan. If Hal Jordan had the full power of the Green Lanterns in his Parralax form he’d win hands down.

    So for the sake of argument standard Corp kit for both of them. If it was the classic power setup, Hal would win his Ring can do more then the Nova force has been able to do with Gravimetric blasts and such. One shield followed by a green laser, then a green building dropping on Nova, which leads to a Green Bubble and a basic Centurion is being taken to a Sciencell.

    Green Lantern wins. 

  27. @ohcaroline Ha! I haven’t played that game in years!

  28. Green Lantern of course!

    Hal is practically a wise old man compared to Richard. Plus, Jordan has a whole Corps to back him up. What does Rider have? Like…..10 other members.

  29. Nova’s power=annoying banter, disappointing crossovers and pissing off Worldmind

    Hal’s power=Top notch banter, important fun events that actually matter in the DC continuity and Creating anything he can think of

    GL all the way. 

  30. You are all abominations in the eyes of God. That is all.



    Oh. And hilarious.

  31. Also, I designed a board game about superhero combat… in space!

  32. @wonderali – Throwing a dead guy off a cliff doesn’t seem like a very nice thing to do.

     This is just one of those threads that makes me love iFanboy. Notice there’s no fighting in this thread, merely a good time.  

  33. Hal ftw

  34. @Jumping Jupiter – thanks for the nerdcore praise!

  35. Who wins? Who WINS? I’ll tell  you who wins – we, the reading public.

  36. @WonderAli  You’re not wrong — maybe Hal goes off the cliff.  Must ponder.

    @megnolia All’s I’m saying is, you should have been with us at Baltimore comic-con!

  37. @ohcaroline Ah, Baltimore. That was so much fun. I’m thinking shag Hal, marry Star-Lord, kill Nova.

  38. When they get around to making a Nova movie, we can consider the question – until then … GL FTW

  39. Want to see this with Rick from Walking Dead and Badhorse from Scalped.

  40. Richard Fell vs Jim Gordon. Make it happen!

  41. Who is Nova?

  42. now you’ve gone and done it. This is a can of worms you can never close. May god have mercy on your souls iFanboy

  43. Sorry Nova I’d have to go with Hal on this one.  The GL power ring can literal do anything and it is capable of destroying planets. Not even Nova Prime and the World Mind can hope to stop that kind of weapon. Then again, Nova’s helmet is yellow.  I’d like to se a GL vs. Quasar showdown since their powers are similar.

  44. We win?  Who here wouldn’t want to read that book (other than ThomasKaters, who obviously just woke up from his post Around Comics nap)?

  45. Nova: Prepare to meet your doom Green…oh wait hold on…I have to participate in a major event. BRB

    <Months Pass>

    Nova: and now I am back and there is a new status quo and once we finish up with the "requiem" and "aftermath"mini series-es. I WILL DESTROY YOU.

    GL: You’re phone is ringing.

    Nova: Hello? Okay. Thanks.

    GL: Fight time?

    Nova: Not yet. The status-quo shaking events of the last event were just the beginning. There is a new event. The REAL one. Nothing will ever be the same! Everything has been building to this!

    GL: sigh

    Nova: Who’s side are you on? Who do you trust?

    GL: DC Comics, Geoff Johns

    Nova: That makes a lot of sense.

  46. This is like asking, "Do you like pepper corn bacon or applewood smoked bacon?" when the only response that I can think of is, "I love bacon."  Y’know what I’m saying?  So, my vote goes for bacon!

  47. They have rough cowboy sex.

  48. Nova has the Worldmind. Nova wins.

  49. I feel like this has been going on all day and no one has refuted my, "Nova has a better hat" theory.  (But wait — Hal has better hair!  What to do??)

  50. Hal Jordan is my least favorite GL so I’ll vote Nova. If Nova were facing Kilowog, John Stuart, Guy Gardner or Kyle things might be different.

  51. They fight for a little while, they stalemate. Then figure out the Void is behind this, and they go to confront the Sentry, and Hal mistakenly kills him. The end.

  52. if there was a plate glass window in the internet, i would jump though it right now

  53. @ohcaroline Nova at least has a functional hat.. which is cooler.  GL (who everyone in the universe knows is Hal Jordan) sticks with his silly domino mask.

  54. NOVAcusIlikehimmoreshutup!

  55. Green Lantern makes constructs, Nova breaks through them, beats GL to a pulp and hurls his boring-ass back to his own universe.


  56. upon seeing this new feature, I said to myself, "that sounds fun".  then I read the "show your work" part.  here’s how I figure it: Green Lantern was on the Super Friends, Nova was too obscure to be in either the Spider-Man or X-Men animated series.  Green Lanter wins.

  57. nova’s outfit is lame and he looks stupid when flying (the no legs thing).


    that is why green lantern wins.

  58. Jordan

  59. did ifanboy realy think anything good would come from this.

  60. Adult Swim smack down, Kill Face Vs Brock Samson, and completly non comic book related. 

    …and to whoever had the Rick vs Bad Horse one, Bad Horse becase Rick is missing a hand.

  61. I have to think that Nova wins, Worldmind is like the GL ring but smarter (as it is sentient and the ring is not) but really im not even sure you could make them fight…. Nova’s powers are more defined then Hals

  62. Nova.

  63. Show your work!

    Make your mark, heavy and dark! 

  64. I’d like to compare Corps to Corps here, instead of just R. Rider vs. Hal Jordan. Overall they are pretty balanced, even to the point that they have both faced near extermination, however, the Nova Corps seems to have a much better selection process for its members. The Lanterns seem to be constantly plagued by Corpsmen who have lost their sh*t or betrayed the Corps, or hauled off to start their OWN Corps. The Novas seem relatively stable in comparrison.

    On an individual level, I’d have to give it to Nova, mainly due to the Worldmind. Worldmind is an invaluable asset to each Nova Corps member that easily trumps the non-sentient ring, and even the constantly bickering Guardians of Oa. One Worldmind may be a less democratic system of supervision, but is certainly a far more effective one. This exceptional strategic tool would prove far superior to Hal Jordan and his giant battering rams and fists made of green light. Hell, using his gravimetrics, couldn’t Nova create some kind of black hole that not even Green Lantern’s light could escape?

    Plus, Nova does have a cooler costume.

  65. HAL: Man that’s a good sandwhich


  66. @leonard – Nova wasn’t involved in Civil War or Secret Invasion or Dark Reign, and he actually makes a difference in the "universe shaking" events that he HAS taken part in. And you wanna talk about events that drag on and cross-over/tie-in with every book on the shelf? Ok, how many DC books have been branded with "Blackest Night"? When it’s all said and done Blackest Night will have affected more books than Annihilation, Annihilation: Conquest, War of Kings, and Realm of Kings combined! Also, Annihilus, Ultron, and the Shi’Ar Empire under a mad monarch are all much cooler villains, not to mention much more dangerous, than any of the lame-o GL villains.

  67. @leonard – …and I’ll take Abnett & Lanning over Geoff Johns any day o’ the week!

  68. We’re getting off topic here.

  69. If Nova had access to the full Nova Force like Gartaan Saal had (Avengers v1 301-303) I’d vote for him

    but he doesn’t he’s got the diet version so he don’t go crazy like Saal did.

  70. A movie is in the works. Green Lantern wins!

  71. @OhCaroline

    Throw Silver Surfer off a cliff?

  72. @ActualButt

    Agree 100%. Nova / Abnett & Lanning / Marvel Cosmic are the some of the best parts of the Marvel Universe right now. I feel that Marvel doesn’t give its characters enough time to breathe and I’ve gotten tired of how they don’t support the consequences of their major events (ie, NY gets destroyed in Ultimatum to have zero impact on the new USM). Amazing Spider Man was so good when they got back to meat and potatoes. FF is really strong right now for the same reason.

    Right now, DC seems have a better handle on their heroes as characters and not properties. There’s a bit more soul in the books.


  73. Nova, ’cause Nova Corps have helmets. Very important in biking and Galactic battling.

  74. Hal cuz he was in Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle!!!

  75. Nova has a battle cry!  BLUE BLAZES!!!  Hal does not.  Nova killed Anhillius, Hal can’t even kill Sinestro.  Nova bumped ugly’s with Gamora multiple times and did not get stabbed in the back.  Hal did have a threesome but with two chicks that haven’t fought in space battles much.  More importantly Nova can call the Guardians of the Galaxy as back up.  Rocket Raccoon would take out Hal in a minute, followed by Groot crushing his remains and shouting I AM GROOT!!!

  76. Richard is also far more interesting and less *old* than Hal.


  77. Awesome thread!

     I would rather see Nova win, but I have to give it to Green Lantern. Imagination is key to his constructs, and that is limitless. Unless Nova could siphon the power from the ring, I can’t see him winning this one.

  78. Green Lantern Hal Jordan would win hands down. The guy has pretty much conquered everything in the DCU, from threesomes with lady-heroes to alien girls, taking on the dead to escaping from prison as a POW without using powers, the color yellow doesn’t stop him and neither does death (cause he came back from that.) Hal Jordan is a legend in his corps. Hal Jordan will look Batman in the eyes and tell him he is full of shit. Hal Jordan is the man.

  79. Nova wears Green Lantern pajamas. 

  80. Hal Jordan recently had the idea to sell his urine as a canned beverage. We know the beverage as Red Bull.

  81. The best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. Even the worst laid plans of Hal Jordan come off without a hitch.

  82. Hal Jordan doesn’t say "Who’s your daddy?" Because he already knows the answer. 

  83. Hal Jordan is the only man who has, literally, beaten the odds. With his fists.

  84. Hal Jordan is not Chuck Norris, and even if he were, Bruce Lee would have kicked his ass too.

  85. What’s with all the Hal Jordan Hate?

    When did this happen? Last time I checked, Green Lantern went from being a 2nd or 3rd teir book to being a, no, THE top seller, because of Hal "Highball" Jordan.

    As for who would win? Neither. Sure Hal is quick to judge, and Richy is a little hot headed, but they’re not stupid. Both have plenty of experience with Mind tricks, and know better than to play fool to them. That, and they’re both plenty talkative, if they did fight, after only one or two hits and 70 or 80 words between them, they’d get to the bottom of it.

  86. Nova’s helmet is yellow so Hal better focus on the body blows.

  87. I feel the reason Nova would win, is because he seems to have more power behind him, and because Hal relies more on team mates and friends. I am not a big Nova fan, but I think he would win in a 1 on 1 battle.

  88. Hal Jordan isn’t what makes GL the top seller. It’s the stuff happening around him that makes it a top seller. Hal, quite frankly, isn’t that interesting. Regardless, Geoff Johns is a good enough writer that he could have made *any* of the Green Lanterns from Earth the center of his story and it’d be a top-seller.


  89. worldmind starts yelling at nova, telling him what’s really going on, nova gets distracted. GL beats on him until his power runs out. nova (protected by forcefield from all this) flicks him GL loses.